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What about (fill in name here) for Dolphins?

The last couple of days have served to fill up my Outlook box in Microsoft because many readers want to know what the chances are of Miami signing this veteran or that veteran, this aging receiver here, or that overpriced cornerback there, or possibly even that complaining quarterback over yonder.

So rather than spend an hour replying individually to everyone's e-mails on a day off, I figured I'd just work five minutes on here to answer everyone's questions in one fell swoop. [Blog effeciency note: 'Tis better to work five minutes than 60 minutes on a day off.]

Below you'll find the names of some veterans released or generally considered available via trade. And you'll find my take on whether the Dolphins will show interest or not. I have asked specifiically about some of these players. Others, I've not asked about and will tell you I haven't. But I have a guesstimate as to Miami's interest and will share that.

OK, here we go:

WR Torry Holt: The man nicknamed "Big Game" had his string of eight, count 'em, eight consecutive 1,000-yard receiving seasons broken in 2008 when he caught 64 passes for 796 yards. He also had a career low three TD receptions. And his average per reception, on the decline in three of the past four years, was at a career low 12.4 yards per catch. I have not asked about Holt because the timing isn't right for him to join the Dolphins. Let's face it, the Dolphins are going to draft a receiver. If this was May rather than March and Miami already had failed to come out of the draft with a receiver, this would be more of a possibility. But Miami is intent on adding youth and vibrancy and future potential to the receiver corps. Holt is none of those.

The Dolphins are going to take only five, and sometimes four, receivers to the game, as Tony Sparano would say. After Ted Ginn Jr., Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo and Brandon London (for special teams), there isn't a lot of roster room for a soon-to-be 33-year-old declining player, who doesn't play special teams, and probably wants to maximize his final chance at a contract. Other teams such as San Francisco, Pittsburgh or either New York team would be a better fit for Holt.

One more thing about Holt that all but erases his chances of playing for Miami. You recall last season's game between the Rams and Dolphins? At one point, late in the game, the Rams had the ball with a chance to win if they could author a touchdown drive. Throwing the ball on every down, the Rams scored a couple of first downs, but surprisingly, Holt was on the sideline at that time. In the game's most important moment, Holt took himself out of the game! He was not injured and he was not ordered to come out, I confirmed later. I asked cornerback Andre' Goodman what he made of Holt and Goodman told me he was surprised and that he had seen no fire in Holt's face all game long. That is not the reputation Holt carried throughout his previous 10 seasons. But it definitely is not the type of response or example the Dolphins need for their young receiver corps.

CB Pacman Jones: You guys that think this is a fit are simply trippin'. I know Adam Jones, as he supposedly goes by now, did an interview with Foxsports.com to rehabilitate his reputation. But that doesn't mean he's rehabilitated. What he is is a player three years removed from a good season. He is a guy who sat out all of 2007 on suspension, missed parts of 2008 because of another suspension, and is one misstep from another suspension. Oh, and he's not that good anymore. When he did play in 2008, he wasn't able to lock down many receivers, much less a starting job. He started six times in nine games, but that was only because the Cowboys were depleted at cornerback and they really had no other options. Bill Parcells, by the way, is a big believer in not hiring thugs. He hates the fact some of his players go to clubs because he believes nothing good ever comes out of those visits. He has told his players as much. So you think Parcells is then going to sign a player known for embracing the thug lifestyle and visiting all sorts of clubs, particularly ones with the word, "strip," in front of it? Stop it. Just stop it. 

QB Jay Cutler. Hmmmm. Very interesting. It is clear the Pro Bowl quarterback is on the outs in Denver. The Broncos considered trading him because Josh McDaniels is the new coach and the new coach apparently doesn't feel quite comfortable with the old coach's quarterback. And the old quarterback doesn't necessarily like the new coach, as every meeting between the two worsens a bad situation. So I look for Cutler, who is already selling his home in Denver, to be traded by draft day. Cutler would be an upgrade for the Dolphins. He's better than Chad Pennington. He's proven and Chad Henne is not. The guy took a team with no defense and no running game into the final game of the season with a chance to win the AFC West. That's how good he is.

