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Brown not on trade block, Beck another story

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland just got done talking to wrap up the day's draft festivities and this much is certain: Ronnie Brown should feel somewhat secure about being with the Dolphins.

John Beck? Not so much. The Dolphins will try to trade him today as they've been trying for weeks.

"We're not looking to trade Ronnie Brown so you can write that," Ireland said.

Then I asked him if Beck is on the block, which I know through sources he is, and Ireland hesitated. "I don't want to get into whether John Beck is on the block or not," he said. "He's on the team now. If he's on the team later on he'll get a chance to compete. If he's not ..."

Ireland's voice trailed off. Earlier he said the team had, "three good quarterbacks, uh, four good quarterbacks," on the roster.

Getting the drift? Beck will be traded or get cut soon, certainly before training camp.

More stuff from Ireland:

He said he views Pat White as someone who eventually will compete for the starting quarterback job. "He has an unusual set of skills," Ireland said. "He enhances our offense."

Ireland said he did extensive research on Vontae Davis and feels comfortable with him despite some attitude problems in his past. Ireland talked to Illinois coach Ron Zook, who apparently gave a good recommendation as well as other people.

I pressed him by asking why Davis, who has special skills and is a physical speciman, would last all the way to No. 25?

"He's a junior coming out early," Ireland said. "At the No. 25 pick in the draft, I feel like I'm picking a pretty good player. I think you guys are making too much out of nothing."

Ireland said third pick Sean Smith has "huge upside."

"His skill set is rare for his size," Ireland said. "I think he'll play. I think he'll play early."

The Dolphins need/must add receivers Sunday. And Ireland said that is a possibility. Let's hope.

[BLOG NOTE: We'll be right back at it starting around 10 a.m. Sunday morning. Please join me for another live blog then.]


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A+++ DRAFT!! I am really excited about the pics today!! WE DID GOOD JIMMY! REAL GOOD!


Thank you for all of your efforts today. Will you be blogging during the draft tomorrow?

I can't for the life of me think of anyone who would be willing to trade for Beck at this point.

" i think you guys are making to much out of nothing " Ireland. I've been telling everybody that about Vontae davis for weeks.

I will absolutely be blogging live Sunday. Starts at 10ish.

"Then I asked him if Beck is on the block, which I know through sources he is, and Ireland hesitated"

Armando, that was a priceless line in your blog. Priceless.

I think most everyones looking at the pick of White rather one dimensionally. BP may have been looking at this kid as the greatest value of the entire draft.

Remember it was rumored BP would like to have 12 picks instead of 9 with this draft. Think about it and its a stroke of genious.

In Pat White, he drafted one player who that can address 4 different roster positions and excell at doing it.

White's flexibility allows him to either compete to be Henne's backup, become a complete defensive wildcat terror running or passing, a brilliant return man, and he can play a little tailback for as a change of pace back.

When we consider the fact that he has the smarts and athleticism to excell a numerous positions on the football field. I can see where picking him this high may not be so mind boggling at all!

Great draft so far. The 7 picks tomorrow will be just as good. GO DOLPHINS !!!!!!!!!


Armando. I also want to thank you for a job well done. I also have to eat my words about "LMAO " at white being picked by miami in the 2nd round.

Armando, many thanks for all your efforts and keeping us informed. I live in So California, so it's nice to read the info you're getting from the Fins' brass.

Keep up the GREAT work. It is much appreciated by the Dolphins fans around the world!

Real tired of all these Dolphins fans complaining and expressing frustration about 'New England doing this' and 'New England doing that'. Guess what guys....go support New England.....we don't need ya!! The Trifecta has a really good idea of what they are doing. They didn't exactly end up with the guys I wanted them to draft but I still think we got three good players today. Pat White was a bit of a surprise but to be honest I'm only going on what other people have said about him and I'm willing to give the Trifecta the benefit of the doubt. I was hoping they might have landed someone like Robiskie in the second round but he was obviously gone when they picked again. Not sure right now how they are going to improve the WR position and I'm still concerned with the pass rush. Maybe they can add Taylor and how about a second NEXT year for Boldin. Good first day....

Very happy we can finally end the stupid talk of trading our Pro Bowl running back. Glad that Ronnie is returning to the Dolphins for a 5th season. Now, lets look to lock him up long term before the season starts.

Hope we can land Barden tomorrow!

It would be nice to add Ramses Barden at some point tomorrow.

Is it possible that the Pat White pick is a precursor to an agreed upong trade for Anquan Boldem? Pat White plus something or somebody for Anquan. May be Arizona wants to include the Wildcat in their offense next year for a few plays a game. Just a thought.

I believe Ramses Barden would almost complete our offense and give us the ability to score from almost any point on the field!

Well said Craig M. I think it is VERY possible JT will be back. Boldin ???? Asking for too much $.

I am happy that Ronnie is not on the trading block... That was scary, and it would have been a dumb move.

G-d bless Ireland; his explanation has assuaged me & lifted the negativity caused by listening to QAM & big O all day.

