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Starting offensive line for 2009 is complete

Remember these names and in this order:

Jake Long, Justin Smiley, Jake Grove, Donald Thomas, Vernon Carey.

That is the look of the Dolphins 2009 offensive line now that Grove has signed a five-year deal worth $29 million with $14 million in guarantees. That is the look of the offensive line since the Dolphins retained Carey with a deal that is reportedly worth up to $42 million with $14 million in guarantees.

(By the way, Carey's six-year deal pays him a $12 million signing bonus, a $2 million roster bonus, $200,000 in workout bonuses and $800,000 in 2009 base salary. So Carey will make $15 million in 2009, making him the highest paid right tackle in the NFL. His base salaries beyond this season are scheduled as $950,000 in 2010, $4.15 million in 2011, $5.05 million in 2012, $5.65 million in 2013 and $4.95 million in 2014.)

But I digress.

That is the look of an offensive line with Smiley (leg, ankle, shoulder) and Thomas (foot) coming back from injuries. I am told neither player has suffered any setbacks in his rehabilitation following their injuries and surgeries so both are penciled in as starters, although Thomas will have to beat out recently acquired Joe Berger and Samson Satele.

That is the look of the offensive line with a Pro Bowl left tackle that is one year wiser, more experienced, further along in his blocking technique, and ready to challenge as one of the better left tackles in the game -- we hope.

And if you don't think that is good enough consider that depth is much improved from a season ago. Consider that Berger is an upgrade from either Andy Alleman or Ikechuku Ndukwe, who started when injuries befell Thomas and Smiley. How do I know Berger is an upgrade over Alleman and Ndukwe?

I've watched Alleman and Ndukwe play. I've watched them all practice going back to when Berger was with the Dolphins. Berger is an upgrade. But even then, Alleman and Ndukwe should get better in 2009 because they have more experience now, they are going to be in the workout program this offseason, and they will go through training camp. So they are by no means discards. They have good value.

Also consider that Satele, the starting center the past two years, now becomes a swing guy, someone who can play either guard or center. He will compete for a starting job, no doubt about it. But I don't see him beating out a healthy Grove. He has a better chance of winning a starting job at right guard. And if he doesn't, he's still a valuable depth guy with a lot of game experience.

So step back and look at the entire panaroma that is the Miami offensive line. It has well-paid players at right tackle, left tackle, left guard and center. It has competition at right guard that includes a former starting center in Satele, a new acquisition in Berger, and a budding prospect in Thomas that coaches love. 

And it has depth along the interior of the line that will include three players with starting experience. It is an impressive picture.

I grant you the Dolphins could use some quality depth at the tackle spots. But in the salary cap age, you have to make concessions somewhere. I can tell you there will be competition for the backup tackle spots that might include Nate Garner and Brandon Frye.

But overall the picture is quite good. Quite good indeed. 


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I think the plan is to get Chad Henne in as the starter, so they're concentrating on the O-line. That....and the fact that our running game blew bong water all year.

Floyd Rules

the starting ol is not set yet... it wont be set until the final preseason game. That is the beauty of what we have done. We are gonna have some nice position battles in camp.

Guy's, I just got my electric back after a 4 hour power outage, dont know about you guys but when it 25 degrees outside Ive gotta wonder??? what the deuce????

that actually is crazy enough to be true...i mean think about it - would trading Chad P. be really that out of the ordinary?! i think if you get offered a 2nd rounder for him you give it at least a thought, with another 2nd rnd pick you could do wonders out there

im happy with this signing, and everyone sucks while in Oakland the gets better when they leave just take moss for example, and Grove didn't suck BTW
i actually agree with mr bungle about getting a K in the draft, but only if it is gano in the 5th or 6th because then we could release our other K and P and let gano do it all, just look what he did in college he was a P that set records and won the groza kicking field goals on a team that had kickers like sebastion janakowski ( spelling? )
also we should trade satele and maybe a 7th for cromartie ( young talented and a pro-bowl ) i think cromartie would appreciate this so ronnie won't truck him anymore

