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A day with a local visiting the Dolphins

As you know the Dolphins hosted their "locals" players last Friday. Approximately 25 local players were at the Dolphins facility, going through a day of work as if they were already in the NFL and working for Miami.

University of Connecticut linebacker Cody Brown, who is from Coral Springs, was one of those players. What follows is Brown's account of his visit with the Dolphins.

7 a.m. : Eat breakfast and then head over to the facility.

7:30 - 7:45 a.m. : Arrive at the facility. "When I first walked into the building Bill Parcells was right there and I pretty much talked to him for a little bit but it wasn't anything serious," Brown said. "He just told me I'd done a good job at the Senior Bowl."

7:50 a.m. : Settle into the locker room. "They had chairs with your name on it where you can put your stuff at and get changed and all that. It was in the middle of the locker room," Brown said. "I wasn't star-struck by the names [on the lockers] because I've been in that locker room before. So I pretty much seen all that. It wasn't new to me."

At that point players, all of them with histories in South Florida, begin to recognize each other.

Brown obviously knew University of Connecticut teammate Darius Butler, a cornerback. He also recognized LSU defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois and LSU wide receiver Demetrius Byrd. He didn't know any of the fellow linebackers except for Wake Forest ILB Stanley Arnoux, who is from Belle Glade. Arnoux ran a 4.56 at the Indy Combine and has impressed scouts who initially were looking at teammate Aaron Curry.

One player who was supposed to attend but didn't due to flight delay issues is Western Michigan safety Louis Delmas, who played at North Miami Beach High. Western Michigan, by the way, has about a dozen players from South Florida on its roster.

University of Miami cornerback Bruce Johnson was also present. Having seen Johnson play a lot in 2008, I'm wondering why?

8 a.m.: Weigh-in. Brown, who is 6-2, weighs in at 250 pounds. "I lost a little weight during the season so I was at around 240 then," Brown said. "But I've been lifting and getting stronger. I eat a lot of hamburgers, but it's all muscle. You can't get fat when you're getting ready for the NFL draft"  

9 a.m. : Players work out. "Some guys did the running drills and shuttles and all that around until around 10 or 10:30," said Brown.

11 a.m. to noon: Shower. Eat lunch. Meet with coaches. "When we were pretty much done with all that we showered and had lunch around 12 o'clock. And then individual guys went up to meet with coaches. I met with defensive coordinator (Paul Pasqauloni) and I met with him for about an hour-and-a-half and after that I left," Brown said.

"They went over pretty much the defense, what they call it. I guess they're trying to see whether or not I can pick up on the defense or not. I did pretty good. It's not that difficult. It was similar to what we do at U-Conn although not really."

Brown has also visited the New York Giants and Denver Broncos.


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menace, im tellin you i watched ginn 1 & 2 come up through high school& college. local. and something stange is going on there


Aqua 1, I agree rey rey from the "left coast" is a no brainer, should they attempt A trade up? i dont know., gort, i think they should be graded on credit score. what are your thoughts?

Strange in what way?

They both lurk on the side lines....


ok then, odd

Gees, that was a pretty weak story. Like the one about girls teeball.

hawaiin blue

Why do we have this article about breakfast, hamburgers, showers, and lunches?

menace, the sideline qoute, homerun

that's quote.

menace,if you go by the credit score ,you won't have any one left ,but you let them write an essay about their love for nature and running in the wild plus their favorite pork dish they love and if they have guns .

can any one give me 5 things JT must do before dolphins bring him back ?

whats this talk about pork?

Oh No ! Not jason taylor.

ice cuban ,when i say pork ,that's the cheapest meat you can afford before you get signed for good money and it tells how educated theperson is based on his eating ways ,so you can tell how much money the team wil spend on each player for food in a year so the more pork the better.

yea, right, sounds good. go fins im going to make some BACON&eggs

At least spell Zach Thomas's name correctly! It is not Zack you clowns! Bring JT back!! Anything to keep him off the CHEATERS, which I still do not think JT would go play for. His family is in South Florida and he wants to be with his family. In return, he will play for Miami. Sign him to a cheap 1-2 year deal. He is not in any deal for the money!!

Indiana, Get Lost you red neck Hoosier and take that washed up jason taylor with you.

Posted by Larry Bird who is from Indiana, very interesting. I am far from being a red neck. Any true Dolfan should and would always like Jason Taylor!!

The secret of Western Michigan University---
is in part, the community of Kalamazoo (they wrote a song about it),is a
former All American City, and a wonderful place to live, and go to school.

The place kinda of sells itself !
I don't think anyone is "LURED" there.
Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo speak for themselves.
Students and athletes WANT to be there!

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