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Anquan Boldin now officially on the trade market

The Arizona Cardinals maintain they do not want to trade Anquan Boldin. But if another team is eager to make a deal for the Pro Bowl wide receiver from Florida State then the Cardinals are willing to consider a trade, according to head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Whisenhunt confirmed teams have called the Cardinals about Boldin and his team is weighing its options. 

As you know, I have told you for about seven months that Boldin would be an awesome addition for the Dolphins. But alas, I seriously doubt Miami will pay anywhere near the price it will take to bring Boldin to Miami.

The Cardinals are said to be wanting a first-round pick and perhaps other compensation (such as a third or fourth rounder) for Boldin. They might not get that, but there are teams willing to discuss the matter. The Eagles, Giants, Jets are among the teams that are expected to show interest.

The Dolphins? They will definitely make the call to Arizona. It's part of the job that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland know exactly what it will take to add a talent like Boldin. So they'll investigate.

But given the importance Parcells is putting on draft picks, and adding rather than losing picks, it's hard to believe he would give up multiple choices for this player. Make no mistake, Parcells thinks Boldin is a stud because, well, Boldin is a stud.

But a stud worth at least one high draft pick and then requiring a multi-year, mega-dollar contract? That's a steep price to pay. The fact the Dolphins think they can add a receiver such as Brian Robiskie or Hakeem Nicks without giving up extra picks also will mitigate their desire to chase Boldin. 

The one wildcard in this entire scenario is the fact Boldin is represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus, who works out of Miami Beach. Rosenhaus would love to get his client to the local team and will almost definitely call the Dolphins and pitch the trade.

Whether it will fall on deaf ears has yet to be seen.    


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No doubt Boldin is a stud and I would love to see him in Aqua and Orange, but a 1st and a 3rd or a 1st and a 4th is to steep. The only down side I see is he is injured a lot. Although he does play through injuries he also misses a lot of games. My ideal situation would be that Arizona does not trade him and we pick him up next year as a FA. We would then just pay him the money because he is worth that and not give Arizona the picks!

trading davone bess??? no thanks, no way, no how....

Did you guy's know that the tuna has tipped the scale at 450 lb., now that's 1 big @ss tuna..and did you know tuna spelled backwards is a nut?? think about it..discuss..

Bess is a young guy who is gonna do great things for us so I would say no. The other problem is that Dallas set the price for WR with their bonehead move for Roy Williams and Arizona knows that!

you don't just trade a player like bess when you get him for that value (undrafted free agent)...try comparing Bess and Boldin's contracts and then think who the tuna would rather have, yes I know Boldin's production is higher than Bess', but Bess is going to be something special in this league, and you don't just trade guys like that away...wes welker anyone???

To all who say, Boldin will cost too much: you get what you pay for. And Ziggy is correct. It typically takes a rook WR 3 yrs......if they make it at all.

I like the direction we're heading in but passing on a WR who will actually scare the D and put points on the board.....?

Trading a 1st and a 3rd would be like saying ok let's trade Ronnie Brown and Jason Taylor (when he was in his prime) for Boldin. Plus pay Boldin more money! That's what giving a 1st and a 3rd would be like.

If the Cards dont trade him I hope he gets paid what he's worth. If theyre willing to ask other teams so much for him.

Get over the plitical stuff! We are all entitled to our opinions and I respect yours but may not agree fine! I like Mando for his blogging reguardless of his political views. Left or right does not matter my phin news does so leave it alone already

boldin -> miami will never happen. i bet he might go to the giants or eagles

I agree with soulja, bess is going to be a beast...

Now if your talking Ted(no testicals)Ginn and his clip board holding daddy.... hell to da yea..

what about beck and a 2nd rnd pick???

Yeeeeeeeesssssssss it's the menace.

I think we should trade E. Wilford for Boldin straight up. Your Thoughts ?

boldin = bess on pcp and steroids

Oh Oh I know how bout Boldin for our backup punter the Cards would really go for that one, and then maybe we could sign Boldin for the league minimum!

If Braylon Edwards, who has MAJOR butterfingers, is rumored to go for a 2nd and a 5th.

If Roy Williams, who is extremely overrated went for a 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 7th.

What do you think Boldin, who is one of the top receivers in the league, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is going to go for?

Cardinals will likely settle for less since they have Fitz, but a 1st, 3rd, and 5th is realistic and then add in the mega contract.

Would be nice to dream about it, but giving up that much just does not make sense.