I don't want to give the wrong impression Armando about my last post, I think you do a good job on the radio and 790 should give you the mid-day slot.

Big O is a whiny dufus. Seriously. I remember his garbage when the Dolphins started 0-2. He couldn't find a dolphins game that Miami could win. He was calling for an 0-9 start.

He is seriously mentally unstable.

big O is an arrogant ass. He should promise to quit doing radio if Davis and White make the Dolphins a better team in '09. That would be icing on the cake for us fans when those two turn into stars!

Ramses Barden in the third Rd will give the Dolphins that big, strong receiver to work the middle of the field that they are looking for.

All I can say is, if Jason Taylor returns to his form 2 years ago, I'll be happy, if we don't try to trade up and get Michael Johnson after all the time the Phins spent with him, I'm at a loss for words. No Connor Barwin, no Mathews Jr., not even a look at Malaluga, not one move except for moving down. We need a PASH RUSHER! Let's Go Get atleast ONE!

Last year the Dolphins doubled up at DE with Merling and Langford. This year, you can see that approach at corner. They make sure they are advancing the ball in terms of personnel.

Will Allen, Davis, S Smith, Green, and Nate Jones at corner, with Bell, Wilson, and Culver at safety. There are some real pieces there, although I wonder who will cover the slot. That is more about sheer quickness and less about long speed.

haha, all you haters on davis, well speak up. oh, i know now its's cool. percy before maualouall, ha. no nicks, no brit. and white, ya act like you knew. im not hatin but now its all cool, thats a good one. no one called on white, but now its good. and davis, who was honestly on that pick? ok now though.

maybe though anyway the fins got their bad a%* josh cribbs type all purpose.

I think white is a great fit.

It allows us to only dress 2 QB's (the Chads) and dress White as a role player AND he's there as an emergency QB if needed. That's another player that gets game action and not just sit on the bench all year holding a clip board waiting for the top 2 QB's to fall. Great move.

He will take over for Ronnie at the Pivot in our wild cat and maybe use Ricky AND Ronnie as options.

PS. THANK GOD RONNIE IS STAYING. Top 5 RB in the NFL and now with an upgraded line maybe he'll be able to show it.

zed, i hear ya. just that. i mean i didnt even think we would draft him,ever(white)


I was very surprised when we picked Vontae Davis (I was sure we were going for Maualuga or Nicks) and even more surprised with the Pat White pick... The Sean Smith pick kind of saved my opinion of this draft...he was the one player I absolutely wanted the fins to get...

All of these picks are growing on me though... Vontae Davis is a great athelete and a playmaker and when matched with Sean Smith, that could be a deadly combination in a couple years... Pat White, although I am not a big fan of this pick, is also a playmaker and a winner. I think this also ensures that we get a young, franchise qb when Pennington leaves, whether its White or Henne... The competition will probably make them both better and not to mention Whites potential at wr

go dolphins! trust the tuna!

Like the CB picks. More the Smith pick the Davis. White was a reach in Round 2 when a WR or DT could have be addressed. Please start Sunday with picks to satisfy those needs.

Oh, and Mando, congratulations on calling the Pat White pick... you should go to Vegas or play the lottery or something... that was crazy!

i am going to cream in my pants! i luv these picks!

VONTAE DAVIS looks like the 2nd coming of ed reed (ed reed was taken 24th hhmm....) has the rare combo of size, speed, explosiveness.

PAT WHITE is a star- henne better be on his game in practice because white is on a mission to become the starter in 2010. when we look back at this draft in 6 or so years PAT WHITE WILL BE THE BEST QB IN THIS DRAFT, MARK IT DOWN!

SEAN SMITH- antonio cromartie, damn is he tall and with good hands!

Yeremiah Bell
Gibril Wilson
Will Allen
Vontae Davis
Sean Smith


Sonny. Slow down ! Put the pipe down and the booze away.

NJ, what do you think of the picks?

I was scratching my head on the first two picks, but the more I think about it, the more they are growing on me... and you know I'm glad we picked up Sean Smith, I can't believe he lasted that late...

Watch out for VAUGHN MARTIN in the 6th round. Perfect guy for Ferguson to mentor @ NT.

youtube has a bunch of Pat White clips. This one has wildcat written all over it.
This could be a really fun season coming up

Soulja. I called the V. davis pick for a week. I went nuts , i loved it. Best pure corner in the draft with toughness to boot. I also loved the sean smith ( as you know) pick. The pat white pick had me miffed , especially with barwin and sintim on the board. we'll see about white.

Sorry but Pat White was a huge reach. If they like Henne so much, why use ANOTHER 2nd round pick on a QB?? You can only play 1 QB, so either him or Henne will be on the pine. Huge waste.

If they plan on just putting him in for the 6-8 wildcat plays per game, we just used a 2nd round pick on a guy who will be on the field as much as Dan Carpenter. Waste.

Terrible pick at that spot. I dont get it.

First let me start out by saying the draft was very different from any other in a long time.

