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An intriguing 30 minutes with Stephen Ross

It was an interesting 30 minutes or so with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross Thursday.

Aside from the news I told you about first Thursday -- yes, check the previous post on this blog -- a couple of other highlights caught my attention most.

Tops on that list is that Ross obviously wants to win. Like, immediately, if not sooner. That's a good thing in that he's likely to do what is necessary to help Bill Parcells make that happen. But that also comes with high expectations on his part.

And so while some fans are thinking the Dolphins are still in rebuilding mode, Ross is thinking, well, he's thinking Super Bowl.

"I bought it because I want to see the team go to the Super Bowl," he said. "And win the Super Bowl, not go to it. You can go to it because it's going to be here. It's got to be us winning it."

Yes, the next Super Bowl will be played at Margaritaville Landshark Dolphin Stadium and Ross is pumped about the idea his team might do more than be a passive host. He's hoping his team is in it.

"I think it really addresses South Florida with the spotlight," he said. "You become the spotlight of football. The whole area is turned on. We're a reflection of that. Everyone is still thinking of the Miami Dolphins and it's an extension of the season. And everybody is hoping we're going to be the home team. It hasn't happened yet in the NFL but I would like to think this year could be the first time the home team is the site of the Super Bowl."

We'll see.

It is encouraging that Ross, who paid $1.1 billion for the Dolphins, is eager to win while not thinking he should inject himself into the football side of the organization that would bring that about. He told a story of a recent phone conversation with another NFL owner that was cut short when that unnamed owner said he had to run to a draft meeting.

"The absolute wrong place an owner belongs," Ross said.

Ross confirmed what I have reported to you in the past about the Dolphins not changing or tweaking their uniforms in 2009.

"I haven't really looked at that," he said. "There's still tradition ..."

Ross did share the look he likes best is the aqua-green pants and white jersey so you shouldn't be surprised to see that once or twice during the season.

Ross also said he recognizes the Marlins need to play at Dolphin Stadium in 2011 because their new stadium will not be open by that season as earlier anticipated.

"What am I going to do, say all of a sudden they can't play there? We're not going to squeeze them or anything like that."


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what about some throw backs? i like that old school feel to the game

As long as those awful orange uniforms remain burried with the Dave Wannstedt Dolphins in the distant past..........

Is it just me, or is Ross a lot less likable of a person than Wayne?

It's you. Wayne was completely unlikable. Ross is much more likable. Also, as you recall, we're undefeated in the orange jerseys.

Maybe with all the PrimeTime games this year we can wear something other than the boring white uniforms we're used to seeing. I know they are used so we can take advantage of the heat factor. Most teams only wear white on the road. The Dolphins wear white as a preference for home games and you will notice that they only wear white all season long. When was the last time they wore the Aqua jerseys? There's more important things to worry about! The draft next weekend will be insightful as to what type of team we will be for the next few years. Will we get playmakers or duds? Only time will tell. Go Dolphins!

The Orange Jerseys Rock! I wish there was more of them. Its definitely different and looks so vibrant and alive! The one uniform I didn't like was the all white uniform, we looked like nurses on the field :-)

That aside, since Ross wants to win now, wouldn't that open the door for Boldin? He IS in the trade block now.

I can't wait for the 1st week of May and see how our roster looks like...C'MON FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!



"He told a story of a recent phone conversation with another NFL owner that was cut short when that unnamed owner said he had to run to a draft meeting."

Let's hope he doesn't get too friendly with Jerry Jones, not the model for him to follow.

i would like to see black jerseys with aqua numbering on a night primetime game that way humidity dosent play a factor the orange didint bother me much dont the canes use orange as well .. Maybe yellow jerseys might look pretty cool.

well, he rules. i know yesterday i posted saying that i wasn't thrilled about this whole entertainment aspect he wants but i must say i admire his wanting to win.

Wish we'd go with the navy jerseys. They had the hats with navy and orange that looked sweet.

i don't like the orange color ,it looks like working at a gas station ,muste be little as possibale on our beloved fin jereys.GO FINS OMEGA 3

The players hate the orange jerseys. Remember everyone making fun of Tim Bowens because they said he looked like a pumpkin. LOL. Besides, they look way too much like the Bears or Broncos uniforms.....definitely not the Dolphins.

martha stewart going to design the jerseys .she loves the kitchen color light green the most,i wonder if that color will be on the jersey?

You girls are silly with the uniform talk. Black, navy blue, pfft....those AREN'T our colors! The Miami Dolphins have a rich tradition that the owner mentioned and status quo looks just fine. Just be glad our uniforms aren't gag green like the loser j e t s.

The team wears the aqua jerseys for their night games. I really liked when they went aqua jerseys with aqua pants in the Chicago game back in 2004. I also liked when they went back to the 1973 uniform for the Thanksgiving game vs Dallas.

