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Sunday column: Taylor can return if he wants

This weekend, my Dolphins column is about Jason Taylor and his current situation as an unrestricted free agent.

That situation is simple: Taylor can go to New England Patriots, chasing the brass ring that comes with a promised championship -- although that promise never really holds, it seems. Or Taylor can do the other thing, the interesting thing, the harder thing.

He can return to the Dolphins.

Why is coming back to Miami the harder thing? Well, it could not happen without a promise from Taylor that he is committed to working hard in the offseason conditioning program, which he didn't do last year.

The Dolphins would not come with the likelihood of competing for a Super Bowl, as the Patriots do. But I think we learned last year one should not underestimate this Dolphins organization under Bill Parcells and the Patriots are one Tom Brady injury away from being out of the playoffs.

The Dolphins, would, however come with the idea of giving Taylor his best opportunity to end his career on a high point. That high point would be tied to him working diligently this offseason on getting ready for the season. That high point would be tied to him being part of a pass rush that includes Joey Porter and the young pass-rushers the Dolphins plan to add in the draft. That high point would be tied to giving an imaginative Miami coaching another weapon.

That high point would also come for Taylor as playing in Miami would give him the opportunity to stay close to his family, which he is said to covet.

We'll soon see what drives Taylor when he decides where to go. The decision will tell you what is important to him.

Is it purely about getting with the team most likely -- on paper at least -- to win? Or is it about working hard during the offseason as well as the regular-season, being close to his family, and playing for the team he says he loves?

We'll see  


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no thank you JT ,we only take you back if you would like to proform in half time of fins games at home only.

Ever since DWTS, JT has become a frontrunning tool. He's gonna go play for the Pats because he's got zero loyalty now and could care less about the Dolphins. Good riddance, IMO.

Are you assuming the Phins want him or do you know they have interest Armando? Big what if?

Taylor is not welcome back in Miami as far as I am concerned (and I believe the big wigs would agree). He has no regard for team camaraderie; team unity; or team identity. The Miami Dolphins are learning how to lose "self" and sacrifice for team concepts. Taylor is not that player. He has no heart. Let him dance his way back on the injury list. We don't need players who skip workouts or chase personal dreams. He should be embarrassed to show up in Miami where the Dolphins won the division and advanced to the playoffs in his absence. That should show everyone that he is not above the team. In fact, these Miami Dolphins are better without him. Just my two cents.

JT......who is he? tuna and co working hard to build a strong team around Chad Henne not to play games with mr pretty.HICKS ,that's a name l like not a player looking to retire.

Yes, bring him back. He should have never left (imo) he brings value and would break my heart if he went to NE. Miami needs JT and he can end his career where he should have always ended it in Miami.

I don't think he has a problem with the off-season program and in fact if he had not been involved in "dancing with the stars he would never have run into some friction with Miami brass.

Come back JT!!!!!


I would love to have taylor Back. I also think we should bring back Madison , thomas , surtain , bowens , armstrong , cox and maybe offerdahl. He might be a little to old . Thoughts. And OH Yeah . GIT-R-DONE !!!

I think it's obvious Bill Parcells would really like Taylor to add to his pass rush aresenal. But I doubt Taylor has the fire in his belly anymore.

He won't want to work. He won't want to do the hard thing. He thinks he can just put on a uniform in July at start of training camp and do things he did 10 years ago when he was 25.

Reality says otherwise.

Mando I would love to see Taylor back, but my guess is you would not be writing this if you did not know something was on the verge of happening. My guess is Taylor is deciding between the Pats and Miami, but to sign with Miami it all comes down to the commitment of performing in the Offseason programs. I think his family has alot to do with his decision and in the end he chooses to work his butt off with the ability of being 2 miles away from his home then going to the Pats for a ring. If he signs with New England than Taylor is all I thought he was last year a selfish premadona.

