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Sunday column: Get us a freakin' cornerback!

The Sunday Dolphins column will return to the pages of The Miami Herald Sunday and the signing of Terrell Owens by the Buffalo Bills highlights the point of the column.

The Dolphins desperately need a starting cornerback.

The column makes the point the Dolphins 2009 schedule will match the Miami secondary against Carolina's Steve Smith, Houston Andre Johnson, New England's Randy Moss and Wes Welker twice, Indy's Reggie Wayne, Tampa's Antonio Bryant, Pittsburgh's Hines Ward, and now Buffalo's Terrelll Owens and Lee Evans twice.

And the Dolphins will answer that challenge with a starting cornerback tadem of Will Allen and ...

... and ... and ...

Jason Allen? Will Billingsly? Joey Thomas? Nathan Jones? Scorpio Babers?


The Dolphins need to sign or draft a starting cornerback. Maybe they need to sign and draft a starting cornerback.


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Absolutely agree with you Mando, even though McFadden may not be the greatest of cornerbacks now we absolutely need to go out and bring him in or possibly one of the other starting caliber corners as well as draft a top corner. Any word if the Dolphins are now more actively shopping around for a corner?

they need to sign and draft a corner.

OMG!!!!!!!! yes i agree!!! The all the Dolphins need to do is get a corner, a WR, and some depth on the lines and we are good

At this point the Fins will have to pay at least double what they would normally pay for a FA CB.

It might be better to draft a CB high and wait for a veteran CB to get cut from someone's roster later on.

Otherwise they'll be stuck paying a guy like McFadden $10 million a year!

The fish gave up 4 400 yd games (25%) through the air last year, now add in T.O and a healthy Brady, and throw in the teams that listed i wouldn't be shocked to see it grow to 45% .. your right they need a corner like ted(feet of clay)Ginn needs a set of bullet's..

I don't know about you guys, but I'd say we should probably, just maybe, only for a moment, have confidence in our team's staff to make sound decisions. The LAST thing I want is some $10 millon-dollar-man who isn't worth league minimum.

Not thrilled about seeing TO twice a year, thats 4 damn sure.

I guess mcfaddens cost just went up about 2 million more a year huh??

lets bring back SURTAIN and MADISON!!

Tommya , I agree. And Seth How about lbs ? You have a aging porter , unproven wake , and average ilbs in crowder and ayodele with no depth behind them. That's more important than ol after the grove and berger signing, not to mention smiley and thomas coming back.

Serg, and blaze, you must understand that alienman comes from a galaxy 320 million light years away( m- 51) and doesn't understand our customs, cut him some slack, apparently his society has a lot of impostors, i think the great impersonator Rich Little was also from his home planet, though i can't confirm this. Remember folks be kind to ALL tourist these day's..(regardless what galaxy they come from..) I hope this helped..

Posted by: cuban menace | March 07, 2009 at 07:15 PM

Also they have weapons that can make a normal size man very small .. ask M@@c's boyfriend he'll tell

Cuban, you're in black. No wait, you're in blue . WOW , LOL

Sign & Draft Sign & Draft it's my hope they do both. Corners don't typically start in this leauge right out of college. Now that the peanut hulls are on the floor after the combine, it looks like the only legit starter at 25 if he's there is Vonte Davis. I'm not sold McFadden is worth the investment. Maybe after the draft more free agents will be available Jason Allen where are you? Remember Allen was the only position in Tennessee history not named linebacker to lead the Vols in tackling What the hell happened to a #1 16 pick. Besides CB Davis everyone else is undersized with only good speed, weak tackling, average hip/feet movement and normal closing skills. Weak safety corner class according to the draft niks.

We definitely need a top notch cornerback - in fact even more now with TO on the field with Lee Evans.

We also need good defensive ends and an outside LB to generate a pass rush which we were missing last year except for Joey Porter and Joey can't do it all by himself. If we can get the pass rush we need it will definitely help out the cb's - in fact it would make them look much better and cover up for some of their deficiencies.

Darius Butler dammit!

trade for julius peppers and we screwed up on the lito shephard trade that would of been a 5th and draft a tall 6'2 -6'4 cb that his size can correct many rookie errors.

Dubs, Darius Butler is 5-10 183 . Here's a couple of quotes from scouts. " gets easily pushed around by bigger wrs " , " lacks strength " and " duck and swipe tackler. This guy did something like less than 6 reps at the combine, He's not tuna material. Didn't we see our cbs get pushed around to much LAST YEAR. Miami needs bigger and stronger cbs.

