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Tale of tape: Goodman vs. Green

The addition of veteran cornerback Eric Green gives the Dolphins a fallback position -- a player with starting NFL experience -- if their plans with a rookie draftee or Nate Jones or Jason Allen or someone else somehow falls through.

But we know that mostly Green was necessary because the Dolphins lost their starting cornerback of the past few years -- Andre' Goodman -- in free agency. Goodman signed with Denver.

So the natural question is have the Dolphins upgraded, downgraded or broken even in basically exchanging Green for Goodman? It is impossible to know for sure until we actually see Green play and compare that to what Goodman did for Miami last season and continues doing in Denver.

But let's compare the players and their histories to, as Nick Saban would say, get a predictor of their future performance:

MEASURABLES: Green is 26 years old. He is 5-11 and 196 pounds. Goodman is 30 years old. He is 5-10 and 190 pounds. ADVANTAGE: Green. He's bigger and younger.

PRODUCTION: The past three years Goodman has played 44 games. He had seven interceptions, 26 passes defensed, 101 total tackles and two forced fumbles. Green has played 39 games. He had one interception, 26 passes defensed, 127 total tackles, and one forced fumble. ADVANTAGE: Goodman. Although Green has been a bigger producer in run support, Goodman's early 2008 slump didn't erase the fact he was productive against the passing game and later in the year became a turnover threat when attacked too often.

PROJECTION: According to one pro scout, who always takes my call God bless him, Green is probably the better athlete in that he has better speed and won't get overmatched as often as Goodman can against big receivers. But the same scout says Goodman is a better technician, has greater instincts, and has shown better overall balance than Green. The scout said Goodman has a reputation for playing even when he's not 100 percent healthy while Green has not played very well when playing hurt. ADVANTAGE: Goodman. The scout said he would grade Goodman a 65 player while grading Green a 63.

Obviously this is only one man's opinion. Beyond that, the statistics speak to what has happened rather than what is about to happen. One area that must also be taken into account is the contract Green got.

That is not available yet. If Green signed for bargain money, that works in Green's favor because Goodman didn't come cheap. Goodman signed for five years and $25 million with $10 million in guarantees. If Green signed for less than that, he pulls ahead in this comparison.

If Green's contract is comparable,however, then the fact Goodman is slightly better in pass defense and has more experience in Miami's system gives him a small edge over Green's youth, superior overall athleticism and potential.



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fin fans never happy .if they are 1-15 they fire every one
if they are 11-5 they want to get ready of their best WR ted ginn,
they should just shut up and let TUNA make his SOUP.

Patfan, would they also take his clip board holding daddy and his family? if yes we have a deal bro...

Does Tuna like soup? more then likely yes he likes every food group except veggies.

Always looking to improve and kick the patsies yazooos all up and down the field.
Pats fans did you see when Ronney Brown ran over Ellis Hobbs at the five in the first game last year? LOL you guys better hope Brady boy does'nt hurt himself.

Tom Brady Sleeps With the gods.

we will take all ted ginn family and future kids too cause we have smart people here they never been through the FL school system,so we have a deal menace.BTW do you remember WELKER

D4life.....we let you win that game to keep the NFL happy like this fin fans get happy and go to the games,some times it's a biz show

Patsfan -- I'm with my boy DFL. Ellis Hobbs came to get Ronnie at the 5 and our boy clearly could have stepped to the left and waltzed in for the TD, but instead, he put the shoulder down and busted him in the chops. BTW, I'm trying to remember WELKER -- slips my mind -- help me out -- was he in he playoffs last year? Must have missed him!

cuban,from gerry .s show he said to Elain about soup nazi as follow ;
let the man do his soup Elain.the same with tuna.......let the man do his soup cuban

That's great stuff, also knew that wes was a baller, knew that was gonna bite the fins on the bottom side...

TTSTDCBABAB.....welker has a super bowl ring ,
the entire dolphins not even one player has any thing but lousy record
it' comic relive when fin fans remember one play to hang on ,poor fin fans.
in new england we hang on to 3 rings we won in 4 years

I cant argue with patsfan..

i have a friend sitting here with me and he loves reading this stuff but he's bills fan and saying he will try to come on this blog some times once T.O start his magic on you fins .is it oky?

Yup -- nothing like living in past seasons, huh Patsfan? Yeah, can trump all your crap with a couple numbers: "17-0" So you just on remembering those three rings along with the great days of Steve Grogan, Bam Cunningham, Tony Eason, and criminals driving snow plows.

Hey, while ol' Buffalo Bob is sitting on your lap reminiscing, see if he can reach back in his memory and remember what it's like to lose four straight Super Bowls.

Once you both are done shedding a tear and get back to the present, remind me again who the CURRENT AFC East Champion is...