But he would not come cheap. The Broncos would want a first-round pick for him along with other considerations. It's the other considerations that cloud the picture. If Denver wants two first round picks, that eliminates Miami because the need isn't big enough to justify the move. Other teams such as the Jets, Vikings, Houston, San Francisco, and St. Louis would pull the trigger on a such a deal before Miami ever would. So the chances of this happening in Miami are slim. But to dismiss those chances as impossible is wrong also.

CB Chris McAlister: His agent made a pitch to the Dolphins about signing McAlister but as of this morning, the Dolphins had not shown interest. I am thinking the signing of Eric Green to a two-year contract with base salaries of $1.2 million in 2009 and $1.625 million in 2010 sends a clear signal of Miami's intentions at cornerback:

The Dolphins will give Green the opportunity to compete for a starting job this season and maybe next. But they intend to bring in an early draft pick this year with the hope that rookie also competes for the same starting job. Would McAlister have been a better veteran option than Green? I think so, particularly since Green isn't being veiwed as the long-term solution. But I don't make these decisions and the Dolphins know more about these players than I ever could. So I don't think McAlister is in the picture now. 

DE/OLB Jason Taylor: As I've reported first and exclusively, the Dolphins have not closed the door on a JT sequel. Given the right circumstances, Bill Parcells would love the addition of a proven pass-rush threat that he believes would bring double-digit sacks to the team in 2009. But ...

The window of opportunity is closing. The Dolphins are scheduled to begin their offseason conditioning program March 30 and if Taylor wants to wear the aqua and orange again, he would have to fully commit to being part of that program from the start, and indeed, being a star in that program. I am not sure Taylor wants to make that commitment.

There is also the small issue of MONEY. The Dolphins are not able at the moment to give Taylor the two-year, $10-14 million deal he could probably get elsewhere. They could pay him excellent money, no doubt, but not premium money. So as Miami would welcome JT back under the right circumstances, it would be up to JT to decide if those circumstances suit him.

If he's about getting the biggest payday possible, he won't play in Miami. If he's about taking a vacation until training camp opens, he won't play in Miami.

But if he wants to return home, work his tail off in the conditioning program to prepare for a comeback season, be driven by something other than the biggest available paycheck, and play with a competitive and up-and-coming team, then Miami is his answer.

OK, my five minutes are up. Discuss at will ...


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mando please forward this to mr. parcells and co: please sign the following players, marvin harrison, adam jones, jason taylor(discount), derrick brooks(possibly?)

JT would be a perfect fit. We need help at the OLB spot. Roth is a decent fill-in, but this would fill a HUGE need.

Also, Holt would come in as a starter opposite Ginn and give us an option over the middle. With our young group of receivers, he could teach them the "ins and outs". Perfect complement. Sign him up for 2 years and don't look back!


No on all of those... are you kidding??? Pacman Jones??? Not only is he trouble off the field, he is unproductive when he's on the field...gimmie a break...

I like the idea of Matt Jones. Big fast strong. If Ricky can come clean Jones can too and he was having a pretty good season on a non passing team. He has skills.


What about the rumors that Boldin is back on the block???? I know the trifecta doesn't believe in trading high draft picks (and I agree with them on that), but what do you think the Cardinals would be asking for him? I think if the dolphins could get him for one of our 2 second rounders, it would be something that they would have to at least consider....I mean the guy is young and exactly what we are looking for, a strong wr that gets lots of yards after the catch. Not to mention that he is less of a question mark than any wr taken in the 2cnd round...

Good post Mando,

I agree with what you said, I see us picking 1 or 2 FA before the draft (or maybe after) but only for depth and will be no big names, nor big money signings

Anything about trading players (Satele, Ginn, Roth)?

With the Jags releasing Matt Jones, I would love to see the phins trading Wilford back to the Jags since all they have now is Northcutt. Maybe a 4th or 5th rndr.

Fin Fin SURELY you jest.....NO WAY to pacman!!!

Armando Cutler would be intriguing but alas the price is too steep and we all know that JT won't have the commitment needed. Phins wire watch from here on out and then score big on Draft Day with a DT or LB in Rd1....

I hope Taylor will agree to play for a little less and commit to the off season program. If he focused we would have a nice pass rush.

