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The words from Sparano's mouth [Part Uno]

Tony Sparano spoke with the media for over an hour on Tuesday morning and rather than filtering his thoughts to you in drops, I figured I would open the faucet full-throttle today and tomorrow.

So I am posting the complete transcript of his talk with reporters -- of which only I and Edgar Thompson of the Palm Beach Post stayed for the entire session -- over the next couple of days.

In Tony Part I, Sparano shares his thoughts on Ernest Wilford, Terrell Owens, Andy Alleman, the return of Tom Brady, and the hiring of Rex Ryan in New York. He talks (because we asked) about Brandon London, the idea behind cutting Vonnie Holliday, about Cameron Wake, the offensive line in general, Jake Grove in particular, and much more.

Enjoy the words right from the coach's mouth:

On Ernest Wilford: “The plan for Ernest right now will be that he will be in training camp and competing and doing those things. Every year something different happens out there on the field with these players. If it didn’t we wouldn’t know anything about Greg Camarillo or Davone Bess. So this is another opportunity for our guys to go on the field and compete and Ernest is one of our guys.”

On the young DL: “Young guys that all improved during the course of the season at some point or another. We’re really happy with their progress. We hope they take the next step. Obviously we’ve moved on from Vonnie Holliday. So that gives guys like [Phillip] Merling a chance to become more of a full-time player out there, kind of the way [Kendall] Langford was for us. We look forward to getting those guys on the field. Dotson is a guy who showed a lot of upside right now but we’ll have to see. He doesn’t have a lot of game time [experience] right now but we’ll have to see what happens when he gets out there.”

On Camarillo, Smiley participation In OTAs. “Right now they’re both doing really well. That’s all I’ll say, they’re both doing well. I’m not sure what the time table is for either one of those guys. I have an idea what the timetable is but none of that is etched in stone at this particular time. They’re both doing really good and we have to hope at some point we get a chance to see them.”

On Wake and the pass-rush: “Well, one of the things we feel like we can’t get enough of is pass-rushers. With Cameron we feel we need to put him in a position to rush the passer. It’s what he’s done well. Maybe not try to ask him what he hasn’t done. This would be a good opportunity to put him in one of the outside linebacker positions and see him rush the passer.”

On the need to assist Joey Porter in the pass rush: "The moves that were made this offseason to assist Porter were just really right now Cameron and we just added a couple of defensive line – we added Tony McDaniel. But Cameron is the guy we brought in to assist that whole thing. Now I’ve been happy from what I’ve seen out of our players that were here last year. Charlies Anderson I’ve seen him around the past three and a half weeks and the program hasn’t started yet. To see Charlie Anderson out there doing what he’s doing and see some of the other guys that are in the weight room lifting prior to the program starting, that’s encouraging.”

On Vonnie Holliday: “Well, again, I’m getting out of my jurisdiction here with some of this. All I can say about Vonnie is, yes, he was an outstanding guy in the locker room and he was a good player for us. But from our end, we need to get younger. We really do. At the end of the day Phillip Merling was brought in to be the replacement and he was there and did play well. From our end this kid has an opportunity to go in and play. That’s what’s most important right now is that you take a look at this draft and you added Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling and we need them on the field at the same time. Vonnie is a good leader. We’ll miss Vonnie. But it’s time to move on.”

On what saw or didn’t see in Samson Satele that led to the trade: “It isn’t really about what I didn’t see in Samson but it was more importantly having the opportunity to upgrade the position. Jake Grove really was a guy in free agency we looked and targeted for a long time, knowing there was a possibility that something like that could happen. I know Jake, I’ve done the guy coming out. I think everyone in the place knew an awful lot about the guy. For us it’s an upgrade in an area that is critical in our division. You look at our division and the people those guys have to play against, that’s not taking anything away from Samson. Obviously he did a good job because we won 11 games. This was an opportunity to upgrade because we’ve seen this guy play against our division.”

On Jake Grove's being the right replacement: “We’ve done our due diligence with the whole thing, obviously. Jeff and Bill have done a tremendous job of getting into the background of all these guys we’ve brought in here. I don’t think that was really a concern of ours at the time. It certainly isn’t. When you talk to people about Jake and his strength totals and the way he works in the weight room, you certainly get the picture. From our end, our offseason program is something that is important to us and Jake’s there on campus right now. He’s involved in lifting right now and the program hasn’t even started. So we feel like that’s something that helped an awful lot of our players last year.”

