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Taylor would "absolutely" return to Dolphins

Spent part of Sunday afternoon and evening getting over food poisoning but between trips to the loo I noticed you guys flooded my e-mail box with Jason Taylor questions.

Somebody asked if my Sunday column was just me writing fiction or if I had actually talked to someone to report it. Yeah folks, I talk to other folks. And yes, I have been told the Dolphins would seriously consider bringing Taylor back to South Florida under the correct circumstances.

Would Taylor return, I was asked by some e-mailers?

"Absolutely, there no reason why I wouldn't," Taylor told a gathering of reporters Sunday in advance of his charity golf event Monday.

But Taylor volleyed the ball back in the Dolphins court on the issue. "I'm the wrong person to talk to about that."

Taylor also didn't dismiss talk of the New England Patriots being on his radar (yes, they definitely are) but said he has not spoken to the team. I think that's the reason he has an agent, but that's just me.

Anyway, expect Taylor to pick a team, and a team to pick him, in the coming month or so -- certainly not long after the draft is complete at latest.

Gotta go, if you know what I mean.


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how can pats are intersted in him but they didn't talk yet,it's all a game,there's no market for him today and he's dying to come back but it won't happen cause tuna isn't going to risk the future of this young team for a show biz 1-15 player already in retirement.

He's gonna be back just watch....he'll be back..3rd down pass rusher is what he will be..and he stays close to home..#99 will be back in aqua and orange..and thats where he belongs

1-15 with JT.......take 2

Neither taylor or porter has been effective on the strongside unless he is willing to be a 3rd down specalist which i doubt his presence wouldnt help us regardless of his name..we got wake improving walden and a new passrusher or 2 in the draft..lets find our next jason taylor..not a 35 yr washed up guy who is done..

Mando enough with the j.t stories when are you gonna give us the inside scoop on the draft

amen Y2K.........

Small fact for all dolphans

dolphins with JT 1-15
Dolphins with no JT 11-5


carlito ,why some dumb fans want JT back ?do they miss seeing him in the nice tide jersey or is't the dance?

Small fact for all people saying that the only reason JT didn't want to do training camp last year was to be on Dancing WIth the Stars and that he wants to come to training camp this year and everything would be ok:

JT was cut from The Redskins for not wanting to go to training camp...

One more small fact:

Jason Taylor had a horrible year last year and was always injured...maybe because he didn't go to training camp?

Third and last fact:

JT plays weakside linebacker, the same position as Joey Porter...The Dolphins need to get younger at that position, not older...we have Wake and Roth on strongside...Look for them find Porter's replacement in the draft, not in an old, hollywood, twinkle toes, sellout

fourth fact.........
carlito is becoming very smart fan,thanks to Gopats

I have always been a smart fan, and that is not a result of any chowda head pats fan knowledge. Mr Gopats, if JT signs with the Pats he will skip training camp to be on Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, American Idol, and I heard he will be dressing in drag to star in either Flavor of Love or Rock of Love on VH1.


Poo jokes??


How much Guinness is too much Guinness?

pats are not dumb to sign these kind of players,BTW who is he? he will end up proforming in half time by the hour,1-15 anyone

carlito, i hear he will be the first gust star in T.O new reality tv show on one of the creepy cable channels .

One more small fact:

Jason Taylor hasn't spoken with either the Dolphins or the Pats.

Small speculation:

this could be all b.s. to increase his asking price.

Educated Guess:

Armando is a Jason Taylor groupie and is deeply in love with Twinkle Toes Taylor

I hope the Dolphins find a way to get JT back on the team if for no other reason than to keep him away from the Cheatriots. It would be sickening to watch him finish his career with those cheating bastards.

Zach had enough love and respect for Dolphins fans not to sign with the Patriots. Let's hope JT's the same way.

If he plays for a year in New England and doesn't win a title, he's hurt his whole career. He'll never be accepted in Miami the Marino is or that Zach is. He'll be a traitor with no titles. If he gives the Dolphins a discount and finishes his career here, he'll at least have some respect somewhere when his career's done; plus the Dolphins should be good next year.

who was the leader of the 1-15 team?
JT,,,,,,,DANCE WITH ME 1-15

Jason Taylor is my favorite Dolphin of all time (did anyone ever play harder or care more?), but I wonder how much he has left in the tank. He looked dreadful last year, even the games he was healthy. If they let him come back, they have to insist he work out with the team the whole offseason, otherwise he just wont be effective. You cant just show up in August when you are 35 and expect to be a factor, and I hope he realizes that.

there was no leader on the 1-15 team, that was the problem.

