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Dolphins 2009 regular-season schedule unveiled

The Dolphins will open defense of their AFC East division title on Sunday Sept. 13 against the Atlanta Falcons according to the NFL schedule released by the NFL moments ago.

The Dolphins schedule, the hardest in all the NFL according to 2008 records, will hit prime time the second week of the season when the Dolphins host the Colts at Dolphin Stadium on Monday Sept. 21 in their first prime time game since 2007.

That game will require the Florida Marlins to move their previously scheduled game against Philadelphia to be moved to July.

The Dolphins are scheduled for four prime time games. They also play the New York Jets Oct. 12 on ESPN, the Carolina Panthers Nov. 19 on NFL Network and the New England Patriots Dec. 6 in Miami on NBC.

The NFL schedule-making computer has been quite kind to the Dolphins as they play three games at home the first five weeks of the season, while the temperatures and humidity in Miami will still be quite high. Meanwhile, the Dolphins don't have a horrible cold weather game to speak of, barring a storm of some kind.

The team finishes the season with consecutive home games and the three December games prior to that will come at balmy Jacksonville, at home against New England and in Nashville against Tennessee where it might be cold, but it won't be anything like Buffalo.

The schedule:

2009 Regular Season Schedule
Date Opponent Time* TV
Sept. 13 at Atlanta Falcons 1:00 p.m. CBS
Sept. 27 at San Diego Chargers 4:15 p.m. CBS
Oct. 18 Bye Weekend    
Nov. 1 at New York Jets 1:00 p.m. CBS
Nov. 8 at New England Patriots 1:00 p.m. CBS
Nov. 19 at Carolina Panthers 8:20 p.m. NFLN
Nov. 29 at Buffalo Bills# 1:00 p.m. CBS
Dec. 13 at Jacksonville Jaguars# 1:00 p.m. CBS
Dec. 20 at Tennessee Titans# 1:00 p.m. CBS

*All games are Eastern Time.
#Games that can be potentially moved to Sunday at 8:15 p.m. on NBC-TV.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog starting at 7:30 p.m.


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armando,i thought out of respect for what you do i should wait before i come in and ask a question like this one.....based of what you know today of this team ? is it a better or worst team than last year? second how you see the fins at home against steelers and colts and my mama TOM BRADY .BTW i am sure this team will not go any where unless they win most if not all their home games.

Chuck, the Dolphins have said all the right things about finding a specialist for the wildcat. But ...

I can't help but think of all the many times Tony Sparano talks about position flexibility and taking someone to the game that will deliver 20 or more plays. A wildcat package specialist isn't doing that.

So I think if the Dolphins find someone to work in the wildcat, it will be because that player can contribute 10-15 plays at another position also. Exclusive wildcat packagage players are a luxury Miami can't afford.

Thanks for the input and opinion Marc. Always appreciated.

Ahh, Many Me, welcome to the fun brother! Look, the Dolphins are have a tougher schedule this year than last and it's going to take a great draft for them to match last year's win total.

Having said that, I think it possible for them to be a BETTER team and have a WORSE record.

OK guys, the wife is calling me to dinner. Thanks for stopping by. You guys are the best!

No but really.. Scott Wright has Nicks going to Miami in the 2nd round.. Hes got Robiskie and Britt going before him.. Then Sean Smith with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round..

Ayers would make a great OLB in the 3-4 his pro day 40 was in the 4.6s' range and looked real good going against Andre Smith. Mike Mayocks gone out and said that Ayers in three years will be the best defensive player out of the draft.

As I look at our schedule, I notice one main (alarming) factor. We have a brutal schedule, that screams at a position of need for us. True, I would love to get a WR with the 25th pick! However, our schedule is dictating, CB and pass rushing LB. Also, I hope our players are going all out right now to prepare. I have a gut feeling that we move back in the draft. There are some solid CB's that are 2nd 3rd rounders and the same with LBs'. Taking a WR is something I don't see happening out the gate.

mando, what r brandon london's strengths as a wr, and do u predict him to be a starter eventually? do u feel the trifecta is really fine with the wait and see approach this year with the wr group as they keep saying they are?

