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Boldin on playing for Miami: 'Would love to'

Arizona (for now) receiver Anquan Boldin still wants out of the Cardinals organization. And he believes if the Dolphins trade for him and make that escape possible, he'd absolutely welcome the idea.

“I would love to," Boldin said of playing for Miami on ESPN Radio 760 in Palm Beach. "You know, I’m a Florida guy, always will be a Florida guy at heart. If it happens, I’ll definitely be grateful.”

But the Cardinals have been playing coy about whether Boldin will be available in trade soon or at all. They also, by the way, haven't given Boldin a new contract, which is the reason the receiver wants out of Arizona in the first place.

The situation has left Boldin uncertain where he'll play in 2009.

“Honestly, I don’t know," he told the radio station. "It’s at a point right now where there’s not any discussion between myself and the team. When something does happen, I’ll let my agent take care it. I guess he’ll converse with the GM or management ... It’s a tough situation and you definitely don’t want this hanging over your head going into another season, especially it being a couple of years past due…”

Make no mistake: The Dolphins earlier this offseason would have had interest in Boldin had he been on the trade block. Now? I'm getting the feeling the interest has diminished greatly based on the team's greater knowledge of receivers about to be available in the draft and the fact those rookies would only cost a draft pick.

If Boldin becomes available, any team interested would have to give up draft compensation and then sign Boldin to a big contract -- the double whammy. Don't see it happening, but as GM Jeff Ireland said in yesterday's post, "never say never."

By the way, I present the following video in case you've forgotten what Boldin can do.


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This just reminds me of how much I'd like to go back in time and tell [expletive deleted] Dave Wannstedt to draft him when we had the chance. One of the worst draft desicions ever made in my opinion. Since the time machine from Napolean Dynomite doesn't work (thanks Uncle Rico)we have to move on. The main problem with trading for Boldin would be the contract. If the Dolphins decide to draft a WR in round one, couldn't they just trade that pick for Boldin who does it all. He would be a perfect compliment to the receivers we already have. He would be the possession receiver that defenses would have to pay attention to. That would open up Ginn deep when we get Henne's arm strength in the game. Once again the main problem is the 9-10 mil a year he would demand, and a receiver in the draft will be cheaper and last longer. although Boldin is a beast and one of my favorite non Dolphins. It is very unlikely but can you think of a receiver with Boldin's physicality that the Tuna has had, outside of T.O., and oh by the way Cutler just got sent to the Bears. I laugh at both of them.


As many of you know, there have been episodes of people logging in as imposters -- under other people's names -- on this blog, causing problems within the comment community.

One technologically advanced person actually has been posing as me the past week or two. The Herald has taken steps to stop this. I am also taking steps.

So you guys that are impersonating RexRyanSucks and others today, you are warned. Please stop. Or you, along with any other of your fake personalities, will be banned. No exceptions.

Thanks Mando, lets get these bums outta here, keep up the good work!

Agreed mando, What are your thoughts about jay cutler going to "Da Bears"?????i think that the bears are now the power in the nfc....

Just what the Dolphins need: a thick possession receiver who is below average in the agility department. Folks, Boldin ain't gettin' any quicker.

Guys gotta arm man...

There goes the Jets' season!

Rex Grossman to the new mexico wild riders in the indoor football league..

Good luck in your new endeavours

Rex grossman, Rexryansuks, Are these two guys heading to new Mexico??? I hope so...

i think that if we could get him by trading just this years first round pick it would be worth it. b/c think aboute it, there isn't really anyone we need that badly that would still be there at pick 25. vontae davis or someone like that is what we need bu he won't be there at 25. the guys we need are in the second round. clay mathews, alfonso smith, hakeem nicks. if we could get boldin for a first rounder and keep the rest of our pciks it would def. be a good pic up.

Sand monkey(a disgusting slur), your right i saw that post ... not pleasent , but mandos peeps apperarently have deleted it.. but your right , it's sad...

rexryansucks = richard simmons

To Whom it May Concern:

First of all, Mando wasn't defending me, nor did I ask that he do so. Second, I don't go crying to anyone for anything, especially for help defending myself against gutless imposters.

Now, in re Cutler to da Teddy Bears:

good luck to that team, b/c I see this guy crashing and burning ala Jeff George. Terrible leader, and very over rated. People will come to realize that he is a "system QB". Let's see how well he does with a team that is in the dark ages when it comes to offensive football.

