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Tale of tape: Goodman vs. Green

The addition of veteran cornerback Eric Green gives the Dolphins a fallback position -- a player with starting NFL experience -- if their plans with a rookie draftee or Nate Jones or Jason Allen or someone else somehow falls through.

But we know that mostly Green was necessary because the Dolphins lost their starting cornerback of the past few years -- Andre' Goodman -- in free agency. Goodman signed with Denver.

So the natural question is have the Dolphins upgraded, downgraded or broken even in basically exchanging Green for Goodman? It is impossible to know for sure until we actually see Green play and compare that to what Goodman did for Miami last season and continues doing in Denver.

But let's compare the players and their histories to, as Nick Saban would say, get a predictor of their future performance:

MEASURABLES: Green is 26 years old. He is 5-11 and 196 pounds. Goodman is 30 years old. He is 5-10 and 190 pounds. ADVANTAGE: Green. He's bigger and younger.

PRODUCTION: The past three years Goodman has played 44 games. He had seven interceptions, 26 passes defensed, 101 total tackles and two forced fumbles. Green has played 39 games. He had one interception, 26 passes defensed, 127 total tackles, and one forced fumble. ADVANTAGE: Goodman. Although Green has been a bigger producer in run support, Goodman's early 2008 slump didn't erase the fact he was productive against the passing game and later in the year became a turnover threat when attacked too often.

PROJECTION: According to one pro scout, who always takes my call God bless him, Green is probably the better athlete in that he has better speed and won't get overmatched as often as Goodman can against big receivers. But the same scout says Goodman is a better technician, has greater instincts, and has shown better overall balance than Green. The scout said Goodman has a reputation for playing even when he's not 100 percent healthy while Green has not played very well when playing hurt. ADVANTAGE: Goodman. The scout said he would grade Goodman a 65 player while grading Green a 63.

Obviously this is only one man's opinion. Beyond that, the statistics speak to what has happened rather than what is about to happen. One area that must also be taken into account is the contract Green got.

That is not available yet. If Green signed for bargain money, that works in Green's favor because Goodman didn't come cheap. Goodman signed for five years and $25 million with $10 million in guarantees. If Green signed for less than that, he pulls ahead in this comparison.

If Green's contract is comparable,however, then the fact Goodman is slightly better in pass defense and has more experience in Miami's system gives him a small edge over Green's youth, superior overall athleticism and potential.



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Dolphins4life . you should know about our tanning salon. That's where you come to get your salad tossed.

Sean Smith, Ron Brace, Kenny Britt!!!

I think the Tuna will draft Ron Brace because they have giant man-boobs in common and Parcells can show Brace how to use those man-boobs to beat any double team when he takes over for Ferguson...

What ever happened to alienman-wendy whiner. Did he get kidnapped by a buch of trekkies or did the mother spaceship come down to get him?

Soulja, you are right about Sean Smith he's good and can probably start right away and at 6-3 will be able to cover TO and Moss.
His value is moving up and now is projected late first round by several draft experts.

Alienman keeps posting under the name PAT AS HE DID LAST NIGHT

Alienman signs as PAT as last niglt postings

65 and 63 out of what? if we are talking 100 here thats why patrick surtain chris mccalister samari rolle ken lucas and co. are in the market mr parcells, use that thing up there your mother gave u and other people have praised

Breaking News:

Mando was sent to Pats for 6th round pick

I know he did . PAT , i mean wendy whiner-alienman just can't stay away fom this blog. He's addicted to being a crybaby and whiner.

Blog mock draft 1.0 Miam Dolphins
Round 1: Hakeem Nicks at #25
Round 2: Dolphins have traded their 44th pick and a 2010 fourth round pick to the Detroit Lions 33rd pick in the second round.
Selection, is (1)Sean Smith at #33 of the second round.
Round 2: (1A)Ron Brace
Round 3: Cody Brown
Round 4: Gerald Mcrath
Round 5: Coye Francis
Round 6: No pick
Round 7: (1)Louis Vasquez
(1A)Kaluka Maiava
(1B)Robby Felix

I've busted on Ginn repeatedly as has my friend Cuban Menace

"Never seen a sideline he didn't like". "Ginn and his clipboard holding dad"

Looked up top 3 rounds for 07 got their stats for 08.

Only Johnson in Detroit was drafted ahead of Ginn. So.....