PhinMan: Armando wrote in the column that Bill Parcells wants Taylor. I also recall him writing in a previous blog that he had sources saying the Dolphins would take Taylor in the right circumstances.

tuna is not dumb,he knows if he allows the dance boy to come back the spot light will not be on this young team and will invite bad press and take away from the future of team as a strong unit plus we already have ted with his daddy and we don't need one more.

oh please guys all this stuff about his offseason stuff just stop. Hes been one of the hardest working dolphins the last 10 years and that includes when he went to offseason programs. Well he happened not to wanna go to them last year bc he was in that dancin crap and bc his team was a mess. He finally was sick of the coaching changes and bad drafts and the fact that BECK/McCOWN were supposed to be out starting QB and etc. It took its toll. Than also as this was all happening parcells took over so that was a bad time to start not wanting to go to offseason drills. SO in all it was just bad timing and JT couldnt take it anymore. If you ask JT if he would change what he did last year he wouldve came to the OTAs and worked his butt off like he always has and we would've had a 1st rd bye. And maybe even a ring.....SO BRING JT BACK!! COME JT COME BACK THE DOLPHINS ARE BACK!!

I say if the price is right bring him back.I also would hate to see him in a Pats uniform.If that happened I would burn my old 99 jersey.But we could definitly use him.we have young linemen that could benefit what they could learn from him.So I say work hard JT come on back and put some sacks on Brady for us hopefully putting him out another year.Maybe give the NFL another bulls!!t reason to implement new rules to protect the quaterback

Taylor has done a lot for Miami, his years were very good years for Miami and I see no reason for some of the mean things being said about him.

I don't get why fans are so disloyal or unforgiving.

He made a mistake and I can forgive him because of what he brought for me over the years in a Dolphin uniform.

Bring Taylor Home Tuna!!!!!

I sure don't want him in NE!

LOL. How loyal was Taylor when he jumped ship when the chips were down . Now that things are looking UP he MIGHT want to come back LOL . GIMME A BREAK !!

when the pretty boy played with miami ,fins had worst years of it's history and ended with a bang 1-15.i am sure the media wants him back cause that will make FINS more show biz team like the old days of cameron.today effort and work must be paid only toward a new team and young players like henne,wake and may be hicks.oh mama

the only reason JT wants to come back is because he wants to wear the new fins uniform and build a new retirment center for himself

can JT dance during half times of games and pay him by the hour?

once a player becomes a BIZ himself ,he's not good any more

Jason Taylor never publicly asked for his release or to be traded. I want players that want to win. Taylor wanted to win, which is why he was open to leaving Miami. Does that make him disloyal? He was a class act his entire tenure with the Dolphins, even after leaving, taking out ads in the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel, thanking the fans. The funny thing is, all you people bashing Taylor for wanting to win, are fantasizing about Miami Swinging a deal for Jay Cutler. I love the Dolphins, I always have, but I HATE most Dolphin fans.

I really hate dolphin fans. A guy gives you everything for so many years then goes on a TV show and now he's a prima donna. You guys are all jerks. I hope you all die a slow and painful death and your wife cheats on you.

Who the hell is Hicks that this guy keeps talkin about?

"How loyal was Taylor when he jumped ship when the chips were down"

JT was one of only a few players who played his tail off when Miami was 1-15. He never quit!

In fact JT and Zach were the only two guys this team could rely on in the bad times refute your point imo.

Kevin . Gimme a break ! What a idiot. So that means every player on a bad team should want to leave to go on a good team so he can WIN . Maybe fitzgerald shoud've left arizona because they were a bad team. Look what happened. They went to the super bowl. The point is you never now in todays NFL. You stick with it through think and thin. Taylor wanted the best of both worlds. Play on a winning team and be in hollywood. To win in the NFL you need to be 100% dedicated. The only time on want to see taylor back is to honor a once great dolphin in the ring of honor ( FAME )

I also suspect many of our naysayer’s are not real Dol-Fans

Mr. Salguero

Thank-you for accepting my offer of employment as the new Dolphins GM. I would have preferred to be notified in person, but reading about your acceptance in this blog came a close second. I was also delighted to hear that you have made your first choice to bolster the current roster. I'm sure coach Sparano will be impressed when he hears the great news. Does he know yet or are you waiting for him to read your column?

