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Sunday column: Taylor can return if he wants

This weekend, my Dolphins column is about Jason Taylor and his current situation as an unrestricted free agent.

That situation is simple: Taylor can go to New England Patriots, chasing the brass ring that comes with a promised championship -- although that promise never really holds, it seems. Or Taylor can do the other thing, the interesting thing, the harder thing.

He can return to the Dolphins.

Why is coming back to Miami the harder thing? Well, it could not happen without a promise from Taylor that he is committed to working hard in the offseason conditioning program, which he didn't do last year.

The Dolphins would not come with the likelihood of competing for a Super Bowl, as the Patriots do. But I think we learned last year one should not underestimate this Dolphins organization under Bill Parcells and the Patriots are one Tom Brady injury away from being out of the playoffs.

The Dolphins, would, however come with the idea of giving Taylor his best opportunity to end his career on a high point. That high point would be tied to him working diligently this offseason on getting ready for the season. That high point would be tied to him being part of a pass rush that includes Joey Porter and the young pass-rushers the Dolphins plan to add in the draft. That high point would be tied to giving an imaginative Miami coaching another weapon.

That high point would also come for Taylor as playing in Miami would give him the opportunity to stay close to his family, which he is said to covet.

We'll soon see what drives Taylor when he decides where to go. The decision will tell you what is important to him.

Is it purely about getting with the team most likely -- on paper at least -- to win? Or is it about working hard during the offseason as well as the regular-season, being close to his family, and playing for the team he says he loves?

We'll see