Thanks Mando, i am sure you'll be hearing from the pulitzer awards people soon, again thanks again mando.

Been great Armando go have dinner and a good nite. Any chance you make it out the Dolphins Chargers road game? I will be there!

overall, I'm very happy with our schedule. We will either silence the doubters this year or give them more to say, but either way i will get to watch more of my phins this year and possibly go to the JAX game if i can get tickets. I'm already excited

Guys, this is just my opinion, but I strongly believe Nicks will be gone by the time we're on the clock... A lot of teams are looking for the next Larry Fitzgerald... The Super Bowl really showed the entire league the importance of having playmakers at the WR position, guys that allows those key drives to keep on going... Fitzgerald and Holmes were just sensational... I think Nicks will be gone, I hope I'm wrong...

Nicks isn't in the realm of Fitzgerald, Boldin, or even Holmes.. He will probably be a reach at 25..


I'm excited but extremely nervous about our schedule. We have to play alot better than we did last year. The wildcat will not sneak up and surprise anyone this year. We will have to play physical sound football, with a knack for big plays from big players at the right time; week end and week out. I'll feel as if we won the superbowl if we make the playoffs.

Some prognosticators have Nicks going late first, some have him mid 1st round. There is a good chance he will be there at 25. Now if Parcells is willing to go against the grain?

Response to Dolphins4life

Dolphins4life quotes "Brown is faster, can play QB (running the wild cat) can catch the ball well and is younger than Boldin, no I wouldn't pull the trigger on this one."

Excuse me Boldin was a high school QB and had serious consideration to play QB at FSU when their QB Rix was struggling. While trading Brown may not be the best solution Boldin would be the best WR we could get right know ( and in the Wildcat he can actually throw).


I think the fact that our O-line will be allot stronger, tougher, and hopefully healthier this year, means that the dolphins will have a more conventional rushing game and will not have to rely on the wildcat. I'm looking for Ronnie Brown to have a monster year and the defense to step it up... I hope Cameron Wake turns out to be a beast...

What's up DOLFANS! I'm super hyped about our schedule. It makes us play up to our potential for the first eight weeks and allows us to open some more eyes over the second half of the season. I see 10-6 all day long but we'll need 11-5 or better. If we "BEGIN" to peak around the end of November "WE WILL" be in the playoffs! The party will start in ATLANTA September 11th!!!!!!!!

Pedro R
Boldin would want too much money and would be here for 2-3 years if he doesn't get hurt (last season) I know we are all looking for instant gratification but Parcells knows the Dolphins are still in the rebuilding mode and would get their reciver in the draft. Boldin is good but I just don't see him going to the Dolphins


Love your work!
I'm out of drafting WR/CB on first round, I'm more in the line of pass rush. But pass rush can be understand as DE/OLB and I'm not completely on that line.
I think that with a fragile NT position with Ferguson older than desired and Soliai being an overweighted baby at times, we are going to pick Boston College DT Ron Brace.
Am I insane with this pick?

As much as I would like to get Nicks, I just don't see it happening... Not just because he might be gone, but I just don't see Parcells pulling the trigger on a WR... If Miami gets him, it will tell me that Ireland somehow miraculously convinced Parcells of doing it... And we all know Parcells is not an easy guy to convince... The credit will have to go to Ireland if you ask me...

Fsu, Like you i am stuck im a area where the fish are not on t.v , now with 4 primetime games its going to be nice to see the fins, i ll also catch them at giants stadium . so thats 5 for sure times i'll see the fish.

man, as long as we got bree's, manning, rothless, all at home i feel we shake off non-believers when they face the new young well guided df, and they will be in all of their face's. carolina, good yet very beatible, texans finally at home, looks alright. aside from rivers( imo the rest of the team is weak) having all the big name qb's at home , quite a blessing

Are y'all NUTS?? Nov 29 in Buffalo is cold! The League has screwed us again. Brutal post-bye road stretches too!!