As the 9th overall pick in the 2007 nfl draft the Miami Dolphins select Ted Ginn Jr. (Everyone watching dolphin and non dolphin fans jaws drop) "what"
Round 1
Ginn- 790 yds. 2tds
D. Bowe 1022yds. 7tds
R. Meachem 289yds. 3tds
C. Davis 59yds. 0tds
A. Gonzalez 664yds. 4tds
S. Rice 141yds. 4tds
D. Jarret 119yds 0tds
S. Smith 574yds 1td
J. Jones 81yds 0td
Y. Figures 43yds 1td
L. Robinson 52yds 0td
J. Hill 317yds 2tds
J. Jones 274yds 1td
M. Walker 217yds 0td
P. Williams 7yds 0td
J. L. Higgins 366yds 4tds

I don't agree at picking him at 9th but as far as production goes(comparing him to the others) he's not as bad as I thought.

LOL , keep dreaming. This is madden and fantasy football wrapped into one , LOL. Reality , reality, get some !!!


Anyone know how to move my post from page 5 to this one. Put a lot of work into it. D**N blacberry

Wow, thanks for the kind words, bungle and anti. I'm not alienman, though, and I hardly think I whined. If you didn't like the first part of my post, so be it. You bashing me and cuban and whomever else you've hit is exactly what I'm talking about. And if you don't get that, well then you're as blind as Bill Belicheat without a camera. I actually wrote something of meaning, something that pertained to the Dolphins' pick at number 25. I tried to further a conversation on football instead of continuing a blog full of petty internet nonsense and stupidity. But, if you want to continue the childish babble and the unnecessary internet bashing, I'll go to a Dolphins blog on the net where intelligent conversation and debate is not an everyday struggle as it is made by some of the people on here. Better yet, I'll just go to a blog where people can correctly use the English language.

only on here you can write,read and dream the impossible dream like the one it says that some one from the draft will be able to cover Moss and T.O.after all these years in 2009 magic will struck and the fins will have the answer for these 2 WR beasts.LOL LOL LOL

Good-bye and don't let the door kick you on the azzzzz on the way out.

Pat , I hate to break the news to you , but cuban , anti , etc are all the same person. What a simpleton !!! LOL


interesting post...I'm not a Ginn basher, but those are some interesting numbers...I also agree that he might not of been worthy of the #9 overall pick, but our current front office didn't pick him there and all they can do is to use him as effectively as possible. I like Ginn, in 2007 he never really got his chance, he was mainly a kick returner and wasn't used very well in cam's offense. In 2008 he started slow, but picket it up towards the end of the year with great games against Buffalo, KC, and New York...It usually takes receivers a few years to develop....I think after 2009 all these Ginn haters might change their tune...but his clipboard holding daddy can hit the road...

Patfan, name the starting conerbacks for the Giants during the Superbowl 2 years ago?

How did the Pasties do? How did Brady boy do? Was he on his knees most of the time?
How about Moss, how did he do? Again, who where the conerbacks for the Giants?

Pat is Alienman 100 percent, you don't need to deny it .who appointed you to be the person to tell us what football conversation should be about? for one i don't like it when you speak about your team with no touch of reality .when you hear another voice it increases your IQ and gives you different way of looking at things.BTW Cameron and Saban both were very good in english but they took your dolphins to the sewer,where were you then?

Dolphins4life......i want you to name for me the 4 coaches and all QB that they took your team to sewer in last 12 years and after that i want you to find out if it's true that last time you won super bowl was in 1938 then let's have fun without using fins language please.BTW we lost to the giants that day cause they were the better team and that's what sport is all about to give credit where's due

can we please get the detail son Eric Green's deal? do we still have money for Samari Rolle?

i would rather have a combo of samari rolle and eric green than andre goodman and will allen...


Wasn't G. Wilson starting safety also. To be honest thou the corners didn't win that game for the Giants. It was the constant pressure applied by their deff front 7. That's the point I been trying to make with all of this draft talk going on.

Thanks for your comments soulj I put a lot of work in that post (page5) like to see others go back check it out. Really surprised me.

every one should go and read CardiacFin last post on page 5 please ,it's very good and thoughtful.

Thanks Patsfan

Besides Bodden and Springs who else have the Pats picked up.
Besides Cassell and Vrabel who else have the Pats lost.

CardicFin.....New England as you they thing long term in only two positions QB and WR,i am sure you are aware of brady was drafted very late and Cassell last played football was in high school before he was signed .NOW the talk is that all eyes are on drafting A future QB cause they know unless you have a great QB in place every thing else is just salsa.

