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Boldin on playing for Miami: 'Would love to'

Arizona (for now) receiver Anquan Boldin still wants out of the Cardinals organization. And he believes if the Dolphins trade for him and make that escape possible, he'd absolutely welcome the idea.

“I would love to," Boldin said of playing for Miami on ESPN Radio 760 in Palm Beach. "You know, I’m a Florida guy, always will be a Florida guy at heart. If it happens, I’ll definitely be grateful.”

But the Cardinals have been playing coy about whether Boldin will be available in trade soon or at all. They also, by the way, haven't given Boldin a new contract, which is the reason the receiver wants out of Arizona in the first place.

The situation has left Boldin uncertain where he'll play in 2009.

“Honestly, I don’t know," he told the radio station. "It’s at a point right now where there’s not any discussion between myself and the team. When something does happen, I’ll let my agent take care it. I guess he’ll converse with the GM or management ... It’s a tough situation and you definitely don’t want this hanging over your head going into another season, especially it being a couple of years past due…”

Make no mistake: The Dolphins earlier this offseason would have had interest in Boldin had he been on the trade block. Now? I'm getting the feeling the interest has diminished greatly based on the team's greater knowledge of receivers about to be available in the draft and the fact those rookies would only cost a draft pick.

If Boldin becomes available, any team interested would have to give up draft compensation and then sign Boldin to a big contract -- the double whammy. Don't see it happening, but as GM Jeff Ireland said in yesterday's post, "never say never."

By the way, I present the following video in case you've forgotten what Boldin can do.


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i would love that too...but dont see it happening.

lets hold out until draft day, see whats availible. who knows maybe there might be a draft day deal made

is that jeff in T.O the Bills WR

Would be all for a straight up Ginn for Boldin trade. Which would help to eleviate "some" of the dollars it would cost to sign Boldin. Anything costing high draft picks I would definitely stay away from.

What is the price is the question? I guess we have to see what he wants and then what the Cards want. Is he worth a second rounder?
Does he want 10 million

Adding to previous post. Straight up Ginn for Boldin trade give both teams exactly what they need. It gives us the true 1 position reciever. It gives Cards a true two reciever so that they dont have to pay 2 #1 position reciever. Because thats the current problem they have right now.


Thats a good thought superfin72 but the cards would probably want more than just Ginn...but I would do Ginn and a third maybe a second

You think the cards will give up Boldin straight up for Ginn? You must have been hanging out with Ricky's former dealer.

Superfin72. You really think ari would take ginn for boldin straight up ? LOL . Besides they would already have a good #2 wr in steve breaston.

It ain't gonna happen.


T.O. = Toronto

Don't see the Cards wanting Ginn, and there is no way they want Wilford ! That would be nice for us to unload his hefty cap # and lack of performance for a stud like Boldin.

Uh. No thanks.

Doesn't fit with the Parcells-Ireland mold.

Remember "younger, faster, and cheaper" ?

This is another reason I can't see Taylor coming back to Miami. Tampa Bay maybe ?

jeff ,you better change( T.O) ,it feels and looks to fin fans as T.O the WR so may be you chanGe Your name to jeff Canada or jeff from golfito


Who on this blog actually thinks ANYONE would want Ted Ginn and his family?

Let alone trade one of the best receivers in the league for an at best #2 WR who is afraid to take a hit?

Please people, use your brains... please.

I don't see a trade for Boldin happening at all. Plus the FO has spent a s@*t ton of money on the o-line and still needs money to sign there draft picks...If the dolphins need a receiver bad enough than i think they will draft Hakeem Nicks

After the Randall Hill debacle, I doubt the Woodpeckers would ever want to trade with the Phins for a slight, short, wide receiver who can run fast ever again. I do not believe a trade for Boldin is likely b/c we simply will not forfeit the draft picks necessary to make it happen, nor would I want to give up those picks anyway.

Mark in Ottawa-Actually Parcells' type of receiver is big and physical. His guys have never been the fastest. T.O. is actually the perfect Parcells' receiver when it comes to the physical part of the game. As for the mental part of the game, he rates about an F.

Early on in the offseason I would have said yes to this trade. However, we already spent all that money on our guys and the new additions. We also have to sign these draft picks. You're talking about 8 million dollars on one guy. That won't leave us with much money to sign 10 new players come draft time.

