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Tale of tape: Goodman vs. Green

The addition of veteran cornerback Eric Green gives the Dolphins a fallback position -- a player with starting NFL experience -- if their plans with a rookie draftee or Nate Jones or Jason Allen or someone else somehow falls through.

But we know that mostly Green was necessary because the Dolphins lost their starting cornerback of the past few years -- Andre' Goodman -- in free agency. Goodman signed with Denver.

So the natural question is have the Dolphins upgraded, downgraded or broken even in basically exchanging Green for Goodman? It is impossible to know for sure until we actually see Green play and compare that to what Goodman did for Miami last season and continues doing in Denver.

But let's compare the players and their histories to, as Nick Saban would say, get a predictor of their future performance:

MEASURABLES: Green is 26 years old. He is 5-11 and 196 pounds. Goodman is 30 years old. He is 5-10 and 190 pounds. ADVANTAGE: Green. He's bigger and younger.

PRODUCTION: The past three years Goodman has played 44 games. He had seven interceptions, 26 passes defensed, 101 total tackles and two forced fumbles. Green has played 39 games. He had one interception, 26 passes defensed, 127 total tackles, and one forced fumble. ADVANTAGE: Goodman. Although Green has been a bigger producer in run support, Goodman's early 2008 slump didn't erase the fact he was productive against the passing game and later in the year became a turnover threat when attacked too often.

PROJECTION: According to one pro scout, who always takes my call God bless him, Green is probably the better athlete in that he has better speed and won't get overmatched as often as Goodman can against big receivers. But the same scout says Goodman is a better technician, has greater instincts, and has shown better overall balance than Green. The scout said Goodman has a reputation for playing even when he's not 100 percent healthy while Green has not played very well when playing hurt. ADVANTAGE: Goodman. The scout said he would grade Goodman a 65 player while grading Green a 63.

Obviously this is only one man's opinion. Beyond that, the statistics speak to what has happened rather than what is about to happen. One area that must also be taken into account is the contract Green got.

That is not available yet. If Green signed for bargain money, that works in Green's favor because Goodman didn't come cheap. Goodman signed for five years and $25 million with $10 million in guarantees. If Green signed for less than that, he pulls ahead in this comparison.

If Green's contract is comparable,however, then the fact Goodman is slightly better in pass defense and has more experience in Miami's system gives him a small edge over Green's youth, superior overall athleticism and potential.



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hey,gus carlito from golfito could be nj phin fan.i am not sur but i think so.

Getter done phins

Lol, yeah I saw your post after I posted mine. It takes me so long on my blackberry. A lot of work just to make a post. Wait for validation code to load. Slower also. Had a call in middle of my post.

When I read yours I was going give u props for having beat me to it. Then I saw pats post had to recon with him only to reload page after that post to see you beat me to that too.

Also saw a post by someone on if we can increase our passrush then our secondary would look better anyway. I been pushing that exact same point for weeks. We gotta get consistant preasure in opponents backfield this year to be successful. In my opion that is more important than getting a receiver early in draft. I'd like to see us trade a depth guy on dline with our first and prob take a fourth to move up to get E. Brown. We got many depth guys we need starters up front. Brown would be an early impact to our front seven. Grab Brace (DT-USC) with our second rounder.

I've met Brown in person. He lived just a few miles from me before going to FSU. He's intelligent mature hard worker and a student for the game. A future franchise player and a sure hit in the draft. If not mistaken was deff player of the year in ACC as a junior. Read up on this guy. He's ready to be coached and in our system could be a much needed passruher


The Ravens had a D that was eating people up all year and yes we got our butts kicked. Be glad your Pasties didn't play Baltimore last year.

Penne only threw 1 INT in 2 games against the Cheatriots last year. Cassel threw 2 against Miami.
So how bout a lil RESPECT for the AFC EAST CHAMPS!

in time like these how can you say AFC EAST CHAMPS ,only in FL would people be broud to get a medal but in new england we say......
NOW, please for evrey body's sake don't say that AFC EAST STUFF AGAIN.


Patsfan, Patsfin whatever he calls himself is none other than Luggi from Costa Rica and you are playing right into his little plan to get you heated.


Sorry about beatin ya to the punch, damn them blackberry's.

Thats cool you got to meet Everett Brown. Yes he gets good press but I don't have to read up on him too much.
I follow Noles games and loved the way he plays, has several moves to get to the QB, no one can stop him for long.
So yes, Brown is going to be an impact player. I'd love to see him in Aqua & Orange.
I wonder if he is that guy when Tuna/Ireland was quoted to have someone targeted in the 1st rd that they'd even move up a few spots to get if the wanted to.

