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Taylor reunion in Miami not out of question

Jason Taylor is no longer part of the Washington Redskins organization, meaning he is an unrestricted free agent. So does that mean he could soon be reunited with the Dolphins, the team he played for 11 outstanding seasons before spending one forgettable year in Washington?

No. Not right now, anyway.

The Dolphins today have no intention of making overtures to Taylor or his agent. The team is eyebrows-deep in locking up new center Jake Grove to a five-year contract and making sure it has enough salary cap space to conduct other business throughout the offseason.

Adding a salary like Taylor's is not in the budget and therefore not in Miami's immediate plans, according to an informed team source. But ...

Are the Dolphins absolutely, positively shutting the door on Jason Taylor? Is there zero chance he returns to Miami? Did the JT express leave the station last year, with no chance of ever stopping back again?


There is indeed a scenario under which the Dolphins would welcome Jason Taylor back.

By the way, when I asked about Taylor late Monday, I expected the answer to be a quick and decisive, "No thanks," so we could all move on to the next order of business. But that wasn't the answer I got and these next few facts surprised me.

First, the idea that Taylor cannot be welcomed back to the Dolphins because he and football czar Bill Parcells had a falling out last year just prior to his trade to Washington is not correct. Taylor, in fact, has talked and spent time with Parcells a couple of times since the trade. Parcells has nothing against Taylor.

Secondly, the Dolphins don't dismiss the idea Taylor still has something substantial left in the tank. He had only 3.5 sacks last year, the fewest since 1999 when he had 2.5. But that might have been because Taylor was being used improperly, or he was playing injured the entire time, and he was never really in great football shape to begin with.

Thirdly, if Taylor were willing to play for decent, but not outrageous money, and if he were willing to make a full commitment to Miami this offseason as well as in training camp and during the preseason, the possibility of a reunion is not out of the question. This, of course, is all hypothetical right now.

And a lot of this rides on Taylor. The fact is he missed all of last offseason while on Dancing with the Stars and was cut by the Redskins, in part, because he didn't want to commit to attending 75 percent of the team's 2009 offseason workout days, gives pause. The Dolphins would demand a much greater commitment than that this offseason.

And, of course, there is the issue of money -- because there always is an issue of money. Taylor is not exactly unwanted by other teams. The Tampa Tribune has reported the Bucs, whose defensive coordinator is former Dolphins coordinator Jim Bates, intend to pursue Taylor. And Taylor has given zero indication he would be willing to play for less than market value in 2009. So this could all be moot because, again, the Dolphins cannot afford Jason Taylor at market value.

So the whole reunion idea is only a remote possibility.

But what if JT gets a wild hair about coming back? [Cue motivational Knute Rockne music] What if he wants to give it one last try to make the playoffs with his old team? What if he convinces himself that he indeed can commit to arigorous offseason workout and conditioning program with Miami? What if he decides he likes the idea of playing for the team that is about 10 miles from his home? What if the man who's made more money than he likely will ever need decides he can play one last season in Miami at a deep discount?

Then, if all those factors fall into place, the doors of possibility open. [Stop motivational Knute Rockne music here.]

Then, and only then, I would tell you the Dolphins would be open to Jason Taylor coming home.


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Well, the possibility is there, and that's all that matters...at this point. I think he can still contribute. Just ask Joey Porter, who knows he needs the help.

Where will JT line-up? He greatly hampered JP his last year here...I would love to see JT come back, but not to the detriment of the team and our dire need for a pass rush. I just see JT cutting into JP's production.

Great trade Redskins ! Any chance you'd wanna borrow Joey Porter for the year for a 1st r.d.c next year ?

I think Taylor can work in certain instances in which Sparano sees fit. Now, Taylor maybe looking for a team willing to put him on the field for every down, and maybe that's what the Dolphins will do. But remember, the Dolphins' pass rush wasn't great. Porter was almost half of it himself, and when he was shutdown, so was that pass rush. I think maybe looking for Taylor, who has proven he can still play (for how much longer remains to be seen), could be a help to Porter.
Then again, I think the question of how much the organization values Merling, Roth, Langford, and now Cameron Wake comes into the equasion. If they are as good as Tuna expects, then there is no room for Taylor. But with the questions concerning Wake and Langford, and the shipping of Holliday, the Dolphins might need an extra boost. Maybe Taylor can provide it.

Maybe... But we need to sure up other positions before going after JT. We need to get busy finding a CB (McFadden or Bodden). I still think we take a center in the 1st RD. I'm not sold on Grove; but I trust Tuna.