On whether he thinks it is more difficult to go 1-15 to 11-5 or 11-5 to title: “In my mind I don’t want to take anything away from what our football team did this past season. But that’s over. We’re moving on right now. In my mind, the next step is the harder step, it really is. To turn this thing around, that’s difficult. I want to take nothing away from what those guys accomplished – our coaches, our players, our organization. But to make the next step – consistency, to win 11 games and continue to push on and get into the playoffs and maybe take the next step in the playoffs is the most difficult step. I’ve been on teams that were really good teams. Really good teams. And I’ve not won a playoff game or haven’t been involved in any of that. So it’s hard to take that step.”

On re-signing his own free agents in 11th hour deals: “To be honest with you, how close any of those things got is not really important right now. What’s important is we got those guys here. We spent, at the end of this thing, $70 million on three players to make sure those players were here. That being said, the players wanted to be here. And that’s a credit to what’s going on with the program and the direction that it’s going and them – the players themselves. Vernon Carey, Channing Crowder, Yeremiah Bell, I’m sure they all would have had options out there. But they wanted to be here and wanted to be part of this whole thing. That said a lot to us. And I think we showed them the same respect.”

On Gibril Wilson: “Obviously from my experience in the NFC East and when I was in Dallas playing against him and he was with the Giants, I thought the guy was a tremendous football player. A physical guy. Always around the football. Plays through injuries, does all those things. This guy is a really a productive player. We had the opportunity to get him and get younger, that was a really good problem for us.”

On Eric Green: "With Eric, obviously we moved on from Goody, and this was an opportunity to find a young corner that has something to prove. This is his hometown, not his home town, but he’s from the area out there. He grew up a Dolphins fan. This really meant a lot to the kid. We, as you know, like to take chances on guys that feel they have something to prove. We feel it keeps them hungry. This is a hungry player that’s coming into our organization that has some real talent.”

At this point Sparano is asked why the Dolphins weren't interested in Terrell Owens. He declines to answer the question. Then he's asked what he thinks of Owens.

On T.O.: “Terrell is an outstanding player. He’s a real good player. He’s in our division now. And having to face him twice a year, I know the thigns he can do during the course of a game. He can take over a game no different than Randy Moss can take over the game. From our end, that’s a challenge. You bring these big physical receivers into our division, Buffalo gets better making that move. We have to, we have to address the challenge when we get to it. He’s a guy who will require the same amount of attention as Randy Moss or a Fitzgerald, those kind of guys.”

You were exposed to those things. You need them. Why not get him?: “No comment.”

On Andy Alleman: “We picked him up last year from New Orleans. To be honest with you, I’d done a lot of work on him when we were at Dallas. We brought him in for our top 30 day, I remember that visit. We had a chance to spend a lot of time with him. So I knew Andy pretty well. It was a great opportunity for us to bring in a guy who had some position flexibility. That’s why we took him. He played more guard and he got better and better as the season went on and that’s what we think he’ll continue to do.”

On the offensive line: “One of the things, first of all, is these guys have to get healthy. That’s not completely done yet. Guys like Donald Thomas and those kind of guys are a lot further along. So that’s good to see. I just feel like in our division your core, the inside three players, and having Jake and Vernon now for a long time, that kind of solidifies an area a lot of these teams are still looking to find. They’re still looking to find the tackles. But the core, having to play against Jenkins and Stroud and Wilfork, that group has to be physically strong enough, physically tough enough to do the things they need to do. I think that’s the group, when you look at it, that needs to come along. Justin was playing better when he got injured. We make a move and have Jake Grove in there and that’s an opportunity to upgrade that position. Then at the same time, you get Donald Thomas back and now you have Murphy, now you have Alleman, and now you got guys that are providing some competition with Joe Berger. That will be a good problem for us.”

On which position -- center or left tackle -- is more important: “In our league left tackle is the most important position. I just think the guy that guy has to block every week. Now in our division, you can argue that point a little bit with the way we have to play and what we do to move the ball. But left tackle. Week in and week out, left tackle.”

On importance of getting pass rush other than Porter: “Very important. Very important we find somebody who can do that other than Joey. In the last three games of the season where teams started to take the protection completely to Joey, we had to come up with way to still put pressure on the passer. And a year later, you hope Matt Roth is going to be a lot better. He had a heck of a season for us, but you hope he’s going to be a lot better technically and make that kind of jump. Chalrie Anderson I thought at times last year flashed and did some good things. Now there are some guys on the roster we’re excited to take a look at are Walden who has pass-rush skill, Cameron, and these type of players. We have an opportunity to see these type of players during the spring and see if we can’t find a little bit more help out there rushing the passer. As you know you can never have enough pass rushers. That’s what we believe. And right now we don’t have enough.”

