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Peppers on Pats is a bummer for Dolphins

Nervous? A couple of days ago I wrote a column in the Herald basically saying the New England Patriots, which finished behind the Dolphins in the AFC East race last season, had pulled ahead of the Dolphins this offseason.

And think what you will about that opinion, but it would be hard for anyone to argue the Patriots wouldn't be greatly and significantly improved on defense, their team weakness, if someone the caliber of a Julius Peppers were to join them. Yet, NFL.com is reporting the Patriots appear to be on the verge of trading for Peppers.

That report fails to note that Peppers has not signed the exclusive rights franchise tag tender the Panthers hung on him several weeks ago. And the Panthers cannot speak with Patriots about such a deal unless that tender is signed. So The Charlotte Observer is reporting the teams have not talked.

But that doesn't mean Peppers' agent and the Patriots cannot talk. And the NFL.com report indeed suggests trade parameters have been worked out, with New England sending Carolina the No. 34 overall pick in the draft, the second-round pick it got from Kansas City for Matt Cassel, in exchange for Peppers.

If this is true, it has to be a tremendous bummer for everyone in the AFC East not named the cheaters Patriots. 

Look, Vic Carucci, who wrote the story for NFL.com, is an excellent reporter with good contacts. So it is right to believe that where there is smoke, there may be fire. And nowhere have you heard either team deny the story outright. 

So you should consider this a very serious possibility. It is not a certainty. But it is possible.

And what, you should ask as tears roll down your face, would Peppers do for the Patriots?

He would instantly improve their questionable pass rush. Think Jason Taylor with the Dolphins circa 2006. Remember that year? The Dolphins used Taylor as a hybrid linebacker, pass rusher, and tormentor of offenses.

The Patriots would likely do the same with Peppers. I remember Nick Saban practically salavating at the thought of having a Peppers in his defensive scheme. When the Dolphins had the No. 2 overall selection in 2005, Saban told me if Peppers, who was drafted second overall in 2002, were available to him, he'd be, "jumping around celebrating." Those were his words.

It stands to reason Saban mentor Bill Belichick will see the same possibilities with Peppers as his disciple saw.

Like I said before, bummer. 


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fart house....if JT comes to FL we will be doomed and will go back to be the in the bottom of our division for ever.

The fins have to go after Samari Rolle that would be a HUGE UPGRADE in the secondary..!!!

Who is ALIENMAN? I hear a lot of him, is he a sport writer?

Fred House , what part of "no divas" in the trifecta's statement is it you don't understand . Jason " dancing with the stars " Taylor isn't coming back.

This is sickening news. In Bill I trust but I gotta tell you, I'd rather be a Patriot fan this offseason. How in the HELL can they continue to get the best players and not violate the cap? AND WTF are teams sending Hall of Fame calibur type players for 2nd (Peppers) and 4th (Moss) round picks? Just mail them the GD Lombardi trophy. Thanks Panthers. If you want to do a disservice to Peppers, trade him to the Lions or Raiders.

Matthew....we don't want you as Pats fan cause you don't have loyalty .

Matthew, if you want really to become a pats fan you must have three things first,
1-At least you have a collage degree .
2-you must take a shower every day .
3-no hot dog allowed.
P.S ....let me know as soon as POSS

Matthew , good-bye and don't let the door kick you in the AZZZZZ on the way out !!

Some observations:

1) I went to the DMV today and it was surprisingly efficient.

2) People don't plan to fail; they fail to plan.

3) As a boy, the Starkist commercials used to drive me bonkers! "Starkist don't want tunas with good taste. Starkist want tunas that taste good." As a 4-yr. old, I didn't understand the difference between "good taste" and "tastes good." Now, as an adult, I know the difference. But my wife still has that fishy taste down there.

4) Ronald Reagan didn't care what the elites thought of him. He knew they didn't understand the first thing about America (and he was right). Richard Nixon was the opposite. He seethed with anger and resentment at never being accepted by the Eastern establishment.

5) Barack Obama is just as annoyingly arrogant as Bill Parcells. At least with Parcells, he has a great record to justify the arrogance.