Nj phin fan, yes sometimes in blue ,sometimes in black, sometimes iam on the computer, sometimes(when its black like now) iam on the cell phone which wont let me sign in cause sprint is the worst provider.. my lease expires in 1 month, hopefully ill get a real cell carrier.

You guys kill me. Miami doesnt NEED to address CB or WR. And it really doesnt matter what the opponents are doing. Miami needs talent everywhere, they NEED to take the best players regardless of position. Miami NEEDS talent at WR, CB, OL, DL, LB, CB, KR, PR and a little more depth at QB probably wouldnt hurt either. The days of reaching because we needed someone are over, the days of throwing away 2nd round picks for Feeley or trading away picks to move up one spot to take a player who was going to be there anyway, the days of psyching ourselves out in believing we are so good that it doesnt matter if we draft Eddie Moore and pass up Anquan Boldin are over people. The new regime in town gets it. Its about talent at every pick, every free agent visit, every trade discussion. Nobody is making panic moves anymore and talking like we gotta get this or get that with our pick in the 1st round is insane. Are you telling me we bettere take Nicks if Maualuga drops to 25 for some reason? Thats the same logic Pornstache used when we passed up Anquan Boldin so we can fill our special teams and back up LB NEED. The Tuna and Ireland will pick the guy they have highest on their board when we pick at 25, or they will trade up or down accordingly per the draft playing out.

Any suggestions kids?

the cardinals wont trade bolding but i would go out and give them my 1st rd pick he is proven.

i mean bolden for u grammer experts out there and with our 2 2nd round picks we can address Cb and lb

what do u guys think??

Jason, I think picking the best available player (as I think you're hinting at) is good; it's an obvious (and really good) strategy if the teams's needs are small, and the value of the position one's looking to fill are all but second/third round choices left when they're sitting at 25th, but as you said, the Dolphins have many needs. This year, the "best available" strategy might not be as effective as one thinks.

And let's face it, Armando is right in that the Dolphins first need may actually be CB. Beyond Allen, there aren't many options on the depth chart that can cover some (most) of these NFL WR's.

Someone mentioned Butler. I want to second that! Enough so I want to emphasize is IN ALL CAPS!!! I saw this kid on tv and he looks like a good player!

But, considering that's not a certainty, I think the Dolphins are in the right showing interest in McFadden.

I really hate to hate but someone has to knock the rose colored glasses off you homers. I want the phins to win as badly as anyone but come on, lets not be dillusional. Pennington isnt even a very good QB, Ronnie Brown has never won anything, our line wasnt exactly nails last year, Fasano had an ok year, our WRs are not scaring anybody because our QB cant throw downfield and because only one of them gets open consistently and he is coming off of surgery, our DL is young and inexperienced, our LBs are ok but none are great or playmakers, and please do not try to call Crowder a playmaker because he makes tackles, thats what all LB are supposed to do. Our DBs are the strength of our team and they dont really scare anybody either...hows that taste? Not too good. Be happy with 11-5 because we have a ton of work to do to repeat that consistency this year. We are average at best so the notion we are a cb and a wr away from being contenders is a joke. We need a lot of help and to stay consistent for the enxt couple season is a good goal, develop that winning mentaility so that when the talent catches up with the state of mind we will be tough to beat. I know this probably makes me an idiot, and all kinds of bad names so I apologize if the truth hurts so much that I need to become the bad guy here. I think we are doing a great job building the roster, but its not close to being built yet, the foundation is laid but there is a lot more to go. Two years and we will be able to contend in the AFC consistently year in and year out if we stay the course.

wait a minute...... your jason cole from sunsentinal i knew u would come in here on the herald and start some chit.

but i do agree as well i mean we are divison champs and now we have to play with the big boys and if we dont have the personell were looking at 6-10 no doubt.

Jason, no doubt you are right; the Dolphins have a lot of work ahead of them. And I think the fans on here smarter than you give them credit. They know the Dolphins are far from perfect.

But how confident was anyone in the Dolphins heading into last season? I bet you even Bill Parcells would have laughed in your face if you told him the Dolphins would go 11-5, win the AFC East, and make the playoffs.

But they did those things.

If we're wearing "rose colored glasses," it's because an AFC East title and last year's success gave us that right to don those shades proudly.

Here is where I think we are golden:
Back up QB, Starting RB, WR Depth, TE Depth, OL Depth, DL Depth, LB Depth, DB Depth, P, K.

Here is where I think we are ok: Starting OL, Starting DBs, RB Depth (If Brown went down, is Ricky really going to carry the running game? I dont know), Starting TE

Here is where we have glaring needs: Starting WR, playmakers at LB, playmakers at CB, playmakers at WR, game changer QB, dominant DL and OL (Maybe those gel this year, who knows, but dont give them all pro status just yet.)