Also, a note to fans of the Paper Bi-planes:

I hear that JP Losman and Rex Grossman are both still avaiable. Better yet, the QB from my kid's high school team is graduating this spring, i'm sure Tannanboob could sign him on the cheap. Have fun watching your pathetic team get crushed like grapes this fall.

To all Jests Fans,

Hahahahahahahaha! I thought Cutler was gonna come in and be the savior that Favre couldn't be and lead you to the Super Bowl this year?? LMFAO!

I think Cutler will do very well for the Bears. BRB Going to see what they had to give up for him

All of you who thing the trifecta will give up draft picks and a up and coming "young " reciever for a pre madonna recievr are out of your flipping minds. bolding is a good reciever but givne what he would cost doest make sense u dont spend that money on recievers they are a dime a dozen. Look what he bears gave up for cutler, sparano and parcells are that stupid. you build throught the draft not with players like boldin who have good games and arent team players and who arent cheap. I say we get harvin and we got a our receiving core and work on our lines. look what we did with a one year quater back and a second year player, undrafted rookie and a journeymam WR. what we need is a corner back and some pasher rushers and maybe take a good RB in the third. GO PHIns BEAt the pats , bills and the JOKS.

Hahaha Breaston has average speed?! Man you must not have seen him play very much. And he was only #3 because Boldin and Fitz. But for the four games that Boldin was hurt this season (yeah he has tons of injury issues) Breaston was made the number two and had great games

Boldin, he of 40 screws and 9 plates in his face, is no Premadonna. He blocks like a TE, breaks tackles like a RB, played QB in a BCS game and could run the wildcat very well. Boldin is unhappy with Arizona management, and he originally said he would play out his contract. The guy is a beast and would be a great compliment to what we have. That said the contract demands, draft picks and age are the reasons it wont happen. But Boldin is no premadonna

How many times did he beat the Dolphins secondary in that highlight reel? WOW!

why cant we sign both taylor and thomas.

Thomas proved he could still play in Dallas..
And getting back taylor means we got a solid pick for a 1 year loan to the redskins.
Its like win..win plus crowder needs a solid back up, he does miss like a game or 2 a season

If B.J. Raji tested positive for something any chance he will drop like Luis Castillo did a few years ago, and we could grab him at 25?

Who will the Jets get to QB their team? Maybe Favre can come back. Boy, I'm just glad the Bears got him and not the Bills or Jets. This made my day. All we need now is to sack Brady during a game to KNOCK him out....Ha ha ha ha !!!!

Phins Fan,

If Raji did test positive we should avoid him like the plague. For one main reason:if he is stupid enough to sacrifice millions of dollars when he knows a drug test is approaching, he will become a liability instead of an asset. We don't want him here, regardless of talent...even if it was a one time mistake. That one mistake, questions his intelligence and whether or not he has a drug problem. We are in the business of winning football games, not player distractions/drama.

Plus I enjoy watching the Giants ordeal, the Pacman Jones saga, the Stallworth unfortunate accident bought about by foolishness; and being thankful that our players are not caught up in the drama and inevitable distractions it will cause.

we need to trade our first round pick for boldin. there not a receiver in the draft better. be like the pats so time and go after proven game changing players sometime.bolden will help free up ginn so he can be the number two wideout he is.the offense would be set.with free agent market changing every year we have a good chance of winning now with a big time player like that.

Superfin72, you are so not even in the realm of reality to suggest that Arizona would part with Boldin straight up for Ginn right now. And Boldin is under contract for 2 more years, so if they were going to dump him, they'd at least wait another year until dropping the value. Also, everyone, Boldin is not asking for the $10 million that Fitz gets, he's jut asking to be in the neighborhood. Around eight million per year. He and Rosenhaus already told the Cardinals that they would take less that Fitz. So they probably want $9 mil, the Team 7 million, but would probably settle around 8 million. Of course, the more time that goes by until Boldin signs a new contract, the smaller and shorter it may become.

Below is a response I had a couple weeks ago to comments on the Palm Beach Post from posters who were saying that Boldin wasn't a #1 receiver and offering stupid trades (like Superfin72), or suggesting that the Dolphins could trade for Boldin and he would play for like 5 million or less on a new contract signed this year.