6) As a boy, I used to put the thermometer under the lamp to try to raise the temperature so I could stay home from school. I don't think it worked. Besides, the inside of my tushy gives off more warmth.

7) The best song ever whose title uses improper grammar is "Bess, You Is My Woman Now" from "Porgy & Bess" by the Gershwins (1935).

8) I would follow Cuban Menace to the depths of Hell ... and surveying this blog I think I have.

samari rolle to dolphins? back to his hometown? lol

MR.nathaniel,i am A FAN of your post but when you some put politics into a nice post it's like having a good nice dinner then Hannity shows suddenly on tv screen it just make you sick

Nothing and I mean nothing is more sickening than chris matthews , keith olberman and bill maher showing up on your T.V. Screen.

attention americans:

right, lads i am sick and tired of you sayin' i'm ignorant when it comes to my NFL knowledge!

if you don't share then same sentiment as me, then that's fine,however, there's no need to "invoke" my nationality. some of you individuals are racist... i'm serious

i know more than most of you lot :)

jordan jones

birmingham, england

why curious gorge assumed that if i don't like hannity then i must like all these other names and that is not true ,i think that's how red neck thinks.

Cheerio , fish and chips or tea and crumpets ? You Bloody Idiot.

Why patsfan assumes i'm a redneck to mention those names . only naive bigot thinks like that.

Why, if it ain't me ol' chum, Jordan Jones from Jolly Ol'!

Ow are ya, Guvnor? 'Ave you been catchin' the Fins on the telly, eh what? No offense, chum, but methinks you've been eatin' too many fish & chips! You know more than most of us? G'wan! Yer across the pond, mate, an' evryone knows that the English 'ave rotten teeth, poor plumbing, little wankers and no football knowledge (lest ye be referrin' to Soccer).

Curious gorge ,for you to come and say what you said means you are a pawn.Always think for your self and not like a news guy who sells you a tie .

Our chance to compete for a SuperBowl is still probally 3 years away we need time for Chad H to learn and get some starts under his belt Julius Peppers will be old by then. I hope the Pats spend a high 2nd round pick on a player that in a couple of years when hopefully the dolphins are on the rise will be past his prime it is better than them drafting a good young player to give us problems for the next 10 years

1. Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford QB, Georgia

After 0-16 there’s only one way to go, and that’s up. I have my doubts about Stafford, especially at the salary he is going to command as the top pick. Jake Long, the top pick from 2008, signed a 5 year 57.5 million dollar deal, 30 million guaranteed. In 2007, Jamarcus Russell signed for 6 and 61. Stafford will be looking for more than either of those two. Obviously, at a price like that, you cannot afford to have a bust, it would ruin your cap for years. The Lions should only pull the trigger if they think Stafford is going to be a high end starter in this league, it’ll be interesting to see what they decide to do. The Lion Cubs could realistically trade the 20th and 33rd picks, and perhaps a future draft choice for Jay Cutler. That would allow them to take a franchise LT here, throwing their rebuilding job into overdrive. Denver could then use their multiple picks to trade up from 13 and land whichever QB they like the most. Stranger things have happened.

2. St Louis Rams- Eugene Monroe OT, Virginia

Picking 2nd for the second time in a row cant be good for your season ticket sales, or your salary cap. The Rams will play it safe and go with the best tackle prospect available. Things will likely change prior to April, but right now that’d be Eugene Monroe. Andre Smith ruined his chances to go in this spot when he chickened out on the biggest job interview of his life.

3. Kansas City Chiefs- Aaron Curry OLB, Wake Forest

I had Michael Crablegs here in a previous mock., but after watching his film closer, and his decabcling at the combine, I had to slide him down. The Chiefs drafted Brandon Albert as their franchise LT, and snatched Matt Cassel from the New England, so barring a trade the only other player worth taking this high would be Aaron Curry.

4. Seattle Seahawks- Jason Smith OT, Baylor

Crablegs was the consensus pick here, but teams in the top five will be wary of a guy who is 6-1, not 6-3 as Texas Tech had him listed, who didn’t run a 40 at the combine, canceled his pro-day, and had surgery to boot. If that doesn’t hurt his stock, then the pro scouts know ALOT more than I do.

