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What about (fill in name here) for Dolphins?

The last couple of days have served to fill up my Outlook box in Microsoft because many readers want to know what the chances are of Miami signing this veteran or that veteran, this aging receiver here, or that overpriced cornerback there, or possibly even that complaining quarterback over yonder.

So rather than spend an hour replying individually to everyone's e-mails on a day off, I figured I'd just work five minutes on here to answer everyone's questions in one fell swoop. [Blog effeciency note: 'Tis better to work five minutes than 60 minutes on a day off.]

Below you'll find the names of some veterans released or generally considered available via trade. And you'll find my take on whether the Dolphins will show interest or not. I have asked specifiically about some of these players. Others, I've not asked about and will tell you I haven't. But I have a guesstimate as to Miami's interest and will share that.

OK, here we go:

WR Torry Holt: The man nicknamed "Big Game" had his string of eight, count 'em, eight consecutive 1,000-yard receiving seasons broken in 2008 when he caught 64 passes for 796 yards. He also had a career low three TD receptions. And his average per reception, on the decline in three of the past four years, was at a career low 12.4 yards per catch. I have not asked about Holt because the timing isn't right for him to join the Dolphins. Let's face it, the Dolphins are going to draft a receiver. If this was May rather than March and Miami already had failed to come out of the draft with a receiver, this would be more of a possibility. But Miami is intent on adding youth and vibrancy and future potential to the receiver corps. Holt is none of those.

The Dolphins are going to take only five, and sometimes four, receivers to the game, as Tony Sparano would say. After Ted Ginn Jr., Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo and Brandon London (for special teams), there isn't a lot of roster room for a soon-to-be 33-year-old declining player, who doesn't play special teams, and probably wants to maximize his final chance at a contract. Other teams such as San Francisco, Pittsburgh or either New York team would be a better fit for Holt.

One more thing about Holt that all but erases his chances of playing for Miami. You recall last season's game between the Rams and Dolphins? At one point, late in the game, the Rams had the ball with a chance to win if they could author a touchdown drive. Throwing the ball on every down, the Rams scored a couple of first downs, but surprisingly, Holt was on the sideline at that time. In the game's most important moment, Holt took himself out of the game! He was not injured and he was not ordered to come out, I confirmed later. I asked cornerback Andre' Goodman what he made of Holt and Goodman told me he was surprised and that he had seen no fire in Holt's face all game long. That is not the reputation Holt carried throughout his previous 10 seasons. But it definitely is not the type of response or example the Dolphins need for their young receiver corps.

CB Pacman Jones: You guys that think this is a fit are simply trippin'. I know Adam Jones, as he supposedly goes by now, did an interview with Foxsports.com to rehabilitate his reputation. But that doesn't mean he's rehabilitated. What he is is a player three years removed from a good season. He is a guy who sat out all of 2007 on suspension, missed parts of 2008 because of another suspension, and is one misstep from another suspension. Oh, and he's not that good anymore. When he did play in 2008, he wasn't able to lock down many receivers, much less a starting job. He started six times in nine games, but that was only because the Cowboys were depleted at cornerback and they really had no other options. Bill Parcells, by the way, is a big believer in not hiring thugs. He hates the fact some of his players go to clubs because he believes nothing good ever comes out of those visits. He has told his players as much. So you think Parcells is then going to sign a player known for embracing the thug lifestyle and visiting all sorts of clubs, particularly ones with the word, "strip," in front of it? Stop it. Just stop it. 

QB Jay Cutler. Hmmmm. Very interesting. It is clear the Pro Bowl quarterback is on the outs in Denver. The Broncos considered trading him because Josh McDaniels is the new coach and the new coach apparently doesn't feel quite comfortable with the old coach's quarterback. And the old quarterback doesn't necessarily like the new coach, as every meeting between the two worsens a bad situation. So I look for Cutler, who is already selling his home in Denver, to be traded by draft day. Cutler would be an upgrade for the Dolphins. He's better than Chad Pennington. He's proven and Chad Henne is not. The guy took a team with no defense and no running game into the final game of the season with a chance to win the AFC West. That's how good he is.