Cutler would be nice, but I dont think we need him. It would probably cost, at least, a first round pick. We dont need to waste that pick for a QB.I hope Sparano will give Henne a shot in preseason to win the job. Then keep the pick and use it on Nicks if possible.

As for the rest, pass on them all and draft a cb and other needed positions.


Remember what happened with the last big wr we signed from the jags who had "skills" and a "pretty good season?" ...cough...cough Ernest Wilford?

The Dolphins are very unlikely to sign any of these guys. They're just too committed to youth, and to guys that are committed to them. That's a good thing.

One more reason they won't trade for Cutler: Coach Sparano likes Chad Pennington waaaay too much to bring in a replacement. Exhibit A: the playoff game, where Pennington was still in there after throwing 4 INT's, and his team desperately needed a do-or-die spark. Exhibit B: we're not even to the draft and Pennington's already been named the starter!


Any ideas on some value producers like Daven holly or Kevin Shaffer at RG/LG and serving as our primary T backup. Both are under 30 and performed well on underperforming teams.

Mando, could you take 30 more seconds out of your day off and discuss Samari Roll. I think he's way better than McALLister and younger and the guy can ball. He's from Miami too.

I pretty much agree with on on everyone. I would love to see JT back, I think he could have a monster year if he wanted to.

The Dolphins are kind of disappointing me if this is indeed their take on free agency. This team won the AFC East last year, so its not that far away from championship contention -- it should try to win now and to do so they need an elite veteran receiver like Holt or Boldin. Camarillo is nice, but....he is Camarillo and not whats needed to go to the big event.

JT would be a good move. The Eric Green signing smacks of desperation. With better FA possibilities out there, why Green?

And whats the possibility of signing Zack Thomas on the cheap to give him a proper Dolphin farewell season?

Bring back Favre. Sign Plaxico. Trade for TO. Put Orlando Pace at right guard. Let's have an all Ravens defensive backfield.

Any thoughts?

Take Jay Cutler and trade Pennington...... I think Chad is great but Cutler has many years ahead of him and a rocket arm!.

Excellent post amigo! That tidbit about Holt was very very good. It's the reason I read this blog and just laugh when people mention other blogs, particular the ones written by the amateurs wanna-be journalists.

I also appreciate you getting us the numbers on Green's contract.

What do you think about Sammari Rolle? The guys is from here. Hometown discount?

Mando when you going on 790 again. Tune in on the weekends but all they got is losers that don't know nothing about nothing so I just tune out.

Of all those mentioned the only one that I would go after is Cutler. I liked him coming out of college and he is done nothing but get better every year in the pros. He can be a little immature but he is a talent and he has had some big 4th quater come from behind wins to his credit where he had to put the team on his back and carry them to a win. Unfortunately I do not see the Phins having enough ammunition to pull off a deal for him. Furthermore, As much as both Cutler and the Broncos are not happy with the current situation the Broncos really have no other option at QB and thus I think realistically the odds that they will deal Cutler are slim. And no, including Beck in the deal is not a viable option for the Broncos.


There were 1406 words in your post. Over the course of 5 minutes, that's about 281.2 WPM. That's a new world record. Congratulations.

Matt Jones was called out in Jacksonville for lack of intensity. What do you think would happen to him in Miami. I shudder to think.
I do like the thought of trading Wilford back there though. A seventh rounder would do.

Nice analysis, Mando.

as much as i love chad pennington, the chance to obtain jay cutler cannot be squandered! jay cutler would be a cornerstone for years--he is worth 2 first round picks. moreover, we have a good offensive line to protect him.

cheers miami :)
jordan jones

birmingham, england

I think acquiring Jay Cutler would be a big move. Investing a first rounder + would also be worth it because not only would it improve the QB position for the Dolphins, it would also fully exploit Ted Ginn's assets. If Eddie Royal caught 85 balls in Denver, imagine what Ginn could do with this guy. Acquiring Cutler would be like acquiring two players in one trade. And he was also Mr. Olympia - wait, wrong Jay Cutler.

Matt Jones would also be interesting because he has the skill set the Dolphins are reportedly after. However, the 'phins are not into guys with coke habits and good enough for them for believing in so - you need to be able to depend on the guy next to you in the room. And you have to believe that he is going to give his all - it pushes everyone else to do the same.