While I agree the Boldin deal prospects are slim to none, think about how awesome our Offense would be next year with Henne throwing to Boldin, Ginn, Bess and Camarillo. Now THAT'S an offense. And I agree with the others superfin72, crack kills man, lay off it. Would Parcells trade Ginn for Boldin? In a NY minute. Will it ever happen? Maybe when Detroit wins the SuperBowl (so, no, never, ever, ever.)


Good point. The Cockattos would never be so stupid as to make a trade involving Ginn For Boldin straight up. The only team capable of such a stupid move would be the Wets and that dope of a GM, Mike Tannenboob. However, it's nice to dream.

Come on...you know the big tuna would love to
get rid of camm...trash yeah thats # 19 the
player that runs like a Deer and play's like
a scared Deer. Traded # 19 and Wilford A.S.A.P
for are Home town boy...

Actually Ginn + picks for Boldin makes sense imo... Ginn would be a good complement to Fitz and is cheaper.

Boldin runs after the catch like Ronnie in the open field, putting his head down and running over db's for extra yards.

I'd love it but I doubt it would happen... but it would be nice to not only have big mofo's on the lines but also at the skill positions running over people.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, thats funny, trade ted (i never met a side line i did'nt like) Ginn and his clipboard holding daddy for bolden, heck we'd be lucky to get a pair of jock straps for our boy " hands of stone" hahahahahahahahaha

We need to trade for Chad Johnson

Agree G.B.

I agree we trade for Chad Johnson and then land Brett Favre and Jay Cutler in one fellswoop. Awwwk!

Cuban Dope:

Please stop coming on here and pretending to be a fan of the mighty Phins. Your sorry Schmets have enough problems, like trying to figure out a way to get someone to play QB who actually has a clue. Do me a favor please, beg Farve to come back so we can beat the country bumpkin out of him again, I so enjoyed that.


the eagles tried to get randy moss, he turned them down after considering it, they want to please Mcnabb in his final year here, they have been passing out surveys at home games here at the Linc. asking what fans think of their recievers and the offense. (who does that?) Joe Banner knows he has to make some kind of splash this year. they attempted to trade for him earlier in the year but the Cards backed out, plus they have 2 first rd picks. If roy williams cost a 1st, 3rd and a 5th, what will Boldin cost? and can u really see Parcells giving 3 picks when he loves building through the draft soo much? i'd love it and i would pull the trigger but i don't see it happening. i think the trifecta would be satisfied with landing Nicks, robiskie, bey, britt or murphy

Guys I promise you Im not on dope. I mention this because Cards have snowball's chance in hell of resigning him. If they dont get some kind of value now its over. His contract expires and they get zilch. Read this. Its copy and paste from Cards website:

"At this point, I'm not even interested in a contract," said Boldin. "For me, it's been going on two years, and especially after last year, I was promised a deal would get done before the season. But the season's here and obviously that hasn't happened.

"I don't want a deal. People may think I'm being funny or saying that just to say it. But, for me, I'm just tired of it. Washed my hands of the whole situation. My agent has direct orders not to negotiate. So that's how I feel about it."
The Arizona Republic's Kent Somers writes that Boldin's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, met with general manager Rod Graves and head coach Ken Whisenhunt just prior to Boldin's comments, so there's still a chance something can be worked out.

Boldin has three years and $12 million left on his current contract -- an extension he signed prior to the 2005 season. And just in case you're wondering, Boldin's not bucking for a promotion because teammate Larry Fitzgerald just signed a four-year, $40 deal earlier this offseason -- he just thinks he's earned more dough.

He's probably right -- even though his contract was reworked three years ago -- but the Cards claim to have no salary cap space, which means unless Boldin's willing to wait, he won't be getting a new deal until next spring. Or, if he's true to his word, 2011, when his current contract expires and he signs elsewhere.

Ginn being so young, looks a lot better than nothing at all. However we do still have option #1, The '09 draft. So, we cant loose. But the Cards will in 2011!

P.S. The guy that said Breaston is Cards option at 2nd reciever. Do your research as, I have. Breaton's a slot, just like Cam and Bess.

Also you guys who say I'm on dope. Did you actually do any research to determine that. Or was it the knee-jerk reaction you use to answer all of your pots. LOL

MIKE P. Even if Arizona trades boldin , they would already have a great complimemt to fitz. in steve breaston. THE man had over 1000 yds as a 3rd wr.

1. The fins would have no interest in trading Ginn because of the cap hit they'd take because of all the guaranteed money he has.