"NYScott--Are you Bill Parcels fluffer? Quit drinking the Kool Aide. Look at it from an objective standpoint. You can't tell me that Grove is bigger and better than Satele at this point. Bill Parcels is very knowledgeable but when is the last time one of his teams made the superbowl"? I will if you stop using tired old lines from the nineties. And at this point YES me and a million other people can tell you that Grove is better AND tougher "at this point" because he has proved it. No one's drinking any koolaid just stating facts. If you don't think Grove is better than Satele who couldn't hold the middle of the line last year against bigger tackles than you didn't watch the same games the rest of us did. I watched a player pick Satele up and throw him to the side and stop Ronnie in the backfield for a loss. HE PICKED HIM UP! The guy is not tough and is better suited for a guard position. That is obvious to everyone who has watched him play for the past two seasons. Your superbowl theory is ridiculous. All of his teams have been championship quality teams that didn't win the big one for one reason or another. Doesn't mean they're not great teams. But you go on and question every move Parcells makes because you are obviously the smarter one in that duo.

Jake Grove and Jake Long will be the bullies of the afc east...

RRC and Frankinho , both of you really need to put the crack pipe down. And if your not on drugs , then you need to get a clue. Henny isn't starting and you can't trade penny . What happens in your warped world if henne gets injured. Who's your qb ? Do you want the season over before it begins? Mando , Maybe we should start screening these posters more carefully.and i'm talking about a different type of screening ( if you now what i mean)

"NYSCOTT , I thought you weren't coming on this blog anymore . You were crying over how posters were impersonating and bashing each other . but you come on here with your condescending attitude and talking down to some of the posters. Then you wonder why people were bashing you . Why don't you snowboarding and make sure the snowboard hits you in the head. By the way , grove isn't that big of a upgrade , Smart Guy" !! Noone was bashing me moron they were talking about their lives and it was annoying, end of story. You on the other hand deserve to be condescended too because you are ignorant and your posts make no sense. I sure hope I don't get hit in the head because I wouldn't want to come out of the hospital anything like you. With the mental capacity of a walnut it's a wonder you can mash the keys together into forming sentences. I've been contributing to these blogs since Jason Cole was the only game in town and unless Mando wants to kick me out I will come and go as I please. I only condescend to idiots who bash other people and make up headlines to bash OUR TEAM. Pull your panties out of your crack and quit your whining. Maybe you deserve to be treated that way? Go ahead, now you can quote movie lines and tell everyone how clever and funny you are for doing so.

just like a yankee acting like he's better than everyone just because he's from up north
NYScott you should go shoot yourself

njphinfan, go over the list of players who missed games due to injury and I think you will be quite suprised. Hows that 100 million dollar connie going to look when Haynesworth gets hurt again? I hear what you're saying but the general consensus is that this is an upgrade and that he's tough as hell and nasty. This is the exact type of player that Parcells covets and it is almost a definite that they'll sign a center in the later rounds. He does not get "pushed around" that is something you obviously made up to satisfy your agenda. Obvious because I have watched him play AND all of the experts agree that he is tough and can hold his ground. About the putting someone down stuff,,,,c'mon already would ya? They deserve it!

Right on alienman!

FSUDOLPHINS , exactly !! And by the looks of many posters , they also agree with you . He should shoot himself LOL . NYscott , you and only you ,were f'n crying like a baby . You and only you said you weren't coming on this blog anymore. Nobody banned you. So take your own advise and go take a flying leap of a giant cliff. By the way, go invest in some diapers you f'n crybaby. also have you ever watched tape on grove. WHEN grove is on the field , he also gets tossed by big nt's . GET OVER YOURSELF. Now don't go away mad , just go away.

Yes my birthday came early this year!!!!!!
Now you will see what I can do when there is a hole to run through. I will set this league on FIRE.

Grove is the new guy....so we support him. Now we can take one good Center in draft (4th pick) preparing for future years. But first a LB (Laurinaitis-English-Matthews), then a CB in the 2nd round. A big NT with the other 2nd. I will take a shot with CB Bodden, a young player who has been all 08 season deflecting bombs in a poor squad. A lot of time in defense. Grab it and I think the Dolphins Fans can relax during this FA time.
Go Dolphins !!!

If I am the Tuna, I would be on the phone right now discussing a trade for Antonio Cromartie w/San Diego.

There is a rumor that he is on the block!!