5. Cleveland Browns- Brian Orakpo DE/OLB, Texas

I’m torn on this pick. In order to compete with the Steelers and Ravens, the Browns will need to upgrade in three areas: pass rushing, pass coverage, and in the running game. Pick 5 is too high for either Beanie or Knowshon, so the Browns will either go DE/OLB or CB. Orakpo looked the part in Indy, and may have moved ahead of FSU standout Everette Brown on a lot of boards. His size and speed make him versatile enough to play in a 3-4 or 4-3, though probably on the weak side in either case. If he pans out, we’ll be hearing about quarterbacks with “Oraknophobia”, the fear of being sacked, for years to come.

6. Cincinati Bengals BJ Raji, NT Boston College

Michael Crabtree is an option, but after allowing Laverneus Coles to swindle them out of 28 million, I doubt they’ll have the appetite for another high priced WR. Unless they plan on getting rid of Chad Johnson. Assuming they don’t pull the trigger on a trade, I expect the Cats to go either LT, or best player available. I went with Raji because he’s a safe choice, and Oher & Smith, the top LT’s on the board aren’t exactly worthy of being selected this high.

7. Oakland Raiders- Michael Crabtree WR, Texas Tech

I want to go on record saying I don’t like Mike, they player not the person. His production in college was a mirage, a product of a gimmick offense with no shot of working in the NFL. Judging by the Raiders’ recent moves, I doubt they’ll care about any of that though. And since James Jett & Willie Gault are unavailable, I see the Raiders taking Crab Legs in what will be called a steal on draft day. Lets see what they’re saying around mid season though.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Jeremy Maclin WR, Missouri

Signing Tra Thomas (2 sacks allowed) removes LT from the equation for Jacksonville, but raises more questions than it answers. After the release of Matt Jones, WR is the “duh” choice. Jack del Rio believes in smash mouth football which argues against a WR, but he also believes in job security, which he wont have if the Jags have another season like they had in 08. Jeremy Maclin is a dynamic player who can return kicks as he learns the ropes as a wideout. Maclin is an instant upgrade over the likes of Troy Williamson and Dennis Northcutt. I’ve seen Mark Sanchez here in a few mocks but David Garrard signed a 6 year 60 million dollar deal last year so I’m not buying it.

9. Green Bay Packers- Tyson Jackson DE, LSU

This is a bit high for a guy who lacks elite pass rushing capability, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see FSU’s Freeney clone Everett Brown go in this spot. I’m going with TJ because he is by far the best five technique in the draft, and he will be ready to come in and contribute right away. With Green Bay switching to the 3-4 they’ll need to be stout up front to protect their linebackers.

10. San Francisco 49ers- Mark Sanchez QB, USC

New Coach, new QB, we’ve seen this movie before. Sanchez has the footwork and mechanics to play in the NFL, and I think he is significantly further along in his development than Stafford. Whether he has the skills to be an elite QB remains to be seen, but don’t be surprised if Sanchez beats his two Trojan predecessors Matt Leinart and JD Booty to the starting line-up.

11. Buffalo Bills- Everette Brown DE, Florida St.

Looks like Lil Freeney made it out of Tallahassee just in time to avoid the NCAA smack down. Good for him. And what a circus Florida State has become. Size wise Brown is closer to fellow Colt Robert Mathis but his pass rush technique is closer to Freeney’s and he’s a great blend of need and value at pick 11. Draftniks want to turn EB into a 3-4 guy but he has zero experience in coverage, and wasn’t asked to play the run much either as a athlete-student. I think he’d be Vernon Gholston all over again in a 3-4 scheme. The Bills are known for having smallish DE’s and I’ve seen Aaron Maybin (who’s even smaller than EB) in this slot more than once but I’m guessing the Bills have more sense than to make a Matt Millen-ish pick like that.

