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Afternoon draft update from around the NFL

The Arizona Cardinals are blinking, if only slightly, in their attempt to trade wide receiver Anquan Boldin in that they have reduced their asking price, according to ESPN.com.

Originally asking for a first- and a third-round pick or a first-rounder and veteran player considerations, the Cardinals would now settle for a second-round pick and other considerations. ESPN.com is further reporting the Giants, Eagles and Jets are expressing interest in Boldin.

I am further reporting the Dolphins are showing no interest in a Boldin deal right now although I'm told, "We never say never," by a team source. It would have to be a dramatic turn for the Dolphins to come out of this sweepstakes with the best available receiver on the trade market.

So what do you think about that?

As I have repeatedly reported, the Dolphins are looking to add draft picks so look for them to trade back in this draft -- perhaps including in the first round.

Also from around the league, Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting the Rams are likely to pick Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith.

David Elfin of the Washington Times is reporting the Redskins have a serious interest in USC quarterback Mark Sanchez and are working on trading to be in position to take him. That obviously means Jason Campbell could be on the move as well.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting the Bengals, picking sixth overall, are considering Aaron Curry, BJ Raji, Michael Crabtree, Beanie Wells, Knowshon Moreno, and the top three offensive tackles -- Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe and Andre Smith. Reedy says the Bengals have a higher grade on Jason Smith than Monroe.

Finally, Bob Glauber of Newsday is saying the Jets are not interested in quarterback Josh Freeman and he has plugged Florida receiver Percy Harvin into his mock draft as the most likely player New York will pick at No. 17.

[BLOG NOTE: Check back throughout the evening for further updates. I'll be on the radio Saturday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., anchoring the first leg of 790 The Ticket's draft coverage. If you're not in South Florida you can listen online at 790theticket.com.] 


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Many me,

If you have a problem getting insulted, don't come on a Dolphins blog with names like "Jets in Love", "Jets in Lube", "Gopats", "Jets Rock", etc and talk trash about the Dolphins...

mango aka soul less beat, i think you need to take your MED before you go banananananana.

i like to pay my respect to Mango

souljah just relax there is no need for all this uprising. I understand all these loosing seasons have made u angry and insultive but dont take it out on us..

Soulja. you're doing it again. Yeah i know you just can't help yourself. LOL

" I think you need to take your MED before you go bananananana " OH MY GOD ! LMAO

the big cucumber is here any questions for the cucumber?


I know who I'm talking to, I thought I would indulge him in his little blog games...whatever...

what is going on here soulja do u have a split personality or something, put down the bottle freind.

no bottles for me tonight mr. cucumber

Are you guys still dreaming nicks or ray at 25 or you starting to wake up since we are here closer to D day.

i like to pay my respect to dead fish fans but the guy from NJ

souljah whats really wrong talk to me freind this cucumber has ears.

might as well be drafting in the 2nd day if your drafting #25 thats what i always said.

cucumber, what is that ? after little thought i think that's what mango aka soulj needs. and hold the mayo

Nothing wrong... all is well in South Florida... I do have to work during the draft tomorrow though, needless to say, I will be glued to the computer and not very productive...

jet in lube, i have to go to the opra now, i will catch with you later.

i belive the cucumber has a special healing power that can make frowns upside down.

no problemo love i have to go apply right guard anything less would be uncivilized.

so u have to work through the draft im sorry about that soulja.

The reason why they don't want to trade for Boldin is because he wants upwards towards 10$ mil a year. That's a lot of coin, even if he is a huge playmaker.

Personally, I'd pay him whatever he wants and gladly give the Cards a 2nd rounder + late round draft pick. The problem is, I don't think Parcells has the same opinion, especially given this years' crop of WR is very good. He can get Harvin, Britt, Nicks, Robiskie, etc in this draft - and not have to pay 10 mil a year + picks...

In Parcells I trust.

Yammy Yamington
Well said Yammy well said.

I am beating my meat and loving it.

We have TO and Moss in our division. Boldin would be nice.

Fox Sports is reporting that The Lions just signed Matt Stafford to a 6 year, 78 Million dollar contract with 41.7 million guaranteed... its a done deal...

Ron in Charlotte

Yeah it would be nice if you want to lose draft picks, strap the teams salary cap, and hope Boldin plays a full season.

But what would be nicer is a good WR from the draft, adding, not losing draft picks staying under the cap and having a WR play a full season.

But you know what would be even nicer Ron is
having a great pass rush to put Brady on his ass. And having a young good CB to match up with an aging TO like Sean Smith who loves to step up to the competition.
Now thats what should be on everyones mind who is a Dolphins fan.
Yeah Boldin is from the Muck who cares, Yammy said it best if hes complaining about money coming off the Super Bowl and still want to be traded? Boldin has no place in a Miami uniform.

espn too.

thats one hell of a contract... I don't think Culpepper will be starting up there this year with Stafford getting that kind of dough... He's got alot to live up to, but at least he's got Calvin Johnson to throw to. Now they just need to go draft a few good lineman to block for the new qb...

Wow! That is way too much money for unproven talent (Stafford) but I don't hate the player...hate the game, kudos to him and his agent...CHA CHING!

Can't wait for the draft. It should be fun to watch. Souljah good job with those Jet clowns. They will be sad...so sad when we take them to town.

Death to all named "Jets in Love", "Jets in Lube", "Gopats", "Jets Rock", etc

All right man see you all in the morning.
Good luck to all Dolphin staff and the Trifecta, man I love this team!


Don't work to hard, talk to you tomorrow.

It would absolutely amaze me if we traded for Boldin. He it too expensive and he would hurt the rebuilding process. Money and draft picks for supposed superstars is dumb. The Phins have done this in the past.
The process is simple. Build a great o and d line. fill in the rest with decent players and you become a contender. Draft your superstars and let them go when they turn into retards for more draft picks.

Can't believe so many people are dead set against instantly improving our team. Yeah, Boldin is expensive but money well spent. This guy will put points on the board and a$$es in the seats. But we'll end up with a late round "bargain" while Boldin lights up the scoreboard for another team.

i have an e-mail sent to me by mr coolito letting me know that ronnie is in the trade talks to eagles for the a 2nd rnd pick and the eagles cb guy who has similar boldin issues.

i am willing to bet that there will be a trade done with miami.

anybody have postings on craigslist?

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souljah u working this early?

soulj less beat aka mango, he's for sure becoming another rex on this blog.no talk about fotball but but insullting people at will

not yet... I have to go in at 3...go figure, right as the draft is getting ready to start!

man that sux i hope u have some type of access.

rex aka philipo is on duty with his aka ace

Its from a movie (joe dirt) many me in lube, just having some fun... go back an look at my previous posts if you would like some football...

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must we grace this blog with our articulate precense. I sometimes belive these fans are not worthy of our finness.

jet in lube,Ace aka philipo is very funny , he's the voldomore of this blog

yes it must be in the air.,,

what! vontae bad attitude davis????

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