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The words from Sparano's mouth [Part deux]

You didn't think an hour or so of interview time could be handled in only one blog post did you? Below is the second and final part of Tony Sparano's interview with media present at the NFL owners' meeting earlier this week.

In the second half, Sparano talks extensively about Chad Pennington and Chad Henne. He talks not so extensively about John Beck.

He talks about the Patriots. He talks about Tony McDaniel. He gives Ernest Wilford some attention. He discusses how he came to not call the plays in Miami after longing and to do that when he was in Dallas. He talks about Tony Romo and how Bill Parcells knew when the time was right to put the young quarterback in ahead of Drew Bledsoe.

It's interesting stuff. So digest it all. And comment at will.

On the projected use of defensive lineman Tony McDaniel, whom Salguero didn't know existed before last week: "We’re going to bring him in and start him and take a look at him at defensive end first. I think that’s kind of where he belongs right now, and then see if he can go in there and play. We have a couple of candidates in there with Fergie right now, with Joe Cohen and Paul Soliai that we need to see a little bit more of. This gives us a chance this spring to see a little bit more of them too. We’re going to start Tony out at end and we’ll see. It’s kind of like the offensive line. At the end of this, if he’s a better nose we’re going to end up having him there. I just have a feeling that’s going to be a pretty hard position for him."

How many plays for Ferguson per game (294 for Charlie Anderson was No. 1 on special teams): "Ferguson averaged 33 plays a game. Some games he played 17. Some games he might have played 40, 40-something, so it just depended on the nature of what was happening out there. As the season went on we got Ferguson a little more involved in what we called big nickel, and we were able to put him out there in the sub package, when people went to sub against us thinking he was going to come off the field and they were going to run the ball we kept him out there a little bit and got him involved in that. That’s right around what we thought Ferg’s play count is. If we can get him 30, 35 plays, that’s where we want him."

On the need for a back-up nose, which is not as important as the need for a backup cheek: "Very important to find someone who can back him up and go in and help Ferg that way a little bit. That’s the question. If you look at where we are right now compared with where we were a year ago, well where we were a year ago some of these front line players, Ferguson, were question marks. When you look at that there were a lot more question marks. Now we have some of those question marks answered a little better, but there’s still these other questions – Who’s going to back him up? Soliai and these people, Randy Starks, whoever it might be, these guys have to step up and play. That will be interesting to watch the competition between Starks and Merling, maybe, and who’s going to do what. These guys have to step up and we have to see what we have. I always use this with my coaches. Look, if we don’t get one other piece right now, one other player, when we’re looking at our team, what do we do? This is the process we go through. One of the things from our end right now is, hey, we have to make Paul Soliai a better player. We have to make this Joe Cohen a better player, continue to get Randy Starks, Randy I thought was one of the players who improved the most as the season went on, started to feel a little more comfortable in our defense coming over from the 4-3 defense. We’re in the business of making these young players better.

On paying attention to New England getting second-round pick for Cassel, getting three compensatory picks, Peppers trade talk and threatening to bring a young Jim Brown out of retirement: "It doesn’t really get a reaction from me. I feel like we need to take care of our own house. As we look at it, we have done that. We feel really good about the moves we were able to make right now, and bringing back the players we were able to bring back. We could be sitting here right now and not having a right tackle, and not having a mike linebacker. So when we look at what we did to keep the three players from being free agents out there right now, with Vernon and Channing and Yeremiah and then bringing in some of the players we were able to bring in, we feel really good about where we are right now. At the end of this our goal is we get better. I don’t know exactly what that will equal at the end of this whole thing, but I know we will get better."

On the need for a big wide receiver who can run faster than Ernest “The Human Glacier” Wilford: "I mentioned that before, every team may want one of those guys. But from our end, I’m really happy with the group of guys we have because I know their strengths. I clearly know their strengths right now and clearly know their weaknesses. What I don’t know is there are some young guys on the roster right now who have the ability to go in and do some of this work, London being one of these guys, Lowber maybe being a guy who can go in and do some of those things, Anthony Armstrong is a guy out there I’m interested in watching a little bit more. When you see some of these guys, that gives us a chance to watch a few of them. But there’s no question when you’re looking, if you find one of those players, that’s great. It depends on how we enter this draft situation.

Ok, Tony, who is the team to beat in the AFC East, and please be completely honest: "No comment. You’re never going to get me on that one."

Well, perhaps we can get you on this one. What about the impact of young quarterbacks last year and why you sat your young guy: "With Flacco and Ryan, those guys were outstanding this year, but when I look at Chad Henne and think about all the knowledge he’s getting, knowing every day what Chad Pennington puts those guys through. He really does put them through the ringer that way. He challenges them. I can’t imagine that’s not the most valuable information that this kid can get."

