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Notebook full of notes for you to digest

Clearing out the notebook as we head to today's interview session with Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland:

Occassionally my job is to play fireman, putting out fires started by rumor-mongers or amateur bloggers posing as reporters with sources that are neither accurate nor credible. 

One such continual fire fanned by various blog sites includes the seemingly annual rumor the Dolphins are about to change, tweak, adjust or altogether scrap their uniforms. The latest such rumor appeared on uniwatchblog.com. 

I'm not even going to repeat what the blog "reported." But I will tell you it is not true.

Dolphins president and chief operating officer Bryan Wiedmeier tells me that nothing about the Miami uniform is changing for the 2009 season. Regardless what unnamed uniform sources may be saying, the president of the team is saying otherwise.

So Miami's current white, aqua and orange continues unchanged in 2009. 


Not long after Jason Taylor became a free agent, nearly a dozen teams started calling to express interest in the possible future Hall of Famer.

The Bills called. The Packers called. The New York Jets called. Tampa Bay is interested as is New Orleans. The New England Patriots have shown interest through owner Robert Kraft, who has been quoted as saying if Taylor wants to play for the Pats, he (Kraft) can see that happening.

The Dolphins have not called or talked to the Taylor camp but remain are a darkhorse possibility because they would be interested under the right circumstances and they have home field advantage because Taylor lives in South Florida.

I draw two interesting points from this: Every single team in the AFC East has shown interest before the Dolphins have. Despite all this, the leading candidate to get Taylor remains the New England Patriots.

Nothing is likely to be done anytime soon. The timetable for getting this thing ironed out is around draft time, if not immediately afterward. Stay tuned.


The Dolphins did some fine work in finding undrafted college free agents last season. Davone Bess was one such find. Dan Carpenter was another.

The Dolphins are looking for more after this draft. A team source tells me the club would like to sign two or three college free agents that are more than just training camp bodies, but would actually have legitimate chances of making the team.

The club is looking high and low for such players.

And that's where the names Vincent and Victor Anderson come into play. Both are under-the-radar safeties who have the feel of college free agents with the chance to make a team. Both worked out in front of six teams at the Missouri Western Pro Day.

The Dolphins were one of the six teams.

Agent Jeffrey Wolf says Victor ran a 4.40 in the 40 and bench pressed 225 pounds 25 times -- impressive numbers for a 6-2 and 215-pound man. Vincent, also 6-2 and 215, ran a 4.42 and did the bench 23 times.

Anyway, file the names and keep them in mind.


After he conducts his NFL-mandated pre-draft press conference with the media today, Ireland will head to an online chat with Dolphins fans at the team's website, miamidolphins.com.

Ireland's decision to make himself available to fans is not the norm among NFL types so the Dolphins are breaking some ground here. He will be online starting around 10:45 a.m. and will stay for about 30 minutes. That means he'll answer maybe 20-25 questions.

If you want to post a question prior to the chat you can do so at http://www.miamidolphins.com/newsite/dolfanzone/qalive/qalive_login.asp.

The club will filter the crazy questions and comments so that means many of you are eliminated. But you should return here for the press conference update and to post your zaniness because, well, I've grown fond of you.


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Is this team going to look at OG in this draft. There really is no mention on that. With Smiley comming off a serious leg injury and Thomas, who is unproven, really playing his rookie season. I hope we can land a Duke Robinson in rd 2 or a hermann Johnson in Rd. 3. One of those guys paired on the left side with Jake would be awsome.

Yes it's "Maxx" again, furthering the push for Jason Taylor after Mando mentions the possibility... But seriously, I'm lobbying harder for him to NOT go to the Pats, than for him to come back to us. So don't mock me with the whole "Dude get over it, we don't need him, blah, blah, blah..." I get it, thats fine. I just don't understand how any true Dolphins fan over the last 10 years, can possibly be ok with the possibility of Taylor signing with the Pats! That is where all this comment-leaving from me comes into play. I realize Dan Marino never danced on a TV show or complained about mini-camp, etc., but at the end of the day it's understandable why I would compare Jason going to the Pats today, to Marino going to the Jets before he retired. It would be like sacrilege! If Jason goes to the Pats, that will taint how many true Dolphins loyalists will feel about the guy. And I don't want that to happen.

Look, I loved Welker. And I even understood why he left. But everytime that little F'er catches a pass on us, I hate him 10 times the amount I would if he was ANYWHERE else, on ANY other team. Remember when Crowder finally laid him out last season, and took him out for a play? Well I wouldn't have remembered it if it was anyone else on that stupid, cheating team. Thats my point. They are the ENEMY, guys, don't send our most beloved player of the last decade to them, regardless of what he has left in the tank, and regardless of what has kept him from coming back to us. How am I alone on this?!

Really, now news regarding our unis? We're not going 70s - 80s throwback?

At least lets get rid of White tops and Aqua pants. As Deon wants said, and I paraphrase, "If you feel good, look good, you play good." Or was that Joey Harrington?

