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T.O.? Don't even think about it

Reasons the Miami Dolphins will not sign Terrell Owens following confirmation through the league news wire Thursday that the enigmatic wide receiver's contract in Dallas has been terminated:

Because Bill Parcells didn't want him in Dallas in 2006 when Owens was four years younger and had helped ruin the locker room harmony of two, rather than three clubs as it now stands.

Because T.O. is 35 years old.

Because T.O. will want a big fat contract.

Because some fool franchise will probably give it to him.

Because T.O. is selfish rather than selfless.

Because Parcells likes selfless rather than selfish.

Because there is no bellman the Dolphins can hire strong enough to carry all of T.O.'s baggage.

Because the Dolphins are going to draft their No. 1 receiver in the coming draft.

Because the Dolphins have seen veteran receivers Marvin Harrison, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Laveranues Coles come on the market this year and barely blinked at the idea of having interest.

Because T.O. is another veteran receiver on the market.

Because T.O. had run-ins with Jeff Garcia.

And Donovan McNabb.

And Jason Witten.

And coaches on the Philadelphia staff.

And Parcells protoge' Todd Haley.

Because T.O. had drama with Tony Romo.

And his female P.R. assistant.

And some pills.

And Parcells hates drama.

But the biggest reason the Dolphins will not sign Terrell Owens despite a glaring need and desire to upgrade the receiver corps? Because they are not stupid.

[BLOG NOTE: Check out the offering below on De'Cody Fagg's workout with the Dolphins earlier this week.]


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i agree no to signing terrell ownens but our #1 in the draft? come on we need to trade for our #1 reciver unless we wanna wait 3 years for the #1 to develop

Bill Parcells must be chuckling to himself right now. Not only was he right about getting rid of Jason Taylor (who skipped his off season workouts last year for Dancing With the Stars and subsequently opted to do the same thing this year to spend the off season in S.FLA with his family), but he was right about T.O. as well. Parcells was vehemently against signing Owens 3 years ago, but Jerry Jones, getting too involved with the football side of things as usual, insisted on it.

The Cowboys just released T.O. Boo-hoo, can't wait to watch him cry. I wonder who will sign him next? The Redskins or Giants? He only has those two teams left to complete his tour of the NFC East, and considering Snyder's open pockets in Washington, I'd put money (haha) on him going there. How sweet would that be for ESPN? Not only would they get T.O. versus the Eagles twice a year, but they'd also get T.O. versus the Cowboys twice a year! I can hear Stuart Scott singing already!

Back to JT though, Parcells is not only laughing about being right, but also being better! He still has the 44th pick at his disposal courtesy of the idiotic Snyder-skins for trading for Jason Taylor. All the Redskins got was a cap-hit! BWaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!!

Man it's fun to have the smart guys on our team. Go Dolphins!!!

Oh, and that 44th pick will most likely be used on a receiver. Phins ain't signing that bag of garbage.

Sob Sob "That's my quarterback, man! Yall don't understand!" That's still my favorite T.O moment of all time. Well, that and standing on the star was pretty cool. ;)

You nailed this one, Armando!!!
Couldn't agree with you more.

I agree! - and he will not even be brought in.

he will probably end up on one of the following teams: patriots, Jets, raiders, or Redskins.

Belichick will think he can handle him and with "TO" on one side of the field and Moss on the other bellichick will figure he can score a hundred points or more a game and finally get his perfect season.

The jets just love to show everybody that they can get any player they want without any cap space.

The Redskin's owner Dan Synder just loves to show off how much money he has.

The raiders Al davis is just crazy and senile and has lost it!

A-man, nail on the head no way will the phins be a player for him.It just sucks that he has to be the person that he is......what a waste of 10 to 15 td's a year.

TO is a cancer to every team he's been with. Like Deion Sanders, he's a legend in his own mind!

Keep going Mondo, I think you could have listed another 15-20 reasons.

Why would Bill Parcells want to bring in T.O? We dont need him anyway! we have Ernest Wilford!

I don't care what you say Armando... I would want T.O. for a bunch a reasons and signed to a small contract for one or two years. He is at the end of his career and yet is still one of the best ever. How bad could he really be? Porter would set him straight in an instant he is so gangsta. TO would be an instant upgrade at the WR position granted not a solution but until our "#1" WR becomes that number 1 threat we would actually have one. He could tutor and redeem himself. And TO would give us a cog that really could put us into Super Bowl contention next year. rather than waiting a few more miserable rebuilding years questioning what if??????

TO sucks. Take a pic of an outhouse and send it to him so he can stand on that. The big turd.


have u switched to something stronger than just beer? wat makes u think TO will change now? from my experience old people have a tougher time changing and if we did sign him we would lose him and porter b/c porter would kill him then wind up like plax or vick

For all you TO haters out there when New England Signs him or the Jets you will be pissing in your pants . Idiots the man has talent and he will draw double coverage .

thats why we have been in the toilet for 15yrs because we sit back every year and get low rate talent and think somehow these guys are going to become 1st rate talent. Get a life and put your personal feelings aside thats what they said about Randy Moss when he was cut by Minn. And you see how fast New England signed him so twice a year whe have Randy Moss putting nuts in our DB's faces while he scoring touchdowns in our inzone.

T.O. may be selfish, undisciplined, arrogant, disruptive and obnoxious, but at least he's not a Fagg.

if TO to comes to miami for only one year and we draft WR at first pick that will be a win win for fins .also what people talk about on Mr .Bungle's blog? in any case i so much good luck to him.

excellent Armando. brought a little chuckle on this thursday morning. let TO bring the plaque to some other team.