That being said I love the first three picks. I must admit that I thought Pat White pick, at first gave me a wft knee jerk reaction. Cooling down a few moments later, I was reminded of his versatility and that he's had a very good college career.
And I liked Sean Smith, who at first I thought was better than Davis and still maybe but, Davis will start day one, Also as many scouts point out best pure cover corner in the draft.

(NFL NETWORK when they announce Pat White pick)



go to miami dolphins.com and watch the clip of Pat White being selected. I agree with Mayock 100%

Will Allen and Davis at CB...Wilson and Bell at Saftey...that has great defensive backfield written all over it and will create alot of turnovers. Sean Smith waiting in the wings wow!

Now as Mike Mayock stated the most dynamic player at the senior bowl was Pat White. This tells me that the Trifecta are not going away from the "wildcat" but enhancing it. Creating an even greater more dynamic fold in the wildcat offense.

Picking two CB's day one may spell the return of dare I say it Jason Taylor we shall see?

We have at least a total of 10 picks and more likely to come when we trade Beck and other?
But here is where you make you MONEY! Day two and we have seven picks and counting. There is so much talent out their still and can't wait to see who we get.
BTW I'm wasted and have to get some sleep been at draft parties all day.

Great job Armando keep uyp the good work, see you and Dolphins nation in the AM.

YOU CANT PUT 2 QBs ON THE FIELD AT THE SAME TIME so either Henne or White was a wasted pick. You cant waste your 2nd-round picks.

Pat White as a WR in the pros?? gimme a break people. you dont pick a project like that in the 2nd round.

You can all spin a happy face on it if you want, but this was a wasted pick. If he beats out Henne, then Henne was a wasted pick. Argument over.

Lets hope for smarter drafting Sunday.

Pat Whit shotgun formation. Ronnie Brown to his left, Run Ricky run to his right. Ginn and Bess at the wides and maybe a TE like Shawn Nelson, or another wideout like Patrick Turner, Bradon Tate, Enrique Inglesis, Luis Murphy, and a few other that im to tired to remember but one of those guys yeah. How does that look to opposing defenses?
Lets see what happens tomorrow.

Hey souljabeats got the man you wanted above all else at Cb Smith and Vonte Davis that in retrospect has to have you feeling great I know I frkn love it!
Good nite

Pat White = Hines Ward

I would've liked to see us draft Clay Matthews over Vontae Davis if we were gonna draft Sean Smith. While I think Vontae is better than Smith i see more value with Clay Matthews or Nicks at 25 with hindsight Smith available at 61

Pat White// Penni and Henne = Ultimate QB could u imagine all their skill sets combined in one. lol

Maualuga was within striking distance in the second! Why we didn't make a move is beyond me!!...To wait for Pat "freakin" White. A situational player at best!!
Oh and by the way...tough to fathom that New England will be spelling Wolfork on plays with Ron Brace...ouch!!! All I can say is that Jake Grove better eat his Wheaties this year with a double helping against the Pats.
Re: Pat White "What a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive." The positive is that we now have our future bookend corners and what looks like a tuff secondary.

But what a waste of a critical 2nd rounder!!!


Keep an eye out for players like WR Johnny Knox, T/G Louis Vazquez, LB Frantz Joseph and NT Sammie Lee Hill. Just some of the players the Phins showed significant interest in. Anyone have some other notables?

Was belicheat in the dolphins war room he stole the entire draft again. I can bet on it

SOLitary 4 life

Mando, think you're right, Beck is history. White was not drafted solely for Wild Cat. Hope they have some deal in the making, 4 QBs makes no sense.

prob a 4th rnd pick for beck.

Awful. I threw up in my mouth when we selected White. Pats picked BRace and butler ahead of us and dolphins panicked. Wildcat = desperation. Maybe White will be trade bait or something.

Just watched Pat Whites utubes. My impression...

I may not of been a big fan of the wildcat before due to Ronnie Browns throwing limitations knowing it would probably be a run from someone. But man...with this kid at the pivot, look out! He may be small and thin but he can take def. players out of their cleats with his moves and quickness.

Couple that with a true passing threat and def. coordinators and players will have fits wondering what to do. This should be fun!! So I take back my initial F-Bombs about this pick and will hold off judgment for now.

Gotta love what's happenning here. The Draft is just another part of the offseason.

So far:

We've improved the O Line with Grove and Berger. Hopefully with a healthy Donald Thomas and healthier Smiley it'll be a force.

We've improved the back field with the addition of White eho gives us so many options.

Only glaring need right now on O is WR

We've improved our safeties with Gibril and Yeremiah.

We've improved our LB's with the addition of Wake and maybe just maybe a final run with JT

Our D line will be better with another year of development with Langford and Merling and we signed that 6'7" monster McDaniel who has underperformed thus far but let's wait and see. The D Line will be better.

I think the needs right now have to be NT, ILB,WR

Players to look for today:

Michael Johnson, Lawrence Sidbury, Frantz Joseph, Terrance Taylor, Sammie Lee Hill, Ramses Barden, Joaquin Iglesias, Shonn Greene..

...Duke Robinson, Louis Murphy, Jared Cook....

r we live or what?

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