Max you ain't alone on this. I agree, I think most of these peeps agree with you deep down. I even agree that while I would like to see my man Jason get a ring, I would really hate it to be with them dam Patriots. But stil you gotta start accepting the fact that he's probly not thinking like you and me, he's probly looking for that ring before he retires, and they are offering the best chance.

Sign Taylor and Thomas.. i dont see how either of them can hurt us.
Thomas proved he could still play last year, and i would sign taylor just to keep him away from the patriots. or any other afc team.

It never ceases to amaze me how much a person's ego can prevent him from doing what he really wants to do. If Taylor really wants to play for the Dolphins that badly, he should meet with Parcells right now and in a profeesional manner express his wish to play for the Dolphins. Then he should tell him that he is willing to start working out with the team the next day. If he does that, maybe Parcells will be more inclined to take him back.

By the way, that Jets offense is setting up nicely with Clemens at QB, Cotchery and Stuckey at WR, a 30 year old Thomas Jones at RB, and a TE who cant block anybody in Dustin Keller. The Jets might lose every game this year 13-0.

Just please do not bring back those God-awful solid orange uniforms. Those were some pathetic uniforms. Nick Saban only left the Dolphins with two good things.....Ronnie Brown and the elimination of those ridiculous orange unis.

Is it a given that the Patriots are going to win a super bowl? If Taylor goes there he plays in the cold and he freezes his tail off and gets reinjured. There are a lot of great teams in the NFL. So there are a lot of different possibilities. Lets hope SI pics the Patriots as favourites.

Pyrex...actually that was Ricardo Montalban who said, "to look good is to feel good." Anyway...I'm having a barbecue later on this afternoon. The menu will include plenty of bronto burgers and the kind of huge slabs of ribs that made the Flintstones car tip over at the drive in. Plenty of cactus juice too. I'm putting "The Menace" in charge of invitations starting with the three amigos. PS: I'm reading more and more that Clay Matthews will be our number "1". Personally...I know he won't drop to 25, but I'd love to see Mauluaga patroling the middle for us!

Would be nice if you would also tell us the position these so called UDFA Sleepers play

TAYLOR-TAYLOR-TAYLOR. I know we need a lot of everything else but we are going to get torched by New England and Buffalo if we don't get a better pass defense. Taylor makes the DB's better, much better. I will puke if I see Taylor in a Stinkin Jet's uniform (Ditto Patriots or Buffalo).


Think it's possible that the president of the team may be telling you 'no changes to the uniform' because the Dolphins don't want to announce any uniform changes thru you? No offense, but you are just a beat reporter. Brian Weidemier is not obligated to tell you anything.

Uniwatch is extremely reliable in it's information and if Paul Lukas says there's something coming then there is some fire associated with the smoke that he blogged about. He accurately reported the subtle changes to the uniform number fonts and shadowing back in 2007...not major changes but changes nonetheless.


What's the matter Mando? Amateur reporters taking biting at your numbers? I seem to recall you yourself spend more time "blogging" than actually writing as a "journalist". Takes a lot of effort to do what you do these days. The team gives you access real bloggers don't have and they can still get a hold on information you don't. Funny, bloggers may miss on some, but your not exactly stellar in your "predictions" either.

i am very happy to see the dolphins uniform not changing,i think it's really cool to leave it alone for now.

PFT quotes another web site - saying that Percy Harvin, Vontae Davis & BJ Raji tested positive for the chronic and Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing tested positive for 'Roids. I believe Cushing and Matthews are overrated and are not 1st round talent, but I'll take Maualuga.

Bdm....Armando is way much better than all these bloggers who don't know what they are talking about,he's a journalist.

Maxx....Why do you hate so many players like Welker .your words has so much pain ,cool down and learn how to be a sport guy.

Mando and bloggers: this is an excerpt from an article yesterday from a chicago paper.

"The Bears were one of six teams represented today at Missouri Western in St. Joseph, Mo., to watch intriguing guard prospect Roger Allen at his pro day.

Allen was invited to the combine but a sports hernia prevented him from participating. He finally got down to business with Bears scout Ted Monago there, as well as representatives from Carolina, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Miami and Philadelphia. Allen has big-time strength as evidenced by his 38 reps on the bench press at 225 pounds at the Missouri pro day. The 6-3, 326-pounder is considered a mid-round prospect.

The scouts were also treated to some eye-opening numbers from a pair twins from Fairview, Ill. Vincent Anderson and Victor Anderson, both 6-2, 215-pound safeties, ran so well that the scouts made them each run a third 40-yard dash. Maybe they didn't believe what they saw on their stop watches. Victor was clocked as fast as 4.40 seconds and Vincent came in at 4.42. Victor put up 25 reps on the bench and Vincent had 23. Both had a 9-10 broad jump.