If I were the patsies fans, I wouldn't be bragging so hard about those championships the Patsies won recently. In fact, I would be embarrassed to even bring it up; it's like owning the HRs record and then admitting that you used steroid during all those years. I would prefer for my team to go 1-15 then to cheat and win the super bowl.. If you win, win with courage and good sportsmanship; the same way we won the AFC East Division last year.. We had to win games that were tough and even go to the Jetsssuck house and beat the heck out of them; and send them to their locker room crying.. and at the same time sending the Patsies a fax saying, "Sorry, you're out of the playoffs suckers..." How sweet it was.. You guys have no idea...

Did I mention that we are the AFC East Champs!!! You might have won the last battle here in our own stadium, but we won the war on the last game of the season... You prayed and prayed for us to lose against the Jetsssuck, but you caught kneeling down praying, and stayed there all week long, surprised that Fins are the King of the AFC East...

Yes, we ruled for 10-11 years, but we have ruled the division for longer, but during those years we played you fair and square. Not spying on you or putting video cameras in your practice fields or stadium.

That is why the Miami Dolphins organization is filled with pride... We've gone through 3-owners and a bunch of coaches lately, but we've been played with pride. Have you, Patises?

it's great to read one more time AFC EAST CHAMPS.let me tell mario lloco that if you ask your tuna he will tell you that all teams did the spaying thing and don't forget tuna was bill 's boss but cause pats has the mighty Tom.Brady who made the different here not the coach and another secret if you don't have great talented QB in your team you can't go any where even if you the best coach .BTW when you say you ruled for 10-11 years ,i am sure you meant the sewer bride legue

dolphins should go after samari rolle he is a good veteran corner with a lot of gas in the tank still

Do you think the tuna likes to eat Samari rolle's or does he just like california rolle's???????

Ivan, how many mile's doe's samari rolle get per gallon??

Many Me,

Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have both won superbowls this decade...they are garbage qb's...Ben Rothlesberger was mediocre in his first super bowl victory...rex grossman lead the bears to the super bowl a couple years ago...You don't need an elite qb or golden-boy brady to win a super bowl....


I don't think tuna likes california rolles, he likes the fried sushi better...you know? the tempura rolle's...that way they contribute his man boobs and stomach rolles

Haha...the patsies just signed Joey Galloway... that team just keeps getting older and older...lol...last season galloway had a whoppin 13 catches for 138 yards...wow...lol...he is 37! Belicheat has lost his way without Pioli making personnel decisions...LMFAO!

Patsfan, my point being is it could have been sisters mary and julie playing CB for the Giants that day! It would not have matter! Now you just signed old man Galloway wow talk about closing window this dude is done!

SOULJ and Dolphins4lifs;
1-LUCK plays a role with average QB but with tom brady none of thet matter.
2-pats evrey year they sign an old guy or two only for a year cause they see what we the average joe can't see that's why WELKER turned to be some thing we didn't see.
3=new england thinks about super bowl win this year not AFC EAST CHAMPS comics.

Donte stallworth hit and killed a man with his bentley in south beach this morning .

Pats fan,

Luck played no part in Dilfer, Johnson, and Rothlesberger winning superbowls...those teams won because of their dominating defenses and smart play on offense...same deal with grossman and the 06 bears (even though they didn't win)

Pats didn't just sign an old guy, they signed fragile Freddy Taylor, Shaun "no spring chicken" Springs, and Joey "13 catches, 138 yards" Galloway...come on now, the pats were an old team before this offseason...Its clear that Scott Pioli was the real brains behind the Pats front office...

NJ Phin Fan,

Yeah, and supposedly he was out all night drinking...this happened at 7:00 a.m....Thats what time you leave the club down here...thats no good at all...

YEAH , They took his blood and they'll find in 2-3 days. He owns 2 condos in south beach.

SOULJ.....GOOD POINTS YOU STATED ABOUT THE GOOD DEFENSES ,I AM STARTING TO LEARN SOMETHING NOW FROM YOU GUYS WHICH MUST BE SCARY BUT THE POINT Pats signing old players as my old papa said.....there is always a story behind the story .one note since craft bought the team they almost never did a bad contract that's why New England is number 2 in NFL money machine.

We all need the cuban.m to give us his words of wisdom regaurding the sad story about Stallworth.

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