12. Denver Broncos- Rey Maualuga LB, USC

I wonder how much time the Bronco brain trust is even devoting to draft day scenarios at this point. The Jay Cutler situation has hit like an avalanche in June, and how they deal with it will have a much larger impact on their franchise than who they choose with pick number 12. Soap opera aside, Denver’s LB corps could use an infusion of size and toughness, something they sorely lacked last year. Rey Maualuga has a punishing style and wont be Deboe’d inside. DJ Williams is a franchise guy, and with a Cane and a Samoan inside, the T-Breds would be set for years.

13. Washington Redskins- Michael Oher OT, Mississippi

The Skins attempt to upgrade their WR corps failed miserably in 2008. Despite spending three early picks on Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly & Fred Davis, veterans Antwaan Ranel El, Santana Moss & Chris Cooley remained the most reliable targets for Jason Campbell. And I use the term reliable loosely. So instead of taking more bust receivers, the Skins will upgrade the pass game by restocking their aging O line with the best OT available.

14. New Orleans Saints- Brian Cushing OLB, USC

The Jabari Greer signing makes CB a lesser need for Nawlins, so the next spot in need of an upgrade is LB. Outside of Johnathan Vilma, who should be playing WLB, the Saints have garbage. Both of the Scott’s, Shanle and Fujita need to be replaced, and Dan Morgan? He shouldn’t be on the field unless he‘s wearing TWO helmets, which is illegal the last I heard.. Cushing can come in and start right away on the strong side, and he’s an upgrade over the Arena League players Nawlins has at the position right now.

15. Houston Texans- Vontae Davis CB, Illinois

For Houston, going to the playoffs means beating the Colts (stopping the pass) and Titans (stopping the run). Clay Matthews would be the run stopping pick, but years of being debacled by the Colts will force the Texans to go secondary here. Eugene Wilson (FS) and Dunta Robinson (CB) are good players, but Davis has the potential to be a great corner and that will be too tempting for Houston to pass up.

16. San Diego Chargers- Malcolm Jenkins CB/FS, Ohio ST

Jenkins may not have the feet and hips to play CB at a high level in the pros, but he should make a very good FS a la Antrell Rolle in Arizona. Clinton Hart was NOT impressive last year. 68 tackles, no picks. And he’s 31, time for an upgrade or at the very least, time to start grooming a successor.

17. New York Jets- Josh Freeman QB, Kansas St.

I’m calling the Jets’ bluff. I refuse to believe they will start next season with either Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff, or Erik Ainge as their only QB’s.

18. Chicago Bears- Peria Jerry DT, Mississppi

Da Bears are a player in the Mark Sanchez trade up sweepstakes, despite their insistence that Kyle Orton and Turnoverasaurus Rex are serviceable. Another issue is that the defense in Gotham simply isn’t was it once was. Mike Brown is hurt every year, Tank Johnson is gone, and the one on one matchups for Alex Brown and Wale Ogunleye left with him. Brian Urlacher is allergic to offensive guards, all of which means that Peria Jerry will be selected to come in and help restore order to the Windy city.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Percy Harvin WR/KR, Florida

With so many holes to fill, the Pirates could go anywhere. Staying with the uber talented yet often injured theme, I have the Bucs complementing Kellen Winslow with Percy Harvin. At least Percy gets hurt ON the field.

20. Detroit Lions Eben Britton OT, Arizona

The Lions have to get a LT to protect the 70 million dollar QB they just drafted and the top one on the board at this point is Britton. Anything other than a T would be serious eye popper.

21. Philadelphia Eagles- Andre Smith OT, Alabama

Losing Tra Thomas and John Runyan opens huge holes on the anchors of the Philly OL. Andre Smith’s financially disastrous slide finally comes to an end at pick 21 and the T needy Eagles. Despite the slippage, I suspect both sides in this marriage will be breathing a sigh of relief on draft day.

22. Minnesota Vikings- Kenny Britt WR, Rutgers

The clock is ticking on Brad Childress. With Tavaris Jackson out of the picture he’s all out of excuses and it’ll be put up or shut up time in 2009. Britt isn’t the sexiest of the remaining WR’s but he is a great possession guy who can run slants, digs, comebacks etc and make easy catches against the single coverage he’ll be seeing on EVERY play.

