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Afternoon draft update from around the NFL

The Arizona Cardinals are blinking, if only slightly, in their attempt to trade wide receiver Anquan Boldin in that they have reduced their asking price, according to ESPN.com.

Originally asking for a first- and a third-round pick or a first-rounder and veteran player considerations, the Cardinals would now settle for a second-round pick and other considerations. ESPN.com is further reporting the Giants, Eagles and Jets are expressing interest in Boldin.

I am further reporting the Dolphins are showing no interest in a Boldin deal right now although I'm told, "We never say never," by a team source. It would have to be a dramatic turn for the Dolphins to come out of this sweepstakes with the best available receiver on the trade market.

So what do you think about that?

As I have repeatedly reported, the Dolphins are looking to add draft picks so look for them to trade back in this draft -- perhaps including in the first round.

Also from around the league, Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting the Rams are likely to pick Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith.

David Elfin of the Washington Times is reporting the Redskins have a serious interest in USC quarterback Mark Sanchez and are working on trading to be in position to take him. That obviously means Jason Campbell could be on the move as well.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting the Bengals, picking sixth overall, are considering Aaron Curry, BJ Raji, Michael Crabtree, Beanie Wells, Knowshon Moreno, and the top three offensive tackles -- Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe and Andre Smith. Reedy says the Bengals have a higher grade on Jason Smith than Monroe.

Finally, Bob Glauber of Newsday is saying the Jets are not interested in quarterback Josh Freeman and he has plugged Florida receiver Percy Harvin into his mock draft as the most likely player New York will pick at No. 17.

[BLOG NOTE: Check back throughout the evening for further updates. I'll be on the radio Saturday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., anchoring the first leg of 790 The Ticket's draft coverage. If you're not in South Florida you can listen online at 790theticket.com.] 


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Other considerations = Scorpio Babers? Andy Alleman?

I love you kevin

I just don't understand why we are not willing to give up a 2nd round pick for a guy that just fits perfectly. Anquan Boldin is the exact type of receiver this offense needs. And then, we are told they are seriously interested in Percy Harvey. Just a head scratcher for me. Oh and don't tell me it´s the money.


If we don't grab Boldin I'm gonna beat my own ass! GO DOLPHINS!!!!

Trade a second rounder and Ernest Wilford for Boldin....now that's a deal.


Why would we want a receiver as old as Boldin??????

u guys are morons...nobody wants wilford and his contract...the dolphins would trade him for a bag of peanuts if a team would take his salary...

i love how all fans live in a little bubble. there is something called a salary cap, that might be the reason we are not jumping on boldin. a draft pick and $10 mil per year, don't think that is a steal for us. boldin does not make us a super bowl team so no point in making the deal.

now if we were to do brown for boldin tha is different. contracts would slightly even out, we get our #1. then we go and draft a RB with one of top 3 picks instead of a WR. nothing else changes in the draft. rb's are a dime a dozen and it is hard to even put brown in as a top 10 RB in the NFL. that is the no brainer. rw and a prospect (donald brown, moreno, or wells) would fit just nicely in our backfield.

Everybody and maco
One last time:
Now everybody who is on this Anquan Boldin wagon and want to get him at all cost get out!
You don't go after a player who will cost the Dolphins draft choices, strap the teams salary cap, and may end up being hurt sooner or later because of his hamstring porblems and propensity to go over the middle and get KNOCKED out!

Like Armando said the Dolphins are NOT interested

Even though the asking price is down to a 2nd and other cosiderations. There are 10 million reasons why BP is hesitating to pull the trigger on this deal.

Boldin's still reportedly seeking to renegotiate his current deal to 10 million a year, regardless of whatever team he plays for.

If he decides to hold out until he has a new contract. If we pulled the trigger for him. Well we wouldve sacrificed a 2nd round pick for a player who may sit out the entire season, leaving us holding the bag.

If we do renotiate for the 10 million he seeks. We're presently 13 million under the salary cap and that would leave us only 3 million under the cap to sign our other 8 draft picks.

I think BP has good reason to hesitate because 1st he has to give up a 2nd and other considerations. Then Boldin wants absolute top tier wr pay to boot.

When you carefully evaluate this, its still a very high price to pay and chance to take on one athelete.

That's why I'm so thankful we finally have a football braintrust in place. That can both evaluate talent and make wise decisions. Which gives us much greater posturing, for both present and future NFL success!

