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Anquan Boldin now officially on the trade market

The Arizona Cardinals maintain they do not want to trade Anquan Boldin. But if another team is eager to make a deal for the Pro Bowl wide receiver from Florida State then the Cardinals are willing to consider a trade, according to head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Whisenhunt confirmed teams have called the Cardinals about Boldin and his team is weighing its options. 

As you know, I have told you for about seven months that Boldin would be an awesome addition for the Dolphins. But alas, I seriously doubt Miami will pay anywhere near the price it will take to bring Boldin to Miami.

The Cardinals are said to be wanting a first-round pick and perhaps other compensation (such as a third or fourth rounder) for Boldin. They might not get that, but there are teams willing to discuss the matter. The Eagles, Giants, Jets are among the teams that are expected to show interest.

The Dolphins? They will definitely make the call to Arizona. It's part of the job that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland know exactly what it will take to add a talent like Boldin. So they'll investigate.

But given the importance Parcells is putting on draft picks, and adding rather than losing picks, it's hard to believe he would give up multiple choices for this player. Make no mistake, Parcells thinks Boldin is a stud because, well, Boldin is a stud.

But a stud worth at least one high draft pick and then requiring a multi-year, mega-dollar contract? That's a steep price to pay. The fact the Dolphins think they can add a receiver such as Brian Robiskie or Hakeem Nicks without giving up extra picks also will mitigate their desire to chase Boldin. 

The one wildcard in this entire scenario is the fact Boldin is represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus, who works out of Miami Beach. Rosenhaus would love to get his client to the local team and will almost definitely call the Dolphins and pitch the trade.

Whether it will fall on deaf ears has yet to be seen.    


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You are right on. Boldin would fit in real nice. But at what price?


You mean 1st runner up.

Assassin. The bidding price for braylen edwards so far is a 2nd , a 5th and a wr. so you can go from there on boldin.

That's what the giants offered , but the browns are holding out on a 1st instead of the 2nd.

Mando, I hope you're wrong. I would love to have Boldin even if he does require a 1st and 3rd, at least he's proven unlike WRs in the draft

YES YES YES, any finfan who is unwilling to part with a pick or two has no idea about receivers in the NFL. We NEED a #1 WR more than anyone within our division and Boldin is that, and dont forget folks that it typically takes 3 years to groom a wr and we already have 3 young wr's within that 3 year window, and they are our staring 3. Boldin would add that go to guy who runs slants and eats up YAC where we need it most. A 1st rounder this year in the 20's isnt a great position since the draft isnt stacked with talent. We also face Moss, and Owens 4 times this year and we need a threat at wr to allow running room for Brown. I say offer up a 1st and Ginn and see what they say, if not than offer a 1st and 4th for Boldin and thier 5th.


For Boldin how about a 2nd, a Beck plus a Wilford and next year's 3rd

NJ, Boldin shouldn't be too much more than Braylen, Braylen has talent and has shown it but he just had a bad year. I wouldn't mind getting him either

ASSASSIN. Arizona woud laugh us out of the building.

Assassin, I would do that in a heartbeat

I completely agree with ziggy

Boldin, Edwards, Holt, lots of good veteran receivers to be had. Dolphins need to make a move. Its worth giving up a 2 and 5 for, in the case of Boldin or Edwards. A stud receiver is the missing ingredient on the offensive side.

fsudolphins13. I'm not saying miami should go after Edwards( he'll be a giant on draft day }.I 'm just throwing out what it might take to get boldin.

Take Boldin for a 2 rounder and Teddy Ginn...

Besides the draft picks, don't forget the amount of money you'll have to pay him with a new contract. i think it's to much.

NJ, I see your point. I think Boldin will cost about a 1st and a 4th with maybe a player because the Cardinals aren't in a hurry to get rid of him, I say we should offer a 1st and a 4th along with Beck to see what they think or instead of Beck we could offer London

Cuban Ass----- I hope you're joking? Our 2 worst players & a second for Boldin? Fire onw up for me!

Miami will never give up what Arizona is asking. Let's not forget that Boldin came to play last year AFTER 'demanding' a trade. He's real cheap, considering the talent, and Arizona knows he'll come to play this year too!

