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Anquan Boldin now officially on the trade market

The Arizona Cardinals maintain they do not want to trade Anquan Boldin. But if another team is eager to make a deal for the Pro Bowl wide receiver from Florida State then the Cardinals are willing to consider a trade, according to head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Whisenhunt confirmed teams have called the Cardinals about Boldin and his team is weighing its options. 

As you know, I have told you for about seven months that Boldin would be an awesome addition for the Dolphins. But alas, I seriously doubt Miami will pay anywhere near the price it will take to bring Boldin to Miami.

The Cardinals are said to be wanting a first-round pick and perhaps other compensation (such as a third or fourth rounder) for Boldin. They might not get that, but there are teams willing to discuss the matter. The Eagles, Giants, Jets are among the teams that are expected to show interest.

The Dolphins? They will definitely make the call to Arizona. It's part of the job that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland know exactly what it will take to add a talent like Boldin. So they'll investigate.

But given the importance Parcells is putting on draft picks, and adding rather than losing picks, it's hard to believe he would give up multiple choices for this player. Make no mistake, Parcells thinks Boldin is a stud because, well, Boldin is a stud.

But a stud worth at least one high draft pick and then requiring a multi-year, mega-dollar contract? That's a steep price to pay. The fact the Dolphins think they can add a receiver such as Brian Robiskie or Hakeem Nicks without giving up extra picks also will mitigate their desire to chase Boldin. 

The one wildcard in this entire scenario is the fact Boldin is represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus, who works out of Miami Beach. Rosenhaus would love to get his client to the local team and will almost definitely call the Dolphins and pitch the trade.

Whether it will fall on deaf ears has yet to be seen.    


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" Hey bungler how do you feel about trading CP ? " posted by akin o 'dele ( I mean superfin72 ) . What the hell are you talking about ?

Armando, don't you think it would be better for the Dolphins to trade up and get Crabtree than to trade those picks for Boldin, who is about six years older?

We think Crabtree is a monster.

Go pats, L.O.L, Your right it just wouldn't be " Civilized"... p.s, what doe's Kraft have on Goodall any way??

You wanna start somethin?

Madden just retiered!

for those who care

OMG, Well he still put out "Madden 09" ?????lmfao


Shut your yap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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P.S.....your words( Shut your yap ) is better for now than ( smart Azzzzzz)

I just Boston Tea Bagged GoPats (and his mommy too).

That Boston tea bag stuff was funny dude.

jed sound like he had dance lessons in his early years,very talented in the use of certain words.

GOpats Your English does not sound so well for you, man.

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Every time the bashing on GOpats happens, the stupid replies come about from GOpats using another name. Man you are smart.


JED,peace, let us go back to football.

Go pats. I would like to talk football , but i know nothing about it and i talk through my azzzzzz . I just know i love jason taylor.

henne and edwards have great chemistry from their years together at michigan. doubt if edwards will drop many balls from henne!!!!

Getting Boldin on any Fantasy League is a reality, but being as responsible as Bill Parcells has been on the rebuilding of this team, that sounds insane.
Why? More than any expensive contract, the draft pick pick would be too high. Our Draft picks are like gold because of the long-term investement they represent.
Several player contracts will terminate this season, including skilled guys like Chad Pennington, Ronnie Brown, Jason Ferguson, Anthony Fasano, David Martin, Math Roth and Will Allen. Without salary cap, there will be hard to re-sign them, so the best we can make is to add young blood and long-term solutions by adding as many draft player as possible in 2009 and 2010.
Trading picks was common on Wannstedt's ternure, throwing two first round picks for Ricky Williams, a 2nd round pick for A.J. Feeley, a 5th round pick for moving up one position in order to draft Vernon Carey.
Fortunately that's over and now we're rebuilding by the draft, adding young players that our draft genius think can fit into our play book.

i love him too,jed

Pologirl . all the YEARS that henne and edwards played together ? they played together only 1 year in 2004 when henne was a frosh. Get a clue !

I have a clue watched every game henne played there and they were great together. And it wasn't just one yr. U need to get a clue, you don't remember a reciever and Qb can have a great connection. But the I guess you don't remember marino either

im sorry to sound stupid but how is not haveing a salary cap gonna effect miami in not signing players?

There is a new post with some interesting news at the top of the blog now.

No Way!!

We do not need/want Boldin in a Miami uniform. Especially for that price. Boldin is an over-rated player, very good, but over-rated. He plays beside probably the best WR in the NFL (Larry Fitz), that helps. He plays in an offense that throws the ball the entire game (great for inflating stats). Twice he has played an entire season. He has spent his career in the NFC West, arguably the weakest division in football (good for inflating stats). One double digit touchdown season.

Finally, his team finaly does something and wins....and he wants out! The guy is not a winner, he is not durable, and he is slow.

He is Keyshawn Johnson. And I liked MeShawn. But he would of never been worth a 1st and 3rd.

If the Fins plan on drafting a WR in the 1st, which I don't see happening, I think they would be better off trading that pick to AZ for Boldin. Why not take the proven vs. an unknown? If it means throwing in Beck or maybe a 5th or 6th rounder also you still got to pull the trigger. Then you have Beck's contract and the 1st rounder contract money to pay Boldin...

If the Fins don't plan on taking a WR in the 1st then stick to the plan and don't pursue Boldin.

Boldin is a risk who out weighs' his value.

Anquan Boldin who turns 29, a month into the season, has value for a number of teams. Just not the Dolphins.
Hes in the latter half of the "sweet spot" in his pro career. He may have another pro bowl or two left or he may just get hurt.
Consider this, Boldin has had problems with his hamstrings before and will continue to. He likes to go over the middle which is good but, he leaves himself open to injuries. I still remember the fierce hit he took that knocked him cold and broke his jaw. So he's gonna miss some games due to his style of play.

