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Dolphins 2009 regular-season schedule unveiled

The Dolphins will open defense of their AFC East division title on Sunday Sept. 13 against the Atlanta Falcons according to the NFL schedule released by the NFL moments ago.

The Dolphins schedule, the hardest in all the NFL according to 2008 records, will hit prime time the second week of the season when the Dolphins host the Colts at Dolphin Stadium on Monday Sept. 21 in their first prime time game since 2007.

That game will require the Florida Marlins to move their previously scheduled game against Philadelphia to be moved to July.

The Dolphins are scheduled for four prime time games. They also play the New York Jets Oct. 12 on ESPN, the Carolina Panthers Nov. 19 on NFL Network and the New England Patriots Dec. 6 in Miami on NBC.

The NFL schedule-making computer has been quite kind to the Dolphins as they play three games at home the first five weeks of the season, while the temperatures and humidity in Miami will still be quite high. Meanwhile, the Dolphins don't have a horrible cold weather game to speak of, barring a storm of some kind.

The team finishes the season with consecutive home games and the three December games prior to that will come at balmy Jacksonville, at home against New England and in Nashville against Tennessee where it might be cold, but it won't be anything like Buffalo.

The schedule:

2009 Regular Season Schedule
Date Opponent Time* TV
Sept. 13 at Atlanta Falcons 1:00 p.m. CBS
Sept. 27 at San Diego Chargers 4:15 p.m. CBS
Oct. 18 Bye Weekend    
Nov. 1 at New York Jets 1:00 p.m. CBS
Nov. 8 at New England Patriots 1:00 p.m. CBS
Nov. 19 at Carolina Panthers 8:20 p.m. NFLN
Nov. 29 at Buffalo Bills# 1:00 p.m. CBS
Dec. 13 at Jacksonville Jaguars# 1:00 p.m. CBS
Dec. 20 at Tennessee Titans# 1:00 p.m. CBS

*All games are Eastern Time.
#Games that can be potentially moved to Sunday at 8:15 p.m. on NBC-TV.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog starting at 7:30 p.m.


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I'm with you on Bess! He cuts on a dime and he is a good run after catch guy. Dude almost led the team in receptions and didn't even start that many games! I love his play against the Ravens in the Playoffs!

dofan4life: I believe Braylon is better than any receiver we have... But i'm a happy, go-lucky kind of guy.. You'd have to convince the Tuna and he's grumpy as HELL!! He'd murder Braylon, especially since he even lacks mental strength to handle fans booing..

What is all this talk about Al Davis and Ronnie Brown? Raiders dont need a RB they are stacked in that position. As a matter of fact, they have a player in Michael Bush that Miami should not have passed on in the draft.

Does anyone besides me wonder where Mando disappears to? He replies 3x in a row and then is gone for 30 minutes...

Andy, yes bess is a beast as is camerrelo, unlike a certain guy and his clip board holding daddy.


Do you think Sean Smith is a reach at #25? I don't think he would be there at 44... Any thoughts on this guy?

Andy, the thing I love about Bess is he's hungry ALL the time. He drives and pushes himself because nothing has ever been just given to him.

Same thing with Camarillo.

I just hope that the Dolphins dont make the mistake and trade away Bess like they did Welker.

Souljahbeats: I LOVE Sean Smith. He's got elite size and great ball skills. Yes, he's a reach at 25, but if the Dolphins have a conviction about the guy, why not go with it?

The Dolphins will not trade Bess anytime soon. Welker was a restricted free agent and they thought they could easily replace a slow white guy receiver. It wasn't a terrible exchange until Satele failed.

Picking Sean Smith at 25 is not a reach becuase he has the biggest upside of all the CB's in the draft and based on the team's need at that position, picking him there is totally justified!


I'm with you on Sean Smith. I think he's got the size, speed, and hands. I think if we don't take him at 25, he will be gone in the 30's. The Dolphins could go for him first and still pick up a pass rusher like Sintim or Barwin at 44.

why in the world would you want to trade away Ronnie Brown? when he is healthy he plays awesome.
I would be a big fan of Ricky getting more carries, but to trade away Ronnie Brown, someone who is clearly an elite running back would be insane.

the Nov 29th game might as well be a "winter game" its already that cold up here by then

Where are those tools tedhill and mitch? They owe me an apology!