But he would not come cheap. The Broncos would want a first-round pick for him along with other considerations. It's the other considerations that cloud the picture. If Denver wants two first round picks, that eliminates Miami because the need isn't big enough to justify the move. Other teams such as the Jets, Vikings, Houston, San Francisco, and St. Louis would pull the trigger on a such a deal before Miami ever would. So the chances of this happening in Miami are slim. But to dismiss those chances as impossible is wrong also.

CB Chris McAlister: His agent made a pitch to the Dolphins about signing McAlister but as of this morning, the Dolphins had not shown interest. I am thinking the signing of Eric Green to a two-year contract with base salaries of $1.2 million in 2009 and $1.625 million in 2010 sends a clear signal of Miami's intentions at cornerback:

The Dolphins will give Green the opportunity to compete for a starting job this season and maybe next. But they intend to bring in an early draft pick this year with the hope that rookie also competes for the same starting job. Would McAlister have been a better veteran option than Green? I think so, particularly since Green isn't being veiwed as the long-term solution. But I don't make these decisions and the Dolphins know more about these players than I ever could. So I don't think McAlister is in the picture now. 

DE/OLB Jason Taylor: As I've reported first and exclusively, the Dolphins have not closed the door on a JT sequel. Given the right circumstances, Bill Parcells would love the addition of a proven pass-rush threat that he believes would bring double-digit sacks to the team in 2009. But ...

The window of opportunity is closing. The Dolphins are scheduled to begin their offseason conditioning program March 30 and if Taylor wants to wear the aqua and orange again, he would have to fully commit to being part of that program from the start, and indeed, being a star in that program. I am not sure Taylor wants to make that commitment.

There is also the small issue of MONEY. The Dolphins are not able at the moment to give Taylor the two-year, $10-14 million deal he could probably get elsewhere. They could pay him excellent money, no doubt, but not premium money. So as Miami would welcome JT back under the right circumstances, it would be up to JT to decide if those circumstances suit him.

If he's about getting the biggest payday possible, he won't play in Miami. If he's about taking a vacation until training camp opens, he won't play in Miami.

But if he wants to return home, work his tail off in the conditioning program to prepare for a comeback season, be driven by something other than the biggest available paycheck, and play with a competitive and up-and-coming team, then Miami is his answer.

OK, my five minutes are up. Discuss at will ...


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YEAH BABY!! THE JETSIES are going after Cutler. That is wonderful... more ints for us. Who is going to throw too? I hope the first game of season is against the JETS

Cutler is the man and no doubt about it,please god let penne or henne leave then we can get cutler the man from heavn

What about Peppers? He wants to play in a 3-4 and NE is already investigating the options.... why wont the Phins look at him???

Build through the draft. Trade away Beck, Ginn, and any others for more picks.

you see ,cutler has a winning face and dolphins has a loser face ....can they click with on anther ?I dOUBTED,that's why the interception man stay for another season plus cutler will pick jets over fins cause he doesn't need to worry about HENNE looking over his shoulders.

Holt: Would be a solid signing if we didn't already have a sorry, old, unproductive receiver making too much money...every team needs one! In his defense; which one of you hasn't had a bad day/attitude on the job? Who wants to play for the Rams?

PacMan: Please...

Matt Jones: Now, that would be fun. Can you see the conversation in the locker room between him and Porter? Remember Porter's thoughts on his playing time/suspension/ and fines last year? I say Porter breaks his neck in response to a stupid comment and then we're out 10-13 sacks next season due to manslaughter charges.

Taylor: Doesn't have the desire to go through a complete camp. He wants a fat contract in Hollywood, I see him in the Silver/Black next year...looking for the silver-screen...It's a shorter commute to LA. Hope I'm wrong, I just adore him and what he's done for us over the years.

Cutler: Why? We have two very capable QB's. We got to the playoffs with them. We were knocked out for other glaring reasons. I realize the INT's didn't help.

Rolle: He's interesting and would like to hear more thoughts on that.

I agree with many of the opinions to just pick up FA depth in a paticular position and watch the wire. The better FA's are gone now.