Now there are leaders in all places: Front Office (and restaurants): Bill Parcells, Coaching: Tony Sporano, Field: Chad Pennington


Feel better. You are very good at what you do, get well soon so you can keep us informed of whats going on.


Strahan was a bit of a diva and came back and had one of his best years even after missing almost all trainig camp with the giants and one the super bowl. if he goes to New England, that would blow. we will still draft an OLB no matter what and he will be in on 3rd and long's. I dont see him taking a big enough pay-cut and Parcells would have to compromise on letting Taylor skip OTA's wich i def. don't see happening, would be cool to see but too many if's.

You all make it sound like it was Jason Taylor's fault the team went 1-15.

While I agree we need to get younger, a one year deal for especially on 3rd downs wouldn't be a bad idea. We have plenty of cap space and if its only a one - year deal it doesn't hurt to have a guy like him in the locker room. That said, I'd hate for him to take too many snaps from guys like Cameron Wake, who could be a huge surprise given how he destroyed the CFL (which unfortunately isn't saying much)

JJ, Sonny Crockett, AFC East Champs, and all other JT BFF's,

did you know that Jason Taylor is going to star in High School Musical 4 as the P.E. teacher?

Taylor is not that far from being defensive player of the year, he is an upgrade from any of the crap we have and i do mean crap ( Joey had 1 game that he really took over ((5 sacks, Urrrr, I mean, 1 yard losses against Cassell very early in the season.)) We have zero pass rush period. If Porter doesn't repeat last year we are screwed bad pre-draft.

Sonny..i think strahan "Won" the sb. Yes it was only one, but they won. Those wons and ones can be tricky ones.

WooHoo. Bring him on.

sorry Mando, but I just don't see JT playing for Miami ever again.. the man has an ego; and has the mentality that he shouldn't be practicing during the teams' OTAs and that conditioning for him is not necessary; and I don't see Tuna signing a veteran who decides when to practice or not.. I think that Tuna (as well as you) is being nice to him and trying to create a market for him, so that the Patsies can accelerate negotiations with his agent. I know that we are a team in need of more good players, but I don't think JT is the type of player that is willing to put team first; unlike, Vonnie Holliday, JT is very selfish, and I can respect that, but he also needs to respect that this is a different team and we were able to win 11 games; plus conquer the AFC East Championship, last year, without him.

If he decides to sign with some other team, I hope is not anyone within our division; it's not because I'm afraid he'l dominate our offense, it would just be unethical and disrespectful towards us, the Fins fans..
Again, I'm just hoping and will pray that he doesn't, as he's one of the best players ever to wear a Fins jersey, and it will be a shame to see him add an AFC rival to his resume...

Go Fins!!!

jason taylor is a dolphin its in his blood.that was a sign when he got hurt last year as a deadskin bring him back for a year.we need to take out brady.

west coast cuban:

More than taking out Brady, we need to put a massive pass rush in order to maintain an easier job for our weak secondary.

Mr. Taylor, if by chance you read these articles and blogs about yourself online, and then somehow have nothing better to do with your time but scroll down and see what comments people leave... if by some chance you are reading this, please don't go to the Patriots. My son is almost 18, and idolizes you... We raised him to bleed orange and teal, and of course he loves the Dolphins. But more than anyone else, he has always talked about you and looked up to you as a player and person. When you left last year and went to the Redskins, my son partly rooted for the Redskins last year. But when he heard recently that you might go to "the enemy," to the Patriots of all teams, he feels like his idolization for you will be ripped away. Going to the Patriots would be a disloyal thing to do, according to him, and possibly to other kids around the age of my son, who idolize you, who grew up watching you, directly after growing up and watching Dan Marino. I remember 10 years ago, when he was 8, and Marino almost went to the Vikings just before retiring... my son said to me, "Dad, if he goes to the Vikings next year, and they play Miami in the Super Bowl, I hope the Vikings win." But I asked him what he would have done if Marino went to the Jets, and he said, "...I'll take his poster down." And Jason, if you're wondering, my son did not take down your Fathead poster on his wall all last year while you were in Washington... but he has already told me, if you sign with the Pats, it is coming down... permanently. I don't think you'll ever read this, but I just thought I'd try to get this message out to you, Mr. Taylor. We want you back, but at the very least, don't go to the Patriots. Anywhere but the Patriots, please.