How does signing Eric Green "smack of desperation"??? (not sure if that makes sense...)

If anything, signing Green is an indicator that they are sticking to the plan...They let an aging corner in Goodman go because he was asking for too much (5 million a year) and signed a younger, proven starter for 1-2 million a year...sounds like a good deal to me....

One slight disagreement on Cutler being better.
I believe that Pennington is better for the Dolphins.
Chad brings not only basic QB skills to consider for the team. He is skilled, but more importantly he is intelligent, and a leader. He has and is helping this team grow up into a real team. Would Cutler spend all the extra time that Chad does with the O line and receivers to help mold them into a united unit? Does he even have the leadership abilities to do it? Pennington is and will be doing worlds of good for Chad Henne. Chad Pennington is at this time a major part of building this team into a future force to be reckoned with.

Matt Jones, size, speed, wildcat experience and he tells the truth and goes to jail...please Tuna, do it

Oh BTW, Jay Cutler is a whiny bi-atch...I don't think that is exactly a "Parcells guy"... The dolphins like tough tuff, smart players... Jay Cutler thinks he is better than Elway with nothing to show for it or back it up...brilliant...

I know Chad Pennington had an incredible year for the Fins, but loyalty and respect aside - wouldn't a trade for Cutler fast-track the Dolphins Superbowl ambitions? Pennington, Henne and any additional picks to Denver for Cutler would sure help our AFC East title chances.

A solid running game and a deep passing threat would really open up the offense. Make it happen Parcells.

Soulbeats: Green is hardly a proven corner, he is proved to be a bad cornerback. Better to thrown a couple million at a cornerback who is proven to be a good one.

PLEASE sign Paceman Jones, he's the best of the lot.

Tory Holt-- too old and unproductive. I dont think it would be worth sitting one of our up and coming receivers for an over the hill one.

Pacman Jones-- seriously?! way too much of a headache. How much trouble do you think he can get into in Mia?

Jay Cutler-- Thats just stupid. we have Penington now and Henne will get his shot. If Henne had already played and struggled then I could see the possibility but right now it makes absolutely no sense. QB is not a need. If you really think we should sign Cutler you should be a Redskin fan.

Chris McAlister-- This one would have made sense but with Bell and Wilson back there I think they could be talked about as one of the best safety tandems in the league. We can afford to look for the right corner in the draft.

JT-- Of course, he would make an immediate impact especially in helping out the secondary but he would have to show up in training camp. After all that crap he pulled it may be the only way I could look at him the same as I did before last season. Emotions aside, last year was the first year Roth played LB. Lets not forget that. As quickly as he adjusted to the position change there is no reason to think he wont improve every year. Also, if Wake can do what he has in the past in the CFL, we do not need Taylor.

I Forgot to add Jay Cutler to Jones to be signed ,they are the best.


Eric Green is a better option right now that Jason Allen... If anything he will provide good competition in training camp for Allen and whatever rookie we draft. The guy has been a starter in the league for 3 years, thats more than can be said for anyone else on the roster (except Will Allen).... and its not like 1.2 million is a big contract...

If Cutler became a Dolphin I would cancel my season tickets and never watch the team again. The guy is the most overrated QB in the league and has won absolutely nothing on a team that is way better than his record as a starter. You know who else had a rocket arm in this league... Jeff George!!

Matt Jones-- I wouldnt even put him on my fantasy team. How much coke do you think he can get in Mia?

Who ever said that eric green is better than Jason Allen must look at their states before talking like an idoit.

For those of you who constantly talk of trading Wilford, please stop. That guy isn't worth a pair of smelly sweat socks. The only team possibly dumb enough to trade for that pig would be the Paper Airplanes.

As for acquiring Cutler, again, please enough. The guy is a big baby and not the leader you need at the most important position in football. So many constantly talk of getting rid of Pennington. The guy is a supreme leader and a winner. Personally, I believe this staff, especially Parcells, sees him as a future coach with this team. I hope he never goes, even after his playing days are done.


no to all except JT. But its up to JT if he wants to play here again


before you call somebody an idiot, you should look a little harder at the stats...Most stats Jason Allen has got came at Safety...he has been horrible at corner, and switched back to safety numerous times...this season is his last chance because up until now...he has sucked...idiot


and Eric Green has higher numbers than Jason Allen in tackles, passes broken up, and forced fumbles...how stupid are you?