I see you still got a bunch of idiots in your comments section. Do you a-holes here making cheap shots have a life?

Yeah, Zach Thomas is hardly circa 80's, New Jowrzky fin fag (is your state still full of mutants from the toxic waste sites?).

As for my statement re: Green and it being a desperate signing, was referring to the fact that they signed the guy likely thinking there was not much out there to be had at the CB when in fact there is and will be...Reminds me of their signing of Ernest Wilford -- we know what a waste he has turned out to be. Supposedly Wilford was also young, talented, and just needed a better situation, right...

Dolphins are not retarded, they can grab proven vets and draft and sign young ones for the future at the same time.

I agree with everything except Cutler. I don't think they would ever consider Cutler and in my opinion he is not better the Pennington. Henne wil be the QB of the future but Penny has at least one or two good years.

Give me a break

Pacman. When you hear someone say his name you think of trouble rather than production. Enough said.

Holt, there's no room for him here. Who you going to bench. Cam was leading the pack before he got hurt in week 12. Bess finished season as a starter had over 600yds. That's with only starting 6 games. Ginn had 790yds and seems to be slowly coming around.

Matt Jones would end up in prison down in Miami. Enough said.

J. Taylor , noway he commits to what Tuna wants. Porter can talk to him to let him know how being a Parcells guy just seems to make you play better. Not sure but wasn't he 2nd in league behind Ware another Parcells guy.

Cutler, unless they would take 2 of our 3 qbs on depht chart as a even trade. (Maybe a late rounder too but Beck certainly being one of the 2) I don't see that happening. I say he goes to Detroit or Rams for their 1st 3rd and 6th round picks.

Give me a break

Pacman. When you hear someone say his name you think of trouble rather than production. Enough said.

Holt, there's no room for him here. Who you going to bench. Cam was leading the pack before he got hurt in week 12. Bess finished season as a starter had over 600yds. That's with only starting 6 games. Ginn had 790yds and seems to be slowly coming around.

Matt Jones would end up in prison down in Miami. Enough said.

J. Taylor , noway he commits to what Tuna wants. Porter can talk to him to let him know how being a Parcells guy just seems to make you play better. Not sure but wasn't he 2nd in league behind Ware another Parcells guy.

Cutler, unless they would take 2 of our 3 qbs on depht chart as a even trade. (Maybe a late rounder too but Beck certainly being one of the 2) I don't see that happening. I say he goes to Detroit or Rams for their 1st 3rd and 6th round picks.

Cardiac Fin,
did you ever play football? i feel that you know football very well

Meant last 4 games(talking bout Bess )

Jay Cutler has hall of fame talent...I would trade Pennington, Henne and the 25th pick for him in a heartbeat.

trade your tier B of QB Penne and Henne and get cutler and in no time you will a winner.

i know this is crazy and i'm out of my mind but does anyone think we would trade Pennington for cutler sraight up? think about it we et a young strong armed QB and they also get a proven veteran

This is all we are gonna get guys....no Holt or Mcallister.....we are gonna draft for our needs. Only trade for Boldin or Braylon Edwards if it is for a second rounder(higher one im sure) and meybe later pick considerations ! Throw in Satele or Wilford or even Beck.

You want Cutler bad huh? I think he's good but not that good. Penne had prob best year of his career Trifecta seem to be happy with Henne.
If Fins did want Cutler, which cmon they don't I could see Penn,Beck and at best a 4th rounder. Noway they parting with Henne or our 1st rounder

Having just framed a 2005 Autographed Pro Bowl uniform of Jason Taylor, I would love nothing more than to see him back where he belongs. Living in New England, and possibly seeing him in the Red, White and Blue, would be totally disgusting. I hope that he realizes if he were to go into the HoF that he'd be going in as Dolphin, and any other non Dolphin accomplishments wouldn't matter. Hell, Marino went in without a ring, a ring does not validate a career, your play, validates your career. Yes, this is just wishing for an early christmas present, but a wish nevertheless for something in sports to be done the "right" way. To be done without regard for the number of zeros, at the end of the paycheck. Here's to hoping!