2. Ginn wouldn't be a #2 WR in Arizona. Steve Breaston is a boarder line #1 WR.

3. If you look at a history of WR's taken in the 1st and 2nd round less than half of them pan out to be any good.

4. Boldin is 28 years old. I think it's safe to say, he likely has at least another 4 years of production left in him.

5. Boldin is signed through 2010. That said, he wants a new contract. Word is he wants something like Fitzgerald got at 4 years $40 million and $30 million guaranteed.

6. Lets say we give Boldin what he's asking for after this season. Then the real question is "Does it make sense for Miami to direct $10 million a year to #1 WR"

Rex, not a jets fan...

Let's the question in point #6 in my previous post. I don't think we should look at it as $10 a year to one player. It's really $10 million a year added to our passing game. Given that Henne is the future and is signed to 2011 for less than $1 million a year I say we go for it.

Boldin + Dolphins = Perfect fit. We would have the COMPLETE Offense for the first time in a long time. Assuming Grove is an upgrade at center and Thomas comes through, Boldin (a big physical experienced but not old receiver who is reliable, great hands and can run after the catch) couldn't be more perfect for our need at receiver. And he's a FL boy, would be more comfortable as the go-to guy, its a win win! We would have a great group with Ginn as the second receiver who can run reverses and Bess in the slot, making Camarillo the best 4th receiver in the league! I would give one of our 2nd rounders for Boldin and pay him well as a reliable 1st receiver for years to come (5 yrs or more). Its a secure investment and helps us win NOW!

Tony . thans for also mentioning breaston and border line #1


Your post was right on, sans one point:

Breaston is not a border line #1, nor is he a #2. He is what he is, a #3 slot guy, in the same mold as Camarillo and Bess. Average to below average size and average speed. Ginn is a potential decent #2, especially when you consider that Fitzgerald is not considered a speed guy either.

Who is going to throw him the long ball this year? If you can get boldin for a reasonable deal i would do it in a heartbeat but to overspend on a reciever that would have limited functionality with the present qb situation would be a mistake especially with far cheaper options available in the draft

How about Ginn and Murphy or Ginn and wilford.OrGINN-murphy&wilford.


If you are being truthful, then I do apoligize for that ugly insult, accusing you of rooting for the Bi-planes. That said, please don't tell me you are a Fagriots fan.

Please advise.

The only trade I can see working for Boldon is trading Ronnie Brown. Both will require large contracts and are number ones at their positions.I`ve always wondered if Brown is a Parcells guy. I think so but...

i love it when i read fin fans go at it like now cause i learn a lot ,so while i following this nice topic which is one of the menace favorite he came in said his two words and pepole kept at with wit and THEN rex ryan showed up and to ask cuban to leave the blog like it's his to decide but it gave pain in my tommy because i was enjoying rading and rex cam to start a fight in the middle on nice football talk. any way REX RYAN please start your fights when no body is here then you don't make poeple leave.

superfin 72. LOL . I suggest you do your research a little better. I now i have. The reason he was a slot wr is because he was playing behind 2 all-pros in fitz and boldin. LOL . IF boldin were to get traded breaston ( over 1000yds as 3rd wr ) at almost 6-1 190 would easily take over as the #2 wr.

I was just looking at that clip Armando put on the site and I have to say I had thoughts of Boldin and Hakeem Nicks on the Dolphins and how nasty that would be with both of there after the catch ability.......I know its not happening but I can dream.

Go Phins

Rex,the thing about fitzgerald is his Y.A.C(yards after catch) there impressive , the same cant be said about ted (the cowardly lion) ginn, the man has no testicular fortitude, he'll head straight to the side line instead of the 1st down marker, will fall straight down after a catch if a defender is within 10 yards or if a defender is within 5 yards he'll drop the ball instead of taking a hit, like you said fitz isnt the fastest guy out there but he plays with courage and grit...

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Ginn, Murphey and Wilford... What a terrible group. Murphey might be fast but who knows if he has the tools, Wilford was a bust in his first year and Ginn is coming along but a top nothc #1 guy for him to develop properly.

I like that we're building with young guys for the future but I, like most REAL dolfans want to win NOW. I think we're three pieces away from that. 1.) Bolidn 2.)a motivated Taylor and 3.) 1st or 2nd round top nothc corner to develop as a starter. The rest of the draft can be for added depth and future improvements.