And now, starting for YOUR WASHINGTON REDSKINS...

kills me everyone is an authority on how parcells thinks. Parcells has had toretore some projects too.TO can be hadat the right price if he said the right things.

thats why we have been in the toilet for 15yrs...

Posted by: Nando

Yes, winning that division title last year was awful.

T.O. may be selfish, undisciplined, disruptive and obnoxious, but at least he's not a Fagg.

Armando, given our current stable of potential OLB's but lack of dominating and too few ILB's, can you at least inquire if Matt Roth can be converted to ILB to pair him with Crowder? Adoyele and Torbor are adequate but I would be interested in finding out if Roth could dominate on the inside. Especially when you consider other players comments on wanting him, of all their teamates, to be next to them in a bar fight. Sounds like a tough brawler who might be better fighting in a phone booth than in space. Could you find this out for us? RSVP

Ever notice the constipated, pained look on Parcells face every time a question about T.O. was thrown his way at a Dallas press conference? All I need to know on that front.

Winning this division title was over rated and most of us know it. let see how miami will do once Brady the great show's up


You're missing the big picture. Our team isn't finished building yet. There are still great players like Larry Fitzgerald and James Harrison who I would like to see us trade for. They'd make us better.

Great Article Armando, Keep up the good work!

I can't believe some of these homers actually thing this wide receiva diva would come to Miami...come on

yeeeeeesssssssss these two players are real good ones but do you think miami has the guts to trade for them?

luggi, it doesn't take guts to make a trade. All we need to do is decide which players we can live without, like Ernest Wilford, Paul Solai, etc and trade them away.

Mr.B.....under what rules would you accept to get OT to sign with fins for one year?

Which OT? We already have two pricey ones in Long and Carey.

Chad Ocho Cinco Seis Nueve has a better chance than TO and that aint happening either.
Armando, you need to change that picture of yours with you wearing either a miami dolphins cap or jersey.

not gonna happen!

MR.B i meant TO

Luggi, for no reason do I want TO in Miami. I mean, if he is on vacation in the city that is his business. I like to visit there myself. Don Shula has a steakhouse and I like dinner so that's good.

Wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole....next topic!! However, if Tory Holt became available and the price was right, that would be a different story. Holt is the anti-Owens and everything you would want in a teammate.

Mr. bungle, do not disgrace this franchise with the like of seeing harrison in a dolphins jersey. that guy is a selfish rotten jerk who will stop at nothing to get his point across. just look at how he handled the cards in the SB. getting personal fouls and continually trash talking other player when it was unnecessary.

The one big reason TO Will never join dolphins is this,he's filming right now his own reality TV show and enough said for tuna .little reminder to get good ratings in TV you have to go down to the swear and that's will demand him to be more of ..........you pick the word.

ffdmm, I think the cold weather in Pittsburgh makes people a little would up like that. The spring and summer season are too short here. He'd be more relaxed here because of better weather. I don't know if he likes the beach, but there are beaches here.

T.O will go to the redskins or raiders

I love this article ... this is beautiful !!!

You're a great writer, My Friend ... and i hope you're right about the dolphins not signing T.O., after such a successful comeback season, why ruin it over one player.

If you can't be happy in Dallas, America's Team, you can't be happy NoWhere !

>standing on the star was pretty cool. ;)

And then JJones hires the mofo. Cowboys are doomed as long as he lives (he wont sell).

I'm sooo glad I don't even have to worry about the CHANCE of BP making him a Dolphin.

soul, do the Redskins have enough cap space? They spent a lot so far it seems like. Where is Tinshaker, he could look up cap info for me.

Bungle, did the skins have enough cap space to sign Haynesworth, Hall, and Dockery???? I don't know, it seems like the salary cap doesn't apply to them sometime...that boy snyder loves to spend some dough

After cutting T.O, I would have to think that Miles Austin is off the trading block....

Wow, I just heard on ESPN that Dallas took a $9 million cap hit for cutting Owens, they really wanted him gone...

SOULJ...The reason they took this hit of 9 mill is the team can't move forward cause their QB romo always said that he can't do his gob as long TO want's the ball all the time ,now they can see how good romo is.don't forget Owens started his filming for his reality show and put the scare to cut him the bad mouthing starts to get good ratings

T.O. is a cancer to a team, as simple as that, he's toxic and we shall stay sa far as we can from him

Aqua 1, I aggree with you 100% about Roth moving to ILB. He's great against the run and lacks the speed of a true OLB.

I can see BP firing Jeff Ireland for even bringing it up....

Well said, Mando. And the Dolphin WR corps is plenty good enough as is.

Finally...somebody who hasn't been drinking the cool-aid. We don't need him, and don't want him.

And the Dolphin WR corps is plenty good enough as is.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto

We don't need TO, but our corps is not plenty good enough. We need to trade for Larry Fitzgerald.


Some one at last with some rational giving thoughtful opinion that we need TO in florida to give us a huge edge of wining again.

Never say never in the NFL. As the Boyz Asst HC in 2007, Sparano appeared to have a good relationship with TO and TO had a good year with around 1350 yards and 15 TDs.

During this year's combine, Sparano was asked about TO and said :

"From my end, he (Owens) was a really good pro and did everything we asked him to do, and we had a heck of a year together," noted Sparano.

Dolphan_B, good job digging up that quote.

QUESTION,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Who would you prefer the JT or TO?

Cowboys are cleaning house... Roy Williams (safety) was just cut too.

Luggi, mr. bungle, france lamour (and whoever else )- you are a sick pats fan with a multipersonality disorder. How many mirrors were there laid around you in your crib? Great company, hu?

Cambrian, can you please rephrase that into some form of sense? Thank you.

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