get ready of Henne and his neck fat and sign cutler now

JT, NOOOOO!!! Look, I love Taylor like any other self-respecting Dolfan, but come on. The guy is D-O-N-E! His eyes are focused on Hollywood. He has nothing left. Also, I couldn't think of anything WORSE than Porter on the right side and JT on the left (talk about swiss cheese run defense). Who WOULDN'T be able to run on us? Neither of those guys are run defense types. JT is a bad move, we've evolved people. Put nostalgia aside, we should be about moving towards winning the SuperBowl. I'm not thrilled with our off-season moves (aside from the O-Line and safeties) but that's why it's a work in progress. Ask the Tuna, ask Tuna Helper, we're still 2 years away from domination. And Jay Cutler, are you kidding me? Now, I don't think he's overrated (I think he's very good), but we have our own version in Chad Henne. He has a gun, he can wing it to Ginn, we need to give him a try before we go outside (hell, the Trifecta already said he's QB in waiting). At this point, I'm content waiting until the draft, see what we get, and then see who's on the market after that depending on our needs.

Was that a joke? I played some when I was a kid. I was a Madden freak. Been playing since mid 90s. I love doing the franchise stuff. From the scouting to the drafting. Watch to see how they turn out. Got Madden 09 on my ps3 now. I drafted a olb who is 6'7" 260lbs runs in the 4.40s even better thou his awarness is in the 80s.

JessieinMD: I'm not great at math so I'll take your word about the 281 WPM. If that is true, perhaps I exaggerated on it taking only 5 minutes. Probably more like 5 minutes and 32 seconds.

The fins shouldnt be interested in anyone except maybe Taylor at a discount and Cutler. Lets face it, he is proven qb with a rocket for an arm. This is where Ted Ginn would shine if hes going to. Hes supposed to be a deep threat and we'd def see that with Cutler. Henne has promise but not proven. Pennington is a great leader but a weak deep threat arm. I doubt this happnes bc Sparano is loyal to Pennington and with good cause. This is a business and maybe they will see this as a positive. I would not want to see him go to the jets. I could see them giving up a 1st rounder bc he is worth it but not two.

Are you guys kidding or what? Jay Cutler is a stud. A rocket arm and a tough smart player. Did you all forget that he went to Vanderbilt. A strong academical school and was getting killed playing there. He is someone who still has many years left playing QB. I would trade Pennington and Henne in a heartbeat. Still wondering what Henne will do, but we know what Jay cutler will do. He is not wanted in Denver and we will take him....Come on Down.

Jay Cutler has hall of fame talent...I would trade Pennington, Henne and the 25th pick for him in a heartbeat.

Posted by: Eric | March 16, 2009 at 04:24 PM

trade your tier B of QB Penne and Henne and get cutler and in no time you will a winner.

Posted by: Pats fan | March 16, 2009 at 04:27 PM


I thought we had a game plan going forward on QB, but how can anyone go against these two respected opinions?

But Pats fan (although we already got a winner) does offer an interesting scenario. Would they take Penn and Henne?

Cutler is sort of in between where Penn won't be in a few years and where we hope Henne will be (and, IMO, Beck is ready to be a #2).

TORRY HOLT - He's been an absolute legend for the Rams but he is on the decline and think Miami should avoid him

PACMAN JONES - Avoid like the plague

JAY CUTLER - Although i think he's a very talented QB,giving up 1,maybe 2 1st round draft pick is ridiculous cus the Dolphins cant afford to give up picks like that considering Penningtons just had a great season and Henne is waiting for his turn to start

CHRIS MCALLISTER - I would'nt be too disappointed if the Fins signed him.Eric Green or Jason Allen starting at CB next season does'nt exactly give me the most amount of confidence

JASON TAYLOR - Great player,love the guy but only sign him for a good deal

Cut Ted(the cowardly w.r) Ginn and his clipboard holding daddy and sign holt, i know what your saying"but menace he's like 62 years old"but thats ok, his worst year was still better then the "hands of stone"

Kenny Britt
Kenny Britt
Kenny Britt

I think we need to trade up in the draft and get the guy we need... Crabtree

Our 1st and next years #2 pick and John beck

Vic Carucci (nfl.com) is reporting that the Panthers are ready to ship Julius Peppers to the Pats in exchange for the 2nd they got in the Cassel deal (2nd in that round).