And Boldin wants the contract of a number one because he ‘is’ a number one, and would be the best wideout on most teams in the League. Fitzgerald just happens to be one of the top 3 WR in the League (no shame on Boldin, it happens), but when healthy Boldin puts up similar number. So they are both number ones, their production is relatively close, and Boldin just wanted a contract in the area of what Fitzgerald has with the team.

Now from Arizona’s standpoint, its tough to pay 2 number one receivers that kind of money. So that is why their is a problem. Not because Boldin isn’t work a relatively large contract, its that they don’t want to invest that much money in the WR position.

A lot of teams have no true number one receiver. Look at the Dolphins. Arizona just happens to have 2 of them.

So you don’t want to pay Boldin like a number one, fine, but he won’t sign an extension for a cheap contract.

Let me put this in perspective so everyone can understand.

Antonio Byrant how is 28 just had is best season season as a pro.
In 16 games he had 83 catches for 1248 yards and 7 TDs.

Right now he is franchise tagged for 9.8+ million dollars for this year (avg. top 5 WR). Now obviously he wouldn’t make that if signed a long-term contract, but because of the season he had, it was worth it to Tampa Bay. Plus, that season extremely raised his value, and because It was only one great season, Tampa Bay didn’t want to pay him what he wanted, or probably not even market price, to make sure its not a fluke.

Boldin is 28 years old, and just had 89 rec, 1038 yards, and 11.
In ‘12′ games people, 12 games.

He also has long-term production. He as average 100 receptions, 1299 yards, and 8 TDs per 16 games player, for his ENTIRE career.
This are serious numbers guys.

By comparison. Larry Fitzgerald in his career per 16 games played. Averages 90 receptions, 1258 yards, and 10 TDs.

Now both players are in their prime, but Fitzgerald is 25 and 3 years younger than Boldin. Fitzgerald has better measurables and can stretch the field more. And Boldin is somewhat injury prone playing in just over 13 games a season, and playing hurt in others, compared to Fitzgerald playing in just over 15.

Now all these factors into account, and I’m not saying Boldin is better than Fitzgerald, because he’s not. Boldin definitely, absolutely, unequivocally puts up #1 WR numbers.

His production is also better than in some areas compared to Fitzgerald. Boldin is also a beast, and one of the hardest WR to tackle in the league.

That said, if Boldin signed a new contract now he would have to be worth somewhere in the area of 7 or 8 million per year over like a 3 or 4 year contract, when the signing bonus is averaged out.

Boldin’s (and Rosenhaus) problem is that he’s under contract I think 2 more years, and would be 30 when signing a new contract. Therefore greatly reducing his value.

His base salary now is 2.5 million, and I’m sure he already forgot about the last signing bonus he had, but even factoring that in. He would be extremely underpaid.

Okay, so what have we learned so far? For the last time.

1.) Anquan Boldin IS a legitimate # 1 receiver
2.) He’s won’t, and shouldn’t sign a cheap contract if he gets traded
3.) A team isn’t going to land him in a trade by offering peanuts.
4.) I’m not saying its a no brainer to trade for him, or that you have to like him, just that these are the parameters in the real world.


rex ryan sucks, i agree with 100 percent.your football points are unbelievable and i love your point about the system"QB"

1st Round- C. Matthews LB
2nd Round- J. Brinkley LB
2nd Round- Brian Robiske WR
3rd Round- Connor Barwin LB/DE

If we can get Nicks in the draft.. GREAT.. However.. Boldin and Ginn on the ouside with Camarillo and Bess in the inside would also be inticing.

I'd give a 2nd and a 7th Rounder for Boldin, and pay him a big bonus! The guy is a beast of a WR. A true #1 Option. He worked us over last season big time!

Steve Breaston is Great by the way. He is not just a slot guy. He has big time speed(RexRyan), and can run all the routes and get open.

For the record, Ted Ginn has very good hands in my opinion. He has a problem getting open at this point but showed improvement. No doubt he has the wheels. Better route running, a good QB, A true #1 WR playing opposite him attracting the oppositions best cb and double coverage, and I think Ginn would be a fantastic #2 guy scoring 7 to 10 TD's a year!

I have'nt given up on this kid yet!

Boldin Will end up in either Philly or Dallas.

We shouldn't go out of our way for Boldin. We build from the bottom, maybe we can snag Crabtree, Hicks, or even better Percy Harvin and have a new way to run the wild cat.

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