I actually wish they would tweak the Teal jerseys back to the more bluish Aqua jerseys we used to wear in the '70s and '80s.

is the dolphin on the helmet looks gay to guys, it looks very soft to a lot of fans.go fins

Aqua Jersey, aqua pants! 2002 vs the Bears on MNF. Bring those back.

The best jerseys are the one they wore against the cowboys on thanksgiving last. Throwback. GO FINS!

The uniforms are fine just the way they are. Best look: the aqua jerseys with white pants for night games. Next best look: the all aqua jerseys and pants. Many people, like myself, like the orange jerseys, they bring a certain juice to games, just think about the two games they wore them in. I'm with Mike, the only tweak they need is to go back to the bluish aqua jerseys that they wore in the 1970's and 1980's they were classic, other than that they shouldn't change a thing. None of this black, navy, yellow garbage that some are suggesting. They should look like an NFL team, not a damn sandlot football team. The uniforms are fine just the way they are. People aren't happy in this country unless they are changing something that isn't broken. It gives them the illusion of "progress", please. Ross is right, the tradition is what is important. You wanted change, you voted for Obama, how's that working out for us? Not too good, you seen the size of our paychecks lately?

They wear the white jerseys at home to combat the heat, remember dark colors absorb the heat. Since they have alot of night home games this year (which has not been the case in the past) I am sure we will see the Aqua jerseys again. But who really cares what they wear it is what is in the uniforms that count.

What no orange jerseys??????

I wish he'd tell the Marlins to go pound their sorry loser butts to a high school stadium somewhere. That infield kills us every year. Baseball stinks and the Marlins are nothing but a minor league farm team. Wayne wanted them out. Luria is a cheap SOB who shouldn't be extended the time of day much less Dolphins Stadium. If they have to stay, I say squeeze them like the lemons they are. Luria deserves no less.

I'm encouraged by Ross. I'm discouraged by the uniform taste expressed by Dolphin fans on this blog.

My sartorial two cents: My favorite Dolphin uniforms all time were the 1971 unis, before they added stripes to the sleeves on the aqua jerseys.

I always HATE the aqua pants. I always HATE the orange jerseys. And the WORST Dolphin uniform I've ever seen was the all-aqua, pants plus jersey. We looked like an NBA team ... oh, the humanity!

My vote -- not that I get one -- is for white pants/aqua jerseys in home night games and white pants/white jerseys in home day games. I love that we gain an advantage by wearing unis that REFLECT heat, while forcing the opponent to wear dark jerseys which ABSORB heat. And I love that the Dolphins were among the first to favor white jerseys at home (with Dallas ... Cleveland was probably the very first. Washington started it after us.) Your undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins wore white/white in almost every game, by the way.

On the current unis, I hate the "drop shadows" (graphic arts term) they have behind the numbers, which make them hard to read on TV or from a distance. All the numbers wind up looking like 88. On the helmets, I vote for the traditional Dolphin helmet, before they made it look cartoonish in the '90s. And I think we should DUMP Jimma Johnson's extra color, blue. We're not his Dallas Cowboys (but how 'bout 'em...) And I hate that the Dolphins changed their official color name from aqua to teal ... that was the trendy color in the '90s, when two new baseball teams and half the NBA (oh, the humanity) decided that teal was real. Note that the Diamondbacks have since come to their senses. I basically hate anything trendy.

Stephen Ross owns the team not run it.

Ross, adding celeb minority ownership is fine. Brings another dimension to the Dolphins, really who cares?
Ross is thinking Superbowl and that is great and willing to do any and all, thats great!
But saying he doesn't think the Dolphins are in a rebuilding mode? Again, Ross owns the team he does not run it.
Parcells and the Trifecta run this team. Hell, Parcells is the Trifecta...so when they say the Dolphins are still in the rebuilding mode, I beleive Parcells and co.
Now given that fact, the Dolphins should take another step or two forward not back, regardless if they don't mach their win total.

The MOMENTUM is there from last season and the addition of new players via the draft is gonna make this team really good this year.
We don't need to trade away draft picks to chase after any star receivers.
We don't need a all pro reciever! We just need a good receiver out of the draft, that WR doesn't have too have a pro bowl year out of the gate first year. He just has to be consistent, break an occasional tackle or two, take it deep here and there so as to keep that opposing defense from stacking the line. That WR will open alot of things up offensivley for the Dolphins. Again doesn't have to be an all pro just good. Any names come to mind?
Just about most wide-outs in the first round. Crabtree, Macklin, Harvin, these players will most likely be gone. But the two players that should still be available are what the Dolphins are LOOKING for: Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Britt. The Dolphins need a bigger stronger playmaker at wide receiver who can stretch the field, these are the one's.

