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A day with a local visiting the Dolphins

As you know the Dolphins hosted their "locals" players last Friday. Approximately 25 local players were at the Dolphins facility, going through a day of work as if they were already in the NFL and working for Miami.

University of Connecticut linebacker Cody Brown, who is from Coral Springs, was one of those players. What follows is Brown's account of his visit with the Dolphins.

7 a.m. : Eat breakfast and then head over to the facility.

7:30 - 7:45 a.m. : Arrive at the facility. "When I first walked into the building Bill Parcells was right there and I pretty much talked to him for a little bit but it wasn't anything serious," Brown said. "He just told me I'd done a good job at the Senior Bowl."

7:50 a.m. : Settle into the locker room. "They had chairs with your name on it where you can put your stuff at and get changed and all that. It was in the middle of the locker room," Brown said. "I wasn't star-struck by the names [on the lockers] because I've been in that locker room before. So I pretty much seen all that. It wasn't new to me."

At that point players, all of them with histories in South Florida, begin to recognize each other.

Brown obviously knew University of Connecticut teammate Darius Butler, a cornerback. He also recognized LSU defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois and LSU wide receiver Demetrius Byrd. He didn't know any of the fellow linebackers except for Wake Forest ILB Stanley Arnoux, who is from Belle Glade. Arnoux ran a 4.56 at the Indy Combine and has impressed scouts who initially were looking at teammate Aaron Curry.

One player who was supposed to attend but didn't due to flight delay issues is Western Michigan safety Louis Delmas, who played at North Miami Beach High. Western Michigan, by the way, has about a dozen players from South Florida on its roster.

University of Miami cornerback Bruce Johnson was also present. Having seen Johnson play a lot in 2008, I'm wondering why?

8 a.m.: Weigh-in. Brown, who is 6-2, weighs in at 250 pounds. "I lost a little weight during the season so I was at around 240 then," Brown said. "But I've been lifting and getting stronger. I eat a lot of hamburgers, but it's all muscle. You can't get fat when you're getting ready for the NFL draft"  

9 a.m. : Players work out. "Some guys did the running drills and shuttles and all that around until around 10 or 10:30," said Brown.

11 a.m. to noon: Shower. Eat lunch. Meet with coaches. "When we were pretty much done with all that we showered and had lunch around 12 o'clock. And then individual guys went up to meet with coaches. I met with defensive coordinator (Paul Pasqauloni) and I met with him for about an hour-and-a-half and after that I left," Brown said.

"They went over pretty much the defense, what they call it. I guess they're trying to see whether or not I can pick up on the defense or not. I did pretty good. It's not that difficult. It was similar to what we do at U-Conn although not really."

Brown has also visited the New York Giants and Denver Broncos.


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How does a school like Western Michigan recruit so many players from South Florida? They must have some pretty convincing people on their staff to get guys to move from sun and palm trees to the frozen tundra of Western Michigan...

Excellent information, Armando!

ESPN is reporting that Zack Thomas was in negotiations with the Jets before signing with the Chiefs... That would have been unforgivable... Zack Thomas in a Jets Jersey??? Even Jason Taylor said that he would consider playing for the Pats, but never for the Jets....

soulj, is in love with lousy old players,enough with Zack already i like to hear about the young and the restless new players.

I hope that Darius Butler got familiar with the facilities, b/c I think he's the pick if he's still on the board.

Vontae Davis is a thug, Sean Smith wont be ready to play as a rookie, and Malcolm Jenkins is a cover-2 corner. So i think Butler is going to be the guy.

souljahbeats, are you really related to Mr Bunglito or Jed ?

This draft would have been a lot funner if the Dolphins had 2 starting corners and they could actually take the best player available at 25. If they are cool with Jason Allen starting at corner, then this will be a fun draft.

words i love in this article ,

I never said I wanted the fins to resign Jason Taylor or Zack Thomas. Actually if you have ever read any of my posts I am very much against it. They are both old and past their prime and JT is not committed to football... All I was saying is that Zack Thomas signing to the Jets would have been unforgivable...

Soulj, jets building for the future not for the past and that's why they were never talked to Jason or Zak,i forgive you for wanting them on our team but thank god you are not any where in the facility

We're glad you brought out the name Arnoux from Wake Forest. he's a beast. He can help in the fourth or fifth round. He's faster than the higher-priced starters we've got on the depth chart. Thanks for the information.

Marco, do you understand English? I said I did not want Zack Thomas to go to the Jets, and ESPN is reporting that Thomas was in talks with the Jets... Good luck with Kellen Clemens and Fat Coach in a little coat...

Soulja. You did it again . LOL

NJ PHIN FAN is back talking to the big head soulj ,two red necks enjoying the farm.

soulj. i love what you wrote"the fat coach in a little coat" i never heard it before, can i use it some times

Menace. Didn't i ask you to keep my name out of your instigating comments ? keep it up .

Many me is back talking to himself, when he should probably be talking to a shrink instead...

Hey Marco, why are you Jet's fans so enamored with our Dolphins' blogs?

OK,kids, who's next for the master? let it fly.

Boy, I am glad this guy Brown is not trying out for an essay writing competition!

Me Tarzan, you Jane!

chat, who are you ,iam not a jet fan, i am a die hard fin fan 4 life . bet you are just a trouble maker.F the jeta and as soulj told me their fat coach in a little coat" too.

