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Cody Brown tour comes to Dolphins April 10

The Dolphins are not the only team in search of a pass rushing outside linebacker who can also hold the edge of the defense, which is one reason Cody Brown has been traveling the country the past few weeks, working out for New England, Denver and Carolina as the NFL draft draws closer.

Brown, a University of Connecticut defensive end, is one of the top pass-rushers available in the coming draft based on his 10 sacks and 16.5 tackles for losses in 2008. That's why he's in demand now and will be coming off the board on the first day of the selection process.

On Monday, Brown added to his list of teams visited by working out for the New York Giants. But the day of interest to Dolphins fans is April 10 when Brown gets a chance to reaquaint himself with the Dolphins. Brown, 6-2 and 244, is scheduled to be among the local players the Dolphins will bring to camp on Good Friday as part of their locals visits.

"It's been working out good,'' Brown said after his workout for the Giants Monday. "A lot of teams didn't know I could drop into coverage and do all that but I feel like I've been dropping pretty good. All the teams I've been working out for have told me I've been doing a real good job."

Brown has not worked out for the Dolphins but they have kept close tabs on him dating back to the regular-season when they studied him on film. The study was significant enough that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland recognized Brown when he showed up to one of their practices with his friend Donald Thomas, a former U-Conn teammate and current Miami guard.

"I was just chillin' with him and he told me he was going to go to one of the practices," Brown said. "I went out there to one of the practices with him and I watched the guys out there and I met Parcells and I met the GM, Jeff Ireland. And they were saying they've been watching me on film and that they wanted me to show what I could do, show more at the Senior Bowl. Pretty much they said they liked me as a player."

Pretty much the talk on the field moved inside the team's training facility, where the talk with Parcells started to take on the feel of a job interview.

"Yes, because like certain questions I answered he was talking to me like it was a job," Brown said. "He was going into the detail of everything that we were talking about."

Brown says his tour to various pass-rush hungry teams has been routine. They all want to see if he is capable of making the transition from a college defensive end to an NFL OLB.

"Pretty much you get down there at whatever time they want you," Brown said in going through the typical itinerary. "You warm up for a little bit. Some teams want to start you off with drills and other teams want to go over plays and stuff. Most teams do the drills first. And after you're done with the drills you go into a meeting room and they sit you down and you talk about football. You talk about family and they see what you're like as a person. That's pretty much it."

The Patriots stuck out for Brown because they got a little more in-depth.

"The Patriots showed me their defensive scheme and showed me how I would play in their scheme and how I would fit in," Brown said. "And then they compared it to what you did in college. So if I had a defense I could compare to it, they would help me out with learning the names and stuff like that."

Brown, obviously, would be happy to play for whichever team picks him. But he admits playing for Miami would be special because, after all, South Florida is his home.

"I would love that," he said. "I'm from the area. Most of my family members are Dolphins fans. So it would be a tremendous thing to happen for me."

And what type of player would the Dolphins be getting if Cody Brown ends up on their draft selection card April 25?

"A very versatile player. A smart player," Brown said. "A player who plays with intensity. I feel like I can pass rush really good as well as drop into the coverage very good. That's something most people can't really do."

Watch this quickie video of Brown against Buffalo in the International Bowl, a game in which Brown has six tackles, including a sack:


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Looks like im first. And the wets and cheatriots will battle for last.

This guy looks great. I would like to see us draft him before Belimidget gets his tiny little hands on him. We'll see i guess.

I hope the rumors of the Phins taking a WR in the first 2 rounds are just a smoke screen and they take 2 linebackers and a corner with their first 3 picks. The holes on the defensive side of the ball are more pressing than getting a WR. Cody Brown would be a nice pick at 56.

That's a pretty weak highlight reel. Sounds like this guy is not a 1st rounder.

WTF!!! this guy sucks!!! i would not take him unless he is there in the 5th. armando talks about a player and all you jackoffs start foaming at the mouth without knowing jack about the player. trust the trifecta.... not some cuban bannana boat reject. respond to that armando.



WOW!! On that 1st & 3rd play, against mighty, power-house Buffalo, he almost got there!!!

If I'm drafting based on Mando's highlight reels, I'm jumping on Nicks regardless that I NEVER draft a WR in rd 1!!

Cody is a great man, I hope the Dolphins grab him, if you know what I mean.

I just want to let you know, and am telling everyone, that I am officially out of the closet.

I feel soooooooooo soooo free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being from Connecticut I have watched Cody Brown alot and the guy is good. He is athletic, he gets a good rush on the qb but he also drops back in coverage and makes plays down the field. He would be a great 2nd round pick.

For all of you people incapable of breaking down film, the first clip is impressive in that he drives his blocker about 5 yards into the backfield and disrupted the running play, causing the running back to get dropped for a short or no gain. Even if he didn't make the tackle, that is still a good play on his part and shows that he can set the edge (albeit against Buffalo). The two sacks were nice as well. Pretty good film overall.

thanks ROB..it did help me .

i like that he can play both down at de and olb, not a bad prospect, i like him.

SIgn him now if possible,will he visit us soon and see his future team locker room and cafeteria .

lets see what cameron wake can do

If you clowns would have your way, Parcells would pick players by their ability to pick up girls in bars, not how they perform on the field. It's pretty laughable and 'Rob in MLB' is 100% right.

So is Armando wrong about this player b/c you think he is gay or b/c Parcells, you know, the guy who runs the team, has taken a liking to him?

Btw - you know that Bill Parcells has an idea of how to gauge talent, right?


Any chance wake will change his first to some thing else due to the reaction to the name .......cameron?