You are right. Better to face those dudes at home. And let's not forget...sack Brady...hurt Brady.....

Rienhold Niebuhr:

Don't panic. November is cold, but December is colder, and going to Buffalo, Foxborough, Green Bay, Chicago or the Meadowlands in December or January would have made worse our schedule.

Rienhold Niebuhr,

I cant agree with you on this one. We're a real team which means we have to play a real schedule. Last year we got the baffons in Toranto so I cant really say we're getting screwed. Go PHINS!

assassin, notice i made no mention of brady, hint, hint.

Rienhold Niebuhr:

Just figure all our home game as visitor an visits being home and size it.

Yo A.j, Whats Up dog, looks like youll see the fish in hotlanta the 1st week. will you be attending?

Aj, Going to the fin game in hotlanta?

Aj, Going to the fin game in hotlanta?

menace, whats a ticket for giants stadium, say against the fins go for? sh*%$ty seats are cool. thinking of cruisin from the c to check it out. its the closest phin game for me. i am asking in honest phin love


Are you from Florida?

DOLPHINS4LIFe. You can forget about Braylon edwards. All indications are he will be traded to the giants on draft day.

Gort, are you out there or are you cleaning your vents?

CUBAN. I just got in and saw your little exchange with armando . LMAO

anyone know about how much ATL vs MIA tickets cost
i might try to go

assassin, no, ive been banished to browns town, yes, i'am in football hell. but i did live there as a younger man, for a while. they are my team till the end, the fish. go baby go

tickets to a game can range from $40-$200... it depends on where you sit...

I'd say average price for a decent seat is 80 bucks

Jak, End zone nose bleed 75 bucks, and thats if you can get tics, remember theres 7 mill. people living in nyc and thats a hot tic. You know who's got the best seat in giants stadium is jimmy hoffa, he hasnt missed a jet or giants game in 30 some odd years.


Great, guess a lot of us will be missing the NOV 19TH game against Carolina. Time Warner cable doesn't carry the NFL network because they're too cheap. Thank you James Dolan, you've been screwing sports fans in NY in order to line your pockets for far too long.

and no! please bra edwards choke master, great size nice, big college plays, but go do your homework. and check out his drops as a college big shot. drop ,drop, drop,. get it?

alright, cube, so after tics weiners& beers i got what like twelve hun wit gas? man they best to win. cube, can i stay with you?

NYSCOTT. NFL SUNDAY TICKET on DIRECT TV. Cuban You're always invited.

JAKSIN. Are You a little Slow ? What part of " you can forget about edwards " is it that you don't understand. ?

nj phin fan, sorry, its just any talk of that loser, makes me nuts.

Any fin fan in jets,jets,jets land can hunker down with the menace...

Jaksin. I agree.

cuban, your my b

GUYS. I hate to say this , but after looking at the schedule I predict we'll finish 9-7. The Most 10-6 if were lucky or 8-8 if we're not. We could start out 0-3. So i'll be happy if we get out of the first 3 games 1-2. I don't like the fact we only have 3 1:00 pm home games and 2 of them are the last 2 games of the season in dec and Jan. No home field advantage in the Heat .

nj phin fan,damn deep point. its cool sit tight. surprise, surprise,suprise.

fins is very lucky to have 2 monday night prime time games and at HOME, THAT'S REALLY NICE.i agree that best fins will do is 10-6,but what a different feeling about this team than the days of the honorables N.Saban and Cam Cameron. GO FINS but no against my Daddy Tom Brady.

P.S. why there's a problem wathcing all games in florida?it sounds like nicaragua TV wise.

Who are you ? Gomer Pyle. LOL


I would be happy with 9-7, as long as the Jets are 7-9, Bills 8-8, Pats 9-7 and we win tie breaker.


I had problems watching the phin games in Florida because I used to live in Tampa. They would only show a few games in a season. I would get Bucs, Bucs, Bucs games up to my nose. Go figure.

Assassin. I'll also take that.

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