23. New England Patriots- James Laurinitis ILB Ohio St

He’s slow as molasses, but so’s Tedy Bruschi and he did fine in Belicek’s system. Laurinitis isn’t fleet of foot but he has the football IQ that the Pats love and he’s as safe a pick as there is at the LB position. He and Jerod Mayo could form a formidable ILB tandem for years. If the Pats decide to go outside LB, Clint Stintim and Larry English are the top guys available.

24. Atlanta Falcons- Brandon Pettigrew TE, Oklahoma St.

Pettigrew is a beast in the run game and a monster in the pass game. He can plow holes for Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood or serve as a dependable target for Matt Ryan on play action and drop back plays.

25. Miami Dolphins- Sean Smith CB, Utah

Sean Smith is all over the place on mocks, but the overall trend has his stock rising. The Phins have already seen him several times and intend to bring him in for work outs before now and the draft. Smith is a raw corner who only played two years of defense in college (WR before that). But he has the size 6-3 210, speed 4.47, leaping ability 39’, and ball skills (played WR) to be the next Antonio Cromartie. Remember, Cromartie started just one year at FSU before blowing out his knee, coming to the NFL, and becoming one of the top corners in the league. There are more polished CBs available here, but after signing Eric Green, the dolphins can afford to sit Smith or play him in the nickel if he’s not ready right away.

26. Baltimore Ravens- Darrius Heyward Bey WR, Maryland

Signing Chris Carr gives the Ravens a little flexibility here, and they will use it to take Heyward Bey, the speedster from College Park. Joe Flacco has one of the leagues strongest arms so a WR who can get behind defenses and exploit Flacco’s skills makes sense.

27. Indianapolis Colts- Beanie Wells RB, Ohio St.

This is definitely not a need pick, but neither was Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Al Gonzalez, or Edgerrin James. Bill Polian isn’t afraid of taking whoever he feels will help Peyton, oops I meant help the team. Beanie struggled when relied upon too much at Ohio St, but he wont have that problem in Indy where Peyton and Joseph Addai will shoulder much of the load. Evander Hood and Fili Maola are possible picks but would be supreme reaches at the bottom of the first round.

28. Philidelphia Eagles- Knowshon Moreno RB, Georgia

I almost had Moreno going to Indy, but his skill set was too similar to Joe Addai’s.
Knowshon is skilled in all phases of the game, running inside and outside, catching screens and check downs, and Ive seen him stone a blitzing linebacker on several occasions. He doesn’t have break away speed but his ability to break tackles and elude defenders will make him a home run threat anyway, kind of like that Westbrook guy.

29. New York Giants- Hakeem Nicks WR, North Carolina

Word is Nicks looked like a soup sandwich at his pro day work out. But the Giants need a suitable replacement for Plaxico Burress to a) have a credible threat of cutting him to gain leverage and b) replace him if he still doesn’t get his act together. Nicks is a good route runner, has excellent hands, isn’t afraid of making catches in traffic and is known to break a few tackles and make decent YAC. He should fit right in in NY.

30. Tenessee Titans- Alex Mack C, California
Mack is the best interior lineman in the draft. The Titans are the NFL’s prototype running team. They pride themselves on not having any NFL receivers on the roster and winning anyway. The trend will continue this year. Mack can play guard and learn under Kevin Mawae for a couple years, then he‘ll be a perennial pro bowler at center.

31. Arizona Cardinals- Lesean McCoy RB, Pittsburgh

The Cards were a playmaking RB away from running the Steelers off the field in the Super Bowl, but Edgerrin James and Tim Hightower couldn’t force Dick Lebeau into calling an honest defense. The Red Birds could also address needs along the D-Line here. Michael Johnson has top five talent and undrafted work ethic, but he becomes a possibility late in the first round.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers- Alphonso Smith CB, Wake Forest

After losing Bryant McFadden, the Steelers need a corner to put across from Ike Taylor. Alphonso Smith is small but he is a born playmaker and Mike Tomlin, the DB guru will work wonders with him.