Not even Brown for Boldin straight up no no no!
Brown is about to have a probowl season.
When the Dolphins pick a wideout through the draft, a player like Britt or Nicks would automaticaly open things up for the offense.
This in turn will bust open the running game and Brown will be 2 years removed from acl surgery. Usally players coming off major surgery have much better seasons in their second year after surgery.
The word about Browns contract is they are trying to sign him up for another 2 years before this season starts, thus eliminating the free agent issue.

With a better offesive line this year, I would be suprised if Brown did'nt make the probowl!

RB's are NOT a dime a dozen the saying is, at least Parcells say's that WR are a dime a dozen. Their are no RB's like Brown in the draft so that is something the dolphins know.

But wait - we have TWO second rounders - the Cards really do want to get rid of him; they are full of crap about keeping him. Could also do a straight up for Ronnie (who I love but as Ryan says, he is expendable) - the Cards need a running back.

Boldin is not a number one receiver on any other team but all we have are number 3 receivers so Boldin makes sense. Then we could kill the opposition with Camarillo and Bess. Even "I'm scared witless" Ginn might catch a ball or two and not have to slide like a girl.

I think the price has become reasonable enough to do a deal. Now if Bill would just hire me; I'd be at least as effective as Spielman, I promise.

yeah i mean im not sure how much this guy would want on new contract.THere would have to be a trade and im sure that maybe ginn for boldin and a 2nd rnd pick anyone.

Dolphins4life, no one said at all cost! So shut the fuck up! Superfin72, very good point. If the deal could be done within reason then I'm all for it. He has to be one of the toughest WR's in the NFL along with Hines Ward. Again if and only if the deal could be done within reason! GO DOLPHINS!!!!

autobots fall in

Players to keep on eye on in the draft

1. Fenuki Tupou Oregon OL 6-6 315lbs projected 4th to 6th round
2. Coye Francies San Jose State CB 6-1 190 proj. 3rd to 4th round
3. Austin Collie BYU WR 6-1 200lbs

"The Arizona Cardinals are said to be gathering information on Tennessee Titans RBs LenDale White and Chris Henry, a source told Scout.com.

It's not a secret that the Titans have interest in WR Anquan Boldin so Arizona's potential interest in either back could signal that trade discussions could intensify over the next 24 hours.

White, who led the NFL in rushing touchdowns last season, is on the final year of his contract. Henry, who was selected in the second round of the 2007 season and created a lot of pre-draft buzz two years ago because of his speed and size, only played in one game last season and only in eight over his first two seasons."

were gonna pass up on boldin and when he is having his probowl year were gonna be talking shoulda coulda.

Sounds like the Titans are trading one problem for another.
good for them leave the Dolphins out of this SHAMOCKERY.

Remember the Dolphins!

I don't want Boldin for one main reason - he can't be trusted. Yes, maybe the Cards promised him a new contract. I'm not beginning to take sides or anything of the sort. My point is that he signed a contract, and that contract has two years remaining on it. If he won't honor it, then what's the use of signing contracts anyway? The Cards could sue for specific performance, but what's the use? It's sexy to say "the Cards are doing this to themselves," yet the reality is they made a deal, and that deal should be enforced, to its conclusion if necessary. If we signed him for whatever - something huge - who's to say that in two years we don't have a receiver who's salary exceeds Boldin's, while their relative performances are equal? Will he "holdout" again? Holdout is such a contrived term really - in essence he's failing to abide by a legal contract he entered into. I hope they sue him, but in reality I don't care. I just don't want someone around who whined incessantly, got his way, and then relates that behavior to our team.

I wouldn't rule out getting Boldin, but I'm guessing that, if we do, it will probably come via trade for a RB - most likely Brown. I don't see Parcell's giving up draft picks, despite the logic that a 2nd round pick couldn't possibly be as good as Boldin is right now. He would most likely have a positive impact on our passing game and offense, yet we are far more than a player way from moving past rebuilding, so what's the point?

maybe the cards want vince young for boldin.

Bill, shut up and let fins get boldin .you would be lucku if you get a player like him.

It would be interesting if we could trade I tip toe too much in the backfield Ronnie for tackle if you can Boldin and somehow end up with Knowshon Moreno in the first Rd. Its nice to dream every once and a while.

I am ok on which ever way the Boldin thing works out. As long as the Jets do not get him, I will be happy.

I am ok as well but he needs to be in philly not in the afc. But i cant see zona sending him to the same conference.