Do you see Pennington rubbing off on Henne and Beck -- in work habits not arm strength, of course: "Yeah I do, in his study habits, in his work habits. All those things. Take nothing away from Chad Henne. Chad Henne went to Michigan, won a starting job as a rookie (freshman) and didn’t look back and started for four years there for a heck of a program. But at this level all the little things that go into playing that position, that make Peyton Manning what Peyton Manning really is and Tom Brady what Tom Brady really is. When you’re able to get those kind of things on the job, I think it’s critical – and watching what Henne has done during the offseason and during the season a little bit at the end of the year and watching how he’s grown a bit. I was really impressed with that. So I think the kid has been smart about it. I think he’s said, this is my job right now, this is my challenge, so I’m going to make sure I get everything I can out of this guy. The great thing is Chad Pennington is willing to do that for him."

On Brady saying Michigan is great environment to learn in, although lately not to win football games in: "When I watch Chad out on the practice field or watch Chad even in some of the ball games, preseason games, or the one game he played in this year. Everything is water off a duck’s back to him. In other words, nothing really fazes him that way. He’s a very cool, calm character. I think that comes from being in that environment. Every week, 100,000 people breathing down your back and you’re the guy."

Dumbest question in the world, does Henne want to play: "If he sits another year, that’s a good problem. What I mean by that it’s a good problem all the way around in that if he sits another year he’s learning a little bit more. He’s do all those things. I know Chad Henne and I know the competitor in Chad Henne. He’s not going to settle for that. And I know Chad Pennington. There’s going to be great competition out there when it goes on. I just know whenever he gets the opportunity I feel like he’s going to be very ready because of what Pennington has been able to do with him. How he’s been able to him. And what the kid has done himself. This guy has been there in building a month and a half right now, an easy month and a half, three or four days a week."

So when is the right time for Henne as if everyone doesn't know it'll be 2010 the latest?: "You just said what David Lee says, ‘You know when you know.’ I think that’s true. You do know when you know a little bit. I think a large part of that is contingent on what Chad Pennington does. I just know how hard he’s working. This guy is working his tail off as well. When you see that, and you see a guy who has however many years Chad’s been in the league now and you see him working the way he’s working, that’s impressive, too. I know how prepared Chad Pennington will be and I know Chad Henne will be prepared as well, when it happens, it happens. From our standpoint, I just hope we continue to do well and these guys continue to have success and when it’s his turn it’s his turn."

Did you know it was time for Tony Romo when the time came?: "I knew when we put Romo in."

How?: "At that point with Tony every time you put him the game, every single time you put him in the game something good happened. We had a lot of exposure with him, more exposure certainly than what we had with our quarterback Chad Henne now. We had Tony for a couple of years and preseasons, Tony got a lot of playing time that way. Nothing against Drew Bledsoe at the time, but you could just see where we were. We were 3-3 and just lost to Philadelphia down in their place. At that point, 3-3, and this guy was beating the door down, I mean Tony was beating the door down at that point. It was just the right time. We were 3-3, we were a .500 team. We needed to be able to make a change. We put Tony in there and didn’t look back."

But some bad things happened with Romo early on, and that was before he was dating Jessica Simpson: "The Giants game, yeah. I think his first pass was a play-action pass that ended up getting tipped by Strahan and intercepted, if I remember the play correctly. But we’ll chalk that one up to us as coaches. Bill felt Romo was a guy really to stay on top of: I really felt like Tony was a pretty easy guy to coach. He’s an intelligent guy that is a competitor. This guy is a competitor. He loves competition. If you’re walking down the hall with Tony Romo, he’ll try to beat you to the door. I think that with him it was always easy to motivate Tony. I never worried about that."

Can you confirm Salguero's story about Henne getting a bunch of work in the coming preseason and being the guy in 2010?: "We want to get Henne as much work right now as we can get him, in the spring, as we get on in these OTAs and in the preseason, yeah. That’s our time to find out. That really is. That’s not saying we don’t get Chad Pennington his work. We know he needs his work. He’ll get work to get ready to play. But the nice thing about Chad Pennington is he can communicate with you on what kind of work he needs, too. He’s far enough along in this thing, last year when he came in I didn’t know him from a hole in the wall and I’m saying to him, look what do we need to do, how much work do we need to get, he tells me exactly what he needed at that particular time. Where Chad Henne, even last year we knew, we have to get this guy as much work as we can and we tried to get him as much as we can get him. He’ll play a lot. We’d like to him play a lot."