NICE email, Cameron!!!! Seriously, I hope so much that Taylor somehow reads your comment. That was really nice. Tell your son not to take it so rough though if he does go the New England, it's a bisness first of all, but also from what I understand Taylor is actually good friends with Brady and a lot of them. SO its not personal. But still, I'm with you guys... TAYLOR, come back... at least for this dudes son! Hehe

Awww! yes, taylor! come online and read these comments! seriously i think you're a loyal guy, i think the "right" thing to do is to come back to Miami... this is where your storybook ending is. not to the patriots. don't be silly. besides, this guys son needs you!!!! lmao

I think it would be wonderful to have him back, to have him go through the conditioning program and get back into playing shape like he was before he left. Remember all that he did for the Dolphins when he was here and how sad we were to see him go, I think he could only add to our new team in his final years. Like someone said being a Dolphin is in his blood, he will always be a Dolphin.

Well at the very least, I'm glad to see some articles by you Mando, promoting this idea, helping it along a little. Because seriously, Jason, come home. If there is a destiny for you, a Cinderella story of sorts, you can not possibly imagine that it's in New England! Its here. Cameron, EXCELLENT comment. I sincerely hope this get hyped and somehow, some way, Jason can see how strongly a foundation he has here in Miami, and he's the person we all think he is, he'll come back to Miami... or at the very least, he will NOT go to the Patriots! That is a different kind of dagger to our hearts.

I have to say, I can not believe how many people above are saying we'd be better off without JT! Its a perfect fit, in every single possible way and scenario. And it isn't even just because of the obvious reasons like how badly we need pass rush, etc. It's also because THIS JUST FITS perfectly. For any dramatic story, this is the story that works. Its very easy to imagine the episode of "Americas Game" on NFL Network for the 2009 Dolphins, with the storybook ending for Taylor's triumphant return to his home team... where they go on to beat the Patriots in the Championship game, and win the Super Bowl. It will be an episode that will make the toughest Dolphins fans get teary eyed, every single time they watch it on their TiVo. I suppose it could end a number of ways for Jason. But I believe that coming back to Miami is the ONLY way that this is truly meant to end.

Come on everybody... JASON! JASON! JASON! Come on lets get the wave going here! JASON! JASON! JASON! Lets get the message out to him. We want you back JT! JASON! JASON! JASON! (...just imagine those were really loud chants.)

The cheatriots can have him. Their defense is so old he would actually make them younger. This year I predict that one of our guys takes that sawed-off little midget Belicheat out with a sideline hit, ala Charlie Weis. Now that would be entertaining.

I wonder, does 1/2 pint Belicheat wear Garanimals and does he need a stool to reach the toilet?

Gopats, please advise.

I absolutely love the idea of bring Jason back! With the loss of Holliday, the Miami defense could use some veteran leadership. Yes, I know we are trying to go young, and that is what we should do.. but at the same time, why not bring back someone who helped us a lot before until we can find a young guy capable of replacing him. We don't only need more pass rushers, we need more pass rushers along the defensive line.


I highly recomend plenty of clear liquids and eat lots of clay to stop you up, if that doesnt work than I recommned a plug.

Bring back JT for one more tour so he can retire a Dolphin

Here is why we need Jason Taylor on our team.
1) Leadership-Vonnie Holiday is gone and we have a bunch of young studs who need more mentoring and Jason Taylor is a future borderline Hall of Famer.
2) Pass Rush-Besides Joey Porter who else produce sacks for us. Jason can help us put pressure on opposing QBs.
3) Draft a stud DE/OLB and have him alternate with JT/JP/CW. We would then have 4 guys who can rush the passer and the young guys have Joey Porter & Jason Taylor to learn from. Experience is something we still need with a young group. Cameron Wake & new rookie would gain valuable knowledge from J.T & J.P.
4) Defensive Backfield-No shutdown corner right now and having more Pressure from the front seven will help get us back into the playoffs.
5) Jason Taylor kills New England and we need that experinece back into our team. I still say that Jason Taylor and Joey Porter rushing the QB would be a great thing to watch.

Armando: A good guayava milkshake will take care of that problem for you,amigo.

Yo Jason, You're old. So put a fork in it. PEACE....

"Taylor would "absolutely" return to Dolphins"

I bet he would Mando!

Just like he would "absolutely" sign with the Jets OR "absolutely" sign with the Pats or "absolutely" sign with ANYONE else who would OVERpay for his 35 year old LIMITED and on HIS terms services!

JT did alot for this Organization in past years but the truth of the matter is that he WILL NOT commit to MY TEAM enough to even participate in MY offseason training program but wants me to actually pay him like I do the guys that put in the work?Oh hell NO!

