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Taylor would "absolutely" return to Dolphins

Spent part of Sunday afternoon and evening getting over food poisoning but between trips to the loo I noticed you guys flooded my e-mail box with Jason Taylor questions.

Somebody asked if my Sunday column was just me writing fiction or if I had actually talked to someone to report it. Yeah folks, I talk to other folks. And yes, I have been told the Dolphins would seriously consider bringing Taylor back to South Florida under the correct circumstances.

Would Taylor return, I was asked by some e-mailers?

"Absolutely, there no reason why I wouldn't," Taylor told a gathering of reporters Sunday in advance of his charity golf event Monday.

But Taylor volleyed the ball back in the Dolphins court on the issue. "I'm the wrong person to talk to about that."

Taylor also didn't dismiss talk of the New England Patriots being on his radar (yes, they definitely are) but said he has not spoken to the team. I think that's the reason he has an agent, but that's just me.

Anyway, expect Taylor to pick a team, and a team to pick him, in the coming month or so -- certainly not long after the draft is complete at latest.

Gotta go, if you know what I mean.


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may tuna let him miss that program if he signs and get paid by the hour.

anyone thinking about how much of a cap hit taking him back could be? we still have 9 or so draft picks and several more undrafted free agents to sign.

just my opinion. and i have real questions about his commitment. i think he played his heart out for the fins and wants to win, but he's an athlete who's getting paid alot of money. he should get himself in the weightroom and train with his team.

plus i think the group of guys in that locker room are young, fresh, and becoming a team together. putting taylor in that locker room could be the equivalent of throwing a grenade in there. it could quite possibly disrupt the chemistry and team unity that they have created last season.

not that i'm knocking taylor, but he was the leader of that team for over a decade, we on the afc east one time? and made it to maybe 3 playoff games?

i just seriously doubt that he wants to be involved in the total team effort.

Since 2000 and not including last year Taylor has averaged 12.5 sacks per season... What was it that Sporano wanted, pass rushers... over 100 sacks in 8 seasons... You guys want to write him off??? He had a bad year last year fine, he was injured. Before we traded him he had 11 sacks when we were 1-15. That’s 11 sacks on a terrible team and no motivation. Besides Porter last year who was 2nd in sacks...Answer…. 5 by Matt Roth (who some of you have said want him to start). Mando what are people thinking? Taylor can return this season and produce, yes he needs to come to training camp early and get in shape, but as we all know that is part of the deal if he does return. Taylor adds more than just depth, he is a Pro Bowl DE and can win games on his own like he has against Tom Brady in 2006 forcing a late INT. to seal the win against a then Super Bowl contender. Jason is a game changer, he can sack, get Int’s, and force Int’s, force fumbles, and help us win games. I want him back, we need to get him back and all you haters need to get over what happened last year. I remember when all of you hated on Ricky, look what he has been able to accomplish since returning... I hope you all save this tid bit of info I have written today and when we make the playoffs again without a MICKEY MOUSE schedule you can all tell me how right I was, welcome back JT, I welcome you back.

jeff , how many JT jerseye do you have? would you promise me to buy more if i get him back?

I don't get all the Jason Taylor hate. He was NOT the sole reason we went 1-15 and him leaving wasn't the reason why we went 11-5 last season.

Chad P > Trent Green/Cleo Lemon/John Beck

Sporano/Ireland/Parcels > Those who will not be named

Joey Porter '08 > Joey Porter '07 (remember 90% of Dolfans calling him the biggest free agent bust ever after '07...)

The coaching was upgraded and the quarterback position was greatly upgraded. Not to mention we had the easiest schedule in the NFL.

If he wants to come here CHEAP and retire a Dolphin, I say we go for it. Can always cut him or talk him into retirement if he really doesn't have any gas left in his tank.