Let the Redskins and Eagles fight over him.

jed were not tradeing with the lions here.

brian robiskie is not a number 1 wideout stop considering him as 1. mike mayock who i believe more than anyone projects him as a number two and besides hes a ted ginn type not big or physical we need a big physical reciever

what will beck generate a 4th rnd pick.

didint we trade a 2nd round pick for a.j. feeldeez well ... aT LEASt his wife is hott.

why not wait for boldin to sit out again and then hopefully the cards will trade him away in the preseason.

BUNGHOLIO. OK how about throwing in a 7th rounder . BY the way boldin still has 2 years left on his contract . He's not a free agent next year smart azzzzzzz.

Boldin and Edge James straight up for Ronnie Brown, John Beck and Ernest Wilford.... Thats a trade that makes sense for both teams.

It's simple. Boldin is a beast. Go get him, Bill.

The word is that the Browns are looking for a 2nd and a 5th for Braylon Edwards. For my money he's a better receiver than Boldin and he did it in a division against the Steelers and Ravens. He also isn't poisoning the water cooler the way Boldin is in Arizona. Better talent. Check. Better 'tude. Check. Better price. If you believe ESPN's report of the Browns asking a 2nd and 5th, check. Still - I'd rather draft receiver(s) later (rounds 3-7). Give me defensive linemen who hurt qbs like Brady and Manning and Rivers. Draft them until you think you have enough , then go out and get a couple more.

That Guy. The B.Edwards trade rumor and bidding price was already mentioned on here. You're a little late. He'll be a giant.

I think that the approach the Dolphins will take is to try to move a player or players for Boldin, and the one that comes to mind is Joey Porter. Porter played for the Steelers so this coaching staff is very familiar with him and he would fit perfectly into their defense. They also have the cap space to take his contract and it will not be a long term commitment. A deal that would include Porter and Tedd Gin for Boldin may work for both teams.

ok who is similar to boldin in this years draft?

I still think we should keep our picks and build the way parcells knows how to. he has done that with every team he's been with. hold onto your draft picks like precious gold and build through the draft.

as much of a stud as boldin is, parcells likes to win games by getting small leads and letting the defense win the game for you. and given last season's track record, there was a lot of that.

boldin would be great to have on the team, but i think the price is just too high. we've been crippled before by bad drafting and giving up picks. i don't want it to happen here right as we're laying a foundation.

Give it up Mando. Glad you aren't making decisions for this club. A lot better to find the next Boldin than mortgaging for the one that might be at his prime already.

With guys like Marvin Harrison, and Torry Holt as free agents, who needs to waste draft picks. Sign one or both of those guys as a bridge for the rookies we sign with our draft picks. Keep our picks. Wanny, Saban, and Cameron hurt us draft day, so we need our picks.

Glad we're back to normal today. A couple of things:

Smarty Pants, I actually laughed out loud when I read your post. Thank you.

Mark: Please name for me the incoming rookie receiver that will be, as you say, the next Boldin.

Please tell me which available receiver you know for certain will make three Pro Bowls his first five seasons guaranteed. Name him. If you KNOW that guy's name, you should be a GM in the NFL.

The point is about half the receivers coming out of this draft that will be taken the first two rounds will be busts. That's a statistical and historical fact. Of the other half, perhaps one or two will find the perfect match of their skills with the right quarterback and the right offensive system and be good. And maybe one, and maybe only one will be a Pro Bowl player next year.

Name me that guy that will get there ahead of Boldin!

Hey VAdolfan trading Ronnie Brown isn't an option genius.

Trade Wilfork for him, and a second.

Guys I think everyones missing a very important point on the Boldin deal. Realistically speaking, at this phase of our development, we're at least 3yrs away from being a serious SuperBowl contender.

Boldin is entering his 6th season. What that means is that when we're just beginning to hit our Super stride, Boldin will be in his 8th or 9th season. Thats when most WR hit thier down hill slide.

That being said, he wont be of much value to us then. Ultimately, we would have almost sold the farm just to sell tickets up to that point. Boldin's of more value to a team thats presently in serious SuperBowl contention. Right now that isnt us. Dont let the green grass of last season fool yah.

This is a very deep draft for WR. If you can draft a Ramses Barden with a 4th rounder and develop this kid. By the time we're serious SuperBowl contenders, this kid would just be hitting his stride. So will Bess, and Ginn Jr. should be entering into his best seasons. Not to mention Henne pulling the trigger. Everything will be just coming together when we need it most!