What about what'shisname, your third-stringer, John Beck: "It will be hard to get John work. But there’s only three quarterbacks right now. That’s all we’re carrying. With John, he knows his job first foremost is to compete with Henne. He gets his reps in practice. He’ll get some reps in the preseason games as well. He’s done a nice job staying focused as the season went on. That wasn’t an easy situation for him. He was in the middle of a quarterback deal, enter Pennington and Henne and all of the sudden that thing changes, so it was really not easy for him. But at the end of the day, he was the guy we kept. He’s a young quarterback, only two years in the league. So he’ll continue to get better, I think. He’s a pretty diligent guy. He’ll work at it. But his first worry is Henne and competing there before we can worry about taking the next step."

What is the difference in threatening motivating guys off an 11-win vs 1-win season: "I wouldn’t worry about deflating. When these guys walk through that door Monday of next week and it’s Day One of the off-season program, they’ll figure out that we really don’t care that we care what happened a year ago. At this point we can’t worry about what happened a year ago or any of those things. It’s our job to get better. They know how I’m going to approach this thing. The nice thing about my team right now is they know we did good this last year, but it wasn’t good enough. We need to take the next step. They’re pretty hungry to take the next step. I’m pretty excited about what their attitude would be like when they come back."

On the impact of 17- or 18-game schedule cutting down on preseason and interest in baseball sooner: "Without having a lot of time to spend thinking about that, but just hearing a little bit about it, particularly in the last few days. From our end one of the things we’d have to do, your springs would have to be a little more productive. I think really more importantly some of the things you’re not able to do in the spring, the 7-on-7s, the 1-on-1s, the things you’re not allowed to do in these OTAs, we’re not allowed to go and do. Those kinds of things when you’re trying to make evaluations with them, the less practice opportunities. The college have, if I’m correct, 29 practice opportunities before they play their first game. Some of these situations, depending on how you practice, you really have to make a conscious effort looking 15 days out from the first preseason game and starting to think about practice opportunities now and starting to count the number of practice opportunities you have to get those players ready."

As a former offensive play-caller, how did you decide not to call plays in Miami: "When I was hiring coaches and I went around and started to look at some different people and started to visit with them, I had two different deals going on. One was if I found somebody I was really comfortable with, who had the experience to run the offense, they would run the offense and I would be the head coach and make sure I was able to touch both sides of the ball, special teams, have my hand involved in all that and bring this thing together a little bit more. If not and I found somebody who maybe needed to be coached a little bit, then I would call the plays. I found Dan Henning. He has 30-plus years of experience and has been a head coach in this league, has called plays for a lot of head coaches and I turned the offense over to Dan. Dan and I communicate very well together. That’s all I can ask for. I trust him and Paul Pasqualoni with both the offense and the defense and I am very much involved on both sides of the ball that way. What this team needed at the time when I came in here certainly wasn’t a guy who was just an offensive guy or just a defensive guy. In fact, in the last couple, several years, they may have had that back and forth. They needed someone who was going to be a head coach and let Channing Crowder know, I’m with you and this is what I see and at the same time be over here with Teddy Ginn. That’s really helped me a lot."

Was Lord Big Tuna like that?: "Bill was like that. But early on, Bill wanted to call the plays. The facts were the facts, Bill Parcells at that time had come from the whole New England staff and the Giants staff where they had been together, Romeo Crennel and that group, they had been together so long that he trusted them. When he came to Dallas he wasn’t able to get any of those people. At the end of the day, we were all new faces sitting there. I think you have to earn Bill’s trust. So finally I got to that point and he was able to turn that over to me and let me call the plays. But until then, Bill was going to call the plays. If I didn’t find Dan Henning maybe, I might be doing that."

Do you miss it even though you were making about one-tenth the salary you are making now?: "During the course of the game when I’m out there communicating with our offense and our defense I don’t really give it a second thought because I have too much on my plate to be honest. The game management part of this thing every week presents something different to the head coach. Every head coach will tell you that no matter how long they’ve been doing that. To me that’s a great challenge. I kind of get excited about it. It helps me not miss calling the plays."

What if Dan Henning, who was present at the founding of the world, retires: "I can go back and call it – and would. If I didn’t find the right guy, I’d absolutely would."

Please talk about Ronnie Brown going forward as going backward is bad for a running back: "I would think that Ronnie not having to battle the offseason deal with the rehab and doing all he had to do, I would think Ronnie would be able to take the next step with his progression with another good offseason. Ronnie had great offseason in that rehab, but we had to kind of wean him into the spring a little bit. Now we don’t have to guard those reps. Ronnie can go and we can get him going early in this process which should help him. At the end of this he should be a lot sharper."