RexRayan IS planing the future for the dolphins while they are trying to complete getting out of the sewer ,very smart man rex .chad.P will coah the team how to commit interception in playoff games.LOL LOL LOL


As i have said before, your pathetic team not only screwed up by bringing in the most over rated diva queen in history, but was dumb enough to give us Pennington for nothing. OUCH! I know that stings, especially when unlike your lousy excuse for an organization, the Dolphins win division titles while they are rebuilding, and play in playoff games while the Smelts are on the golf course lamenting another sorry campaign. Make sure they schedule Hofstra this year, then maybe they can actually mix in a win. LOL, LOL, LOL.

"The Eric Green signing smacks of desperation. With better FA possibilities out there, why Green?"

Jed -- The Eric Green signing smacked of desperation and overemphasis on big name mentality, but that was the last time around......in 1995.

As souljahbeats pointed out, with this Eric Green we got younger and cheaper. I like Goody, but who sees him starting in three years or even playing the nickle in four?

Argue that the Tuna crew should be more willing to sacrifice the later for the now, but the last thing bringing Green on is is desperation. If anything it is cautious.

What we finally have is a crew building for more than just next season, and the two Eric Greens are good examples of that change.

We need to sure up our secondary we should go after a Dre Bly or some other DB to help with what is turning in to the pass happy AFC East! Not to mention Reggie Hines an all the other WR's looking to burn our under achiving dbs

cutler the mutler!!! how can you guys sell out chad pennington so easy???

Mel Kiper thinks Cutler is one of the most over-rated and over-hyped QB's both at the college and pro level. The man is throughly reckless with the football and has too many brain cramps. Not to mention that Cutler sounds more like a nut job every day. Pennington is a better, more reliable QB in my books by a mile. I wouldn't let Cutler pump gas in my car....he'd probably spill half of it.

As for JT, would love to see him back but he isn't getting that kind of money anywhere unless it is incentive laden.

That is some of the best stuff you've written, but what about Rolle, if in fact the Ravens DO let him go, as it is reported they are going to do?

I think most of you guys are nuts!! Love Jay Cutler as a player but how is giving up a first round pick or more the right thing for this team? I read one blogger who said this would get us closer to our Super Bowl dream.....really? How does trading future talent for another QB get us closer to what we want? Aren't those the same mistakes that previous regimes made and got us into this mess in the first place? Don't you guys learn ANYTHING from previous errors? We are not a Super Bowl team as things stand right now. We finished 11-5 based on a last place schedule and a team that over-achieved based on belief in the coaching staff!! Let's not get ahead of ourselves and think we can turn this around overnight. Cutler will end up with the Jets for a first or more because the Jets are playing to win now and they are missing a QB. The idea of adding a Holt or a Matt Jones is appealing to me and we draft another WR with one of our early picks and then everyone competes for starting time come camps.

Four simple little words:


See, its easy to say and its a simple concept.


You can even write a short song about it...

When you're getting ready to write that big check for that overpriced FA...remember that you can...


When you have that aging veteran who's demanding so much cash..just remember that you can...


When you have moronic people on blogs calling for you to sign Torry Holt, sign Pac Man Jones, give up the farm for Jay Cutler, just remember that you can....


I think my point is clear.

HEY , JED. Lets bring back AJ DUHE , John offerdahl and bob baumhower to go along with thomas and taylor . This way we can give them all a nice farewell Season .

If the moon was made of a big old hunk of cheese would you take a bite out of it? Would ya? Its a simple yes/no question.

Rex Sucks,
i know it's hard for you to speak football cause you have no good idea to put out there so in this case leave me and other blogers to tell you what fins should and shouldn't do .BTW are you related to the interception man?

I breathe fire and step on little people . I am fearsome. Have a nice day.

nj phin fan asking us to sign all these player and assure us that we go back to live in the basement again with pride.



Numba 1 club hit yo.

I'm all about Jay Cutler! Do it Tuna!! Love Penny, but c'mon. Penny is done after this year, and while I believe in Henne, Cutler IS while Hennie MIGHT BE! Are you kidding me? Make this happen!

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