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Brown not on trade block, Beck another story

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland just got done talking to wrap up the day's draft festivities and this much is certain: Ronnie Brown should feel somewhat secure about being with the Dolphins.

John Beck? Not so much. The Dolphins will try to trade him today as they've been trying for weeks.

"We're not looking to trade Ronnie Brown so you can write that," Ireland said.

Then I asked him if Beck is on the block, which I know through sources he is, and Ireland hesitated. "I don't want to get into whether John Beck is on the block or not," he said. "He's on the team now. If he's on the team later on he'll get a chance to compete. If he's not ..."

Ireland's voice trailed off. Earlier he said the team had, "three good quarterbacks, uh, four good quarterbacks," on the roster.

Getting the drift? Beck will be traded or get cut soon, certainly before training camp.

More stuff from Ireland:

He said he views Pat White as someone who eventually will compete for the starting quarterback job. "He has an unusual set of skills," Ireland said. "He enhances our offense."

Ireland said he did extensive research on Vontae Davis and feels comfortable with him despite some attitude problems in his past. Ireland talked to Illinois coach Ron Zook, who apparently gave a good recommendation as well as other people.

I pressed him by asking why Davis, who has special skills and is a physical speciman, would last all the way to No. 25?

"He's a junior coming out early," Ireland said. "At the No. 25 pick in the draft, I feel like I'm picking a pretty good player. I think you guys are making too much out of nothing."

Ireland said third pick Sean Smith has "huge upside."

"His skill set is rare for his size," Ireland said. "I think he'll play. I think he'll play early."

The Dolphins need/must add receivers Sunday. And Ireland said that is a possibility. Let's hope.

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