P.S. I can't wait to read your successor's column on Monday - I have heard the Herald's new beat-writer has a great pedigree .... a Mr. Ireland I believe he writes as?

Mando, any word on which WR prospects the Dolphins have Chad Henne throwing to in their private workouts. The story in the Herald only says Nick and Harvin, and 2 other Florida players. But with potential WR picks Heyward Bey, Robiske, and Britt probably being around at 25, and possibly 44, wouldnt it make sense to also give these guys the figurative test drive as well? And what about any late round prospects? Any word on if they are interested in the kid from Cal Poly?

One more thing . Besides being 35 years old , on the decline and refusing to do off-season workouts , where's he going to play ? Porter and taylor play the same WLB position . Look what happened to porter when he played out of position when taylor was there. Porter did nothing. You have wake and you draft a pass-rushing Olb to groom as porters replacement. What happened to Bigger, stronger, faster and throw in younger. This sentimental bring back taylor so he can retire a dolphin thing doesn't fit the plan or win games. By the way . He's not going to want to come back and play for chopped liver.

oh and on the whole JT thing, Jason Taylor was easily one of the best football players to ever put on the Aqua and Orange. The guy won Defensive Player of the Year here. He played his hardest every week, and fought for this team, even when it was 1-15. You cant blame the guy for wanting 1 last shot at a ring before he retired. He doesn't have much left in the tank, and ABSOLUTELY NOBODY knew the Dolphins were going to make the playoffs last year. I remember doing a poll last June of how many wins everyone thought the Dolphins would have in the 2008 season. The general census was 4-6. 4 to 6! Thats not playoff caliber, and anyone with half a brain wouldnt pick a 1-15 team to win the Super Bowl the next year. Hop off the guy for wanting to get some hard wear before he had to hang em' up. And if he wants to finish out down in South Florida, for the right price i say welcome back Jason.

The value JT adds to the young Defense is worth bringing him back in any role they want, I am sure our coaches know enough about JT to know exactly what to do with him. He will not take away from the youth but brings PRO BOWL experience and history in Miami as one of our best ever at his position. I have faith that they will know how to make it work.

Stay home in Miami JT!

Make it so Mando!

Jason Taylor is damaged goods. Had he stayed last year and worked he would be an in shape force to be reconed with. JPeezy played through pain with a back conditioned and look at the numbers he put up. Jason was a train wreck that go released in Washington. Do you know how bad you have to suck to be released in Washington? Let the busted wheel go to New England, it could only help the stats out on our offensive line in 2009. 2 sacks and 8 games played, you want that back. SCREW TAYLOR!

He's not coming back. You're the reason Taylor left, Mando. He said it himself during the press conference at the Hard Rock.

Bravo! Activist journalism -- my favorite. Dolphins should sign JT. And Zach Thomas, and Surtain, and Baumhower, to give us another laugh at the mutant from Jowrzky.

Seriously, Dolphins can't go wrong signing a player of the caliber of Jason Taylor if they are at all interested in winning now and not just later.

njmutant: i bet you eat chopped liver, ya...

If J.T does sign with the Patsies I for one have said and think he should lose ANY chance to go into the FINS ring of honor. He was always with Zach, one of my favorite players However in my eyes and with his actions of last year he lost alot of my respect,if he does the unthinkable he would lose the rest. Hope he takes the example of his Brother in law and says thanks but no thanks to the patsies. He would fully redeem himself in alot of Fin fans eyes

Armando, has Jason Taylor expressed some sort of love for the Dolphins lately? Last time I looked they weren't exactly his favorite team.

Kevin, NC's Hakeem Nicks would be the one big name the Dolphins might get that at least SOUNDS LIKE "Hicks".

JT is still a good and potential great acquisition. If the decision makers feel it is right, I could cheer for him again. He always did look good in a Phins uniform. I wouldn't want to see him on the Pats. Tough to cheer for that.