From what I've seen and heard Wake was a beast in the CFL. He also had a lot of pursuers. So, he may pan out...Harrison in Pitt didn't pan out right away. Maybe he's our version.

Let the big dummy go to hollywood and dance for his money, good luck at collecting 8.5 mil. doing that tuff guy...what a idiot.

I can't fault JT for doing the dancing thing...it was a marketing technique to better him and his family after football is over (which may be coming soon).

armando, what the hell is playfor???

I Hate taylor like i hate a certain small lil guy that lives in orlando whose name is m@@c.

Taylor played great at OLB when Saban was here. He would be a nice upgrade over Charlie Anderson if the price is right ($5-$6 million per year max)

Hey how sweet would it be to trade this guy for 2nd & 6th next year. then get him back for free.
Wow that would be the biggest deal any GM has ever done in the history of the NFL.
Jason you want to do movies come back have a MOSTER year for us lead us to the super bowl, and you will be the top dawg in hollywood.

San Diego's Cromartie is on the trading block, we need desperate help at corner. If Taylor comes on the wagon for cheap than lets do it but I would rather see what the dolphins could do about getting Antonio Cromartie.

He won't come back unless he plays for a bargain basement price.

I wonder if this is an instance where Stephen Ross would step in. I know he said he wouldn't interfere with football operations, but what if he decides JT bring huge value to the Dolphins organization. He might suggest to the trifecta to give JT a huge bonus with a low salary (cap number) knowing that he will re-coup the bonus in the money JT will bring in for the Dolphins with his star power and contributions to the community.

Heck of a football player, but screwed the pooch a couple times ... bet he'll do it again. Champ to chump. Its in his hands.

I don't see it. He can't pull that stuff with Parcells. As we seen last year the workouts improved this team a lot. In fact, it was the conditioning that led to the teams success. I can't see Taylor agreeing to working out with the team. If he did agree and took less money... We are living in a fantasy world.

JT can come back and be more of a situational pass rusher, teach Wake everything he knows, spell Joey, damn....sounds too good to be true.
Great trade, 2 picks, then the nxt year returns for free..! This is where an unselfish agent steps in and tells JT that the Phins are best for his career,finish up with drama, superbowl at home, big return comeback. Ooops, there are no unselfish agents.........

JT wanted a contender?? Well here we are dude, in your backyard. Irony of both JT AND ZACH getting shut out of the playoffs last year and Phins making it is classic. If Phins get Grove, they will address a CB, WR, and an ILB in the draft with first three picks. C will come much later.

Go Tuna, get JT back for PR and for situational sacks. Joey was gassed at the end of the year. Merling and Langford can learn from JT also.

Adding Jason Taylor makes no sense to me. I loved the guy when he was here but that was then this is now. What makes you think he is going to devote the time that the tri-fecta wants him to commit to in the off-season. He didn't do it last year and was just cut by the 'Skins because he wouldn't commit to what they want this year. See, I don't think Jason Taylor LOVES football any more. He's partly moved on. He's trying to get by on his God given talent and he can't do that any more. He's already looking at other things in his life after football. What's the old saying..."If your already thinking about retirement, your ALREADY retired". Besides, I believe that Jason Taylor will go where he gets the biggest bang for the buck and I believe that will be the Bucs (no pun intended). I don't believe Jason Taylor will bring anything to the young guys, other than eating into their playing time and their development and besides he was a distraction last year. That why Parcells and company ran him out of town. Great player, heart and soul guy when he was here but forget him....let's focus on filling some other holes like CB, WR and LB

Come on guys, chill out, this is not going to happen...Why would we cut a 33 year old player (Holiday), just to bring in a more expensive 35 year old who doesn't want to go to training camp...He may have made up in his personal relationship with the Tuna, but this is simply not the type of player the dolphins are looking for...Please get off your nostalgia trip and come back to reality...Maybe old twinkle toes can dance in the halftime show or something, but if you don't want to practice, you don't get to play!

Profootballtalk.com gave Armando a mention.


Make Taylor a reasonable offer to come to Miami, if he takes more money from the Bucs to go there then thats his option, but we need an additional pass rusher. Should he get paid top money for his position, no, but fair value with a hometown discount may land him back in Miami to finish out his career. I think all Dolphins fans would welcome him back.

Sure is peacful without bungle in here making remarks (blogging) about idiotic trade scenerios like Wilford for Harrison! I am Mr. Bung-holio and I need TP!!

Could we possibly bring in Jason at a low salary and give him a shot at tight end? He is quite tall, which is good for tight ends.