Here's the thing a lot of dolfans have tunnel vision when it comes to proven players on the market, instant satiablity. The pop a pill quick fix and deal with it later.
That wasn't the approach the Trifecta used last year, they only signed players to plug holes, some bad most good. They see the value in the draft and conitnue to do so. Parcells and co are trying to add more picks to this and next years draft. What they would give up for Boldin through the draft? Too much. Yes, Boldin would be proven at WR on a young REBUILDING team, he would also want too much money and would strap the Dolphins salary cap.

Bodlins' risk of injury, command for high draft picks, and salary cap hit he brings to the Dolphins is big statisticle risk.

The players the Dolphins draft, last year, this year, and next will be like playing with house money. Siging Boldin is like having an upside down mortgage.

You choose...

@joey deville

Sporting News compared Anquan Boldin to Hakeem Nicks of North Carolina.

WR Comparisons by Sporting News :

Michael Crabtree = Calvin Johnson
Jeremy Maclin = Isaac Bruce
Kenny Britt = Larry Fitzgerald
Hakeem Nicks = Anquan Boldin
Darrius Heyward-Bey = Chad Ocho Cinco
Brandon Tate = T.O.
Percy Harvin = Steve Smith (Car)
Derrick Williams = Santana Moss
Austin Collie = Kevin Curtis

I've been screaming for Boldin for a year now. He's the perfect fit for Miami.

I'd love to get him for a 2nd and John Beck.

Beck would be a great long term back up once Warner is gone the Cards would have Lienart and Beck behind him. Plus the second will add talent.

Then maybe trade Ginn for a 2nd and 5th to get back the pick and add another....Damn I should be a GM!

I believe the dolphins should trade ronnie brown straight up for boldin, and draft a rb. parcells will find another rb in the draft ie marion barber.

wasent zed dead in pulp fiction? wait wasent zed the guy that took it to ving rhames too?

Have any of you guys actually seen what anquan does after the catch? imagine what he does with a slant from pennington. The price is high. That aside, we have ronnie brown, who's contract is up after the season i beleive. The cardinals are dying for a featured runner, and ronnie's market value could not be any higher following this pro bowl performance. Let's be realistic, ronnie has been here long enough for all of us to know what we are getting. Don't get me wrong he is the consimate pro, hes productive, but his best season was produced by smoke and mirrors. I say dangle ronnie out their to arizona with a 5 round pick. Get anquan and 6 in return. this draft has some nice running backs who bring alot of what ronnie brings to the table and will most likely be availabe to us at 25 (moreno). You have taken care of you wr postion and running back then take your two 2's and adress the secondary and hopefully grab Ron Brace who i like. Did i mention that boldin could teach teddy ginn what YAC means?

the 25th pick and Greg Camarillo should do the trick.

here would be an interasting move...trade ronnie brown for boldin. both have similiar contracts and brown will be a FA next year, and anyone who thinks he is an absolute stud is mistaken. brown is a good RB but not even close to a top5 and maybe not even top 10. rb's are a dime a dozen. draft pat white and we now have our wildcat qb in 3rd round. draft uconn brown RB and a DB.

Would are team not be better with pat white at QB ricky in backfield and uconns brown during wildcat. then brown and rw share the backfield this year, and now we have boldin a true playmaker at wr.

but wouldn't it be intriguing to use boldin as the qb in wildcat too? he was a hs qb and can throw much better than brown and to be honest a better open space runner than ronnie.

this way no draft picks are given up, swap strength for strength. and i know arizona is in need of a Rb anyways.

Why everybody want's to mortgage the DOLPHINS future? I can care less about BOLDIN unless It comes cheap the other way around is thru the DRAFT.Let TUNA handle the TEAM and that's it !!!!!

All this Boldin talk wouldn't be neccessary if Wandtstadt would have just listened to Rick Spielman. Spielman wanted to draft Boldin, but Dave "The Genious" Wandtstadt wanted to draft Eddie Moore from Tennessee. I believe we also had a shot at Chad Ocho Cinco in that draft as well. Every draft Pundit said we could have had Eddie Moore in the 6th or 7th round. And Wandtstadt's excuse was we needed special teams help. That is what undrafted Free agents and 7th rounders are for.

It's very simple: Ronnie Brown for Anquan Bolden-thank you and good night!

Mando, do the fins even have enough cap space to sign Boldin?

Boldin would be to the Dolphins what Cutler will be to Bears, a major missing piece on offense. The guy is a stud period. 1st round is so overrated. If you trade Ronnie Brown straight up, then you draft RB Donald Brown with the 25th pick. Go Fins and pull the trigger.

Please trade for the Quan.

I think if you took a poll it would be yes even for finicky Dolfans. He's young, he runs hard.

Can we petition the team?

How about Wilford, beck and our 1st pick for Boldin and their 2nd or 3rd or even 4th pick?

Boldin is a stud yes, but Draft is were it is at!!! Darrius Heyward-Bey is the fastest college receiver coming out in the draft, plus his 6'2". Hey could be at #25... Hakeem Nicks is very good or even Kenny Britt at 6'4". Three awesome prospects that won't cost another prospect third rounder or demand such vast money as Boldin will.

Ronnie for Boldin straight up and pick Rashard Jennigs ( Marion Barber Type RB) in the 3rd round,Miami is going to use the first 3 picks On Defense,Then trade Beck for a third and Ginn for a second,he won't be the first option at wide receiver anymore anyhow after the Boldin trade,even though I believed miami will go defense with the first 3 picks ,I will pick Brandon Pettigrew if he falls to us and then in the later rounds I will stock up Offensive Linemen they win games later in games,Believe me with that offense and a couple of studs linebackers acquired in the draft the Afc East is gonna shake in the knees

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