33. Detroit Lions- Larry English OLB, Northern Illinois

The first step in rebuilding the Lions D. Evander Hood is a possibility, but not as good a value as English who has a first round grade and is a steal at the top of round 2, a la Phillip Merling last year.

34. New England Patriots- Clint Stintim OLB, Virginia

The Pats continue to rebuild their aging front seven.

35. St. Louis Rams- Eben Britton OT, Arizona

Alex Barron is moving to the left side, opening a hole on the right.

36. Cleveland Browns- DJ Moore CB, Vanderbilt

RB help is needed, but with the top three backs already gone. Moore is a nice consolation prize.

37. Seattle Seahawks- Rashad Johnson FS, Alabama

Johnson can play single high, cover 2, run support or get after the QB. He’s physical and has adequate ball skills as well. What more can you ask for?

38. Cincinati Bengals- William Beatty OT, Connecticut

Carson Palmer’s injury ruined the Bengals season. Nuff said.

39. Jacksonville Jaguars- Darius Butler CB, Connecticut

Drayton Florence was a total bust. The Jags need a corner opposite Rashean Mathis.

40. Oakland Raiders- Michael Johnson DE, Georgia Tech

The measurables will be too tempting for Uncle Al. The Raiders are on life support, its sad.

41. Green Bay Packers- Ron Brace, NT Boston College

More 3-4 transition work.

42. Buffalo Bills- Jamon Meredith OT, S. Carolina

Jason Peters hates his QB’s. He led the league in sacks allowed with 11. And still went to the Pro Bowl. True story.

43. San Francisco 49ers- Duke Robinson OG, Oklahoma

A space eater to open lanes for (hopefully healthy) Frank Gore.

44. Miami Dolphins- Connor Barwin OLB, Cincinati

Has the speed and quickness that Matt Roth lacks. How will hold up vs. the run though?

45. NY Giants- Louis Delmas FS, Western Michigan

James Butler is gone, so Kenny Phillips will need some help.

46. Houston Texans- Fili Moala DL, USC

Moala can play DE or DT. Adds more beef to the Texans DL. And he’s Samoan.

47. New England Patriots- Max Unger C, Oregon

Another versatile lineman. Belicek wont want anyone getting near Super Tom, so OL depth should be a priority.

48. Denver Broncos- Donald Brown RB, Connecticut

I lost count of how many Denver RB’s got hurt last year.

49. Chicago Bears- Aaron Maybin, DE Penn St

Alex Brown and Wale Ogunleye have slowed down a lot the past couple years.

50. Cleveland Browns- Herman Johnson OG, LSU

Massive OL to bolster the run game.

51. Dallas Cowboys- Louis Murphy

Any WR who doesn’t scream at O.C. Jason Garret after every series will suffice.

52. Philadelphia Eagles- Phil Loadholt OT, Oklahoma

The other shoe drops at the T position in Philly.

53. NY Jets- Alex Boone OT, Ohio St

Damien Woody is not the answer. Not at all..

54. Minneasota Vikings- Mike Mickens CB, Cincinati

Griffin is average at best, and Winfield isn’t getting any younger.

55. Atlanta Falcons- Will Moore S, Missouri

Moore’s play fell off last year as a senior, but not as much as Lawyer Milloy‘s.

56. Miami Dolphins- Robert Ayers DE, Tennesee

A value pick and a replacement for Vonnie Holliday.

57. Baltimore Ravens- Victor Harris CB, Virginia Tech

Macho is a playmaker/risk taker who will fit in nicely with Ed Reed and company.

58. New England Patriots- Jared Cook TE, S Carolina

The annual Patriots TE draft pick.

59. Carolina Panthers- Jairus Byrd

A CB that plays tackle football, unlike Chris Gamble.

60. NY Giants- Paul Kruger OLB, Utah

Good value here. Can slide in at the SLB spot.

61. Indianapolis Colts- Evander Hood DT, Missouri

Colts have been screaming for an inside presence on D for years.

62. Tennessee Titans- Rashad Jennings RB, Liberty

If they had a better back up RB than Doughnut White, they would have beaten Baltimore last year.

