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An intriguing 30 minutes with Stephen Ross

It was an interesting 30 minutes or so with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross Thursday.

Aside from the news I told you about first Thursday -- yes, check the previous post on this blog -- a couple of other highlights caught my attention most.

Tops on that list is that Ross obviously wants to win. Like, immediately, if not sooner. That's a good thing in that he's likely to do what is necessary to help Bill Parcells make that happen. But that also comes with high expectations on his part.

And so while some fans are thinking the Dolphins are still in rebuilding mode, Ross is thinking, well, he's thinking Super Bowl.

"I bought it because I want to see the team go to the Super Bowl," he said. "And win the Super Bowl, not go to it. You can go to it because it's going to be here. It's got to be us winning it."

Yes, the next Super Bowl will be played at Margaritaville Landshark Dolphin Stadium and Ross is pumped about the idea his team might do more than be a passive host. He's hoping his team is in it.

"I think it really addresses South Florida with the spotlight," he said. "You become the spotlight of football. The whole area is turned on. We're a reflection of that. Everyone is still thinking of the Miami Dolphins and it's an extension of the season. And everybody is hoping we're going to be the home team. It hasn't happened yet in the NFL but I would like to think this year could be the first time the home team is the site of the Super Bowl."

We'll see.

It is encouraging that Ross, who paid $1.1 billion for the Dolphins, is eager to win while not thinking he should inject himself into the football side of the organization that would bring that about. He told a story of a recent phone conversation with another NFL owner that was cut short when that unnamed owner said he had to run to a draft meeting.

"The absolute wrong place an owner belongs," Ross said.

Ross confirmed what I have reported to you in the past about the Dolphins not changing or tweaking their uniforms in 2009.

"I haven't really looked at that," he said. "There's still tradition ..."

Ross did share the look he likes best is the aqua-green pants and white jersey so you shouldn't be surprised to see that once or twice during the season.

Ross also said he recognizes the Marlins need to play at Dolphin Stadium in 2011 because their new stadium will not be open by that season as earlier anticipated.

"What am I going to do, say all of a sudden they can't play there? We're not going to squeeze them or anything like that."


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