Here is where I think we have potential for playmakers or game changers to emerge: Ginn, Brown, Henne, Merling, and Long.

Here is where I think we way over rate ourselves but these players are still good players just not the elite guys we like to think they are: Crowder, Carey, Fasano, Pennington, Ricky, Cobbs, Fergueson, Bell, Allen, and Roth.

Here are guys I think we WAY WAY over rate and kid ourselves thining they are going to be stars...Bess, Camarillo, Saetelle, and Beck. These guys are bench depth at best and only got used because there was nobody else and we had success due to good coaching.

My point in all this is we have relatively few game changers, play makers or dominant linemen to speak of to consider ourselves in the elite class or maybe one or two guys away. Last year was flushing the roster and building depth, this year is starting to fill in starting slots out with an above average line up that has player capable of emerging as stars.

Pittsburg, Indy, NE (as much as I hate them), and maybe...MAYBE, a healthy San Diego could be considered a player or two away. Even the Titans I think played WAY over their heads last year and Chris Johnson isnt sneaking up on any defense this year and they have the same problem we do, a lack luster WR corps, an OK OL, and an over rated QB. Without Haynesworth, I think the DL is below average at best as well. I think the Titans will get a bigger system shock than Miami will this year. I at least think we are the second best team in the AFC East and until we beat NE with Brady, Im not talking trash about how we won the AFC East and they need to look up to us, reality just says that is not the case.

are you guys not the same ones saying T.O is old and he SUCKS and nobody wanted him. Now you all sound scared as hell. I love T.O one of the great Receivers of all time. Love his competitive spirit and passion to win. Too bad I will cheer my butt off when Wilson and Bell end his career. LOVE YOU T.O BUT WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE

Guys, cornerback IS our #1 need right now. I think they should sign a free agent and then draft one. Like I said on the previous blog, look at the patsies...they draft the best available player when it's they're turn to pick and pick up a few F/A along the way. That's how they have been able to be successful all these years. And who do you think taught Belicheat that??? The Tuna that's who. Once we fill the holes we have to fill the rest is gravy. I'm looking forward to having a great season no matter who we play as long as we get our secondary in order.

everyone underestimates our wide outs Ronnie brown is money Jason... he made the pro bowl hello behind a O-line that was far from solid, penny makes very few mistakes which gives the team a chance to win every Sunday we have a solid pass rush that will be upgraded via draft out safeties are solid,we have a solid cover corner in will Allen now all we need is a corner OLB, and we don't necessarily need a #1 wide out i mean Pennington wouldn't know what to do with one anyways... look at the teams we beat this year we beat a chargers team that made the playoffs,we are a team that is looking at a 8-8 record this year which isn't bad sense we will have the hardest schedule in the nfl

MIAMI need no overpaid players again! spent money in prime stars players ,please! BIG&%$"!çTUNA!

hey mando y is pft talking smack about you???

BTW ervyone keeps saying Penny can't throw the long ball but I remember him throwing several balls pretty far down the field last year. Maybe not as far as alot of the better QB's but he's acurate, smart and rarely makes mistakes. I also read somewhere that they put him on a special conditioning program this off season to help build his arm strength so I think he'll be better this year than last.

Eddie, if you only knew....

dang. its about time someone finally figured out the fact that the dolphins have a much more dire need at corner for our secondary than reciever for our offense. we got romped in the passing game all year long, and were just figuring this out? I hope the dolphins have figured this out by now. DEFENSE COMES FIRST!!!


Great blog, I agree with you completely...
we need to draft AND sign a cb...

Tampa , I know you love your phins, but your bias in blinding you. How many times did our wrs have to come back to the balls when the could've been tds. Remember that last jets game and that floater down the middle to ginn . Thank god ginn came down with it. When its dec. and its cold and windy , chad doesn't have the arm to get it done. He can go on programs all wants , but he never has and never will have a strong arm. Especially after 2 shoulder operations.

CB is now the priority and I see it happening before the deaft. I think the Phins will get a contract done with McFadden. With all the big WR's our Phins will see, they will address this need prior to the draft.

Draft wise in the first three rounds in no particular order after they get a CB: LB, DT, OG and WR you may even see them go C too.


Jason, are you kidding me, the only person ted(cowardly lion) ginn and his clip board holding daddy pit's fear into is the guy holding the marker for the 1st down, not the 2nd guy but the guy holding the 1st down marker starting the drive, ... get rid of "the man with no testicular fortitude and his clip board holding daddy"please, tuna i beg you...

nj phin fan, are you talking about that 20 yarder that he caught and went down immediately short 3 yards because 2 defenders were closing in , or the 25 yerder where he went straight down and could have picked up another 15 to 20yards and might have scored but didn't want to get hit?????

get sean smith in draft. big cb with quick feet he will be able to help handle big strong receivers like TO and reggie wayne. and randy moss.