Good God mando, my post was the same as yours, do we share a father ?

Terrel Owens: 6'3"
Randy Moss: 6'4"
Sean Smith: 6'3"

Seems like a nice fix to me.

What's with all the man Love for Sean Smith? I wouldn't take any CBs in the first Rd besides Jenkins and Davis. Don't think Smith, Butler, DJ Moore, or Alfonso Smith are that different. One of them will be there with our 2nd rd pick.

Cuban Menace: Yes we do although not in the sense you're thinking.

Souljabeats: Truedat.

I think that this will be Ronnie Brown's best season ever. He is injury, coming off a full off season with no rehabilitation and a healthy, re-worked offensive line... look out!

injury free... i mean

If the Dolphins draft Vontae Davis it will go against everything I know they appreciate in a player. Just don't see it based on how he conducts himself.

armando, in your opinion, do u think parcells/ireland like ted ginn and what do u think their plans are for him down the road.


Sean Smith is no different from Dj Moore and Alfonso Smith???? I don't know if you can add or not, but 5'8 is a big difference from 6'3... and I wouldn't touch Vontae Davis with a 10 foot pole... He is very talented, but has bust and problem child written all over him, just look at his brother!


As much as we've talked about Hakeem Nicks, Vontae Davis, etc etc... I think the Dolphins will use their highest picks on the trenches, like they did last year... They need a pass rusher, either from the DL or LB position, they also need depth on the o-line... Yes we know who the starters are going to be, problem is, 3 out of 5 are coming off serious injuries, so that's not very good... Who do you see as a possible target either at the o-line position or from a defensive standpoint, d-line or LB?? Thanks Armando...

Los: I think they like Ted Ginn's work ethic. But I think they recognize he's not really a match with Chad Pennington. Ginn isn't a slasher type. He's a deep threat down the sideline, but not the kind of guy I've seen catch a 7 yard slant and take it 60 yards. He doesn't break tackles, he has to be behind the defender and get the ball over the top.

In that regard, he's a better fit with Henne.

The moment that I start to have love for Ginn he always seems to do something stupid. I still think that he will progress more next year and maybe another year in the weight room will help, but at 175 im not suprised hes avoiding hits.


i completely agree with you about the usc LBs

Armando, what about the USC players who have done well like Carson Palmer, Troy Palomalu, the defensive player w/the Seahawks whose name escapes me at the moment. And tubby white had some good games w/the Titans.

Marc, I don't think the Dolphins will draft OL early on. MAybe later because the backup T spot is a concern. But not early.

I don't think you'll see a DE picked early either. The 3-4 gets it's pass rush from OLBs and that is where I would look.

Names to watch there: Lawrence Sidbury, which no one seems to be talking about, Michael Johnson out of Ga. Tech, English out of No. Ill. and Clay Matthews from USC.


What's the latest news regarding Justin Smiley and Greg Camarillo?? Those 2 players will play a key role in 2009 needless to say... I've read that there's a strong possibility Camarillo will start the season on the PUP list... Any truth to that? Thanks Armando...

You can make a case about most of those players you listed as yet to prove much except Mike Williams total bust. Jackson has been hurt so has Reggie Bush, both where never hurt at SC. But, White is part of a 1-2 punch and had 15 touchdowns last year! Lionheart! has yet to prove himself but is still young and will get another chance!
Cassell, White, Palmer, Sam Baker, Chilo Rachal, Steve Smith, Lofa Tatupo etc

we could start 0-3 against the falcons, colts and chargers...thats brutal, we could be seeing Henne fairly early.

I like turtles.

Hi M@@c..

Pessimistic Eric,

We could also start 3-0...

tzee, out of those names you mentioned only Troy Polamalu has been consistent and outstanding. Palmer has great potential, but he's been hurt a lot, and Lofa Tatupu was worse last year than in 2007.