But, if I was him, I wouldn't do it. Even if the team continues to improve, going 9-7 will be extremely difficult. If he comes in here and we go 9-7, 8-8 or worse, the dumb fans will blame him and not even consider that we played a lot of quality NFC/AFC South teams instead of the pansies from the AFC/NFC West like last year.

we should bring him back but he has to agree first to the following;

1-if he doesn't have 1 sack or interception every game he doesn't get paid.
2-he can't make any moves during games that resample dancing even by mistake or he doesn't get paid for that game.
3-he has to hang a picture of TUNA on his bed room wall as long he's a fin

Glad to see a lot of posters in favor of bringing back JT--there are four or five posters here with a hate of JT and the Phins. No way any of them are true fans the way they dis JT. BP would welcome back JT, and so would I, under certain conditions. first and foremost would be his participation in the entire conditioning program. I hope he learned last year, with all his injuries, he needs to be in top condition. Second question is, what does he have left in the tank. This kind of ties in with the conditioning factor, but if he is still an elite talent he will raise us to new levels over last season. If he is signed that will indicate he still has the drive needed to play another year.

Honestly Mike TV I do not have a JT Jersey, I have many like Camarillo, Ginn, Ricky (vintage), Marino Obviously, Seau LOL I know... Zack, and few others but never got the JT Jersey I guess because most of the guys (and girls) I watch the games with all have a JT Jersey. Anyway why would I buy one if you got him back? I do not understand your point, are you a Dolphins fan even? If so why would you not want him back, besides the dancin queen comments... do you really think he is over the hill, or what?

Of course I want Jason to come back in any capacity. It would be great to see him getting cheered again in Dolphins stadium instead of booed if he were a Patriot. Im not sure he would want to taint his legacy with that. That said how can Cameron Wake, Joey Porter and Jason Taylor rush the passer at the same time? They can't unless you rush one from the ILB in the 3-4.

jeff, do you remember when tuna told Jerry .jones the owner of the cowboys not to bring T.O cause that will take the team back 3-4 years at best,we have the same thing here,now you know my point and if you put JT back in that mix of young team it will not help these players cause he will suck all the media and air around them.

Taylor is done. Armando's right in saying if Taylor doesn't pick the Dolphins, he's picked the easy road and if that's the case he's done. He's done because he's not doing what it takes every day to be a good football plaer.

Also, you sould tell your son to root for the Dolphins no matter whose wearing the helmet. I wouldn't mind if Taylor went to another team outside the division and was successful but frankly I'm rooting for Langford and Merling now NOT Taylor.

I cannot believe waht all those Jason Taylor haters are saying about him!!!

He is one of the classiest Dolphin players. When the Dolphins played the Giants i went to see them train and i managed to get his signature and talk to him and he was very humble and willing to stop with Dolphin fans in London. I'm a big Dolphin fan who lives in London and i would certainly like to see him in a Dolphin uniform for one last hurrah.

Go Fins

Jason Taylor doesn't like me anymore.

but he loves me

I can't believe there are people that wouldn't want Jason back. He is one of the best Dolphins of all-time. He still has plenty left. THE GUY GOT STEPPED ON in the bottom of a pile and his leg ballooned up with infection. It was a serious injury but, how can anyone hold that type of an injury against him? The fact that he was stepped on ruined his season with the Skins, not that he is old, washed up or injury prone. No he is not the future, but YES we should ALL want him back.

welcome back jason

I love Jason Taylor and would absolutely LOVE to see him come back and be a producer for the franchise.

Lets consider a few things though. He is going to be 35.

He said all the right things when he signed with Washington. "I'll absolutely be here for two years."

He did not participate in the offseason conditioning program, then got hurt and didn't do SQUAT all season long with the Skins. Sure, they didn't use him properly either, so it was a combination of the two.

If he comes BACK to Miami, he's got to let the Miami trainers take over and get his old ass back into game shape so he can contribute. Just because his name is Jason Taylor, that doesn't automatically make him a force. Jason, get your wanna-be movie star ass into a NFL pro-level conditioning program, swallow your pride and sign with the Dolphins for something that isn't going to break the bank, get in camp, get your ass in shape, and restore your image as a pillar to the Dolphins community, ensure your place in the ring of honor and retire when the time is right with the AQUA and ORANGE.

did any one notice every dumb fin fan talking about the one and only JT and no talk of any other player on the team ,is this the FL style to go back to 1-15 days

oh by the way, I forgot to say thank you to the Washington Redskins for those two draft choices that Jason Taylor got us. It would be AWESOME, if we got a production J.T. back AND the picks from Washington....hahahahahahaha Redskins are stupid. I feel for my friends who are Skins fans. Dan Snyder is like the geeky non-athletic kid in the neighborhood who owned the authentic NFL football and would only let you play with it if he could play too.