Guys, 3-4yrs down the line is where we should really be focused. How much help will Boldin be to us when we are serious SB contenders? History says very little at all from a 8th-9th yr reciever. Even Tony Sporano said dont let last years success mislead us. There's still lots of work to do.

If we were already at the pinnacle of success I would say, hell yeah pull the trigger on the Boldin trade. But since we still have a ways to go I wont. I refuse to let the green grass of last year's success fool me!


Bill . Who's wilfork ?

isint wilfork the dt from new england?

The only way I see this happening is a package incluiding Ginn.

it can be Ginn and trading 1st rond places in the draft or Ginn and a couple of backup players, I don't see the trifecta giving more.

If we can do it, we can maximize our draft in the first day

maybe will allens fork?

i would do it the fins need a wr bad,

Superfin72. Once again you're talking out of your azzzzzz. MIAMI is 3-4 years away. LOL. Are you nuts ? . If they're not SB contenders in 2 years the mob will be calling for sparano 's head. By the way how's akin O'dele doing, Top o the morning to Ya ! LOL

OK,to the smart fans,in pro football you trade and and draft and more draft and baby sit your draft waiting and waiting for him to come to what you think but then the reality hits you in the face .

only two position in football very very hard to come by QB and WR,now is the time for fins to get this guy to move forward faster,younger and stronger" thanks to D4life"

P.S...tuna most famous words when he was in new england....(you just can't go out and shop for QB or WR like that,it takes years)

the main picture to see is will it be a step forward or a step backward. With bolden it a proven player that will make pennington better cause he is a breakaway player and makes plays and since pennington dosent go deep often it will work to miami's advantage. Bolden, Fasano, camarillo. Pretty good set up there maybe ronnie or ricky in the flat what do u guys think. Im sure we can get a good db and nt in the 2nd round after giving up our 1st and third maybe a beck trade might give miami another 2nd possibly. EVen though it prob wont happen i wouldnt be surprised.

Go pats, I thought bill (the tuna)parcells most famous saying was " where's the closest golden correl, and do they have the all-you-can-eat buffet??"

vince wilfork was first round pick 24over all in 2004 and he's one of the best nose takle in the nfl and the talk is that if pats sign peppers then wilfork will be gone.

i wonder if they would put the mnf crew back together on sunday nights.

i would love to see stephan a smith commentate on sunday nights he is very entertaining.

Hey Bungler how do you feel about trading CP? LOL

cuban, do you know that since tuna left new england the team has canceled any kind of buffet in it's facility ,period and now it's sit down only eating even in game day and you can't share plus take out not allowed.also no dove ice cream allowed.

Go pats, I bet they have Kraft macaroni and cheese at there team eat-ins...

Boldin would be an incredible fit for the fins. He runs short routes and breaks them into 20 -30 yard gains. Perfect fit for Penny. I DO NOT understand the giving away of draft picks. It's basically a lottery. You don't know really what you have until six months from now. AKA Shawn Murphey. Boldin you KNOW what he will bring to the table for the next six years. Why get a Ted Ginn Jr. in the first round, when you could trade that pick for a Boldin. MAKES SENSE TO ME!

they ship that kraft macaroni and cheese to dolphins ,tom brady won't allow the pats to eat that,it won't be CIVILIZED.

Draft picks are gold - especially when you have the trifecta. We all know Parcells stay here will be a short one. We want as many draft picks in his pocket during that time.

Trading draft picks is very, very, st.., Rick Spielman. Btw, how's that workin out? He was on ESPN long enough to fetch everyone a cup of coffee.

You geniouses who want trade this years or next years high round picks are probabaly the same guys who are going to wash my car this afternoon. Don't miss that spot behind the bumper.

Right on dolfan, though getting Boldin would be steep,parcells is the kind of guy that builds with brute raw power eg: off. line and def. line, don't see bolden stepping a foot in dolfin stadium unless he's playing for the opposing team....

If the fins kept Chambers, I don't think wr would have been that big a need...

Thank you dolfan for telling us about some thing RE boldin does, that no one in fin jersey can do like breaking to 20-30 yard gain.now i did learn some thing new.
JED......can you change a little from,smart AZZZZZZZZZZ,you end every post you write with it.

Wilfork for Boldin? Are you freakin nuts? Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a NT, let alone the best one on the planet? TWithout a NT you cant play a 3-4. Peppers in place of Wilfork? Get a clue - Peppers is a pash rushing DE who weighs 2 and change. Wilfork is 3oo plus. man you are incredibly Rick Spielman.

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