If JT is healthy he would be a better and cheaper option than Peppers. he is a Dolphin. And should be invited back.

Parcells or Jeff or Tony or (Mando??).....

Make it so!

Bring Taylor home.

Why do some of you act like signing him would be such a bad thing? Saying no because we have Wake? That is absurd. How is he this sure thing all of a sudden? How many NFL snaps has he taken again? 0? Look I hope he's great but I would love bringing Jason Taylor back if nothing more than to keep him out of New England. Washed up or not he can still get to the passer and depth wouldn't kill us.

GIT-R-DONE . The Red-neck toothless mutant jackazzz is Back. This is what a uneducated trailor park idiot you are. You don't a non -story when it hits you in that mutant face of yours. What better way ton fill your blog to start a conversation and a slow football day. What a Idiot ! GIT-R-DONE.

I Missed " KNOW "

Also GIT-R-DONE JED, maybe you can go get that jason taylor poster. You know the one with him in overalls and a straw hat . The one in your fantasy. GIT-R-DONE

If he's washed up how's he going to rush the passer ? Right lets fill a valuable roster spot just to keep him away from NE. UNBELIEVABLE!

GIT-R-DONE. I bet that red-neck toothless Mutant Jed wanted to bring back taylor when armando ( who jed actually thinks runs the team . LOL ) was saying that porter might have to retire because of his back. Or maybe red-neck jed was in agreement with armando about trading for fellow washed-up redneck Brett favre. Remember those ? How did that work out ? LOL GIT-R-DONE !!

I think we should trade jake long for a couple of draft picks and bring back richmond webb. Webb has more experience and we can win now ! Your thoughts ?

I don't get it, almost every comment today is avoiding the best case scenario: Jason Taylor places his heart first and rejoins the Dolphins and takes part into a real contender team.
Remember the guy got tired of being of the the laughing stock of the league, a rebuilding franchise for years, and he saw more of the same when Sparano entered. It's hard to accept those kind of mental issues, but JT was the kind of player that supported the unsupportable, because he carried the load when there was no complementary offense for a talented defense conformed around him. I still remember when JT looked as fierce as a wild beast and used Tom Brady like a crash test dummy.
I have no doubt HE HAS BEEN THE BEST PLAYER WEARING A DOLPHINS UNIFORM during the last decade. So JT deserves a better treatment just for all those glorious moments on the darkest days of Miami Dolphins' history.
On the other side, where things are uncool, it won't come easy for him because of two factors: age and his required function as 3-4 OLB, something different from his stellar 4-3 DE role. Both should be solved with a good preparation and commitment, but if this scenario becomes true, there's a big upgrade for Miami´s 2009 expectations.
So from a dolfan to other, Jason please commit and come back.
From Mexico: GO PHINS GO!

I have been a Dolphin fan for a very long time and was just as upset as anyone to see Taylor leave. Look at it this way though...we got Taylor with a second round pick...got 11 years out of him...got a second round pick back for him and still may get another year for him. I was a fan when loyalty to a player and a team still existed. It is all a business now and from a business aspect the Dolphins win whether JT re-signs for one more year or not.

Jstep. Taylor was a 3rd round pick.

Jason Taylor was the heart and soul of this team for 10 years and was pushed by Parsels, he is always welcome back in Miami. I just don't think hard headed Parcels will take him

"LOL. How loyal was Taylor when he jumped ship when the chips were down . Now that things are looking UP he MIGHT want to come back LOL . GIMME A BREAK !!

Posted by: Mr Bunglito | March 29, 2009 at 02:53 PM"

How was he supposed to not jump ship when he gets traded? Not exactly a choice in the matter. Please stop posting just for the hell of it you sound like an idiot. I would absolutely give him 1 of our 53 roster spots just to keep him away from New England. Any true Dolphins fan would.

Jason Taylor haters fxxcking Suck! That's all I wanted to say.