On Wake again: “You feel like he’s played a little bit better competition but on Day 1 he’s going to be seeing Vernon Carey and Jake Long. So we’re going to get an opportunity to see pretty fast what he’s able to do right now. But we’re hopeful this guy is going to be a guy who is going to come in and help us. Film doesn’t lie when you watch him. He’s an exciting guy. He does have pass-rush ability. There were a lot of people trying to get at him when we were able to get him. I think this defense will be a good fit for him to be able to showcase his skill set."

“That’s another thing getting back to (Armando’s question about pass rush earlier) that there’s four or five guys in the building right now that we have an opportunity see compete. Young players and this gives us a chance to see what they do and gives us a chance to see if we can get help that way.”

On Rex Ryan question along with Tom Brady: “I think obviously I have a lot of respect for what Rex did in Baltimore. They beat us two times down there everybody that plays that defense knows they not only has very good players, but the scheme and what he did with the players is what I think enhanced that defense. We have to try to stay ahead of the curve and really try to do our due diligence on that defense and we have spent an awful lot of time this offseason looking at those things. Maybe things we could do better and trying to get ourselves prepared for that. They’ve helped themselves with a couple players there and taking a couple of players from that defense. No different than when we took players from Dallas when we came here. It’s just people that are familiar with what you do.”

On Brady: “Tom returning obviously that puts, and again taking nothing away from Cassel because at the end of that whole thing he was playing really well. But Tom Brady is Tom Brady. Anytime you add a player like that on to your team you’re adding great firepower back to your team, great leadership back to your team. that will be a tough challenge. I’m very familiar with Freddy Taylor. I was with Freddy in Jacksonville. Freddy’s a good player. You give Freddy that kind of space, put him in that kind of offense and it can cause problems.”

Does Brady's return put a highlight on Miami's CB spot: “It puts a highlight on a lot of things, Armando. I mean, it’s a highlight on the pass rush. If we rush the passer, those guys don’t have to hold up as long. There aren’t a lot of people in this league that if you don’t rush the passer, they’ll hold up. From our end, we know that’s where it starts. We were fortunate this year getting 17 ½ sacks out of Joey and however many 40-some sacks this year that put us in the top seven or eight in the league. When you put up those type of minus plays, it helps in the back end a little bit. All along people were asking about what was happening in the secondary. But at the end of the day it’s the rush that helped the back end, too. We had players back there that helped us and had great season, but it was the pass rush and what we were able to do helped us. If you can generate pass rush, that will help the back end."

We’ve got guys at the corner positions that we’re going to get a look at. Eric is going to be one of them. He knows he’s got to compete for a job. That’s good for us. We’re in a situation right now that we want that competion on the field.”

On what he saw his last game in Dallas when the Giants pass rush ran over his offensive line: “It certainly doesn’t mean, from our end ... We won 11 games and we don’t kid ourselves. We still know we have a long way to go and a lot of holes to continue to fill. We might have some pieces inhouse we’re excited to see rush the passer right now and all those things. I think obviously if you have good pass rush in this league it helps. Because these quarterbacks are too good. These skill players are too good. to have a good pass rush helps. You can get some of these shutdown corners if you can still have that nowadays, I don’t know that there anymore. Because the skill set is too good on these receivers. That’s a good luxury to have.”

On Bandon London's potential 2009 contribution: “I hope he can make a greater contribution. The fact he played 276 plays and finished third on the team from a special teams standpoint and did a tremendous job that way. But, at the end of the day you hope those players have a little bit bigger piece of the pie in the offense. He’s an athletic guy, a hard working guy, a really hard working kid. He’s has a chance to make a good contribution. That’s what I like about that position right now. The bess’s, Teddy Ginn, Brandon London, Wilford, these guys are all hungry to get better so it gives us good competition.”



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really a great article. good to hear from the coach.

quick question. those crazy people over at the sun sentinel have said that if the fins don't plan to use ronnie brown as an every down back they should trade. i got a little paranoid i will admit because ronnie is my favorite player on the dolphins. but i wanted to know if you could ever picture that scenario happening? i know he is in a contract year so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

i guess i am just looking for reassurance from you haha. thanks alot for always being on the ball with the team.

Armando, i am still reading but it's nice to read without input from any one and about tom brady it was very clear that he fears tom and he knows that the best he's going to do this year is.........8-8

great stuff. sounds like there was mixed opinions on bring in TO.