Green was the starter til he went down with a bad knee, and the young star d-cromartie took over from then on, so Green can play and I think he will do well with us. Im liking our new secondary already

Gibril Wilson B-
Yeremiah Bell B+
Will Allen B
Eric Green C+

I don't care for arguing with petty fans of division rivals; I’m more interested in solid insight and intelligent conversation...which, unfortunately, is really hard to get from people on this blog. The "your team sucks, my team's better," is really quite dense and childish.

Now, as much as I trust the Tuna and his crew, I have to believe they’re at least eyeing Rolle from the Ravens. The plain fact is that the CB position is way too pedestrian to compete with Moss, Welker, T.O., Evans, and even Jericho Cotchery. Will Allen is solid, and the Dolphins have more than capable depth/slot corners, but there is no player the Dolphins have that I can fathom actually having consistent success against these guys. And that doesn’t even count the Super Bowl MVP, Steve Smith, and Roddy White, all of whom the Dolphins will see this year. Rolle must, MUST be taken into consideration if you’re Bill Parcells. Or, at the very least, the Dolphins may very well have to take a serious look at the CB available when the Dolphins get on the clock. I’d be very disappointed if the Dolphins starters are Jason Allen and Will Allen after the draft.

TLSDWERFG, back to the AFC CRAP CHAMP but the best part of your post is that my friend's name bob and that's funny,now he choose not to go to search his memory cause he doesn't like you but i will try mine to go back to your best days of most over rated QB in history Marino what did you win with him?

ltscbdtrehhgfs, It's better then rememnising about the last phin super bowl win... when was it 37 years ago(by the way it was torry holt's 2nd year in the nfl)

Did they have face masks back then????

Pat,,,,my team is way better than your team for many reasons
6-WE NEVER llok for cheap players
7-no HENNE

A.F.c champs for the first time since?????like since 1998, that's 11 years, please ltsdtcfrytredffrtrf, don't help the fish with stuff that makes you sound sound well sound moronic....

Thanks for making my point, Patsfan. I knew you'd come through for me.

Pat -- I will work to improve my intellect and grow up.

You are wrong. Samari Rolle will no more be a Dolphin than Ken Lucas will. He is 32 and beyond his prime -- it is not gonna happen. Eric Green provides a fallback position in the secondary if a top-flight CB can't be picked up on day 1. Success of the secondary this year will rest more on the ability of the front seven to mount an improved pass rush. The question you should be asking, "Is Cameron Wake going to be able to provide an improved pass rush balance opposite Porter?"

More soon -- gotta do my brain stimulation and aging exercises!!

silence of the lambs masks were uesed 37 years ago and holt still have one holding in to it.

Pat ,it's a blog we all having a good time ,you think the players are sitting now working ,of course they are having a nice night ,i am just laughing like crazy with of you

let declare this as cuban said.....any person uses the words AFC EAST CHAMPS will be consider as MORON

LTSTDCB, aside from the sarcasm (which I did chuckle at), I think that's a good argument. I hope Cameron Wake is a beast, 22 sacks (something around that) in the CFL ain't bad. Regardless, I don't think Green's the guy the Dolphins can fall back on if Wake isn't the guy who can get pressure, or if the defense struggles to get pressure as much as they did last season. Rolle isn't a Parcells guy, but who on the roster can compete one-on-one with some of these receivers they'll be playing next season? Unless they get Rolle, or draft a CB in the first round, (or draft one at all, for that matter), I think they'll struggle. CB is still as prominent a need as it was before the signing of Green.

Oh, and good luck on your brain teasers.

Pat -- don't disagree in the least in terms of the challenges that lay ahead. Last year suprisingly upstart team meets easy schedule leads to Dolphins being . Next season, we will have a distinctly improved team, especially in depth, but a schedule that's gonna kick our asses. The solution is not going to be Rolle. We have to find a starting quality CB in the draft -- may be a bit of a fantasy, but we need to be a step up on Will and Goodie for next year and the only way that's gonna happen now is the draft.

Patsfan! You have to be the dumbest son of a b**ch in N.E. Are you seriously bragging because your team won a couple of superbowls near the turn of the century. Do you realize how many decades your team went on being a league joke? I mean comedians used to make a living from telling jokes about the Patsies. The Dolphins have had a few bad seasons and DECADES of winning football as is evidenced by their long standing record of having the best winning percentage in the NFL. The cheatriots have had decades of horrible football and a few good seasons and you're acting as if they did something special? Do you also realize your team was cheating through at least one of those superbowl wins? Are you frigging kidding me with this crap? The Patsies were chumps for my ENTIRE LIFETIME, YEAR IN, YEAR OUT,,,,SUCKED. The Dolphins were regularly in Championship games and winning division titles. So I'll tell you what, come back in 30 years and talk to us then okay numbnuts? Keep the consistency of winning going for another 30 years and then, MAYBE, you're sorry asz franchise can act as if they've accomplished something great.