If true, sounds like the Pats are going for it all this year.

Good news on that is that he would eat up a whole lot of cap space and they have a flood of guys to sign after next season (am I ever hoping for a new CBA).

Overall these post are ridiculous

Screw taylor,good luck in hollyweed your idiot, who ever told this dult that he had talent they should be shot.

it's too early to tell,but as of right now,N.E. is winning the division unless we we get some real players on defense..we got away last year with the soft schedule,but thats not happening this year playing AFC's elite teams.. tape of cam wake looks great,but we wont really know until training camp..meanwhile we dont receive enough production from ginn,and even with the addition of eric green, the secondary still doesnt have the shutdown corner it needs to keep the success going... we should take either clay matthews/larry english/everette brown with the 25 pick(even if wake turned out to be a star, porter isn't the long term answer)..then hope hakeem nicks/sean smith is avaiable at 44,and depending on that pick go with the best player at the remaining position.. now start panicking because N.E. is about to steal julius peppers

matt jones would be a steal with pennington at qb,but motivation and blow are major issues with him

none of the above mando everybody is old,the dolphins should offer a contract ala eric green to samari rolle,that way they have time to develop the corners they are going to get in the upcoming draft,they should trade samson satale and jhon beck to acumulate some more draft picks

Cardic Fin, that was not a joke and i meant it.you do sound that you did play the game as i can tell that SOULJ did boxing but lost most of the fights if not all the time.any way you don't come by a great QB evrey day like Cutler .i think you pick him in a hurry for B rated QB Penne and Henne.what say you

Torry Holt: OLD. Why get him when the draft is coming up and there are YOUNGER/BETTER players there. Hakeem Nicks is 6"1', 210 lbs. Got hands, Can Jump, Great ball skills. Also Darrius Heyward-Bey is 6"2', 210 lbs. Fast, Got hands, Can Jump. Also Juaquain Iglesias is 6"0', 210 lbs Great hand and ball skills, Can Jump. He might slip till the 2nd or 3rd round though. I think we should go for Darrius Heyward-Bey, or Hakeem Nicks first round. Or trade Ginn with Roth and Satele for Anquan Boldin.

Adam "Pacman" Jones: TROUBLE. Chris McAlister: OLD
Just not a good decision for Miami. We just got Eric Green. He is young, stays out of trouble. Plus I think we might draft a CB. We got two 2ns round picks. One might go on a CB there.

Jason Taylor: OLD. We should go for James Laurinaitis (Linebacker from Ohio State). If we are not going to get a wideout in the first round we should get him. He can play DE and OLB. It would be nice to have him with Channing, Joey, Akin. Or we can wait and see if he is still there in the 2nd round and draft him with one of those picks.

Jay Cutler: He is some BUTT. Why trade for him when we have Pennington. Yall might say he has more years but still Thats why we drafted Chad Henne last year to become the fanchise QB when Pennington is done. Plan and simple.

I think we should go
25th pick: Darrius Heyward-Bey
44th pick: James Laurinaitis
56th pick: Darrius Bulter (if still there)

One thought....when Cuban menace present, the blog is some how more interesting.what say you menace about trading Henne neck fat and Penne the interception machine for Cutler?


add me on the ps3 so i can beat u on madden 09, im fsudolphins13

i think matt jones would be a good pick up if we could get rid of wilford and i would love to have JT but i don't see it happening... also we should consider rolle and draft sean smith at 25


Will draft a WR and a Corner with 2 of the first 3 picks IMO. The Dolphins, i think, are hoping Hakeem Nicks drops to the early 2nd rd ( their 2nd pick) so that at the 25th overall pick, they can land a very good pass rusher that falls into their lap or the best corner on the board to be our nickel corner/returner. they also have the flexibility to take Brian Robiskie with the late 2nd rd pick if he drops and Nicks happens to go very early. But i think they can snatch one of these fine WR in the early 2nd rd and focus on Defense with the first pick. I wouldn't be surprised to see Big Tuna trade down to get another 2nd or 3rd rd pick.