I don't like the bashing of JT. Have those fans forgetting what he has meant to Miami over the past decade? I do think it was a mistake however for JT to go on dancing with the stars...WTF....most players do stuff like that after they retire. I don't understand why he wants to play football again another year. Does he want a ring? Does he want the Money? Or does he want to rejoin the Phins? He has said in an interview that was the biggest fan of the Miami Dolphins and If the opportunity was there he would love to rejoin the team.

I think should if for nothing else to teach the young D-line men how to be play makers. Like Merling a Langford....those guys played coach football...you know safe football. They need to take more chances like porter does. They need to step up and make play...instead of playing it safe and letting plays come to them. JT can teach young D- line men to be play makers.

Both Zach and JT should be brought back ...

for a day, to retire as Dolphins, and then again in a few years to go into the Ring of Honor together.

I wouldn't be surprised to see that happen after this year. For now, they both can be role-players for other teams in need of role players. The Dolphins don't so much need role players at this point because we're not expecting to be championship contenders. Good for both Zach and JT that they have to opportunity to call their shots for one chance at a ring. They deserve that opportunity.

What neither of them can do is step into any locker room, especially the Dolphins locker room, and be who they once were -- team leaders because they are the most productive members of the defense.

Neither will be. I think Zach might have a hard time latching one with anyone, JT could find a place somewhere as a pass rushing specialist ... but that's it for either of them.

I liken both of their situations to say, Marino's. When you're the face of a team for so long, and an undeniable team leader, and you get to the point where your skills aren't what they used to be ... you can either go somewhere else and be a backup and coach in waiting or simply retire.

For QB's it might be an easier decision. In all honesty, I think Zach for instance realized that he just didn't want to be only a part time player last year in Dallas.

I love and cherish all that both of those guys gave to us fans all those years, but nothing good can come of them rejoining the Dolphins except to retire as a Dolphin.

Creed . Taylor got traded because he wanted to get traded. He wanted out and to go to a super bowl contender . Stop being a naive idiot.

tarniman. that's what coaches are for . By the way if you understood football you would know langford and merling are de's in the 3-4. Their primary job is to hold the line and stop the run not rush the pssser.

I think we made a mistake is re-signing crowder for all that money. We should have let crowder go and brought back zach thomas or bryan cox for a 2 year contract at a low price. Thomas and cox have more experience and we can win now . Your Thoughts ?

The point I was making about Taylor wanting to win is this: He's a the end of his career. It's being said that Miami is once again going through a rebuilding period. The assumption is he is going to be moved because by the time the Dolphins are relevant again he will be out of the league. He never complained to the media unlike the people you want to bring to Miami (Boldin, Cutler). Taylor is a competitor so he wanted to go to a contender. He was traded by Miami, not the other way around. How do we villafy Jason Taylor, who on top of being a great player, hes a great person (look at the work hes done with his charity in south florida). It's hysterical to me how Taylor's the bad guy, but we are screaming to trade for Boldin whos throwing a fit because he thinks he's worth more money. Yea I guess bringing Taylor back would ruin Miami's locker room, you know cause he's such a cancer. And why is this guy talkin about Hakeem Nicks in a Jason Taylor article, I'm lost. And its Nicks, not Hicks. I said way back when Taylor was traded, you people are beyond Fickle. Its the ex girlfriend scenario. You love her, and shes beautiful, until you break up. Then she turns ugly? To those very very few Dolphins fans who think objectively and dont have to conform the usual idiotic mass dolphin fan opinions, I appreciate your functioning brains. The rest of you, please just start rooting for the jets.

Mr. Bunglito,

If you understood football you wouldn't say that DE's in a 3-4 don't have to have pass rush skills. It's all about down and distance, and on 1st and 10+, or 2nd and say 7+, those 3-4 ends better be able to bring some pressure, because often you're not rushing an OLB or bringing a blitzer.

Sure, they're never going to be 10+ sack guys a year but then again, sacks are dare I say 'over-rated'. It's all about how much time you give the QB to throw.


My thoughts are that you're a troll.

Sean . i said primary job.

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