Marc, last week Jeff Ireland said both Smiley and Camarillo were on schedule in their rehab. He also announced Donald Thomas as being 100 percent.

Andy G
Because there is always a chance someone is willing to give up the farm or close to it for a RB like Brown. Look at what Jimmy and the Cowboys got for Herschel Walker.
Not saying its gonna happen, but Pacells wants more picks and Brown will be a free agent after this year

Some of you guys are strange. Not to name names but Many Me where are you? And zombie boy, brother try girls. They're really tons of fun!


What's your opinion on the Ronnie Brown rumors? It seems like Brown could be traded if the price is right... Now that we could finally have a solid o-line, you would think there's not much logic in doing that... You think it's just talk or it could happen?? Thanks again Armando

Armando have you actually got to see Henne practice?? Is he the real deal like everyone thinks? I just hope its not hype just trying to keep fans interested???

Armando, true though I would say that the potential for Carson and Lofa are still there; it's not too late.
Hopefully this USC draft class will reach their potential in years to come.

Tom Brady is a size queen.

Mando, Just how large is chad(neck fat)henne's neck?

Saw Henne practice all last preseason and training camp and already then he was often the best QB on the field.

Beyond that, I share with you the quote from Tony Sparano that got my attention.

"With him you see the ball jump off his hand."

That convinces me.

If the Dolphins trade down the 25th and add more picks early second and a third or fourth. We should go after Sean Smith first pick second round. I like Smith alot, but I love Hakeem Nicks just soo impressed with his ability and playmaking skills and reminds me soo much of Michael Irvin. If we stay at 25 and hes still around hope Parcells goes aganist the grain.

Oye cubiche, tu tambien estas borderline on the weird category.

True Sean Smith is tall but I'm willing to bet he last till the end of the 2nd rd. He doesn't have closing speed. I bet all those guys get picked ahead of him. just my thoughts though:)


Any word on Robert Ayers. I've seen him as high as top 10 in mocks and then going in the 2nd in others. Any chatter on him?

pull over and put on your laughing hats!

heres an idea, we trade #25 and Beck to detroit for the top 2nd and a late round pick, then we get Sean Smith at 33, maybe the GT DE or Brace at 44, then Sidury ( I don't think anyone else will take him before ) at 56, after that just get best player available, I would like to see us get that monster DT from the small Canada college ( I think he is about 6-3 330 but I may be wrong )

The Phins will not trade their 1st Rd pick. Why does everyone keep saying that nonsense?

Thanks Armando... I'm starving for dolphin in formation. Missouri isn't exactly a pipeline for Miami fans so thanks for everything you do!
(It was fun watching Miami beat up St. Louis and Kansas City last year though. Got to go to both games... I have never been as cold in my life as I was in Kansas City!!!)

no way they go 3-0

Ayers is 6-3 and 272 and runs a 4.77. Sooo, he's too small to be a 3-4 defensive end unless he puts on 15 pounds of muscle.

And he's not quite fast enough to play OLB.

Strikes me a 4-3 DE.

do u think the wildcat will be tweaked and expanded or will it be more or less shelved for 2009. and do u see the trifecta drafting any type of "slash player on day 2 to compliment it?

I Know mando, couldnt help it when i saw henne's name i had to post. sorry.


Not a question, just a statement if you don't mind... I live in Canada, I've been following both the NFL and CFL for 30 years now... Always been a Dolphin fan, Coach Shula and Dan Marino really spoiled us Miami fans, I think we don't always realize how much... But what I want to say is I followed Cameron Wake in the CFL and let me tell you, this guy is a beast... Now, does that mean he's an instant success in the NFL? Of course not... But the CFL fans up here other than the BC Lions fans are VERY happy he's gone... This guy has size, speed, everything you're looking for... I would say there's a strong possibility Miami got a heck of a player that most people in the US has never heard of... Let's hope so anyway... Thanks for having this blog available to us Armando...

Kidding me boderline crazy for cubiche?
Dude has so many names on this blog and I laugh but he carries on with his mulitple nalities by himself sometimes. LOL

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