BOOOOOOOORING ..... get a scoop. If comments include some guy named BILL correcting grammar at 1 inthe morning you know it stinks. And if I have to call him out it REALLY stinks. Oh well like they say, it takes a big man to cry, but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at that man.

Oh here we go Taylor a TE give us a break stupid is as stupid does, lifes like a box of chocolate's never know what your gonna get!!!! Momma always says duh duh duh

JT had a monster year under Nick Saban playing OLB in a 3-4. This would be a good pickup for the team. They definitely need to upgrade OLB where Matt Roth currently plays. It's their biggest need. If they can get him back in the fold, it also frees up another top end draft pick that they would have used on OLB and make that position pretty deep now with Porter, Wake, Roth, and Taylor.

Mando, if they pick up JT, I would now consider using that top pick on a WR, how about that????

Note, they need at least one CB with on of their top 4 picks.

Everyone who is dogging JT for not wanting to go participate in Washington's camp is missing the point. He doesn't want to participate bc he doesn't want to be away from his family for too long. What keeps him out of Washington is the very thing that would attract him to Miami. I would love to see him back bc his story doesn't seem complete w/o him winning a ring with the Fins.

as a fan, it would be a fun reunion. but football wise, it probably doesn't make sense. I love JT, but he is clearly on the tail of his career. the only thing that would turn that around is a re-committment to training. and i think that Tuna had it right, JT's head just isn't in it.

btw, how good does this trade look now?

I'd like to see us try convincing more players to sign for the minimum or at least less money. Tell them there is no tax in Florida and the weather is great.

This is a history making season. WE NEED JASON TAYLOR to make history. We should try to get zach thomas too if he becomes available. Our defense has always been good when we had two pass rushers. (jason taylor & trace armstrong)

Bensmokin. Where is your source that charger's CB is no tradingbblock?

JT, if used as an OLB would help us but it will have to wait until after the draft. I expect our first pick to be an OLB which will leave no room.

I trust in Tunaville but what we did to Vonnie breaks my heart....a good guy who did the team thing last year. Good luck to Vonnie.

If you want good depth on a team then it takes tounger and cheaper.

Errrr, younger and cheaper that should read.

To hell with Jason Taylor. He showed his true colors last year. From Hall of Fame to Hall of Shame.

Ok guys, one more time why you don't want the big dummy on the team#1, did not want to participate in off season conditioning instead went on a totally gay program(dancing with the stars) and p/o percells, told percells he'd miss the first week of training camp because he was going to his brothers graduation, percells now livid gets shipped to wash. where he plays 3 games and is injured(maybe it had something to do with him not attending conditioning program) so this year wash. wants him to commit to 25 extra conditioning camps, well no not old twinkle toes so the big dummy gets cut, 8.5 million for something that would probably help him and he says no, i hope no team picks this mental giant up, good luck jason trying to earn 8.5 million in the real world, maybe that smoke that your agent is blowing up your @ss will get you a lead in hollywood but i seriously doubt it ...

>I can't fault JT for doing the dancing thing...it was a marketing technique to better him and his family after football is over (which may be coming soon).

Exactly why I don't see him coming here. He has 'other' things on his mind.

TMZ just reported Jason Taylor will be cast in The Real House Wives of Orange County or The Hills; therefore, he can't work out in post season and Big Tuna & Little Tuna don't want him.. JT is making a case that he's still cute.. I'll keep u posted..

Loved JT more than anyone, but he's a sell-out!!! Can't believe some people want him back!!!

bond, just say no to zach too, this is another guy that wanted to get a ring before he retires , well there you go zach now your in dallas, good luck with getting the ring over there...

Right on robby.....

Even if he was willing to take a deep discount where does he play? He's a pass rusher, so in our scheme WS OL is where he should go, but that is where Porter plays. Washington had Taylor at SS OL, but that didn't work so well. It just doesn't make the most out of Taylor's skills.

Porter could play the strong side better better, but I'll let one of you guys tell him he's getting switched back.

Other option would be the pass rushing specialist from the weak side, but we just signed Wake for that and I don't think he'd bring his salary low enough to justify using him part-time.

maybe he can go on the surreal life..

Some of you guys probably took back a girlfriend or two after she cheated on you, i bet...