Part Uno is Spanglish for part one...


AFC EAST CHAMP and luggi. Do you guys think we are going to win any games? Fear isn't a factor. Our guys will be ready to play and Sparano will field the best team that he can and if last year was any indication we should have another great season.

Klndry, let me take this question , yes you will win few games based on my research and deep thinking ,you will win max of 8 games in total no more the this blog will turn on tuna and co and the two chads with no mercy.

Parcells & Co is famous for their ability to keep their true draft intentions secret, which leads me to wonder whether all Sparano's talk about pass rushers is simply misdirection aimed at teams who might want to trade up to #25 to secure a pass rusher that Miami has no real intent to pick.

At the same time Sparano is talking about needing pass rushers, he is also talking up the ones he already has - especially Cam Wake, who appears to be pencilled in opposite Porter if he shows anything close to his CFL performance.

We shall see.

Armando, any chance the Phins draft Pat White? He would make the wildcat unstoppable.

Mando, next time, could you ask about Rodrique Wright? I remember the coach after Dave and before Cameron (we don't speak her name) was gaga over him. Even got him when he was injured..

Whatever, Ronnie Brown isn't going anywhere. He is a freaking beast and we turned to the wild cate because we weren't strong enough up front, and we had two killer backs. Trust me when I say that when we get healthy and solid personnel working together on the interior line, Ronnie will run the rushing title.


Sparano already stated unequivocally that the Dolphins would not draft a player just for the wildcat. I think he was specifically targeting White when he said that.

i hope brandon london improves this spring/summer and gets on the field on offense, i like him, camarillo healthy, bess with another year under his belt and ginn only improving i like our recievers, i'd still like a rookie thrown in there for competition.

we have good red zone tight ends, i like heynos, fasano and martin but i'd like to draft a TE who can stretch the field like Cook or Ingram

its going to be very interesting to see what pass rushers are still on the board at pick 25 if none fall we'll prob. go with Butler at CB or alphonso smith or trade down and get an extra 3rd rounder etc.

jets, 7-9
bills, 8-8
pats, 14-2
ravens, 11-5
loins, 5-11

You make an excellent point about Parcells and his penchant for misdirection concerning his intentions in the draft. Sparano on the other hand has developed a reputation already as a straight talker. I don't believe Sparano would be The Tuna's vehicle for misdirection and furthermore I do believe improving the pass rush is the key need for this team in order to compete with the Patriots.

How any team can Comete with the Pats if you have no Moss or Brady,get ready fin fans to go back to NFL basement of 1-15

do dang mario steel playz fo da doffins

Here we go again with the BS from Gopats. Dude, go back to your own patsie football blog. Just because Brady is coming back does not mean your team is gonna be that great. Your defense is old and with the defense the Fins are gonna put on the field this year, I don't see you guys winning either game against us. Now don't go away mad...just go away loser!!

Tampa Bay.......when the time comes I am going to ask you,Who is your dady?
Tampa Bay will answer....Tom Brady is my dady.
Gopats will say...good boy Tampa. Bay

Now that we've edificated our OL, any chance of seeing a big physical Dolphin receiver? I'd settle for anyone over 6 feet tall who doesn't run outabounds like Ginn does when he sees a shadow.

1-15 It sure looks good and feel great.

Gopats! now you´re sounding like fan!!

annoying as always!!!

I think we are missing out on pat white. he's a great athlete and great person. I hope the brain trust doesnt miss out. he would be a difference maker for the Phins.


I hear what you are saying about White, but I think the idea is to get away from the wildcat and get to a more traditional run between the tackles format. If we did pick up White and start phasing out the wildcat then what value does he have? We already have our QB of the future in Henne (hopefully) so I just don't see how we can use the talent that he brings to the table.

Dolphins 12-4
Pats 9-7
Bills 7-9
Jets 5-11

dolphins 4-12
Pats 12-4
bills 7-9
jets 12-4

fins 16-0
pats 0-16
jets 0-16
bills 0-16

I will NEVER say Tom Brady is my daddy Gopats. I hate him and the patsies more than I hate the jests. Just so you know, I never want to see any player get injured but when Tommie Boy went down I screamed YEAH! and then did an Irish jig in my living room. But then I asked God to forgive me.

Well, when you don't add your opinion, you can pull off a nice article. Best thing I've seen you write.

Gopats...I've tried twice to post a response but I guess it keeps getting deleted. I can't imagine why but suffice to say that'll never happen.