Impressive footage... is he know to take plays off?
"A bunch of no-namers out there that are better?" Um, they're "no-namer's" for a reason. What's with the caps? Why are you screaming?

i like the WR reel from earlier.

thats the best film u could find? if so im not impressed and oh yea f jim kelly

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Sidbury In Demand
Posted by Aaron Wilson on March 31, 2009, 12:09 p.m.
University of Richmond defensive end/outside linebacker Lawrence Sidbury drew a big NFL crowd to his campus Pro Day workout with 31 NFL teams in attendance, according to Gil Brandt of NFL.com.

That included Carolina Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney as well as the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins’ linebackers coaches as Baltimore Ravens linebackers coach Vic Fangio oversaw the workout drills.

At 6-foot-2, 265 pounds, Sidbury is regarded as a strong pass rushing candidate. He has visited the Buffalo Bills and has schedule visits with the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans and St. Louis Rams.

Sidbury ran the 40-yard dash in 4.57 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine, bench pressing 225 pounds 28 times and turned in a 35-inch vertical leap.

Last season, Sidbury posted 7 1/2 sacks.
NFL teams are enamored of Sidbury’s potential.

This sounds more like the kinda LB BP likes
6-foot-2, 265 pounds
4.57 seconds
225 pounds 28 times

A LB named Lawrence!


YES i'm in love with jason taylor. SO WHAT. I need taylor. i want taylor . I have to have taylor. Jason jason jason jason ! Pleeeeeese jason come back. I love your pretty green eyes. I love any old washed up dolphin ( madison, surtain,thomas ) to come back. I think they have more experience and we can win the super bowl now. Yeeeeeeessssss , I just got my new naked Taylor ( with a straw hat )poster in the mail . Yeeeeeesss farm animals included. YEEEEEEE Haaaaawwwwww !

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i agree with ted if he's right but i don't if he's wrong.

I'd like to respond to Phinsfan's outstanding question. I am, actually, not from Cuba, though I have great admiration for the spirit and yearning for freedom of the noble people on that imprisoned isle. My two favorite Cubans are Cuban Menace and Armando Salguero. My least favorite Cuban is Desi Arnaz, Sr.

The country of my birth, Canada, permits visits to Cuba. (The Castros use the currency to help prop up their illegitimate regime, so I am not a fan of Canadian policy.) My understanding is that, under normal circumstances, the United States does not permit travel to Cuba. I shall honor the American boycott because I am a loyal American (or will be) and a fan of freedom.

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Someone else is posting using my name. I did not write either of these posts:
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I don't care about your occupation, or anything else personal about you. I don't call people names. I didn't identify you in my post because I did not want to embarrass you. I don't (usually) point out the errors of others. If I did, I would do nothing else. My philosophy on such matters is: I would rather be happy than right. Constantly correcting people just leads to bad will and bad feelings. You are a prime example. I posted to point out to you, regardless of your occupation or education, that you ought to be right before calling out someone (like you did on a Dolphin Blog). Maybe you will learn a lesson here, but I doubt it.

Let us get this right: You so-called draft experts see 35 seconds of stuff on youtube and can make a decision if a player is any good or not? You guys know less about football than we do and that's saying something.

ted is a tool

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ted, why you just say i am sorry to NJ fan and make friends with him, he's a great guy.

would have to see a lot more tape on Cody Brown and against much higher caliper team in order to make a decision.How would he do against a top 10 team. There is such a difference between the collage ranks in it self and the big jump to the big time NFL

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Go Fins!

Not too interesting for me today this blog. Still haven't figured me out, Armando?

I typed my apology before seeing your latest posts. I apologized because you deseved it, not because you demanded it. Your insistent name calling is becoming rude and obnoxious. I can assure you that I am not a hillbilly, a fool, a tool, uneducated or an "azzwhipe" (whatever that is - there's a wipe, a whip, a whap, a whup, whoop, whelp and a whalp, among others - but there's no whipe, sorry). Not that it matters, but I happen to be a doctor, and my life is just fine. I am extemely qualified and highly educated. Quit the BS name calling, it is not very becoming.

I just realized something...again. Shula was a great coach. When the situation dictated it, he was able to change, most notably of course when Marino came in and he changed from a brusing Csonka offense to the greatest passing game the NFL has ever seen.

But here we have Parcells- a great coach/executive, too- but here's the question. If we cannot get good pass-rushing OLBs, as is quite possible, will he change from a 3-4 to a 4-3? I think we know the answer, and I'm not sure I like it. You have to get players that fit your system, but if you don't/can't get them, you must consider changing the system, no?

The following are the first names of girls I had major crushes on throughout my schooling:

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Some notes:

It's apparent that Lori was my obsession. I never really got over her. I don't think I ever will.

The first Edith (Grade 1) made a reappearance 3 years later in Grade 4. She was an older woman.

But the most noteworthy gap is the 6 years between the first Rona (Grade 6 and Grade 12). That gap is somewhat akin to the 8 year gap between Dan Marino's AFC Passing Championships (1986 and 1994). Marino, of course, also led the AFC in passing in 1983 and 1984. (In 1984, he led the entire NFL).

Ted . I want to thank you for being a stand up man and admitting when you were wrong . This should be a good lesson on staying out of other peoples fights. This is why i don't get involved unless my name is brought up. LOL. Also i suggest a pair of reading glasses or hit the zoom button on your computer to get a clearer view . LOL. Finally it is an imposter asking and answering the idiot and plumbing questions. That's why he was deleted. Again . thank you for the apology and i accept. And yes GO PHINS !

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This blog is bizarrely addictive.

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