THe sunsentinal is reporting that they brought in harvin for another workout talk or whatever today meaning prob no boldin....

m ok with the cuban matador but i wish we can win the super bowl even if we dream it

In 2008, Harvin averaged 11.7 yards on the 110 times he touched the ball.


im ok with the cuban cow but i wish he would lather me with lube and coconut lotion.

Im sooo sick of all this Anquan Boldin talk. I dont want him on this team at all. Hes arrogant and wants waaaaay too much money. He was on a team that almost won a super bowl. Now he wants out ??? That says a lot right there. Actually that says he doesnt care at all about winning. Rather he cares about drving the latest and greatest bently or rolls royce instead. Hes a punk and theres nooooo way bill parcells will trade even a bottle of gatorade for this fool. We will draft young talent and build upon it. I like Kenny Britt and Ron Brace very much. I would also love to land Sean Smith in the 2nd round. A 6'4 corner with very good speed and great hands. Trust in the Parcells regime and stop whining about not signing or trading for overpriced fools. We went from 1-15....to 11-5 MAAAAAAN i guess our coaching staff must be a bunch of idiots huh ??

boldin is the man

Oh God, please not Percy Harvin. He will take a crap right on the logo at mid-field - a Prima Donna, injury prone, moron (I mean, who tests positive at the Combine when they know they're being tested). Please, please, please, no.

bolding has strong arms i wish he would wrap me up in them.


jim jam i feel u brotha but the sentinal never lies.

oye desgraciada Dont u ever come up here disrespecting el mero mang of dis blog do u know who el menace is.

Damn! Ryan there is no need for name calling or getting your panties in a bind I was just being sarcastic about a 2nd rounder & Wilford for Boldin. GEEEEZ!!

BTW you must be the moron in thinking that Moreno or Wells would be available at #25 for us in the draft on Saturday.


The Rams have already bought Sanchez a plane ticket to St. Louis for tomorrow... so sorry Jets fans

That is funny souljahbeats. Poor Jets sorry pathetic excuse for a team.

hey soulja do u think the jets make a play for campbell ....mang


dead fish are by far the most barbaric team in the nfl no class. My good man. Jet love what a pleasent surprise.

Jet in Lube,

I know it doesn't make sense to try to speak reason to a confused simpleton such as yourself, but, just so you know....

The best value in a draft (players drafted who have the most success in the NFL) are found in the second and third round. Most of the "busts" come in the first round...usually early in the first round. Also, players taken high in the first round are usually paid a ridiculous amount of money (on something that is not a sure thing). Why do you think that 7 of the teams in the top 10 would prefer to trade down??

The marine mammals are sitting pretty at #25 and will take the best player available, that is, if we don't trade down for more 2cnd and 3rd round picks... but I'm sure you know much more about football and the draft than Bill Parcells, right?

The home crowd cheering when their own qb gets hurt... now that's class!

souljah our team has the most graceful coach in the nfl class or no class prepare for 0-2 my good man. JUST a repeat of this past season once boldin is traded for jets fans Prepare For glory! And those fans who cheered while bret was down were charged with treason.

hi, jet in lube, can you believe these dead fish fans and their pipe dreams all day long and all bad words they use with no class or shame.if they went to visit our blogs they will be welcomed with open arms and hearts

souljbsfdgf, is it class to nick saban one of the best ever coaches in the nfl by this blog author ?
i respect you dead fish fan souljbabes

Haha! Talk about pipe dreams! Boldin to the Jets... not gonna happen, even if he did go the Jets, who would throw him the ball? Rex Ryan Graceful? Not so much. He is just a fat coach in a little coat....

to call nick saban

Sorry many me,

I couldn't comprehend the broken chicken scratch/hieroglyphics that was your last post...

was it classy to be swept for 2 years straight mr soul less beat. After the kindness of our hearts we let them have pennington they repay us with hostility and anger and violence....

soulja why do u persist on being insultive with love, just his name alone should teach u to change your ways.

our coach wears little coat but tuna needs a whole roll of large window curtain.
souljhbesa....can i call you Mango to make easy for every one ?

soulja why do u persist on being insultive with love, just his name alone should teach u to change your ways.

can u tell a star to stop shining can u stop a flower from blooming such is a mango

jet in lube, you are so right abut mango aka soul less beat,he's very mean man and should learn from your kindness to him even when he insulted you but we shall overcome and change him to be a good jet fan very soon .
my respect to the dead fish fan soul less beat

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