(ps) The Patriots will probably land Julius Peppers for one of their 15 2nd rd picks they have. The are gearing up for one last run because they know their franchise is on the decline, the tailend of their cycle. They are loading up with oldies trying to delay the inevitable and the dolphins are only getting younger and faster

Armando, we are more then a month away from the draft but I needed a football fix so I watched the Senior Bowl for the 2nd time and did a mock draft. I don't see the Trifecta drafting a wr at 1 so I took Connor Barwin TE/DE from Cincy. He played mostly at te in the Senior Bowl and this year he played de at Cincy.I see us playing him at olb. He's 6'4" and ran a 4.67 at the combine. In the few plays he played defense in the Senior bowl he looked like a natural pass rusher and as a te he probably will be able to drop into coverage. So for what it's worth take note this could be our new Dolphin.

NFL Network is reporting the Pats 2nd rd(34) which they acquired for Cassel will trade it to the Panthers for Peppers. Looks like the Pats slight edge over our Dolphins became wider.

Patsfan said, 'Who ever said that eric green is better than Jason Allen must look at their "states" before talking like an "idoit". OH man,,,,,,that is f***ing priceless! Thanks for the laugh Patsie fan! Okay so absolutely no to every player on that list except JASON TAYLOR! JT, if you're still reading this blog please come back. You may have to except a bit less money but you will be coming home and the fans love you. The Phins have great coaches and they will DEFINITELY utilize your skills the right way. If you agree to attend the offseason workouts you will be a beast. Just ask any of the Phins players how it worked out for them last season! Anyway, I hope he thinks about it. I can't believe anyone seriously wants that crybaby Cutler on the team! Why, so he can ruin team chemistry with his constant whining? I have never seen a bigger baby at the QB position. Correct that, I forgot about Ryan Leaf, but Cutler is still up there on the list. The guy is not a team player and I don't want to hear about any stats because they're meaningless. When your team is down, driving the field for a score, and a WR drops a ball on 2nd down I don't want to see Cutler on the sideline stomping his feet like a child. Talk about a defeatest attitude. The guy gives up on his players and makes fools of them on the field. We have a young receiving corp that will not take well to that. You need a leader and Cutlers leadership ability was questioned out of the draft and he proved his critics right in the NFL. I just don't think he's a Parcells type of player and they will NEVER give up two first round draft picks for a proven spoiled brat.

I just read some of the posts and I can't believe that people want Cutler, the team killer, because of his stats alone. It's like no one has watched this guy throw selfish interceptions and bad mouth his team and teammates, ON THE FIELD! Are you guys kidding with this stuff? The guy threw a hissy fit when they played the Dolphins because the Dolphins D was shutting his receivers down! He yelled at the refs and when they ignored him he started yelling at his own receivers. And then guess what, just for good measure he went over and through a hissy fit for Shannahan. This is the guy we want leading the team? I can tell you one thing, people can pine for Cutler all they want but Sparano and Tuna hate players who whine and cry. We all know this. They gear their interviews with college kids and free agents to find out if they have leadership skills. Cutler does not and never has and he has the most important job on the field. The one job that demands you have a cool head and leadership qualities. There's no way this ever happens.

Everyone needs to forget about Cutler. Greg Cote is a total ass for bringing that thought into everyone's mind, he did the same thing last year with his ridiculous idea of bringing Bret Favre to Miami. I dont even know how that guy even still has any credibility. Anyhow, going after Cutler is completely against the plan and norm that this administration has shown us thus far. Stick to the plan, build through the draft, and pray that Henne is as good as they want us to believe. I personally think he will be very good. Last year during the preseason he made some pretty impressive throws.