NJ and Tony,

I said I didn't think it was gonna happen... just that dreaming of our offense with some guys that like:)

Forgetting Breaston, I just don't think it would happen b/c it would make no sense for Ireland and Parcells to trade for a guy that wants a 10 mil/yr contract and if you have to give up a pick or a player making 1/10th of that. Hell Ginn's contract is only around 1 mil/year with around 1 mil/year extra in signing bonus, prorated, and he was picked at #9.
If we pick up a receiver at #25 both of them would be considerably cheaper and quite possibly the combo would produce more, not to mention younger, hopefully we get someone in the mold of Fitz/Boldin though.
We're still building for the future so cool as it'd be to get Boldin I don't see any chance.

breaston is 100 percent number one pick ,period.some idiot put him at number 3

Armando, I would like to congratulate you on the enormous success of your blog. It is as well-deserved as Dan Marino's enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In honor of your success, I should like to list my favorite politically incorrect sporting symbols:

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8) Souljahbeats

Would love to see this happen, Boldin was a H.S. QB, get him in the wildcat offense with option to throw alot more than Browm. This would be hard to stop!

Lets take a look at the Dolphins from the perspective of how much money they have toward each element of the team.

Right now the Phins have
Passing game: $15.8 million (QB's, WR's, TE's)
Running game: $10 million
Offensive Line: $24 million
Defensive Line: $11 million
Linebackers: $22 million
Defensive Backs: $18 million

Nathaniel, You forgot the london sissy nannies(thats a true rugby team)

2 more nathaniel,
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Alright, every time a big-time free agent comes available or a big name gets put on the trading block, I always say that we should not pursue him. This is different. If Anquan Boldin is on the block, the Dolphins need to see what it would take to get him...He fits the teams needs better than any other player thats become available this year...Boldin is a big physical receiver that gets lots of yards after the catch. He is young and he is tough... And yes, I think the Dolphins should do this because Boldin makes the team that much better instantly

Excellent point, Mr. Souljahbeats! I could not agree more. You know, you're more than just one of my favorite politically incorrect sporting symbols.


I think I need to make something clear to you. Although I am a Phins fan, I am not so myopic as to believe that every player they obtain or currently have is great. Case in point, I was pissed when they drafted Ginn b/c I thought he was not their best option at that point in that draft, although they were obviously in need of that position for their team. That said, I agree with you, he plays scared and is not physical. But, as a #2 next to a guy like Fitz, he would not be called upon to do things that he is asked to do on the team that he is currently with, such as go over the middle or take bubble screens and run after the catch. I could see him in much the same role that Alvin Harper had with those great Cowgirl teams: stretch the field and prevent the free safety from cheating to close to the line of scrimmage. With the current dolphins he doesn't play that role b/c Penne can't stretch the field the way Aikman could, nor is Miami's running game consistent enough to prevent teams from having their safties play so far off the line of scrimmage.

How's that? An intelligent response to an equally intelligent post.

BTW, Luiggi from Costa Rica:

If you are going to come in here see if you can at least attempt to get a rudimentary grasp of english before you start typing your giberish. Otherwise, get Latka from Taxi to interpret for you, you sand monkey. "Tank you berry much"

I'm all for the Dolphins picking up Boldin. I know Parcells knows what he's doing but...we need to upgrade some more this offseason. Keep in mind Brady's back in NE, the Jets actually have a coach now and nabbed Bart Scott, and Buffalo got Owens. Last yr. was a great going 11-5 but things did work in our favor (Brady going down, Favre struggling in NY, easy schedule for us) I think picking up Grove, Green, and Wilson was nice...but we need Boldin. You know what you're getting with Boldin. Hakeem Nicks it's a mystery. With Boldin our offense will be complete. Reliable Chad under center, Brown in the backfield, a talented line headlined by Long, Carey, and Grove, more than adequate TEs with Martin and Fasano, Boldin as the #1 WR, and Ginn at #2 where he belongs. Trust me, I saw Boldin at Wide Right 3 FSU Miami in 2000. He lit it up. Go Canes, Dolphins, Heat, and Marlins!!

Thanks Nathaniel Dodsworth. You know, you're more than just some wierd canadian guy that comes on a football blog to talk about pleasuring himself to old ladies and fat chicks...

I kid, I kid...its all in good fun

What's wrong with old ladies and fat chicks? They happen to be hobbies of mine.

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