On Ronnie Brown carrying the ball 25 times a game like a real featured back: "As long as we have Ricky and Ronnie and both of them have a great offseason, I really don’t see that. I look around the league and I see fewer and fewer teams that have one guy running around. The teams that do, you better guard them pretty well because these guys are too big and too strong on the other side for one back to be bringing it up in there 35 times a game, 16 weeks of the season. That’s a hard deal. I don’t think that’s something I’m that interested in now."

Another idiot reporter who wasn't present before sits down and asks a question that's already been asked about Henne: "He’s done really well. He’s been at the facility for about six weeks now, three or four times a day now. He’s been throwing, he’s been running, he’s been lifting. He got a lot better at the end of the season last year. He’ll continue to get better. With him you see the ball jump off his hand and you see him making these throws against your defense. He spent a lot of time this off-season with our quarterbacks coach David Lee preparing, watching film, watching Chad Pennington’s stuff and at the same time really learning an awful lot from Chad Pennington, which is so valuable."

Do you have a comfortable situation at quarterback: "It is the right situation. You go back into and you know Chad Pennington is the guy. He just came off arguably one of the best years he’s had and you look at it and say this is still a young football team and our hopes is we want to get younger. We want to be young for the long haul. Chad Pennington is a guy who shows great leadership there. But Chad Henne is a guy I think won’t be comfortable in that position and will continue to chase Chad Pennington."

You have a young team with big expectations: "Just that they understand, my area of concern would be when we come back we understand, and I said this to them before they left, you don’t pick up where you left off, you go back to the beginning and start all over again and try to do better. If they come back with that attitude and that mind-set, we’ll be fine. This group is a pretty gritty group so I think they’ll do that."

How does Brady getting healthy and married change AFC East: "I think it changes it tremendously. When you bring a player like Tom Brady back in the division on a team with weapons like the Patriots have, you bring more firepower to a team that already has a lot of firepower. This team won 11 games and however many they won without him last year, you could argue if Tom was there, who knows what would have happened. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in our league and has been for a long time so when you bring a quarterback like that back like that on a team like that you’re going to have to step up and everybody is going to have to play their best when we play them."

What about Pennington's four interception game that ended his and your season?: "If I know Chad Pennington like I know Chad Pennington, he doesn’t deal with that very well. It’s probably something that drives him during the off-season, his training, his preparation and the way he goes about his business. If I know him, he can’t wait to get out there and get another bite at the apple a little bit, just because of the kind of guy he is. He wears that on his sleeve a little bit, a lot like I do. I don’t erase that vision very easily in my mind. He being the quarterback in that situation I would say that’s something he’s thought about a lot during the off-season."

Did the Ravens D show you Pennington can’t play against good teams: "It’d be hard for me to put my finger on what Chad Henne can give us without Chad Henne really being out there in games in those kind of situations. What I do know is we turned the ball over both times we played Baltimore, particularly in the playoff game. So did everyone else who played Baltimore. That’s not an excuse for it. My point is if you turn the ball over against a team like that the possibilities of winning the game are slim and none. You put yourself in a massive hole. Going into ball games like that, if you can play your best football, not turn the football over, I would really like to see what the outcome would be. Chad Pennington in that kind of situation, the guy’s been rock solid for 15, 16 weeks, we get into that ballgame and one gets tipped, one gets picked, and all the sudden you have three turnovers and you start to put yourself into a little bit of hole. I would say he’d want that back. Knowing Chad, he would really want that opportunity back."


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i am looking for some one to prove to me that henne is better than penne and if i like the answer i am going to switch from bills fan to fin fan.thank you


Are u serious? A Bills fan here? the last time they were even near the playoffs was what?, when gas was actually less than a buck? Go back to that cesspool of a city of yours and suck on an exhaust pipe. The Bills rot.

D.Jamoron, sorry but i didn't get your point about who's better henne or penne?


I hope Pennington turns in another huge season. Because that will make his value that much higher. Hopefully, he pulls out another 3500 plus with a 2-1 TD INT ratio. Than maybe at the end of the season we sign him to a 1 year deal and trade him for a high pick in the 2010 draft. That would be the ideal scenario for our QB situation. I wouldn't be opposed to trading him mid-season this year if Henne has shown us he has learned and progressed enough to take that next step into NFL Starter.

PENNE had a huge season not HENNE people,penne won 11 games and henne slept on a sofa on the side line for a year.

nathaniel dodsworth
you missed your calling...two words for you
english teacher

...but stop giving your political opinion, it belittles you and this blog is not the right forum in which to do soo.

