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Taylor would "absolutely" return to Dolphins

Spent part of Sunday afternoon and evening getting over food poisoning but between trips to the loo I noticed you guys flooded my e-mail box with Jason Taylor questions.

Somebody asked if my Sunday column was just me writing fiction or if I had actually talked to someone to report it. Yeah folks, I talk to other folks. And yes, I have been told the Dolphins would seriously consider bringing Taylor back to South Florida under the correct circumstances.

Would Taylor return, I was asked by some e-mailers?

"Absolutely, there no reason why I wouldn't," Taylor told a gathering of reporters Sunday in advance of his charity golf event Monday.

But Taylor volleyed the ball back in the Dolphins court on the issue. "I'm the wrong person to talk to about that."

Taylor also didn't dismiss talk of the New England Patriots being on his radar (yes, they definitely are) but said he has not spoken to the team. I think that's the reason he has an agent, but that's just me.

Anyway, expect Taylor to pick a team, and a team to pick him, in the coming month or so -- certainly not long after the draft is complete at latest.

Gotta go, if you know what I mean.


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AHHHH. That wise mr bunglito has done it again. See unlike you Maxx , Jeff has learned the ways of that wise old man. By the way there's a new blog.

i have to tell you people that i am a jet fan in the closet,wow that's made me feel much better.fins suck.

Maxx,what the hell going on man?

I'm really a pats fan . I just love the way taylor looks, especially naked.

this is getting outta control. guys u need you grow up. And JT you will always be welcome back in to miami even if he is second string or 3rd. The team is obviously not GOING TO BUILD AROUND HIM. You need a good mix of the old and young to keep everything in order. Sally you need keep it out of the family sleeping with siblings will make the kids retarded. oh wait it already happend to you.

Jason Taylor is prettier than my wife.

what do you mean rico?


Jason Taylor is a class act who gave his heart and soul to this franchise. If we can get him back at the right price; he will be a huge addition to the locker room. Tuna knows, if he can help us improve, he'll sign him. Jason finishing here is akin to Zo finishing his career with the Heat and having his number retired. Please sign him!

Anyone who thinks the fish went 1-15 because of Jason Taylor are idiots!!! Jason at the "right price," makes a lot of sense on every level..........a third down sack specialist, more depth, a dolphin legend....

1-15 Specialist already

oh bloody hell... jason taylor back in miami. i really hope that doesn't happen; he has too big an ego--not good for a young football team.

i highly doubt he is coming anyway. we should allocate the 6 or 7 million he desires and invest it in a wide receiver.

come on lads lets think objectively not subjectively...don't get caught up in the JT "Nostalgia ". yeah i know he did lovely things here but it's over now.

cheers miami

jordan jones

Birmingham, England

"oh bloody hell... jason taylor back in miami. i really hope that doesn't happen; he has too big an ego--not good for a young football team.

come on lads lets think objectively not subjectively...don't get caught up in the JT "Nostalgia ". yeah i know he did lovely things here but it's over now"


I've tried and tried AND TRIED to tell you kids...DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID but you just can't help yourselves can you?

Just mash your buttons honey..it's ALL going to be all right!

First of all, for all you Jason Taylor Haters, go eat Sh*t and Die! We "real Die hard Dolphin Fans want Jason taylor back on the team Fool! Don't you see the genius of Jason Taylor, He didn't want to play for the Redskins, and I Know he hates the Pat's as much as we do, so he won't play for the Cheaters! Jason Taylor will play for the 2009 Miami Dolphins with Cameron Wake, Joey Porter, and a new pass rusher and help create a superior pass rush to return to the playoffs, win the play-offs and get us back to the Super Bowl! We need Solid, strong, tough footballers on our team, and if we can get both Jason Taylor, and Zach Thomas back on the Dolphins and they produce, this will only help the Dolphins! So lay off the Jason Taylors, Zach Thomas, and Joey Porters! If you don't like the players on the Dolphins, GO get Fu*ked!

thank u for proof reading and spell checking my posts for grammatical errors. im glad we have soo many english teachers that r fans of the dolphins.

zack thomas one great player for any team ants to reach the stars of 1-15

wants to reach the stars

I'd love to have Taylor back. I don't wanna see him go to NE!!!


Whay are we looking at TE's in the draft when we have Fasano, Martin and Haynos?

First off to all Jason Taylor haters, you can close your mouths and stop rooting for the Dolphins. Taylor along with Zach Thomas gave the Dolphins an identity after Marino retired. A team without an identity is a mess. Look at the Lions. ( Sorry Lions fans, hope you guys draft a LT or Curry with the #1 pick )

Secondly to everyone who blames Taylor for the 1 - 15 season, look at his stats for the season. 56 tackles, 47 solo, 9 assist, 17 TFL, 11 sacks, 4 FF, 1 INT, 1 TD. Guess what? He had more TFL, Sacks, and FF than any other defensive players that year. Taylor and the Defense put Miami in position to win games in 2007, but with Cam Cameron's inept play calling our offense simply had trouble putting up points.

Tuna and Co. should absolutely bring back Jason Taylor for a number of reasons. To start it gives a veteran presence in the locker room, which is always a good thing. Taylor could teach some pass rushing wisdom to our young players like Merling and also to Wake. Not to mention he instantly upgrades our front seven, which would take pressure off our suspect secondary. Bringing him back would also allow him to retire as a Dolphin, which I am sure all Fins fans would love to see.

Even in limited playing time in 2008, Taylor tied for second in sacks for the 'Skins with 3.5. The sack leader only had 4. And he had 9 Passes Defended which was more than either DeAngelo Hall or Shawn Springs. So obviously he has some gas left in the tank.

Bringing Jason Taylor back as a pass rush specialist would be an amazing thing for the Fins, giving them the depth of pass rushers that helped the Giants win Super Bowl XLII.

Let's hope the front office and Taylor work together to get a deal done to make the Fins Defense a true monster!

I'll do what I damn well please whether you approve of it or not so you can stop with the "Tuna and Co.should absolutely" do this or that BS because until you can "manage" a REAL Football team and/or be something besides a Madden All-Star you haven't a clue what I should or shouldn't do!

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