The draft is too deep at WR for Miami to seriously consider this!

End of story..

Can you say Boldin to Giants, Jets, or Browns straight up for B.Edwards??


It's ok to dream sometimes.

This is an opportunity we need to pursue, Boldin could be a great dolphin for years

Todd McShayASS---

Hope he does not go to the Jets.

ASSASSIN. LMAO. That's some Dream !

McShay, the draft is deep with wr's that will not have an impact for 3 years. Dolphins starting 3 wr's have a combined 5 years experience, and you wanna add another unproven receiver? Boldin is 28 and is coming off an 11 td season and has amassed over 6400 yards in 6 seasons, 2 of which were partial. I hate when people use the " lets focus on the future" excuse, when clearly this 11-5 team understands how to win tight games, now all they need is some leadership and talent at wr to help develop our young wr's.

But guys why go after boldin when we have a future hall of fame by the name of Ted (where's the side line) ginn and his clipboard holding daddy....I must have confiscated some crack on one of my arrest and forgot to turn it in to the evidence room and smoked it ...l.m.f.a.o

Mando is right.

Boldin is a stud and he would be awesome here, but he wont' be a Dolphin because Parcells wont pay 10 mil a year + 1st and 3rd round picks (approx) for a guy like Boldin.

IF they could somehow get him for a 2nd+2nd next year (similar to what Atlanta got for Schaub), and managed to sign him to a reasonable number then maybe it would happen (and in this case it should). We have 2 second rounders, and one of those I will guarantee will be used on a wideout... so why not take a guy like him and dish out the money to lock him up long term in the process. I just don't think the Cards will give him up for anything less than a 1st - which I have no doubt Parcells and co will decline.

Too bad though... I'd love to see him a Fin. Him and Ginn + Cam and Bess would be unbelievable. We could still get 2 key pieces on the D with our 1st and other 2nd rounder. The rest would fall into place.

NJ PHIN FAN, I got the clint thing but what about victora night for fin fans once a week, iknow many guys will vote for like jed, mr bunglito and cuban, we just need some victoria magazines and will be in action .what say you.

fuds 13, i think jt will fine to play for 75 bucs.

You are 100% Ziggy. Menace put the pipe down and step away from the pipe.

A team that has the draft picks and are settled in many positions already??? Patriots........ I seriously hope a NFC team decides to over bid and grab Bolden.

Miami needs some pass rush and put Brady back in the hospital

Considering the players we would really want will be gone by our 25th pick, and the ability to pick up positions of need in the 2nd, I say trade the 1st rounder and next years 3rd. We can unload players next year to make up that draft pick. Boldin is totally worth that. Braylen drops to many balls and seems to lack focus at times, he is now where near Boldin.

can we get it done. with out much attention. probably no.but if boldin would really like to be A DOLPHIN IT IS A POSS. HOLD ON ME AND RICK........

I wonder if the hall of fame has a wing for clip board holders, teddy sr. would fit right in..

How did we know my buddy menace would pop up in this conversation and bring up his favorite dolphin ted ginn. What a Shock !


Thanks jaxsin, knowing your in ohio i know your the man to check it out...p.s , have they cut brady Quinn???

I'd give up a first and a turd for him right now.

Smarty, some one already sugessted tradeing Ted(hands of stone) ginn and his clip board holding daddy..lol

CUBAN, it can not happan fast enough. you can not imagine my distress. please some one drop a scrud on cleve staduim

I'll see if i can contact some of the jihadist in Trenton, tough it's out of my jurisdiction i can see what i can do to make it happen.. maybe our friend njfinfan can help us, he's in jersey, what do you say n.j ??

hands of stone. maybe the best quote ever.

JAKSIN. You're from Ohio . Do you know that jackazzzz mutant Jed ? He's also from ohio.

Cuban . Many of the jihadists are in jersey city and paterson. i'll see what i can do for jaksin.

mr. bunglito, please, do not affiliate me with any ohioan, but yes im stuck. so go ahead and give me s*&t.you will be only wasting your time. i know im in football hell. be glad you are not.