Dolphins4life....let's talk football,you remember the playoff game with the Ravens and reed and suggs?

The thing is about Henne v Penne is that you can't compare the two given the lack of body work from Henne. However, if you looked at Penne coming out of college vs Henne who would you pick. The basis would be on who would have the most talent and ability and what they did in school but, not on experience. From that stand point I would have to go with Henne especially if you compare the level of compitition during their college career.
That said, you have acknowledge Penne's pro career and his ability to manage the game on the pro level. Henne has yet have serious playing time in the pros but, I feel Penne eventually sometime during the season will get hurt, you almost have to bank on it. Then Henne will get his opportunity, combine that with preperation, can exceed Penne and may never give up the sarting roll.

Thank you dolphins4life,now i am very close to be a real fin fan and not a bill fan just i want you to tell me, is JT coming back or not because i love the way he dances and if i like the answer i will be a fin fan for life like you.

Please cut the following players:


W. Allen
J. Allen
N. Jones

Thank you

Yup, I'm back...

how can i ever forget. I never liked Ray Lewis and the Ravens but always respected their D.
But when chad threw that int I believe it was his second of the game and the dolphins were driving down the field. this was right after the Ravens had scored and i thought we were gonna answer with a TD. Penne, because of his lack of arm strength and Bart Scott barreling down on him over threw the ball right into Ed Reed's hands. The overthrow was because a complete lack of confidence in having astrong arm. There I saw the limitations we had with Penne. Henne might have just lasered it low and away where only the reciever might of had a chance to catch it.

cut this player now,
Chad Henne

mr bacala
Sorry but the Tuna and company won't bring back twinkle toes. But he might go to the bills or patsies, play then get hurt.
Hey I use to be JT's biggest supporter till dancing with the stars. Then I was like man I never want a player on my team to be on that show. Its like having a cheerleader kick field goals or something... cute in a skirt on the sidelines but not in the game.

why cut them and not package them in a trade for more draft picks or something?
btw I bet the house Penne gets hurt by week 8, any takers? This is classic Wally Pipp getting hurt and replaced by Lou Gehrig who as you know was known as the Iron Horse and played 13 seasons straight before missing a game.

theres some funny stuff in this article. "what about whats his name, john beck." Did you really phrase your questions that way? and then the very next paragraph, "whats the difference between threatening, i mean motivating"

Humor aside, I really wish we never drafted Henne! Seriously, I have seen over half of Becks games from college, and i gotta tell you, the Kid can play. Not only that, Beck has one of the biggest arms in the NFL, NO SERIOUSLY, HE DOES!!!!! Just youtube "John Beck throws 70 yards." Watch how easily he throws it from the 30 to the endzone. The reciever gave up on it, he thought he was to far down field, probably uncatchable, but watch it and you will see, he makes it look effortless. I would seriously Bet he could throw it 90 yards on the run. And further proof is his stats in college, Beck throws for 10,000 plus yards in college, in only 3 seasons! Henne needed 4 seasons to amass 9,500 yards. I know there is a debate about their respective conferences, But come on, Beck throws for 1000 more yards, and plays in 12 less games.

However, if the tuna says Henne is the guy, That is all the proof I need that Henne is better, But I cant Help but think of the talent still on the board when we drafted Henne, With beck still on the team. Im thinking we could have another 320 pound lineman instead of a brewing qb controversy.

Henne will get his chance and should be ready to go when the time comes. It can only benefit Henne from sitting and watching and learning from the sidelines last year. This year you know that Parcells and company are gonna put him in there regadless if Penne is playing like an all star or not. Which leads me to believe that this years draft day one we will not go after a WR. Given Parcells' history we go after a pass rusher OLB, CB, and NT and I would beleive in that order. I like Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Brit alot and would love to have them on the team but, we are still building our team form the inside out and threw the draft. Timing may not be right for Parcells to pull the trigger day one for a WR. Day two is another story and there is plenty of value day two for recievers. pat turner, ramsey whats his name and a few others escaping me at the moment.

Derrick W
I've seen that throw and others Beck has made and i agree Beck has a good arm but, lets not get carried away. Beck played for BYU a passing frenzy school and Henne played in a balanced offense while at Michican. He had a good runnign back in Hart who wanted the ball. go blue ran alot at times and always did even when marcia brady was at the school.

Thanks Armando. That's the kind of reporting we're looking for. Right from the horse's mouth.

Dolphins4life. Why are nathaniel's political posts Belittling ? Is it because they don't suit your Left wing looney agenda ?