He wants to make 6 million per season BUT be able to train when AND IF he wants to ,even though not training like he should will cost OUR TEAM production, thus making us a worse TEAM than if I simply paid him the 6 million to sit on the sidelines INSTEAD OF coming into a game and suking horribly,like he did last year,simply because he wants the money but doesn't want to put in the work to actually justify his pay.

AT LEAST Michael Strahan was MAN enough to turn down millions of dollars this past year because he wasn't willing or able to put in the effort it takes to play at a high level because HIS pride and integrity simply wouldn't let him steal money but JT on the other hand has no problem AT ALL drawing a fat check to play sub par.....THAT SAYS ALL I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT Jason Taylor and THATS why I traded him to that moron in Washington and I think I came out pretty damn good with that deal don't you?

Thanks for all you did years ago JT but THIS FO WILL NOT settle for mediocre and THATS ALL you have to offer so as far as I'm concerned PLEASE go and play for the Jets or Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS:Hey Armando...STOP acting like you had an exclusive sit down with Tony all by yourself sitting back laughing and joking while eating breakfast and then some other loser writers happened to walk by and see you and Tony enjoying a quite moment and had the audacity to ask some questions..I made him available to ANY AND EVERYONE who wanted to ask questions and he said there were 6 others there so ENOUGH already with your "scoop" dreams!!!!!!!!!

I think this whole speculation about JT coming back is ridiculous..The entire offseason the front office has been talking about getting younger. they released team a team leader in Vonnie Holliday because they wanted to get younger and he was the ultimate professional and team captain. there is no way that JT comes back to Miami

I would welcome JT back. Let's look at some things now. While dancing does put you into shape it does not put you into Football shape hence the injuries last year. Also JT was not used very well by the Skins last year. By being on the left side he was not comfertable and not giving 100%. When you don't go 100% in football you get injured. The problem is that JT nor JP like the left side. I'd like to see Miami get rid of JP and his motormouth sign JT for cheap to balance the cap hit for cutting JP and then draft their replacement in the draft. What are your thoughts on that Mando. I am Mr. Bung-holio and Mando and I need TP!!

1-15 RULE

red skins record last year with JT.......8-8
red skins record the year before that....they went to PLAYOFF
next year with JT.........better than 8-8
lesson learned........he should just retire and spare us all

Wow, you 1-15 with Taylor guys are retarded. How about 1-15 with a p_ssy for a coach, an ignored o-line,the worst conditioned team in the NFl that year, and no qb, and 11-5 with an upgraded o-line(something we haven't had for YEARS) a qb with a 97.4 rating, and some discipline. Bring back JT, he deserves to go out with some dignity wearing aqua & orange.

the thing is what is more important to JT a CHANCE at a superbowl ring or self respect.If he goes the ring will mean more to him than all US fans who have supported him and cheered for him bought his jerseys read all the stores about him that we could find.If the ring means more to him than all these years and all these fans young and old.Now we will see his TRUE CHARACTER.What has happened to LOYALTY.INTEGRITY is what you do when nobody else is watching. WE ARE ALL WATCHING JT.

every is talking like JT is the on to decide on a team to pick,it's not so fans.no teams are willing to risk signing him and more over fins are not going back but if they sign him it will be for no money and to sell some jerseys .

I know it's slow, but is this all there is.No one I know want's Taylor back, he's old and an ass.I know the Tuna doesn't need Taylor to tell him how to run the team like Taylor did Cam.What's is it that people always want to bring the same people back maybe you want to go back to 1 and 15 too.

As Sporano said you cant have enough pass rushers. At this stage of Taylor's career I am sure he would love to be a part time pass rush specialist much like Charles Haley was to SF and Dallas during the late 80s and early 90s. Get him back if we can.


Personally, I'm not going to get to excited by what either side says of this.

Even if true, the team isn't going to say "Jason Taylor is the last person we want." That would just alienate fans who have loved him for years and it costs them nothing to say "sure we'd consider it...he's a great player."

On the other side, Jason is selling his services right now. Making it seem like he has lots of options increases his leverage with whatever team he bargains with.

When I hear that Jason has come in for a sit down with Tuna, Ireland and/or Sparano, then it will get me thinking.

And hey, the guy only lives a few minutes away from the team offices.

Didn't the team start their offseason training program today and if so doesn't that mean if Taylor doesn't sign for a month or so he will miss a good portion of that program? I could've swore I read they were starting today and if so isn't that the same reason why the Skins didn't want him and the same reason Parcells soured on him in the first place (because he wouldn't be able to attend due to Dancing with the Stars?

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