Jason, Jason. You'll hear it often. Come home for a day and retire a Dolphin.

We now have the leadership in place. To finally win this championship race.

There are those things we savor of the past. However lets not confuse it with the "present" task.

Bird, McHale, and Parrish the Celtics held to the past so fierce.

Finally letting go, to raise a championship banner with Garnett, Allen, and Pierce.

Jason, Jason. I'll say it often. Come home for a day and retire a Dolphin!


It looks like Mando is pimping JT, it looks that the bag JT give Mando last year is passing the bill this year.

Common Mando, forget about the dancer and lets focus on football

Oh poor little baby "Billy P" above, he must have stood outside a Dolphins practice years ago waiting to get Jason Taylor's autograph and missed out on it, and now that pain and internal sadness lashes out as he leaves ridiculous comments on Mando's blog. Jeez man, you are really simple, aren't you?

Maxx you Idiot. That Billy p is the one and only Poster who goes by the name of Bill Parcells. He knows more about football than you'll ever know. He happens to be right again with his comments. There's no room for taylor on this team . This team is moving to the future . Also i suggest you lay of the drugs . miami isn't winning the super bowl this year. JASON JASON JASON JASON ! LOL GIMME A BREAK !

You Guys keep on say 1-15 jt. Well Last time recall this game is team sports. cam was a not a good head coach. jt did good for a 1-15 season. You guys are a bunch of idiots. L drew brees had crappy season with san diego and look at him now. Yes jt is getting old but we need a player like him back. Im glad you guys arent coaching the team if so we would be the Detroit lions every year. You guys are idiots.

Mike i see where you think this is going, there is a big difference though. JT is nothing like TO. He has had a grat career without any distractions and even last year he handled himself proffesionaly which is why, as Mando stated he and Parcells still have a good relationship so you need to come up with a better argument before i buy into your thought.

Please please please my dear jason taylor come back . we love you please please please come back . pretty please with sugar on top. . .

can JT be hired as stage manger like talking care of team trips, party planing,menus and pick clothing for the entire team when they go on trips and add his ideas to the design of the new dolphins uniform, shorts..etc and last fins can open a dance studio for early bird senior citizen only .

jeff, you can't compare a beast WR like T.O to J.T who never was able or want to affect games like T.O ,no way jose.BTW T.O was picked by bills in ny minute cause he's elite WR but mr Jason can't even find even a team wants to talk to him .let say you buy my argument cause i am mikeTV.

"You can't compare a Beast WR like TO to Taylor?" I'm sorry but both are Hall of Fame bound, you need to realize that. Secondly TO has been labeled a Plague and you say JT cannot find a team but really, what other teams fought to sign TO. The Bills finished last in the division last year, they had to take that risk, they had no choice. JT is being scouted by teams that want to fight for Super Bowl contention hence the reason Washington wanted him, and same goes for the Pats. Taylor has made 6 Pro Bowls so has Owens... BTW Jason Taylor was Defensive MVP, how many MVP's has TO won? Come on Mike, face the facts you’re just another JT hater. Why?
I think I have proven it is very easy to compare the 2 players, with some unbiased facts.

One last thing, in 2007 Taylor won the Walter Payton man of the year award. Which not only recognizes a player for his contribution to the community but his excellence as a player on the field as well. An award TO would never be considered for, they do not offer it to selfish players.

the only award i believe in is wining the super bowl not all this crap about community ,most people do it in silence and dignity with no awards .this is a pro sport not home shopping club sport jeff.one last thing is when teams go after a player they don't look at awards of the past but they look at what can he do for the future.