Comparing beck's college stats at pass happy BYU to Henne's at a more run oriented and a more balanced attack at michigan has to be 1 of the most ridiculous arguements i've ever heard. Lets not forget becks happy feet and small skinny frame compared to henne's LB size and calm , cool demeanor.

How bout we rotate the two QB's and call them Hennie Pennie. Then we go out and acquire Chicken Little, Foxy Loxie and Tuurkie Luurkie.

PS: Menace...I can confirm that BP did not have steak last night because he was seen with the feedbag on at Manolo's TexMex. They had a 3 for 1 Chimichanga special going on. At the end of the night was spotted at the bar wearing a sombrero and shouting, "Viva los Dolfinos!

every time i see you
every time i hear
i say to myself
what the hell
i am alive again
once in my life
i see love on the fornt of me
my deat rat;
what can i say about these
rat fans

dolphins4life....after deep thinking ....you are a good guy not like rex the sucks man

nj phin fan knows football than most on this blog there for i decided to skip most of the crap unless it's writen by the funny people like nathaniel,cuban andluggi and of course i read nj phin fan first ,BTW any one here knows why you think henne is better than penne.if spelling not good that's cause i just had two beers.

Still waiting (to get a life i'm sure):

I.m crushed that you don't think i'm a good guy. You see, unlike so many of my fellow Phin fans, I am not tolerant of bozos like yourself who root for the Cheatriots, the Bi-planes or the Spills. I don't hold that against them, its just that i myself refuse to indulge losers like yourself who feel the need to go on other team's blogs and spew your meaningless drivel.

My comments of course not only apply to you, but also to miscreants such as the cuban midget and go pats.

BTW, have fun pulling for your loser teams as Miami now embarks on a decade long period of dominance.

2 Beers . That's it ? Just starting ? . If my friend the menace is out there , i want to ask him how he made out in A.C. I know he said he came back with his shirt , but did He win a little or did he contribute to my home state ?

rex,i really think it's moe fun to have people fighting each other like here in this blog and makes more a live.i have a question for you...who's your favorite female in lingerie ?

nj phin fan,we like to know more about you like nathaniel for one i like to who is your favorite movie and your favorite movie girl ?
i am sure menace ended up washing dishes and eating iceberg lettece.

LOL. WOW that was funny. Poor Menace. Is it me or is this blog Dead Today. You see thats what happens when people complain and drive away Luggi , carlito From golfito , mr bakala etc

did some one say luggi ,i am here my dear painting the moon with brady gurding the rings and trophy

dolphin4ife, thank you for answering my question ,BTW do you like to eat crab meat or you like pork better?

I Cannot believe how much time my fellow dolfans WASTE arguing with these punks. do you not realize they only want to argue. GROW UP!! If you do not respond, they will go away!

Fifteen years ago I belonged to a Miami Herald chat room where I logged in every day hoping for intelligent off-season news and discussion regarding my team. All I read was ignorant bickering between my brothers and Jets and Patriots fans who had nothing better to do than log onto our site for the sole purpose of creating havic.

When we are arguing with them we are not discussing Dolphin football.

Please, I waited a long time to come back and half of what I see is folks bickering with some fool named patsfan who is obviously so dis-interested with his team that he has to go to the Herald to find quality football news.

(and it is spelled havoc, my bad)

I have alot to offer being a fan since Griese surprised us all by showing up in training camp wearing glasses. I would love to offer you my opinions as well as listen to yours. I am unwilling to listen to crap. What do you think dolfans?? They will go away if you ignore them.....like bad relatives

OK, got that off my chest. I read in an earlier post that someone believes Parcells is running an end-around saying he wants a pass rusher (I know it was Sparano who actually said it but...well you know) when he is actually trying to trick other teams into trading up to block the chance. I don't buy it. The re-signing of crowder and the signing of wake is all they are going do do for now. They will not sign holt...too old...too expensive. CB will be taken in the first round and then look at OL and DL. Parcells knows he has the RB and a talented group (albeit under used) of WR so offense is set.

Look for back up talent at center,tight end, and guard. HOPE for a North Carolina WR to fall into the mix.

NT a priority but seems like they are willing to use the guys they have for now plus noone available in draft to fill that need.

Ignore them and they will go away.

Since 74'

Go Phins!

Man oh Man what a bunch of characters we have tonight. Are you an artist Luggi or what?

Does anyone remember a guy named Don Strock? A more than capable QB who played in a game that Sports Illustrated named "A game no one should have lost"? He ended his career as a tutor for some young kid named Marino.

Give the kid his chance. Trust our coaches. One final year of Pennington starting should groom Henne to where we needs to be. And with Pennington backing him up.....not a bad option.