I would consider sending one of our 2nd rounders for him... Maybe Satele and a 2nd if necessary

We need a shut-down corner with size

Guys you see this is shaping out to be a great F/A were feeling in some BIG holes.
This is why the dolphins are on there way up. They make moves no one talks about, but built up depth.
Look at teams like the Raiders, Redskins, jets they over pay for big name player.Then end up sucking.

is the whole vertifying post thing a result of sprovo? did u really ban him? if u did thats harsh, i no wat he did was wrong but u should've given him another chance and BTW those vertifying things are difficult on a ps3 u can't see all the numbers sometimes and i have to do them like 6 times for 1 post

just don't fumble the football and just do your job not talk.


ronnie brown barely ever fumbles...what are you talking about jet fan?

IN case JT get brought back by fins they will give him a new jersey and new number 1-15

Cow Bell,

Jason "twinkle toes" Taylor will not be coming back to the Dolphins...Unless its to be a cheerleader or dance during the halftime show...

I AM saying what BP always said on the side line when he coached new england he would to any player talks trash then tuna would say,
just don't fumble the dam football and shut up.this is true story

Would anybody else like a glass of Tuna flavored Kool-aid? I have 3 glasses a day and its delicious...


you know what Sparano says on the sideline when Joey Porter talks trash?? "Go get me that football." And then he does...

The Buffalo Bills (horrible team) have signed Drayton Florence (horrible cb), my point is, Florence will not be returning to San Diego and Cromartie will not be traded to us or anyone else...

SoulJ,......you starting to be a smart football fan and not wanting mr leadership JT 1-15 back proves it.

sparano came from new englnad to and seems every time a red neck team has 1-15 record they get help from a smart new englander


I never wanted Taylor back, how do expect to play, much less get paid, when you don't want to train in the offseason...Yea, they says its different this year, he doesn't want to go to training camp to be with his family...whatever who cares, thats 2 years in a row he doesn't want to go to training camp, the reason doesn't matter. Why do you think he was injured so much last year...He was a great Dolphin, but thats a thing of the past


i would love a glass of tuna-flavored kool-aid

Cromartie is a million miles away from being a shut-down corner. He is an extremely good kick/punt returner and can take any INT to the end zone, but he is not a shut-down corner. Of course that's just what I think.


The new Tuna flavored kool-aid is available at all South Florida Publix locations at a buy-one, get one special with the purchase of a large berger... delicious and nutritous

You know what make me smile more than winning at the tracks here in SF?

If you said laughing at IMBECILES second guessing my signings or MORONS calling people "condescending" and/or "arrogant" for calling said morons MORONS then you would be correct.

While you Madden All-Stars and Fantasy League "gurus" cry "we should trade for a #1 receiver" or "We need a Franchise QB NOW!" I have and will continue to build a dynasty here in Miami whether you like it or not BUT I will do it MY way..THE right way so STFU MORONS!

Ya'll DullFans go ahead and stick your nose right up in my butt crack and take a nice deep breath of fresh air. Go ahead, you know you want to.


that is bad news.... i live in north west FL aka the panhandle

"NYscott , you and only you ,were f'n crying like a baby ". > "You and only you said you weren't coming on this blog anymore". > "Nobody banned you". > "So take your own advise and go take a flying leap of a giant cliff".> "By the way, go invest in some diapers you f'n crybaby". >. "Also have you ever watched tape on grove. WHEN grove is on the field , he also gets tossed by big nt's" . > "GET OVER YOURSELF. Now don't go away mad , just go away". > I don't know who you are because you never post under the same name therefore I cannot call you out at the top of each post like you do to me. If I did you would just post under a different name and make it seem like a lot of people agree with you. Why don't you grow a pair and sign up so we all know who you are when you post? The fact of the matter is I don't think that it's fair of people to come in here and use this blog as their personal chat room. Armando spends a lot of time writing these stories and for you to come in here and have juvenile conversations about everything except football is disrespectful to Armando and other readers who actually HAVE lives and don't need to meet people online. I've been posting in here for a long time now and I made a mistake by letting your (I mean you and all of your alter egos "us posters" ROFLMAO) stupidity chase me away. It will never happen again and this is the last I will be talking on this subject. I am back to talk Miami Dolphin football with intelligent Dolphins fans. This excludes you and therefore this will be the last time I acknowledge your existence.

How could you spend this kind of money on Jake Grove and not come up with Jason Brown...