F the jets

Mel Kiper & McShay predict Vontae Davis as first rd pick. Also included , a babysitter to scold him when he throws temper tantrums. Darius Butler makes much more sense if he's still there.

little star
now i wonder
what you are

this song is Vontae Davis favorite song
was noted in his local paper last monday,they said that song make him mad before games???

What kind of dumb article is this? You should be fired !!!!! Couldnt you at least talk about who Parcells was impressed with. NO ONE CARES about what your boyfriend does on his off time.

Crist you even know what time he took a shower. I should tell your boss that you need to transfer to the dept that covers GAYS.

Pretty interesting information. Is Brown a second or a third-round guy? I say he's a pretty good value as a third rounder.

And, I had not heard the Dolphins were interested in the LSU WR. Good scoop.

Re: the Jets

The real question is will their coach, Rectal Ryan, be permitted to keep that ridiculous mullett hairdo or will the commish Mr. Goodell insist he get a haircut as part of the personal hygene policy of the NFL.

When the Jets start loosing, do you think Rex Ryan will try to beat up his coordinators and assistant coaches like his dad?

NO, when he starts to lose coach rectal will break out his electric guitar and and do his impersonation of his look a like, David Lee Roth.

The menace is now on line, whats the 1st Q for the cuban?

Menace, did you hear Bills Safety Donte Whitner was tasered by Police at Ted Ginn Jr.'s birthday party.

as you know Cuban i am trying hard with my english but every time i read rayn sucks ,i think of my self as a failure , for example, the word he just used "RECTAL" what does it mean in this contest.

soulj, what are the chances that the dolphins will implode this year? if it does implode who would you turn on first like a hungry dog?

GORT, there are far better places on the Internet to learn English than this blog. If you must know what "rectal" means: http:dictionary.reference.com


Soulja, Figures, i hear the clip board holding daddy had a little to much m.d 40, gort, it means his butt hole, i think he may be gay.(not that there's any thing wrong with that.)

i have a big dream that,
mando is the contract writer
NJphin is GM
cuban is scouting head
dolphins 4 life is the head coach
soulj is facility and shower area manger
ryan sucks,rest room security
mr bunglito,just hangs around looking at every one and laugh.

Thats M.D 20-20 with twice the alcohol.

Gort, Thats great stuff, but you forgot the hermorphidite m@@c, whats his job?

I know I like to joke around too but wasn't this a football blog at one time? When did it turn into an all out chat/romper room? Theres a great draft less then 2 weeks away and some people just want to talk stupid s---.

PS: And oh yeah..the name changes and fake illiteracy write ups are obvious and old already...You know who you are. Go Dolphins!

Do you guys think mando is a Parcells guy? (what ever that means?)

Aqua 1 , What Would you like to talk about ?

Hey it is Zach not Zack!!!!! He is one of the most underrated middle linebackers in the league. I miss seeing him play, he is such a student of the game. He was a beast on the field. He is one of my favirote Miami Dolphins

"How does a school like Western Michigan recruit so many players from South Florida? They must have some pretty convincing people on their staff to get guys to move from sun and palm trees to the frozen tundra of Western Michigan..."

Low academic standards

Western Michigan Mainly recurits North miami beach as i played at North miami in the same area as mostly all of them. Lures them there by keeping teammates and friends together.

IN response to souljahbeats

By the way played agaisnt LSU defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois (Carol City) and LSU wide receiver Demetrius Byrd (miami central) back in my high school days and they where GOOD! would great to see them playing wiht the dolphins.

I don't know if you guys have heard of the Conficker Virus. If you haven't get up from under the rock and go goggle it.

To check your computer for the virus goto this link. Self-explanatory. This is not the virus, it comes from Baylor university and is supposedly the ONLY way to tell if your computer is infected either with Conficker or something else.


Thanks Menace.

Some may disagree with my thoughts and I respect that but here goes...

First: I'd like to know if there is a reasonable chance that our brass would move up to get Rey Maualuga. If he's there in the mid teens as predicted in many mock drafts, he would be the only player within striking distance that I would pull the trigger on. The kids an absolute terror in the middle. Ala Junior Seau. The off field stuff is not terrible and can be corrected.

Second: If we stay put with our 1, I am really wishing for Hakeem Nicks to be our pick. I truly believe he is now and will be special in the NFL.
IMO Outside of Crabtree, he is the most surefire "playmaker WR" that just wows you with his game reel. Others may be very good but not like him. Alot of this offense was created with smoke and mirrors because of this shortcoming. One game changing WR is imperitive! With that, the elevation in the other skill players on offense will be "dramatic!" On the flip side, their will be very good CBs in the second and some gems later too. So what are the chances of either scenario taking place?

Gort . That was one of the funniest and best posts. LOL . I like your front office team.

CUBAN . M.D. 20/2O . LMAO. Grape or orange Jubilee ?

we need one playmaker at wideout.we can get good defender in the second and later rounds.

Where are you Gopats? Jetsrock too?

Mar@@c's job is...in charge of the ToIlet plunger but only in live games but must be on call 24/7


NJ PHIN FAN, i forgot to put some one dumb to blame in case things don't go well for the team under your team so i think ACE would fit nicely to be fired and blamed for any thing to go wrong.

How do you know it was the real Ace? That name has been used alot it seems. What a waste.

If not ace, how about jed or maxx ?

Q FOR THE MENACE,how are you going to scout for young players and what really are you looking for? hips,speed,SIZE or flexibility?

G, funny how u put size in caps.

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