We now have an OL. Discard the gimmicks of the wildcat and run behind Grove. If you look at the Raiders running game last year they always gained yards up the middle and sucked off tackle.

First round: CB
Second: a North Carolina WR

From then on out: linemen both offensive and defensive.

Ignore the idiots and they will go away.

Scott , so what are you saying ? A Pass rushing OLB isn't a need ? You have to be kidding me. Porter isn't getting any younger and makes alot of money . He's good as gone next year . Also Roth is a free agent next year and wake hasn't proven a thing. By the way there aren't any good cb's worth taking with the 25th pick. Now rounds 2-3 is a different story . Last thing . The tuna doesn't like drafting wrs very high , especially in the 1st round.

By the way . Crowder is a ILB.

Does Parcells like bleu cheese? I like bleu cheese. The magic is in the mold.

You know what else I like? The Marlins are gonna have that damn baseball diamond out of Dolphins Stadium in a couple seasons!

The Jaguars, Lions, and 49ers are all getting new uniforms this year. I like how the Dolphins jersey has stayed relatively the same for their entire existence. The biggest change has been the dolphin on the helmet, I barely even noticed it until someone else pointed it out. Same logo, just different drawing

we all know pennington sucks and what he can do! put in henne so he can tear it up and make ginn become the monster that we all know that he is! also so brown can have his 2,000 yard season because 8 guys won't be in the box anymore because ginn will be tearing it up so they will have to put 7-8 in the backfield into coverage and only put 3-4 in the box! and that is when ronnie brown puts up 2,000 yard year!

Yeeeeessss , its carlito from golfito. They took away the smile on the dolphin and made him look meaner.

I recently saw a wonderful television program called "Dan Marino, Heart of a Champion." Has anyone else seen this wonderful example of modern entertainment. It was riveting. All of us in Golfito like it almost as much as Baywatch. But what will happen with Cj and champion surfer-boy Jimmy Slade?

I heard Parcells had a whole Giant Bluefin Tuna, panko-breaded and fried whole (thats a big frying pan!) for dinner tonight. Can anyone else confirm this information?

Have you heard of Deep Fried Pepsi? Bill Parcells has.

the only thing that makes me mad is that chad pennington and ronnie brown contract expires in 2010! and if ronnie brown don't have a bust out year and have like a 1500 yard season then brown will not be around in 2010! and if that happens then we will just have one terriable running game! ronnie brown is the man and i really hope that we resign ronnie brown to a 5 year deal to make him retire a dolphin! when we have a QB that can strecth the field and make it so that there is not 7-8 guys in the box to stop the run then ronnie brown will just take it to the house and just demolish the league! he will be the runningback that we all thought he was when we took him #2 in the draft! i mean just think about it the guy averages 4-5 yards a carry he has a 1,000 yards a year! he does it behind a weak line and a crappy qb with no down field abbilty! also he does it with 8 guys in the box and they know that he will run the ball because we can't pass the ball! and then last year when we could finally pass the ball it still didn't help because they knew that we couldent burn them because penington can't throw the ball more then 15 yards down field! so they still put 8 in the box to make ronnie go down! so intill henne goes in at QB and throw the ball to ginn and throw it to him deep over 30 yards and we start burning them with the deep ball the other teams deffense won't be scared and they won't remove the 7-8 guys from the box to take ronnie out! and when they take the 7-8 out of the box and then only have 3-4-5 in the box and the rest in coverage that is when ronnie will take it to the house and average 6+ yards a carry and have a 2,000 yard season and look like barry sanders! because just think about it we finally have a great offensive line also when we put in henne ronnie brown will finally for the 1st time have a great o-line a QB that can throw the deep ball and also a reciver that can scare a deffense so they will start to play coverage deep and only have 3-4 guys in the box and that is when brown tears things up! now if we don't resign ronnie brown because bill parcells thinks runningbacks are a dime a dozen and let ronnie brown go to another team then watch ronnie get signed by a team that has a good o-line and a deep threat QB/WR tandem and watch ronnie brown just tear up the league and be #1 at rb's for like 5 years and everytime he plays the dolphins just tear them up and we will regret it! and the most likley situation would be he would end up in newengland and then he would just tear us up every year and new engalnd would not only be a power house throwing team to wear they pass the ball 400 yards a game now they would have there dream back to just put up 100+games every game! and then new england would become the dynasty that nobody could beat because there offense would score 50 points a game and there deffense would just let up 0 points a game because the other team would not get on the field because ronnie would just run 10 yards every play! run 10 yards pass 20 yards run 10 yards pass 50 yards! lol that is what would happen and i just am waiting for it to happen! because i know how billpacells thinks about running backs! he thinks that u can find them anywhere and they ain't that inportant!