"THIS,,, is the last time I will acknowledge your existence"/////
"You were the one f'n crying like a baby"
1.You are obviously very young and feel the need to swear when you are losing an argument.
" You and only you said you weren't coming on this blog anymore"
2. This makes no sense in that I'm already aware I said I wasn't coming in here anymore. I changed my mind and explained why.
"Nobody banned you"
3.AND you have a reading comprehension problem, I never stated that I was banned. You're batting .1000 so far, keep up the great work!
" So take your own advise and go take a giant leap of a cliff"
4. Once again this is confusing seeing how I never gave any "advise" to anyone about taking a giant leap "of" a cliff.
"By the way go and invest in some diapers you f'n crybaby".
5. You already called me that and you're swearing again huh? You MUST be right now!
"Also have you ever watched tape on Grove he blah blah blah blah"
6. Please send me your "tape" so I can become as knowledgeable about football as you obviously are. You've thouroughly impressed me so far.
"Don't go away mad just go away"
7. Naaaahhhhhhh. Just so you and the rest of "us posters" who are in your corner are aware,,,,,,I'm not going anywhere. Now I shall shun you.

Armando, How about Shawn Murphy, the guard which the Dolphins spent a 4th rounder on last year. Does Parcells and Co. see any potential in him or will he be cut later this year?

souljah, what koolaid are you talking about? Parcells hasn't said anything about the signing. It's us fans who have varying opinions on the signing. But I'm suprised that you guys are prematurely questioning the Tuna after he turned this franchise from a laughing stock to AFC EAST CHAMPS in one off season. I would think that would give Tuna the benefit of the doubt regarding signings. Some people were saying the same things last year ya know? Like who's this Anthony Fasano and what has Sparano ever proved. Seems to me those people were wrong about a lot of things so it's just suprising to read comments about how Bill is serving kool-aid. It just doesn't fit. No one is ever right in everyone they sign, just look at the Jets and Cowboys, but the amazing turnaround has to count for something doesn't it? You don't have to like the signings, that much is true, and no one expects us to agree with everything the trifecta does. I just think some people are prematurely judging something that could very well turn out in our favor.

Lastly I think sometimes people miss an important point. You can sign all of the big names you want. Look at the Yankees, Jets, Cowboys, and lots of other teams who tried to go this route. Ireland told us flat out that one of the most important things in Bills mind was character. So while we're questioning the signing on paper we have no clue how these guys are going to fit in with the team chemistry wise. They just may not like him as a person and they may think he could be a drag on the team for any number of reasons. The Dolphins tried to sign a bunch of names in Shulas last year and that went down like the titanic. How many probowlers did the Jets and Cowboys have last year and how many playoff games did they play in? Give it a chance before you crap on it is all I'm saying.

Well Penne will be safe next year. No scrambling around. He gets to set his feet and throw the ball with his legs.

Also, we will finally get to see what Ronnie can do with some blocking. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Phins pick a back in the draft. 3rd or 4th round.

fsudolphins13,"just like a yankee acting like he's better than everyone just because he's from up north
NYScott you should go shoot yourself".
I don't act like I'm better than everyone just people who act like this. Is this an adult way to handle a conversation, suggest someone go kill themselves? AND you show your ignorance by stating I'm from up north because my handle is NYScott. I was born and raised in south Florida and moved to NY after college to pursue my carreer. And trust me from someone who has lived in both states, there are just as many a-holes in FLA as there are in NY. Stereotyping people by their region is really childish and ignorant. By saying what you said to me you are doing the same thing you have accused me of doing. Smart. I give you credit though, at least you have a sign in name.

God, I wanted Jason Brown, God help me I wanted him so.......

Nyscott, I take exception to you telling me my opinion was just to feed my agenda. What qualifies you as an expert to tell me that my opinion was for my own agenda. The consensus was NOT that this was an upgrade. Their has been some some great debates throughout the the blogs ( just check the SS and this blog ). Yes grove is tough-minded and has a little mean streak in him, but he's always hurt , is about the same size as satele and he does get pushed around by big Nts. I've seen this guy play and know all the scouting reports. Now i'm not saying i like satele or hope grove doesn't work out, all i'm saying is he's not the CLEAR UPGRADE you say he is. This is a blog . I state my opinions from facts and not to feed my so called AGENDA.