63. Arizona Cardinals- Travis Beckum TE, Wisconsin

Safety help is needed, but with Boldin on the trade block, Kurt Warner will need more targets.

64. Pittsburgh Steelers- Jarron Gilbert DE, San Jose St.

Gilbert will help Harrison, Woodley, Timmons & company find the one on one matchups they like.

Good job GM

Did anybody say red-neck ? Then GIT-R-DONE !!!

You ppl are idiots if u believe dat peppers wnt b a nightmare 4 us he most definatly is fast enough 2 dominate at LB in the 4.5,4.6 range at around 300lbs. And the last time we played carolina even with help 4rm randy mcmichle peppers still had his way with vernon carey he cnt b blocked one on one especially at left end wwhich is head up on the rght tackle hese a beast on dat side his major off years have bin wen they have made him play rght end , hese not comfortable on dat side so mando ur right we shud b worried very woried

I'm pretty sure that if the Dolfans can get JESUS CHRIST, he would be the savior of the Fins in free agency.. We don't seem interested or able to sign anybdy that's worth a crap this year.. Parcell's must be waiting for the Pats just to give back Welker-Evans-Morris-and a slew of other former Dolfans that have played like all-stars there...I guess the all-wise-and knowing- shopping for the groceries- trust in me Bill..Will have us in the big show..

DOLFANJRH.....We told you before that fins will not commit major money to any one cause there's no trust between BP and Ross who is waiting for tuna to ship out in end of 2009 plus there's no money left.

haha future gm, nice copy and paste u got going there


I disagree with you. Hope that's ok. Wilson to me was a major upgrade. We got our Oline anchored down for awhile.

Sounds like your wanting to add a bunch of vets that have past their prime. Bodden or McFadden would have been nice cause they are in their glory years.

Its like when we lost Thomas and Taylor. All my friends at work were telling me Parcells@co. Had messed up. I'm taking it you felt the same way. If you notice thou great teams know when their star players have maxed out their asking price.

Greenbay knew for years that had happened with Farve. He just wouldn't lay it down. When guys like him,S. Springs and O. Pace are on the decline you have to let them go.

We are one of the youngest teams out there with loads of players yet to reach there primes. So, would you rather we load up on older past pro bowlers on the decline or build with pro bowlers of the future.

If you look at the players Fins drafted last season compared to the drafts from all teams in the past you'll see we got a lot of quality players.

However, I could see how it would be tempting to add a guy like Rolle or MaCallister for 1year. That does give a little more time for a cb from the draft to get ready.

Its not like Parcells@co. have not done that before. Ferg and Penn for example.

Also players will sign with teams like Pitts or NE for a smaller amount than they would with us. Especially players with no rings. Can't say I can blame them. Unless you are one of the greatest like Marino, you going to need a ring to get in the HOF.

mando who cares about peppers! I heard the fins picked up cecil collins to help bolster our running game.

ok, kids the menace is on the web, whats the 1st question for the cuban???






Rooney ambassador to Ireland??? lock up the jameson..or buy stock in the company, giving a Mc a job like that is worrisome

Miami had a private workout for Cinn. Bearcats De/olb conner barwin who fits the trifecta's need at olb . They also brought in free agent cb demarcus faggens of the houstan texans in for a workout.

is it true that Andy Rooney the actor is going to be us ambassador to Ireland?any one here have a good story about Rooney?

sonny crocket.you sound angry cause mando didn't put up a new topic in 2 days?you should have a live chat with yourself.


Scarlett's faux ebonics post was just fishing for a comment like yours, so he could response in kind. Notice how he responded immediately. He couldn't wait to get someone on the line. You bit. Just scroll past next time.

paul solai is mch better r run d was mch better with him just find a way 2 keep him out of trouble he'se our true future at NT this guy is to tall at 6'7 2 be dominant @ NT remember football is a game of leverage and when in the trenches the guy that's lower wins that battle 9 out of 10 times if we're risking his backround we might aswell just continue to develope paul soliai hese a beast wen on da field

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