NYScott , if anybody is a dumb son a B**TH , it has to be you LOL . Patsfan is none other than the cuban menace playing around and busting chops. Your the idiot that took it seriously and is actually responding to him , LOL . How do you feel now ?


NYScott, facts
1-pats won 4 super bowls in it's history
2-fins won only 2 in 555 years
3-thank you for not saying we are AFC EAST CHAMPS
4-your lousy team will be at best 6-9 next year
5-any thing else you have to say is just salsa only good for fin fans
6-did you have dinner yet

Guys iam not patsfan, but i am in the real world are you??


i just have to ask, who is the favorite team to represent the AFC in the upcoming super bowl???


By the way, Ted (the cowardly lion )Ginn and his clip board holding daddy would have to improve greatly(at least 3 td passes in 1 season)(LOL) to just get to the suck stage... any one disagree???

Pats fan, not sure why, but then again havent heard to much since i asked when was the last time the fins won a super bowl...p.s nixon was the president if this helps.

cuban mena, BLOWS. patsfan is a beezy and steveo, likes it in the yahzoo! Wait doesn't Brady like it in the yahzoo! Yes thats right LOL, cuban menace just busting your chops and you fell for it like tom brady fell in week one 2008 season! Tuna is cooking stew alright and we just tossed in brady's knee for taste. Have to agree with nyscott about the Dolphins winning traditions. The patsies didn't start winning till Belicheks cheating regime came to new england. the patsies are DONE!
Dolphins rule!

Dolphins4life is a tool . He also likes to get his salad tossed.

Sergio and Blaze from south beach, hum, that sound like a gay tanning salon. LOL

Dolphins4life, He wast talking like human last night until about 11.00 PM then he started to drink his 7UP when we started to hear the real Dolphins4life .i bet if he goes to the dolphins games he sits in the section where tickets sells for 7 dollars with big huge wall preventing him to see any thing but still can hear a noise and still can buy his hot dog and his favorite drink.


How about breaking down our deff front seven. Give us our starting front seven as of now. Which one of those do you feel may get pushed by players the Trifecta may draft.

Luggi, Patsfan, whatever shut up...


just b/c there are no real patriot fans doesn't mean you have to come to the miami dolphins blog so u have someone to talk football with


where's the news??? u went one whole day without anything... r u sick?? if need a story just do a first round mock so we can see what u think about the draft

Did you guys know this??? Miami selected with the 44th pick in the 2nd round Sam Madison in 1997 and with the 44th pick in the second round in 1998 they selected Patrick Surtain... Now again in the 2009 draft Miami has the 44th pick in the second round, along with the 56th pick as well with the Taylor trade... But wouldn't it be nice to grab a Madison/Surtain type player with that pick???? There is a mock draft I seen that had Miami selecting CB - Darius Butler from Conn.

I really want to see the dolphins take Sean Smith with the 44th pick...if not the 25th if they think he might not be there at 44 (even though they'll probably take a LB in the 1st)...IMO Smith is the best cb prospect in the draft. Especially after Malcom Jenkins bombed at his pro day...Vontae Davis is inconsistent and a work in progress, Sean Smith...is the man!

last time dolphins won a super bowl as cuban said when nixon was prez so that make it 1939,right cubn? and since then fin fans looking and talking salsa and AFC EAST CHAMPS.LOL.......LOL

Luggi, Patsfan, Many Me, whatever your name is...

shut up. go away. you are corny. lol

i agree w/souljah we should get sean smith even if it's at 25... how often is there a CB thats 6-3 with good hands and a 4.4 40

From all people soulghadbeats sound like a dictator he wants only his crap on here .please shut up soulghadbeats,you are corny,don't you see that?

mikeNY is patsfan or he is a kiss up to be accepted on the internet

The only problem i see with Sean Smith is that he most likely won't be elite at CB but has great potential at S. which would make him a late second round pick or third even. I think that Darius Butler will be gone at 44. if he's not he would be the sure pick there. Sean Smith at 56. I like DJ Moore... at 44. He is a playmaker and a ballhawk. We are looking for that slot guy to come in a help right away. DJ Moore is answer.


I think that Sean Smith will be cb, just because he is big, doesn't automatically make him a safety. He's got size, speed, and hands and most scouts are projecting him as cb. Malcom Jenkins will probably be safety, but not Smith. Butler is fast and has a good vertical leap, but he is a weak tackler and doesn't match up will with physical receivers. I agree DJ Moore is good, but he is too small and there is no way he could start right away...

soulj is a tool,he just want to be accepted among us real fin fans

Many Me,
you are a sad, sad little man...go get some help...you can probably hire yourself as your own shrink since you like talking to yourself so much...but you probably wouldn't make much progress that way


why don't you write your 2 cents period???? You never say anything of any value...Why do you hide behind different screen names when you insult people?

SOULJ...Peace and let's talk football .thank you

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