I really liked jason brown but the theme of free agency has been over paying for talent. weve got one of the best gm's in the league and i trust him to do whats best. for christ sakes we must keep samson though he has everything you want in a center except size he would make an excellent guard. Think bout what he has done for are franchise over the past two years starting as a ROOKIE center is very impressive and he is tough as nails. I would think in the draft we would snag a WR(Hakeem Nicks) and go after more depth on the defensive line DE/NT Maybe Ron Brace or they could move down in the first i heard was a rumor becuase I think they realy like that orakpo kid from texas he reminds me of demarcus ware and thats what we need pass rushers. I think Db's will be left in latter rounds. Plus dont forget parcells ability to get good undrafted free agents. Either way we are in a good spot because Miami is a choice destination again and not just for the beaches.

njphinfan, LOL, YOU take exception? YOUUUUU? You swore at me, called me names and agreed that I should go shoot myself and YOUR the one taking exception? All I said was you were satisfying your agenda (that being you think Grove is NOT an upgrade over Satele) by making things up about Grove. That is all I said and you took it SO much further. So for you to act as if I wronged YOU is laughable. And don't even try to tell me that you aren't NJPhinfan AND USposters. Unless you can explain how there are two people in here that spell advice with an "s" instead of a "c".

Grove is the same player as Satele, just not as healthy - this signing is abysmal - there will be no improvement in between the tackles running because of Grove - because of Thomas, maybe. If Thomas is healthy, he is a monster - no way anyone beats him out for the starting RG spot - least of all a smaller Satele, and Berger doesn't stand a chance of being anything but 2nd string (even though I think he is a far better signing than Grove - who is an atrocious waste of $28 million dollars and cap space).

Center remains the weak spot on the line. So much for the philosophy of size. Guess Parcells wasn't in the building when they signed this guy.


who said i wasn't childish and all i've seen u post on this blog is u telling everyone how moronic they are and how they are pathetic
i would rather have Mr. Bungle in my house than have someone with ur attitude discussing the mighty dolphins with me i am ashamed that someone who acts like a yankee is from FL and a dolphin fan : (
oh ya souljah never said BP made kool-aid go back and read the post

NYscott, maybe i'm also fsudolphins13 ,Lol. The poster that is attacking you agreed with with fsudolphins13 and on an earlier post by calling you a yankee. Do you really think I would sit here and take being called or call myself a yankee !! Really. Are you kidding me. With my tri-state pride. I spelled A Word wrong ,so sue me. Have you seen the way some posters spell on this blog. You mentioned how there were posters on this blog with different names and who like to imppersonate. Well i don't need to do that. Im nj phin fan. that's it.

Now if you want to talk seriously here is what I have to say about the "clear upgrade" statement. I usually go with what I see and what the experts say. I don't put too much into what posters say unless I've read their posts for a while (which is hard to do when noone signs in under the same name) so I tend to trust the writers, coaches, and managers opinions more. Can you blame me? Here are the facts in this matter. 1. Satele just isn't that good at center yet and may never be. This isn't just my opinion it is the opinion of everyone closely related with the team and that list includes Sparano/Ireland/Parcells, Armando Salguero, and Omar Kelly. They all know that we need an upgrade at the position and the proof is that they signed someone else and have talked about drafting a center since the beginning of the offseason. As a matter of fact there have been many articles written about the teams intentions and what the writers opinions are. Remember that these guys are at every practice and talk to people who work for the team. Armando likes him and he NEVER holds back his feelings about Dolphin blunders. He was pissed about Faneca last year and let everyone know it! And Omar is a "line guy". Loves both lines and watches them intently. He was down on Satele as well and wrote about that position as one of the biggest needs for an upgrade. That coupled with the fact that Cable didn't want to lose him and the trifecta (which includes an offensive line coach in Sparano) wanted to sign him leads me to believe that he has to be an upgrade. Right? Are you telling me that with all of the experience these guys have in evaluating players I shouldn't trust their decision? I have watched Grove ANNHIALATE tackles and have NEVER seen Satele manhandle anyone. He doesn't even seem to play with a fire sometimes. That may come I'm not denying that, but there is no way he is equal in talent to Grove right now,,,,no way. So with all of those factors in place it is my opinion that he is an upgrade over Satele.

i never said i didn't like Grove in fact said “ im happy with this signing ” and learn to keep ur post short jeez

So now your telling me a sports writers word is the end of all ends . Are you kidding me. I 've read many experts including ex-players and scouts who differ from you. Also are trying to tell me the trifecta doesn't make mistakes. Just take a look at last years free agent class ( can you say E. Wilford among others ).My friend is a big raider fan and he doesn't think he all that or worth the big money. Go on the raider message boards and see what they think of him and they've seen him play for 5 years. Maybe you think i'm jimmyjam so i can fill MY AGENDA. WE'll just have to agree to disagree. Once again i'm not the other poster. I'm from joisey. I don't need to hide behind anyone !!!