You the man n.j, look for the women wearing blue burka's and you'll be getting close to the jihadest.(p.s wear a fake z.z top billy gibbons fake beard, you'll fit right in most likely)

told ya Mando!! I keep having that dream.. It's a lot to give 4 Boldin (1st & 3rd next yr) but you COMPLETELY solidify your receivers.. He makes Bess, Camarillo & Ginn better instantly..

Fins then can dedicate all remaining
Picks 2 other positions..

This trade will happen draft day when cards realize they can get Noshawn Moreno @ 25, then Nicks or Britt at 31.. Everyone wins!! Especially me 4 predicting it!!

i am so happy all of you guys not working for my beloved dolphins

The only way it happens is if it`s straight up for Ronnie Brown. And is that fair value to the Dolphins?

man, ronny brown. he must be



WR is a need but not a priority for the Dolphins. We need pass rushers, two corners and a DT first. But that's a moot point anyway - BP will draft the best player on his board, and don't be surprised if he moves down to add more picks.

Did any of you pay attention to the moves we've made over the last 2 years? We have a smart, accurate QB with a weak arm, a big, bulky O-line, two Pro Bowl backs and a gimmicky Wildcat scheme - does that sound like an offense that will rely on a star wideout?

This draft is also very deep at the WR position. No way will we give up two first day picks for Boldin - the picks are too valuable. Likewise, the Cards will be getting great offers from other teams - they don't want to take on our mistakes in Beck, Wilford, or Ginn.

Boldin and Edwards will go to teams that already have depth and feel like they're one or two pieces away from contention, who don't mind giving up the farm for a short-term boost. Or they'll go to somebody stupid like Dallas, Oakland, Washington or the Jets.

What I don't understand is why you're all clamoring for the Fins to join their ranks...

No no nononoooooo Boldin we should not will not can not trade any picks or straight up for Ronnie Brown.
guys we all love instant gradification, but Boldin would want too much money, Arizona would ask for to much a first and at least third, and what happens when he gets hurt. He's prone to hamstring problems and goes over the middle often and gets knocked out occasionally.
Dolphins are and have stated as such still in a rebuilding mode and Parcells wants and needs to add more player through the draft. Boldin just won't fit into the program at this time.
Braylon Ed you might make a case for him and against. Lots of talent has had a pro bowl season vs dropped to many balls, look awful last season and dropped way too many balls. Not to mention what he would cost money and draft picks otherwise. What Parcells sees there is the dropped balls alot of them which, lends to Edwards ability to focus and concentrate at ahigh level for an extended time. Not a good idea either way on to the draft.
Parcells might throw everybody a curve and select if still on the board at 25 Hakeem Nicks. Real deal here and can start day one, so watch for that because he sees that it would take about 3 years to develope a third round reciever.

if edwards should sign here.i will run my self over.

and on the brady's,not yet ,sit tight.

Yes, we could get Hakeem Nicks, but only with our first draft pick and he may be gone by then. I would rather use the first draft pick on him than trade it and the farm for Boldin. That is the only way the Dolphins will ever have a first class wide receiver. Corners will be available later.

offer them next years #1 and this years 44 and you have a deal!

He is a stud. So what.
You wanna go back a few years when we were crying in our shreddies for a qb. We sold the farm and we sucked. Our history of free agent signings rates us as poor at best. Cpep, that fizzle stick, interception machine from Philly to name a couple. The after spending all of that money and destroying the cap, the guy gets hurt and we are screwed. Free agents are a crap shoot. What if Boldin gets here and decides he wants a new contract and won't play hard for the Phins?


Tuna and Company want to get more draft picks, not trade away high picks. I would love to see Boldin in a Dolphins jersey, but I don't think it would be a smart move (for what we would have to give up), and I don't think it will happen...

"Hundreds of Thousands" of teams want to trade for Boldin. Murca has spoken.

We dont forget that Boldin has already proved he could play well in the NFL. It could be the # 1 WR for Dolphins. Guys like DHB, Nicks or Britt would not necessarily impact their first year in the NFL.

In addition, Edwards is also on the market. If we included the quality of WR in the coming draft, teams are jostling perhaps not for guys like Boldin and Edwards.

2nd pick 2009 + 2nd 2010 + Davone Bess

What do you think of this ?

what's up kids the menace is on - line , who will shoot the first Q at the cuban??

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