How I get sick of these morons saying JT is a 1-15 player. It reminds me of the idiotic arguments against Dan Marino (he never won the Super Bowl). The fact is that there is no defensive player in the last 10 years that had more of an impact on the football game than Jason Taylor, and before JT it was guys like Reggie White, Deion Sanders, and Lawrence Taylor. Current guys making that claim are Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed. The year before 1-15, when we went 6-10, may have been a 0-16 year without JT. Is JT older? Yes. Is he washed up? I dont think so. We may squeeze 1-2 great years out of him and it may be all we need to get over the top. Please, morons, go to getbrain.com and look for some help!

Aquaman,...How on earth you can be the best defensive player in the last 10 years and in the same time you had the worst 10 years of fins history and worst record of 1-15 in fins history .

1-15 ...nice

To SC Brandon,
Comparing Vonnie Holliday to Jason Taylor? The whole point of my previous post is that these type of special player/difference makers are extraordinarily unique. Has Vonnie Holliday ever scored a TD. In case you dont know, JT has 10 which is an NFL record for a D-Lineman. This is what you types dont understand. JT is a freak. If he plays at 50% of his MVP year he is still in the top 80% of NFL Defensive Ends. With the exception of the absurdly inept Cam Cameron, he is also beloved by every coach he's had (JJ, Wanny, Bates, Saban, George Hill). This is why the Dolphins are interested. It aint complicated!

How many Super Bowls has TO won? Thought so…Dude you argument is all over the place. You were just comparing a "Beast" receiver to a nobody (in your own words) and now you are going off on another tangent. We all know JT has done it in silence and dignity and TO is a loud mouth ... thank you for making that point for me. And to your last point... "Teams look to sign players for the future" the only thing TO has ever done is destroy teams, I guess that’s what the Bills were looking into the future for LOL, again thanks for making another great point to my argument. Aqua man I with you bro, Sally, learn sports.

jeff reads what he wants to read and dreams what he wants to dream ,but reality will come soon enough and tell him wake up my dear,your is not my team.
your team will be........3-13 with JT
your team will be........10-6 without JT

jason jason jason jason jason please come back we love you . we don't care that your 35 years old and washed up. we don't care and we won 't listen to the trifecta's plan to build for the future. All we want to do is live in the past and dream of the things you used do. we want you back because we are naive enough to think we are winning the super bowl this year. Pleeeeeeeeeese Come back . We looooooove you !

H.C.D. I agree whole heartedly with everything you've posted about JT coming home... and I'm glad to see so many people on board with the idea. Hopefully we can get him to see how much we want him back.

...Just wanted to correct you on one tiny thing. It's "teal" not "aqua." lol

aquaman . jason taylor would be playing OlB in the 3-4 not DE smart guy. GET A Clue !

Mr. Bunglito and Sally are you 12 year olds posting on here? Do you watch football? Do you even know who Jason Taylor is? Do you watch Bob the builder after Pre School?

Seriously, if you are fins fans which I think neither of you are, do you have no respect for JT or what he has done for the Dolphins? You mine as well write of Marino as well then. It is these arguments when I wish we had some true football players to help end such arguments. Really what would Marino, or LT, or even TO say about haters like yourselves. Mando your thoughts please... A professional opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Bunglito and Sally are you 12 year olds posting on here? Do you watch football? Do you even know who Jason Taylor is? Do you watch Bob the builder after Pre School?

Seriously, if you are fins fans which I think neither of you are, do you have no respect for JT or what he has done for the Dolphins? You mine as well write of Marino as well then. It is these arguments when I wish we had some true football players to help end such arguments. Really what would Marino, or LT, or even TO say about haters like yourselves. Mando your thoughts please... A professional opinion would be greatly appreciated.

To Jeff Matta. I love JT to death as a Dolphin player. However, I just cant see him making it to the Hall of Fame above Bob Kuechenberg.

In his case, not being a dominant player on a winning team. Will most likely hurt him. I think he may have needed at least 1 or 2 more defensive MVP seasons to solidify his selection.

I hope not, but I wouldnt be a bit surprised if its held against him.