Al Capone....he's using another name but his real name ,
so what he's talking about, as far i am concerned he's very creepy he could be carlito from golfito or wendy whiner or marcus .

Pastie Fan,

You don't like calling us AFC East Champs huh.
Ok how about PERFECTVILLE (population 1)

names used by Luggi (many me)

Ricky Ct
Space Man
Jets Rock
Luggi From Costa Rica
Carltio from Golfito

Dolphins4life is a tool !!

ok fact boys how old is samari rolle and whats his size and if u got his jock size i would apreciate it. Is he from the U

is it true wendy is in the house under the name AL Capone,that's really funny for alienman or what ever other names this creep use.

WHAT DERICK mason too... things that make u go hmmmmmm i like mason for a 5th rnd pick...

Samari Rolle getting cut. He's 32, but still pretty effective. Don't really see Parcells going for him, and at what price? It seems like this offseason is turning into the "CB Shuffle".

Rather than looking at the one to one comparison with Goodman, the secondary is younger, bigger and stronger so it is definitely an upgrade, if Green came in cheaper that makes it even better. Now we are in line to draft " the best player available" for years to come.We have an acceptable starter at every position and depth at many. Its good to be a Dolfan again.

Dolphins4life, I Sure can say AFC EAST CHAMPS if you wish

ALIENMAN trying to find out who am i ,he's very strang guy.please take me out of your head and don't worry about who is who and just talk football and let people enjoy the blog

rolle was supposed to make 4.1 ill take him for a 2 year deal to mentor a drafted cb from whats left i belive he is the best available from all cb that were available this offseason.

i dont have a problem calling the pats the faves on paper based on players they picked up and current talent. But we all know that could all end during training camp or against the kc chiefs..Mr brady is key can u bank on him being fully available coming off surgery we all saw how manning struggled in his first couple games coming back. I must admit miami had downgraded a bit so far and they do have the toughest schedule next year and that worries me. As for recivers holt is more of a speed guy which wont mean too much being chads deep throw issue so mason would be the best available he is more possesion imo then holt although he would require a 5th rnd pick imo.

hey pats fans....ill toss your salads for 300 dollars. heck, what am i talking about, ill do it for free.

Amen joey ,you said it very well that pats are way better team than dolphins and no but about it,as for tom brady he will keep playing hard to become again your night mare in AFC.

And please T.Owens teach these Dolphins DL how to catch the football with the WR master

al capone
luck lucciano
tom brady
carlito from golfito

pats (10-6) only b/c of easier schedule
fins (9-7) may be first but tough to decide
bills (7-9) T.O. will cause them to implode
jets (4-12) D is their strong point but it's not a great D

Steve fin and luggi , now you've done it. Wendy-whiner alienman is going to e-mail mando and get you banned.

fins.....7-9....weak QB
bills.....11-5 T.O
jets......8-8 just lucky


You got the day off or what? I like to see you break down our deff front seven. Give projected starters for next year. See which players you think may get pushed by players from the draft.

Ok Kids the menace is on line, whats the 1st question for the cuban?

I Hear the fins signed rolle ,mando is this true?

Pats fan yes your patsies won 3 out of 4 SB in the erly part of this decade, but that was the past! Last seasons the patsies lost the division to the Dolphins, the year before that lost the Super Bowl to the Giants!

is he cheap?

Dolphins would be smart to sign Rolle and Holt. They would be huge for the phins even if it is just for a couple years

Face it pats fan if Belicheck can't cheat he has a hard time winning. You better hope Brady boy and his knee doesn't hurt and he's ready to go. Not to mention anyone who go's near his knees the psychological anuguish that will go through his head!LOL Wow who's your back up?

The menace has noticed that some one posted as "anti" this is not me or my alter ego anti- christ.

Mando, Tell us did they sign rolle?

Dolphinsfan, without the mighty tom brady we were 11-5 and still not good enough for us but for you it's like winning a super bowl but starting next season you wil be cack to your painful past since tom is a happy man w/ his beauty wife and knee and don't foget MOSS then your new night mare T.O.still i respct you D4life to stick to a such average team.

i meant Dolphins4life

Dolphins4life , is soooo stupid !! How stupid is HE ? He doesn't know he's having a arguement with the menace pretending to be patsfan busting his Chops. What a simpleton !!!

any one in here can tell us who is the best QB ever even if he stops playing today?
any one in here can tell us who is the BACK QB who came to replace the starter QB then win super bowl the same year then goes to win another 2 more?

Mr Bungle your like a little boy and I take your half witted insults with a grain of salt.
Down goes Brady down goes Brady!

Bungle, dont insult the menace, i only blog as the " cuban nenace"...