Bart- You make an excellent point about Parcells and his penchant for misdirection concerning his intentions in the draft. Sparano on the other hand has developed a reputation already as a straight talker. I don't believe Sparano would be The Tuna's vehicle for misdirection and furthermore I do believe improving the pass rush is the key need for this team in order to compete with the Patriots.

ck - I doubt Parcells would allow Sparano to disclose team plans to the media and the coach has not history of doing so to date. Color me skeptical about anything coming out of this regime concerning future personnel moves.

I do not have many worries about Miami's pass rush in 2009. In 2008, Miami was #8 in sacks at 40 with a nearly completely rebuilt front 7 and two rookies on the DL.

Miami does need more production from its DEs and SLB. The maturing of the youngsters and the addition of McDaniel probably addresses the DE position.

However, I think the biggest upgrade was the addition of Wake to the SLB position. If Wake manages only about half of his CFL production, that will be nearly double Roth's sacks and would probably qualify Wake as NFL "rookie" of the year. The prospect of a Porter and Wake tandem should be giving our opponent's offensive coordinators nightmares.

Sparano pretty much confirmed my take: "On the need to assist Joey Porter in the pass rush: "The moves that were made this offseason to assist Porter were just really right now Cameron and we just added a couple of defensive line – we added Tony McDaniel. But Cameron is the guy we brought in to assist that whole thing."

Pass rush is not a primary draft priority for Miami. Rather, Miami should pick CB, NT and WR in about that order in the first three picks.

Tampa Bay, we are trying to have fun to talk to each other,that's all.NOW if i give a dollar would you say Brady is your dady?

Hey Gopats, try learning how to spell. Is everybody in Boston learning impaired??


did ricky boy won any thing so far fish boy? OH I know,
he had the record of 1-15 one more time 1-15 .BTW the boston best edu in the country but florid is number 49 before ARK .

Ricky won the cannabis cup. Btw, he wasn't on the 1-15 team.

Well Ricky had a better season than Tom "Tiny Tim" Brady. The funny thing is that you are saying that the fins are going to go 1 - 15 because "Tiny Tim" is back so I guess you are assuming that Brady is going to play against the fins 16 times this year.....What are pat fans doing here anyway this is a "DOLPHIN" Blog not a "It sounds like the only hope for the pats is brady" Blog. Last year the Pats didn't make the Playoffs as a Team and they will go down this year as a team....Go back to Pats land buddy if they want you back.

Go Fins

Fins 11 - 5
Pats 10 - 6
Bills 9 - 7
Jets 8 - 8

I Am asking any to tell me what did ricky did or won ever in his life plus you all fin fans know very is that Tom Brady is you DADY.BTW I am on the pats blog at same time.LOL


I do have worries on the pass rush front. We got them in bunches last year from Porter, but got very little help elsewhere. There were too many games where we did not get enough pressure on the QB and our defense struggled when we couldn't get to the quarterback.

In particular late in the season as teams started shifting their protection over to Porter he became less of a factor and our pass rush suffered. I'm not talking about just sacks, but also quarterback hurries. Too often the opposing QB dropped back and had all day to throw.

In regards to Wake; I do hope he is as good in the NFL his second time around as he was in the CFL. I never saw him play in his first stint, but from what I have read it wasn't very good. As you said, if he can be even half as productive as he was in the CFL then that will be a tremendous boost to the rush. I just don't believe the Dolphins are going to put all their eggs in that basket. He is just too much of an unknown.

"The moves that were made this offseason to assist Porter were just really right now Cameron and we just added a couple of defensive line – we added Tony McDaniel. But Cameron is the guy we brought in to assist that whole thing."

To me this doesn't mean that the Dolphins are in any way done assisting the pass rush. It just means that's what was done in free agency. Nothing else has been done because this regime doesn't want to get high profile players with big price tags (i.e. Peppers.) They want to build through the draft. You'll also noticed he did say "right now".

I do however agree that NT is also a high priority as we need to groom Ferg's replacement and you can't run the 3-4 without a top quality NT.

Interesting info, good job Mando.

Point 1 - "Getting Younger" - seems to be the main reason they got rid of Vonnie H.

Point 2 - "With Cameron we feel we need to put him in a position to rush the passer"

Now considering that they targeted the Weakside OLB to be the dominant pass rusher last year and taking point 1 and 2 into the mould, if.. IF we see Cameron Wake be all he can be in OTA's/Mini Camps etc... would this mean that Joey Porter is expendable..