Also Jersey don't give up on JT yet. Just because he's a vet doesn't mean he can't be a ferocious pass rusher in the right system. Washington used him in the wrong way. If he were to agree to a one or two year contract at a reduced rate AND agree to be at all of the offseason traing programs this could work out quite nicely for the phins. I get your shtick, the whole "why don't we just sign Duhe and Marino etc. Your comparing apples and oranges. Those guys are geezers and JT is two year removed from one of the best seasons of his career. Last year was a fluke because of everything that happened. IMO he can dominate again with the right players and system around him. It's not as ridiculous as you make it out to be. But Cutler,,,,,,puhlease.

dolfan4life, Are you the same guy who was coming into the game day blogs, being negative and complaining about every bad play or coaching decision. If so, do you see how much more you would've enjoyed the season if you just let it play out and not stress so much? Anyway if it's not you no biggy, but if it is, mellow out next year! :) Also I am 100% with you about Cutler and the fact that Cote did a big write up about how we should pick him up should send people running for the hills!

Marino used to throw those hissy fits as well that you speak of NYScott. I know I am going to take heat on that but he did. Trust when I say I am not comparing Marino to Cutler just saying. To go further than the first round of the playoffs we do need a decently strong armed qb as well as other positions such as a secondary that could cover a Moss, Evans, TO, or a Johnson since we play that Texans every year.

have the Fins brought in anyone lately or have plans to?

For the last time. Jason taylor isn't come back . You can bet on it . That bridge has been burnt. Chapter closed . The man is old . banged up and isn't that dedicated. The signed wake and will draft a pass-rusher early. With wake , porter , anderson , roth and a draft pick they have enough olbs .The next you see taylor and the dolphins in the same story is when they put him in the dolphins hall of fame at dolphins stadium.

I think the dolphins should trade Ricky Williams to Jamaica for Usain Bolt. Then Ricky can smoke all his weed and practice holistic medicine and Usain Bolt can be the best fastest Wr or Cb in the NFl. He is 6'5 and the fastest man on earth.

I also agree with you that Jason Taylor will never be a Dolphin again unless he wants to do his twinkle toe routine in the half time show. How does he expect to get paid if he doesn't want to do the job ( go to training camp)?

NY , I do agree o cutler though. I don't think i could've said it any better.

Cutler is a whiny bi-atch interception machine...

I love what Chad Pennington has done for the Dolphins, but we're talking about a 26-year old Pro Bowl quarterback in Cutler who has the arm strength Pennington lacks to get the ball deep to Ginn. Pennington is 33 or almost there, so his years in the league are numbered. Cutler, at 26, still has yet to reach his prime and he's still Pro Bowl caliber. I say you make a play for Cutler, even if the price is steep. Yes, the naysayers will argue about how Cutler is selfish, a nutjob, crazy, cocky, whatever... the guy is confident in his abilities so name me one great QB in the NFL who isn't. Cutler wants a fresh start and he wants to prove he's a great quarterback. Ok, come to Miami and play against Tom Brady twice a year, become the best by beating the best.

On a side note, I would love to see JT back in aqua and orange. I just hope JT looks past the whole who's offering me the most money and instead looks to, where can I still make a difference and get back to the playoffs.

Dolphins need to pick Kenny Britt if he still there with 1st pick of 2nd round.the guy have a ton of talent.big,phisical and tough.I hope the dolphins get him and Larry English with the 25th pick to make Brady's life miserable

Sean Smith
Kenny Britt
Ron Brace

patsfan, i concur, lets get rid of the fat necked freak chad(fat neck)henne, lets also throw in ted(I've never met a side line i didn't like) ginn and his clipboard holding daddy,i think cutler would be a great addition to the mighty air breathing swimming mammals, what do you guys think?? the menace is on the web taking your calls....

NY Scott,after deep thinking i would say the following.... for dolphins team to go further into the play off they need real good QB not what they have now and most people know that Chad Penne was way lucky man last year and Henne he's going to feel the heat and then we will see how the fans will turn on him like Pit Bull and by the way there's no way in hell you are going to top last year 11-5 since your master coming back.

Nj phinfan was thatyou I was talking bout Chambers Welker and McMichael with

forget cutler, Penne then Henne.
Get Boldin and a shore up O line.
Did any of you see the wildcard game?

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