FSU If you are ashamed you should be ashamed of yourself as well. You're the one who has used profanity and name calling, not me. You post where I called someone "Pathetic" or "moronic" and I will apologize. I shouldn't do that and if I did it was only because I felt like I needed to defend my man Bill Parcells. I'm really a nice guy and don't want to fight with anyone but some of the more childish comments get to me sometimes. I can't help it, I'm a flawed human like everyone else. I don't mean to offend anyone I am just a HUGE Dolphins fan and get very passionate in my conversations regarding the team. Probably from all the beatings I take here in NY from dumb Jets fans. But I want to drop this now and get back to football talk in the future. I will let it go if you will and I will stop picking your opinions apart. In the future I will just agree to disagree.

njphinfan,,I don't care if you spelled a word wrong, we all do it. I just thought it was fishy that two of the posters who were attacking me spelled the same word wrong the same way within minutes of eachother. Do I think you would call anyone a Yankee seeing how you live in NJ? Hmmmmmmmmmm, interesting question. I do believe if you were mad at me and wanted to prove a point and make it look like more people were involved you could do that to throw everyone off track,,,why not? That's the problem that occurs when people don't sign in, you just never know. "Maybe i'm also fsudolphins13 ,Lol". The funny thing is I was thinking that exact thing but only Armando could prove me right or wrong. He can actually look these things up but I'm sure he has better things to do. As do I so I'm out and I just want to say I'm back and like I told "FSU" (It's still fishy NJ!:) I will tone it down and not tear your opinions up. Your entitled to your opinions, even when they are wrong! That's a joke so don't swear at me!


i haven't used profanity in any of my post so once again read the posts... but i will have peace... until there i a subject that i feel the need to debate in because i like to debate ( its much funner in person cause then ppl can't look stuff up )

anyways, im out

Jersey!!!!! Listen to me lol. I'm not saying sports writers know everything, I said I took ALL of those things into account when forming my opinion. That's all. And you and I can claim all we want about reading what experts say but unless we are going to produce these articles and statements we should stop with that. Jersey sign in for the love of God. I know you don't need to hide behind anyone so sign in and your name will appear in blue and then I can treat you as a seperate person.

I am not NJ Phin Fan, thank you very much. I don't have an agenda except that I want the fins to win. I am no more qualified than anyone else here but I love the game. The Fins have made a mistake here. I will gladly eat my words - and I hope I have to. I completely disagree with Armando and Omar if they really think this guy is worth spit.

Jake Grove never manhandled anyone except his girlfriend, BTW. Watched him his whole career. Not an upgrade. Sorry. We aren't running up the middle period with this guy. Penne will be crushed if this is all we do at Center. They still need to draft a big sumb*tch.

I am new here, but do NJ Phin Fan, NY Scott and fsudolphins always hog the entire comments section? Is it worth coming here or is it all just drama and a bunch of haggling drama queens?

NJ Phin - you wouldn't want to hide behind me anyway - got a nasty case of gas.


BTW im not going to show when u post calling ppl those names because im on a ps3 and i can't copy and past and i have no keyboard
also im no one else but me, me and nj phin fan have had our disagreements but the way i see it we're cool but not the same person, i don't stereo type ppl really i just call stuck up ppl yankees just like how most foreigners call all americans yankees and its like how there is a difference between a ( im not racist at all ) a black man like barok obama and the n-word like TO or a white person and white trash... so when i call ppl a yankee its because they are stuck up

Great sign by the Big Tuna, if he Groves stays helathy... Poor sign if he misses more than 4 games due to injury. If we're able to get a good deal on Satele, get rid of him; we don't need 2 pure centers in there; unless he can prove that he can play or perhaps challenge one of the starting guards. have you all seen the kid Heyward-Bey) from Maryland? The more I see highlights of him, the more I like him. I hope the fins go defense with their 1st round, but if this kid is available at 25th, I wouldn't mind if they grab him...

watch his highlights:


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