Of course selecting a WR is still going against the grain for Parcells but this is his trick card. It helps when Ireland is saying as such about these two, Nicks and Britt can help the teams offense. I wonder who Ross likes in the first round for the Dolphins?
Will Ross be in the War room come draft day?
"Pull up a chair with me Bill"...I think not...

Parcells and co have a system and stategy in place that even Ross won't touch. He's a business man and knows a good thing that if you let the Head Chef cook the food, you got to let him shop for the groceries.

God bless the Miami Dolphins

I do not think the Dolphins should change their uniform. I like the new dolphin on the helmet, it looks meaner than the old one. I could care less what combination of aqua or white jerseys and pants they wear, as long as they win.

dolphin4ever writing....my eyes are hurting from your never ending post .

Whut up, didn't mean to hurt your eyes ace.
Are you all right?

you shut up d4life.

you guys all crying about the fins uni's any one took a look at cleve the last 60 years?

Change the uniforms and you Win....lol
Examples, Tampa Bay, New England, Atlanta, Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, Eagles,
Lets get the Dolphins a better uniform!!!..... modern its 2009!!!

FINALLY!! I can't tell you how long they've needed to rethink the Uni's.

Listen I'm a fan going back to early 80's so its not like I'm Johny new comer or something but lets face facts the current uniforms are silly.

A dolphin wearing a BUBBLE HELMET!!! Come on is there a softer logo in all of sports?

I think the current 'traditional' Uni's should be our 3RD JERSEYS. And they should update the design of the dolphin to look more contemporary and dare I say mean/angry/cool not like its performing at seaworld.

PS. I think the base color should be the light electric blue the CHARGERS use as thier 3rd's.

Geesh, what are we a bunch of girls? I don't care if they have aqua shoes and orange helmets as long as they win

Agree with Zed, we need a mean looking uniform, cool designs and please change the phin.... same colors just the design needs to be updated..... that 70's look should be banned from the NFL.

Where did any of you geniuses read that we are changing the jersey or colors? The article confirms that those rumors are false and Ross has no intention of changing the uniform... You guys seriously need to work on your reading comprehension... You know, actually understanding what you read.

For example:

"Ross confirmed what I have reported to you in the past about the Dolphins not changing or tweaking their uniforms in 2009."

"I haven't really looked at that," he said. "There's still tradition ..."

Just because a sentence contains the words "changing" and "uniforms", it doesn't mean that the Dolphins will be actually changing their uniforms. If you look closely, you will see that it is in fact the opposite.

Thank You,


Soulja. I was just sitting here shaking by head in amazement. I was just about to comment the same thing you just said. UN-F"N-BELIEVABLE !

Marth Stewart said a a month ago some thing like shorts will be good for DL plqyers to attract new fans, shorts will be with phin logo on both sides of the shorts with 2 strips similar to jail strips design

After I read the whole article from the main page, I really like Ross' attitude. It seems like his motivation is to win games and he knows that his best chance of doing that is to let Tuna do what he does on the football/personnel side of things. And I can't blame Ross for wanting to bring more people out to the games and to bring some of the personality of South Florida to the venue. Miami is one of the worst "sports towns" i in the country and needs something like this... I also agree with Ross that the Dolphins franchise is the best brand in the state of Florida!

Hey cuban. this means M@@c is about to come on here and tell us that miami needs to put pink with a touch of lavender in miami's uniforms. OH !Yessssssssss.

M@@c new name "The one who shouldn't be named",

I think the uniforms don't matter. But, for a laugh I would love to go to New York, dress the boys up in pink and give the wets a 42-0 beating. Just for the history. Did I say pink, I meant salmon!!!!
It would shut those fans up for eternity.

The menace has entered the web, who will shoot the first Q to the menace????

If the fins did change there helmet i say change it to a dolphin with rabies, ala "better off dead"

how is hony and mr. b ?

The Bills just traded their Pro Bowl Left Tackle, Jason Peters, to Philly... This is very good news for the Dolphins... After cutting Derrick Dockery and trading Peters, their two best offensive linemen... Everybody knows that Trent Edwards gets very jumpy when he doesn't have enough time... looks like he will be spending alot of time on the ground this year and just wait until he can't get the ball to T.O. because he gets mobbed on every snap...

" I want my 2 dollars "

Gopats. How's Zeus Doing. Is he responding to his new name ?

Go pats , there doing good, if you ever get a dog go with black Labrador's, great personalities and very smart...

You shall not cry about the Dolphins uni's!

manny me you shall not ever wish for the dolphins unis' to ever be pink.

N.J, Where's my two fifty.....

Menace. Do you remember that line in " Better off dead " ?

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See ya

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Yeah, i thought the kid was asking for $2.50, but then again its been 15 years since i saw it my memories a little hazy....

Nice gopats,you have a choc. lab, good for you, these dogs are goofy as the day is long, but there loyal beyond belief..A pleasure to come home to after dealing with the dregs of society and have that tail wagging like crazy...

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