If pretty face comes back he will take the spot light of the entire team and that will have very negative result on the rest of the team.let's not forget when JT was here in his prime dolphins ended 1-15 and he's 36 now.i don't thing he will be ready to work hard cause he doesn't want to get injured .....not that any thing wrong with that

Noway taylor comes back. I loved him and Zach when they were here but at their age was right time to let them go. I said yesterday I see us getting a corner this week. Who u guys like most
McFadden , Bodden , Rolle or MaCallister. Other

Some of you guys probably took back a girlfriend or two after she cheated on you, i bet...

Posted by: cuban menace | March 03, 2009 at 09:18 AM

Good point, cuban. Tinshaker and I have gotten back together several times.

I Hear that JT wants to be an architect like castanza

That's funny..

I said it before and I'll say it again. People cannot seem to see it but he is on a decline. He was HORRIBLE the year before last when we went 1-16. If you can get some tape and watch the games...he could do nothing. True to form, he was HORRIBLE, last year. He looked just like he did before. Of course he and his agent is going to use he 'palyed hurt.' But he looked like that before he got hurt. I amde it a point to watch him. Everybody knows the rest..."I want to be known more for what I did after playing for Dolphins...yada yada...I'm in the best shape of my life (picking up a 90lb woman)..yada yada...'This dog still has some bark left in him...I can still get after people (will work for food, some body please hire me)...yada yada. Ahhhhhh. You get what you ask for buddy. So, to summarize. I don't want him back, his attitude sucks, he sucks at this point in his carreer (I agree he belongs in at least the Dolphins ring of fame when he retires) but we don't need that. He wanted out, he got it. If he wants to come back, lets get everything else we need in place...and sign him for veteran minimum. He has to participate just like evryone else. Once again, thanks for the Draft picks JT :)

Thanks for the picks, Mr. Cerrato, Mr. Snyder, and the rest of Redskins nation!! muah ha ha

I'm not and have never been a JT fan. I'm not sure why I dislike him; I just do. I will admit that he played great for Miami. Signing JT back would be great for two reasons. It would help our pass rush and help Porter. Second, we received a 2nd and 6th round pick for him. To get him back after one season, plus the picks would just be great.

Hey, thatguy what the heck is inthe. I guess if some guy named Finheavenblows! has to call you out at 9 in the morning, your comment stinks. Oh well.

Not this crap again! JT now has what he wants: all the time in the world to pursue his acting career.

The last thing the Fins need is a guy that doesn't think he needs to practice, and only wants to show up on game day to show out. Plus he's old. And he wants to be one of the highest paid players on the team.

Regardless of whether we should sign him or not - why do you state that we cannot afford him? Last time I checked, we were over $15million under the cap. Even with the signing of Grove, we'll be north of $10 million under.

We CAN afford him.

Please draft WR at first pick.........Go Phins

OK, moderated comments? I'm done posting on this blog. What's the point of posting if you can't have a conversation with someone? I don't feel like waiting two hours for someone to see my comment or vice versa just because one person (Sprovo) impersonated Armando.

Guys, following last nights breach of trust, in which a blogger named Sprovo impersonated me with a comment which eventually got carried by profootballtalk, we have taken measures to make sure this doesn't happen again.

I will now approve your comments before they appear. That means they will not appear instantly in most cases. I will approve them ASAP.

Sorry for any inconvenience but that's what happens when one idiot takes liberties with other people's identities. The Herald is also trying to track this guy through his IP address. It is a serious matter and it doesn't end here.

I believe he will be able to commit to the offseason only in Miami, well for the obvious reason, his family is there. He wants to be closer to family. I wish i could workout for however many hours of the day, get paid for it, go home to my wife. Especially if he lives 10 miles away from facilities. I think there is a real good possibility for Taylor coming back to Miami.

"First, the idea that Taylor cannot be welcomed back to the Dolphins because he and football czar Bill Parcells had a falling out last year just prior to his trade to Washington is not correct. Taylor, in fact, has talked and spent time with Parcells a couple of times since the trade. Parcells has nothing against Taylor."

Armando it was the media who created all that BS including you.

OK, moderated comments? I'm done posting on this blog. What's the point of posting if you can't have a conversation with someone? I don't feel like waiting two hours for someone to see my comment or vice versa just because one person (Sprovo) impersonated Armando.

Posted by: Mr. Bungle | March 03, 2009 at 09:56 AM

This was not me by the way. Armando you've had impostors ruining your blog for months. So only when you get impersonated you do something about it. Appreciate it!

Mando, I see you now moderate the comments before they post. I guess that Sprovo tool has hurt everyone on here. But I understand identity theft, even on this blog, is a problem. I hope this makes the comments more entertaining to read. Meanwhile, I'll continue to read your posts.

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