Kuechenberg played during our championship era. Earning like 4-5 All-Pro honors, at 2 different o-line positions. Plus, successfully playing a 3rd position at Center.

Still he's yet to be selected for the Hall. What a travesty. With the prevalent bias that exists against Dolphin players by the sports media today. Anything short of walking on water wont get you in.

1-bob the builder never had 1-15
2-marino is not god and what did he win?
3-i just have different opinion than yours.
4-changing the whole plan of building a strong one unit team for JT is a joke.
5-i do respect your opinion,we just don't agree.
6-i am open for hiring him as fashion designer for the new jersey and shorts.

HEY jeff First of all we don't to read the same post twice IDIOT . You' re the one that doesn't now football. Miami just released a old V. holliday because they're looking to the future and YOU want to bring in an even older , washed up player in taylor because you have wonderful memories of him. LOL Get a clue ! we are BUILDING for the future . Remember BIGGER , STRONGER , FASTER AND YOUNGER. Now go learn about football and stop dreaming of the ghost of taylor past.

mr bunglito , i always thought no one knows more football than you do and in the same time you teach people all over this blog how to think football like jeff and H.C.D and aquaman .keep up the good work


Bob played on a line with Little, Langer and Stephenson who all made the Fame. He was 6 time pro bowler. But JT has many more stats like 10 career TD's (most ever), 7 interceptions, 120 sacks and 1 Defensive MVP... Add that to Mr. Kuechenberg's attributes and he would have been selected. JT will get in, trust me. Bob has been complaining for years that he hasn’t been selected, not to say unrightfully.

thanks sally+all in the family, i try. Do you want to chant with me and maxx and jeff ? Are you ready; JASON JASON JASON JASON JASON ! WE LOOOOOOOOVE YOU JASON. pRETTY PLEASE COME BACK. you can bring us to the super bowl . we looooooooooooooooooooove you.

Hey Sally maybe if you watched sports you to could have an opinion and carry out a serious debate on your own. Mr. B. I look foward to future debates, Also maybe you can hold class on Saturdays for Sally in order for her to freshen up on her football knowledge.

Mr. B. is Sally your wifey? LOL the 2 of you are ridiculous. I just showed you why JT will make the hall of fame and you sit there and type gibberish like a 2 yr. old. Put your knowledge to use and debate me further why JT will not make the Hall. or maybe you are Bob K. still cryin that you weren't good enough to get voted in... Actually now that I think about it the more sense that, that makes LOLOLOL.

jeff ,i am happy that we spoke and for me is to have fun talking to people to learn a lot and i did with you and we never said any bad words to each other .meanwhile let all chant with bunglito COME BACK MY DEAR .ME SAVIOR.PLEASE PLEAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ TAKE A HIKE AND SPARE US ALL.IT'S HENNE'S TIME

I would like to trade jake long for multiple draft picks and sign richmond webb. He was great and is a future HOFamer. Webb has more experience and we can win the super bowl this year .

LOL, you basta**S, i did not post the Jake Long comment some one is trying to be cute (Mr. B or Sally) and frame me.

WE should be talking about real dolphins news. This is pure speculation. Taylor isn't coming back. That bridge has been burnt. There's no market for taylor. Taylor is getting desperate. He's brought this all on himself to drive the market . Case closed. Now the real news. Today was the first day of Voluntary workouts for veteren's. This is 1 reason taylor ain't coming back. He's going to miss to much time with offseason workouts. It's not fair to the team.

The other news is that they released the pre-season schedule. We're playing NO , Tampa ( on national tv FOX ) carolina and jacksonville.

Mr. B your posts are ridiculous and neither you nor Sally are worth my time.


jeff wah wah wah ! I knew you were a idiot wanting to trade Jake long LOL

Bungalito and Sally are not 12, they are actually my playmates in pre-school.

BTW, coach Belicheat promised to let me wear his tiny little shoes and borrow his toilet stool so I can reach the potty like he does.

what the hell, i am starting to warm up to mr bunglito's idea of not welcoming the dancer back.

Jeff, what happened? i thought you're a true fan,you traitor .

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