He has value, but he's getting on in age...but with that Value, would he be attractive to Green Bay/Kansas City who are supposedly moving to the 34 and could use someone like him to help that transition??? I personally would welcome a Porter trade, for no lower than a 3rd though.

Mando, if you get another chance in the next week, can you find out who else has been in working out? Im interested in particular on Jason Allen, Cohen and Soliai...



To me it comes down to the Patriots. The only way we can compete against that ridiculous offense is to have an equally impressive pass rush. The Giants showed us who wins that match-up. We have a decent pass rush right now, but I don't think anyone would say we are anywhere near what the Giants have. Until we get to that level of ability to pressure the QB it is going to be awfully tough to beat them.

AFC EAST CHAMP made the following prediction for the 2009 regular season AFC East standings:

fins 16-0
pats 0-16
jets 0-16
bills 0-16

While I salute Mr. Champ's enthusiasm and confidence in the Dolphins, I should like to point out the statistical impossibility of more than one team in a division finishing 0-16. Given each teams plays the others in its division two times, it is statistically impossible for more than one team to go winless.

Having said all that, once again I compliment Mr. Champ on his unbridled, if naive, confidence in our beloved Dolphins.

I should like to make a correction. Given the possibility of ties, it is indeed possible for multiple teams to go winless in one division. What is impossible is for more than one team to LOSE all 16 games.

I regret the error.


Nathaniel,you are wrong cause it's possible for more than one team to lose all games in division.

AFC East Champ, by the language in your letter, I believe it's a fair bet that you are not yet an adult. For that reason, I will refrain from engaging in ribald talk and not participate in corrupting a minor. I believe we should honor Armando's request and keep our attention focused on football.

On that note, I should like to advise you all that I will be going up to Toronto, Canada, the week of April 6th to visit my family and enjoy all the pre and post-game Passover action and festivities. I shall continue to submit my entries, God-willing, and look forward to the taste of Matzoh, marror and sponge cake.


Great article Armando


If you would indulge my curiosity, what do you do for a living? Judging by your prose, you are obviously well educated and it's a fair bet that you are high-society. I find it interesting that you would spend as much time on a blog of this nature as you do. Do you bring wisdom to the masses, engage in an idle amusement or are you truly just a Dolphin fan interacting with other fans?

Cavalierkong , I couldn't agree with you more and I think bart is a little off base. Pass rushing olbs is our #1 need . Porter isn't getting any younger and makes alot of money. I feel he will be gone next year. Roth besides not being a good pass rusher is going to be a free agent next year and wake hasn't proven a thing . Yes we have needs at cb , nt and wr , but the tuna doesn't like drafting wrs in the 1st round. The real value of this years wrs are in rounds 2-4 and there aren't a real good picks at cb or nt worth taking at 25.

He's a fox fix news guy,he must have google next to him cause every time a fan ask a question here he's mr .nathaniel with right answer,i know a guy does the same thing with googl's help,

How's it going NJ?

It's going to be interesting to see if Porter will have a similar year to this last year or if he is going to fall off some. I agree with you in that this is probably going to be his last year even if he keeps his production up.

gopats will be crying like the rest of the chowda heads when peg leg brady collapses ina heap once again. BTW, Belicheat sucks too.

Nathaniel , isn't as smart as you might think . He still hasn't figured out that Luggi , carlito from galfito and most recently AFC EAST CHAMPS are all the one and only Cuban Menace .

tom=3 super bowl------3 rings-------beauty wife
belich=5 super bowl------5 ringe,2 w/tuna and 3 w/pats

marino and today's fins......big ZERO.
no super bowl
no rings
no no thing
rick.........what can i say well never won any thing .
say after me that TOM is you DADY

nj phin fan ,i thought you are much smarter than that ,how can you i am the menace,such talk would come from a person who should not be named .BTW iam not any of the above names .


Although I'm not a paranoid John Bircher, I'm protective of my privacy. Let's just say I'm an ex-Canadian who works in an office in New York State. And, as much as I promise myself not to divert too much of my attention to Armando's wonderful blog, I find myself in the throes of its addiction and to all you wonderful miscreants. I have a simple 4-year Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. I like to put on airs and utilize fancy language because in my line of work you're not really permitted that freedom.

I'm just a guy who's in love with his wife and the Miami Dolphins and can't get over his childhood and teenage crushes on Jaclyn Smith, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Sally Struthers, Veronica Hamel, Paulette Goddard, Raquel Welch, Stefanie Powers and Don Shula.

Brady's wife will only look good on the end of my schwantz


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