Rob, I refuse to read a post that is as long as an article. I don't know what you wrote, so I don't know if I agree with you or not, but at least put it in paragraphs so it would be easier to read.

ROB. What ? Also have you ever heard of ME !

Rob, Cuban Menace, Nj Phin Fan, Scott Kitchen, and anyone else who might have the answer,

What variey of Tuna do you think Bill Parcells is? Yellowfin, Blackfin, Bluefin, Skipjack, Big Eye, Albacore, or Dogtooth Tuna? and why? Please feel free to elaborate.

If you could answer this question, it would really help me out.

I say Pennington stays as starter till Henne beats him out of the job. By either Henne stepping up and showing those "good things" that Tony said he saw in Romo, or Pennington stinking up the joint.

"carlito from idito.....you see,,you don't build your back up like that while you have a QB won 11 games last year, now penne will i have no future here and the hell w/them.you notice we never heard of Matt.cassel until he showed up and proved himself not before."

Hey gopats...who taught you sentence structure...Yoda?

the fins will regress this year... the offence still stinks-- no number 1 receiver. furthermore, we do not have a number 1 corner.

of course, things can change before the draft (bolden is still on the market) everytime you think that the offence is good, just watch the game against baltimore (we dressed 3 WR);that is a disgrace--invest some bloody cash in that position and help pennington.

i truly believe if and it's a big IF the dolphins acquired boldin and drafted a corner in the 1st round they could go far but you could say that about a lot of teams.

cheers miami

jordan jones

Birmingham, England

Buckeyefinfan is another dumbazz who can't read or see when someone is F'n around .

Mr Bungltio is a very sensitive person

jordan jones . cherrio ! fish and chips or tea and crumpets. What part of " we aren't going to trade away valuable draft picks " that the trifecta said that you don't understand ? Besides the draft picks ,you have to throw a boat load of money to boldin. Now try to get that through your thick english bloody head of yours. CHERRIO !

Jordan Jones from England,

Don't pay attention to Mr Bunglito he is a sad, angry, little, sensitive man. He doesn't mean to be so rude, but he can't help it, his parents were cousins.

Start Chad in 2009!

Some observations:

1) I'm up early today, as I am every morning, because my cockapoo jumps on my back until I take her outside to relieve herself. Her regularity is inspiring. Her waste product is ennobling. Her politics are bedeviling.

2) I've been reading some of the comments directed my way, and I've come to the following conclusion: You may love Nathaniel Dodsworth; you may hate Nathaniel Dodsworth; but you may not be indifferent to Nathaniel Dodsworth.

3) I frequently read that the Dolphins need a "shut down" corner. In our present age, with the rules geared more and more in favor of the offense, do you realize how nearly impossible it is to find these shut down corners? The last true one we had was Patrick Surtain. He was absolutely outstanding. (Madison was, too, but he seemed to have lost a step the last few years he was with us.) And why did we trade Surtain to Kansas City? Because we couldn't afford to keep him and stay under the salary cap. BOLL WEEVIL!!! (Sorry to curse.) It is putrid when a team has to sell off its best players to keep under some artificial and arbitrary limit! Can you imagine if the Dolphins had to sell off Griese and Warfield and Buoniconti in the 70s for the crime of assembling TOO MUCH talent??? The salary cap is sinful. Share television revenue? Fine. Good idea. But don't punish clubs for assembling talent with the odious salary cap!

4) To clasp hands with your woman (ideally your wife), and physically become one with her - to know her in the biblical sense - is to paradoxically "burn" in heaven. It is a miracle. I only wish our dogs would leave us alone at the time.

WTF Rob. You are really Cammorron speaking in tongue..

Your rant about Penne and (I hear footsteps) Ginn is gibberish. Ginn is still afraid to catch the ball. He was chosen by the biggest coward coach of all... Cammoron.

Ronnie isn't that great a back. He was chosen by the great Satan. The great Satan, the sole person responsible for a 1-15. He chose poorly, left us with nothing and the Camoron was hired to finish the job.

In Ginns case the press release stated that he could catch the ball in traffic and YAC was great. hahahaha good one. You know who wrote that one. The kids father with the clip board.

The players you are speaking about were the stars on a 1-15 team. Wake up.

In the one season that Brown played well, he got hurt and we still didn't win any games when he did play well.

We made the playoffs last year. I was surprised that these guys weren't dumped on the street.

If it were up to me, I would trade Brown in a heartbeat for a higher draft pick and draft a faster rb for that job. As for Ginn, his Daddy better feed that boy some steaks and fries to put some beef on him. He should be called Willow.

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