Patsfan get off Brady's jock he already is married and has a bum knee, he can't carry you, your gonna break him down like an old horse. Then we are gonna have to take him out back and shoot him.

D4LIFE.....in pro football if you don't have and plan for great QB and back up QB like what pats did so far until then your team fins will be for ever salsa team

I like the younger player. they will still draft a CB.

ON another need note WR Torry Holt would be a good guy to teach young receivers.

The Rams released him earlier today.

Holt Is like 59 years old isnt he?

Holt is 38 years old and he can teach the young receivers and he can buy the grocery for the team and best of all he's CHEAP

Clearly some pretty intelligent posts going on here -- course we can always go back to see D4LIFE fantasizing about trading Tedd Ginn Jr (and his family I guess) for a 1 or a 2. Yup, some pretty stupid GMs in the league, but none of them are dumb enough to give up a 4 or better for ol' Teddy. Always great to see the draft predictions straight the land of make believe -- yeah... uhhh... with the 25 we take Cushing and then we'll grab Sean Smith when he falls to 44 and then pick-up Brace when he falls to 57 -- gives us lots of flexibility when KC gives up that their 1 for Ginn, right D4LIFE?

I remember seeing him catch pass in black and white on espn classic, when the were the los angles rams, yeah, they were playing san fran and i think there q.b was pat hadle.and San frans qb was john brody i think it was his rookie season 1971 if iam not mistaking.

Signing Torry Holt would real good!

LTSTDCB , I couldn't agree with you more on dolphins4life. I said the same thing yesterday. Ginn for Det's 20th pick or the 1st pick in the 2nd round , LOL. That's funny.

cuban ,i remember that game like yesterday and every thing you said is true.it's going to be on espn on 2-2 -2016

Finally Intellegent talk about ted (clown shoes)ginn and his clip board holding daddy, thanks steve o and ldsgaj?? what ever your name is.

SteveO -- I'm with you brother. Time to deal with reality. Course I was the guy a couple of years ago who was howling that the Patsy's give up a 2 for an undrafted WR with a little spark -- Wes Welker -- I suppose the ChowderHeads got the better end of that deal, huh?

Trading Ginn to get more picks would be the thing to do takers like the Broncos or Baltimore for a second rounder would be pretty even. But if the Trifecta gives him another shot this year we would pair him up with someone who goes over the middle like Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Brit. These are true playmaker and personally I love Nicks reminds me of Michael Irvin. Now trading Samson Satele would be interesting to. What can we get for him?

What does ted(i never meet a side line i didnt like)ginn And a side line marker have in common??? they can always be found on the side line..ted(feet of clay)ginn sucks

std, if Cam Cameron and his old regime where willing to reach on Ginn you think there is no one willing to give up a second rounder or a first if the Dolphins throw in a draft consideration for him? Maybe, maybe not but I know Cam still has a job with Baltimore and there is always someone willing to listen and deal.

DFL -- Just don't see it. Ginn has proven nothing in last two years, other than he was picked two rounds early. Always a chance that he may have a breakout season, but I'm not holding my breath. Nobody is gonna give up a good pick for him -- not with proven guys like Harrison and Holt hanging out. I keep wanting Ginn to be Steve Smith, but he's not and probably never will be.

Nuts to trade Satele and here's why: (1) He's a proven starter who can play both C and G -- making him an ideal back-up (2) He's damn near free for the level of talent he provides the team (3) hard for me to imagine that we can get better than a 4 for him. Together with Berger, he essentially seals the deal on the interior line -- hard to picture a late-round pick breaking through to beat out either of those two. The injury prone 3 (Smiley, Grove and Thomas) are covered!

ltstdcb, I see your point about Satele for back up, but he's just not a Parcells and company type of guy. His value is in what you just said: Proven stater at C/G and can play back up, also more of a west coast type of player who can pull and block downfield. denver comes to mind as does any west coast offense.

Please give us ted ginn and we will take him in a hurry from you smart fin fans,pats would love to have ginn in fact some weeks ago in the CT news they said that one WR on pats target is ted ginn.how can you think holt and he's in my father's age

DFL - Great observations and I agree with you in terms of his fit with the current regime. But that said, they started him for 16 last year and have got to ask themselves, "What are the chances that Grove, Thomas, and Smiley all start 16 in 2009?" If you look at the track record, the answer is slim (or none). If any of those three go down, who do you want coming off the bench? Berger, who has started only a handful of games? Murphy, who was a reach at 4 last year and will have to fight like hell just to make the team this year? Satele is not the future and he is no longer the present -- he is the insurance that will keep the OL on track next year. My thots.

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