The issue with the Andersons is both have been off the radar at Southeast Missouri State as juco transfers from Mesa Community College. They attended Belleville East High. It's only a good sign that the scouts wanted to see more from them and asked them to run again. With their size and speed, they could warrant a look as free agents and have an opportunity on special teams."

Mando, what is our interest level in Roger Allen and where do you see him going in the draft?


Uh J-P, with all do respect, those two small school potential UDFA sleepers that Mando mentioned are in no way pass rushers...lol.
If both are at 6'2" 215lbs as Mando wrote, then they are WR's. Sounds like the trifecta feel they can find another Bess outside of the draft again this year.

or they are safeties was the only other logical guess..lol

P.S. the article was from Brad Biggs of the Chicago sun Times



I was on the same wagon, I love the way ZT & JT carried this team when there was no offensive power o support us. I also understand the frustration on watching them wear something else than Miami jerseys, but this regime has been clear on the fact they want young players in order to have the best years of each body, keeping everyone in the roster out the normal physical downhill. Also they are firm on building a 3-4 defensive scheme with bulky DE & LB.

So even when Taylor can switch from 4-3 DE to 3-4 OLB & Thomas may try it as 3-4 ILB, their real value is reduced below average, because as shown on 2007, ZT can't make pass cover as desired for a 3-4 ILB, and JT is more fitted to use handwork over his mark and short distance speedy evasive routes to attack the passer than having to go cross a massive mix of opponents and teammates.

Both aspects created a lot of opportunities for opponent offenses so without offensive power to compensate, that lead into 1-15.

So I wish the best for both ZT & JT, thanks for the memories.

Mr,Nathaniel Dodsworth..i love this post that you just wrote and i would love if you write one more when you feel like ,it's just great

Please don't get back the 1-15 players again.no JT or ZT.let them go to the jets and give them their Carma of 1-15.

What position do these Anderson brothers play? Considering Mando's bias to a certain position, I assume they are WRs. Any clarification?


What positions do Vincent and Victor Anderson play?

What position JT loves to play? Any one has a clue?

what did that website say the fins were changing the uniform to?

sidenote: I like the uniform the way it is, my only suggestion is that they should wear the aqua jersey more.

jets uniform is way better and nicer colors and design .

Learn how to read guys, he says in the article both are "under the radar safeties." Tell our government to stop budget cuts in schools because our Fins fans can't read at a 5th grade level.

K-man...The reading issue is only with fin fans who live in florida where schools teach no thing but H. Montana.

I don't think it said safeties originally. It wouldn't be the first time a correction was made after the fact.

"K-man...The reading issue is only with fin fans who live in florida where schools teach no thing but H. Montana."

Nice sentence smart ass.

Any person who would use these 2 words"smart ass" he's in fact a smart ass in action


wow can u guys not read they both play safety gosh u figure well wait it is Florida the sun getting to u down there?

The word safeties was added after the fact. Mark in Toronto missed it as well because it wasn't there originally.

zz.man is just an ass.

I love the Fins uniform too, but we need to lose those lame old-school striped socks!

PhinStorm. why can't be a nice guy like RexRyanSucks who always nice to all people .

I am nice to all people, except miscreants who root for the Wets, Spills and/or Fagriots.

some thing in the air.JT will not be back

I do not understand this team. Why only look to the future. We made the playoffs last season. With the parity in this leaque you gotta believe we may be only a few free agents, and a quality draft away from possible contention. Why throw in the towel on 2009 - 2010 season by not adding quality veterens who can help us win now.

I would trade for Anqaun Boldin, he loves Florida and would be better then any WR you could draft at 25. Resign JT, he can play Matt Roth's position, and then place Matt Roth next to Channing Crowder were his lack of speed will not be as exposed as it would be if he continued to play LOLB. Also he sure would make it tough to try and run inbetween the Tackles.

I think the fins uniform would look better if the remove the entire Dolphing logo on the helmet and either leave it blank like the Browns do or a big "M" as the helmet the actual dolphin wears. There really is not much you can due to make a Dolphin look mean, tuff, intimidating, etc. The Browns don't have a dog on their helmet, etc. Just my opinion, I personally don't like the dolphin logo on the helmet.

Nathanial - That was very interesting, where did you get it from?

If Micheal Vick is able to play this year in the NFL Miami should pursue him we could afford it and he still has talent...

Sign Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, and trade for Aquain Bolton from Cards! With these three guys on Dolphins team,combined with Donald Thomas at left guard/Jake long lt tackle,center Jake Grove,justin Smiley at right guard and V.Carey at RT tackle, improved defense, a first round CB, and 2rd round NT, I see a possible trip to the SB as AFC Conference CHAMPS! Screw Pats, Bills, and Jets! Miami Dolphins rule! PS 2009 Record for AFC EAST: Miami 12-4, Pats 10-6, Jets 6-10, Bills 3-13 with TO factor!

Yeah! Sign Michael Vick and change our fight song to: Who let the dogs out.

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