Which one??

Didn't andrea johnson have a career day vs. the fins last oct. with there 2nd string q.b. ????

>are you guys not the same ones saying T.O is old and he SUCKS and nobody wanted him. Now you all sound scared as hell.

Exactly. He'll start strong. Invent a new TD dance maybe???????????, but slowly he'll become a liability.

For the same reason I didn't want him on my team, I'm perfectly happy he's a Pat.

Last year the sky was falling when Bret the terrible signed with the Jets. Who here feared Goliath???????????????????? Plenty I remember. oooo that turned out real scarey. For the Jets.

Staying alive and yet winning the race on a bike requires riding 'the pace'. YOUR pace. It's not a sprint, guys.

We'll get a CB.
When???????? Who???????? What price????????

Inquiring minds what to know, as do all Mysterians, but it doesn't really matter.....

Question marks, yes. Worries????????? No.

Go Bill. Go Miami.

nj phin fan:

You just have no love for Butler. You selected 1 or 2 negative comments from otherwise glowing scouting reports on the guy. Other comments that you have left out are his speed, his change of direction of skills are the best of any cb in the draft and his vertical leap allows him to succesfully match up against taller recievers. It has also been reported that the Dolphins have heavily scouted him, Jeff Ireland has attended games to watch him and he has been interviewed by all of the trifecta. You better find some love for Butler because I think he is coming to Miami.

nj, your right. I don't think I'm blinded, maybe it's just hope since Sparano say's he's our starting QB. I do remember watching him throw a bunch of balls last year and thinking, my god are those things ever gonna get to the receivers. I guess we'll all have to be patient and wait for Henne to take over, then we should see some long balls.

henne will be a beast in 2 years...we just gotta wait. he will prob get in some games this year when we are killing teams like the jets and bills!!!

Go fins

Now we really need Dwayne Wade at Cb. Basketball season is over and done with by training camp, he can do it.

Ken , you can have all the speed in the world but if you're not strong (and butler definitely is not strong ) then what good is it when big wrs can manhandle you. What happens when you can't jam big wrs off the line or what good is your vertical jump when big strong wrs box you out. Didn't you get enough of boldin, fitzgerald, A. Johnson , moss manhandling our cbs. and please i gave you 3 negatives not just 1 or 2. I guarantee the tuna doesn't take butler at 25.Some team will take him before miami picks in the 2nd, therefore he WILL NOT be a dolphin.

Everyone needs to chill out...the worst thing about Owens signing with Buffalo is now Chris Berman will be puffing on the Jills jocks worse than we've ever seen in the past.

I don't think McFadden will be as valuable as the high price he's seeking, part in thanks to Rosenhaus.
I am more sold on Bodden due to cost and particularly his skill set is more suited to our D, than that of McFadden's.
I also have been beating the drum for Ken Lucas, another solid, affordable, vet CB.
So my wishes are sign FA Bodden or Lucas, then draft in a BPA scenario in a given round, a couple CB's to develop.
Then our secondary should be set for awhile.

NJ Phin Fan,

Thats why I think the fins might pick Macho Harris, he is a strong guy and a smart football player...For the record, I think Sean Smith might just be the guy that can match up in size to the big receivers in the league...

Shane...that Berman comment is funny, what's wors eis that it's so true...LMAO

nj phin fan:

Deon Sanders was not strong either and yet he was perhaps the best coverage cb to ever play the game. If you have watched Butler he is plenty strong to play the position and almost every scouting report on him says he has the best pure cover skills of any cb in the draft. I think the Dolphins would be foolish to pass on him at 25 if he is still there.

Soulja, the only thing about macho is his name, i watched him get burnt in 1 game for 2 td's.. it might have been a bad game for him but with a name "Macho" he sure did'nt live up to his name....Hoola

soulja , i told you about sean smith awhile ago on the sun-sentinel . You now have a man crush on him . I love sean smith and the trifecta does too. Read barry jackson's new article in the miami herald about the cb's miami is intrested in . He talks about another cb i've been talking about sharrod martin from troy. He's 6-1 over 205 pounds and runs a 4.47 .

Hey Cuban,

Ted Ginn burnt the Jets so bad, you didnt come on this blog for a month b/c you were so embarrassed. You dont have the credentials to bash him b/c he torched your team and got your head coach fired. You didnt have much to say when he knocked the Jets into next year, why are you talking now? Have your forgotten what he did to that joke organization?

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