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Dolphins go with USC's Patrick Turner in 3rd

The Dolphins have addressed their wide receiver needs by selecting USC receiver Patrick Turner.

Turner played at the Senior Bowl and just said the Dolphins were the first team he talked to. Turner did play in a pro style, west coast offense at USC.

"I felt that really prepared me to take the next step," Turner said. "I feel like I'm a pretty good red zone threat. To be on the other side of Ted Ginn and Ernest Wilford we can be a good threat."

Turner compares himself to a Marques Colston and Keyshawn Johnson. He is a big, big dude at 6-5 and 223 pounds.

Although Turner talks of coming to the Dolphins in addition to Wilford, the fact is he's probably going to replace Wilford on the roster. Wilford will be trade bait going into training camp.

Although he was one of the top-rated receivers coming out of high school, Turner under-achieved at USC. Oh brother.

"He's not a good player," ESPN's Mel Kiper said. "He didn't do it at USC."


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Mel Kiper knows nothing...he would be working for an NFL team if he did.

Phins are getting great picks. Pat White is already giving headaches to opposing defenses. We have huge upside with the Big Big CB and WR we picked. Great Job!

Turner is going to be a Monster in red zone and yes we got him to replace Wilford. Still need another fast downfield threat.

Kiper is crap man.

I hope Im wrong but the Phins just flushed another pick down the toilet. Turner in the 3rd round? Are you serious? He sucks. Terrible pick. Terribble value. What are they doing?

Who the hell is Mel Kiper?

Did Dave Wansted sneak into their war room? These are Dave Wansted picks.

Jarret Dillard was a million times more productive and he can actually run pro routes. In a perfect situation in college, Turner never did anything. This was a big time reach.

It´d be nice to get a value TE in the 3 round.

Hope I am wrong, but not happy with any of our picks. NE is trading out of a lot of their picks and stacking them up for next year because this year is considered a weak draft!

The powers that be place utmost importance on the physical atributes and obviously figure that everything else can be taught.

Good picks. Pat White - that is exciting.

The move by the giants to get ahead of the fins and select Ramses Barden looks pretty unfortunate right now. 4 wideouts selected before our picks....sigh.

WTF with Kiper??!?? He's making himself look good since he didn't predict
Turner & hasn't predicted anything correct!!

In Parcells We Trust. Im happy. Armando, thanks for the blogs bro

Doodz---I'm stuck w/ the Tards at ESPN & WQAM--what did the NFL Network say about Turner???

Someone needs to make Belicheat an offer he can't refuse!! How the hell did he already pick up 2 2nd rounders next year.

I hate him!!!

I like the P Turner pick, forget trying to find value and who cares that there were many other more proven options at WR, shooting from the hip is the way I succeed in life

No scouting service had Turner as a 3rd rounder. ESPN had him as the 38th best receiver in the draft, and Profootballweekly had him as a 6-7 rounder. Terrible pick, terrible.

Patrick Turner is one of those guys who will do better in the pros than in College. We needed a big target like him, com' on, our tallest starting receiver was 5'11". He looked good in the combine and at his pro day, he has very good hands.
I don't care about what these ESPN guys say; if they were that good, they would be in a front office somewhere.
Imagine Pat White in the wild cat, throwing to a wide open, uncovered Turner because the Jets cheated their safety...
Keep up the good work Parcells.
Go PHins!!!

So, 4 picks and still no pass rushing OLB. Welcome back to Miami J.T....

Mando I'm from So Cal and seen Turner first hand he is huge. He will be a great Wr. Mel Kiper knows nothing I don't under stand how espn keeps this guy around. Did you ask Ireland if this picks mean JT is on the way back.

we played tight games down to the wire, having to squeek out these 2-3 point wins in the last minute. Parcells said this team lacks explosiveness, and all 4 picks have been exactly that and all with freak size and skill sets and playmaking abiity. what don't u understand? A+ for me so far.

I like what Herm Edwards said "you can't teach Size or Speed" Turner is a great pick. Played well in a tough college.

What's actually disappointing is the Trifecta apparent inability (unwillingness?) to trade up to make THEIR PICKS.

Anyway, Patrick Turner 2008 highlights:


Mando-What do you think of the pick?

Chuckles - Ginn is a prototypical vertical threat (except for his size) but he is too afraid to actually do it. He will not take a hit. He is too thin. He is Lamar Thomas without the guts. He had ONE game where he equalled his ptoential and then went back to being a shroinking flower. So no, he is not a vertical threat at all. He just has the potential to be and you cannot teach courage.

It might be interesting if Wilford comes on this year. Nobody is going to trade for him and he is too much of a draft hit to cut without significant thought. Imagine if Wilford fulfills his potential? Two big WRs, Bess and Camarillo in the middle with Ginn coming in for spot duty.

I second that in tuna we trust

in a perfect world he might be a 5th, everything is predicated on what te other teams do, and the demand for WRs. Remember that run on WRs? That bumped up his value...that being said I would have preffered Dillard, but he's not 6'5, hes the same mold as Camarillo, Bess, etc.

I am getting depressed w/ all this Pat Turner negastivity.

NFL Network says that Turner's pro day made a ton of scouts think differently about him. That he timed fast considering his size at his pro day, and that his pro day was one of the most impressive... especially since he was one of the bubble guys.

He looks like a thicker version of Brandon London. He scores touchdowns so thats a good thing.

Apart from being Wilford's replacement, Turner has something to prove. I would pencil him in as the #5 WR behind three undrafted WRs.

I hope the Trifecta actually sees potential here rather than simply picking the next guy on their WR chart during a WR run.

Thnx Tommya.

If my memory serves me correctly, Mel was upset when Dolphins by-passed Brady Quinn. Evertone remebers Mel's 5-minute rant after the T. Ginn (over B Quinn) selection was made!

If you look at P. Turner's stats, he had a break out year last year. The kid is huge and has good speed (4.5 - 40-yard dash).

Here is another possibility Mel, you are wrong and the Big Tuna is right!!

Espn Scouts

"Turner is a bigger receiver who lacks the quickness and fluidity to create adequate separation at the NFL level. He also lacks the top-end speed to ever be considered a home-run threat. However, he does an excellent job using his frame to shield defenders from the ball and does not drop many balls when catching within his frame."

Sal truner is a great pick. Exactly what we needed. the guy is going to shine. Good super huge receiver. We needed him.


Sal D'amico

NFL.com analysis: The Dolphins pick up Turner to become their big target in the middle of the field. With exceptional size and hands, Turner could become a prolific scorer in the Dolphins' red-zone offense.

Certainly trust thier guys more than Mel Kiper Jr. if Kiper was a GM he'd make Millen look like a genius...the amount of busts he's bigged up. Heard yesterday he slated the Colts for passing on Heath Shular to get Marshall Faulk. he thinks he's alot smarter than he is. I trust tuna's opinion a million times more than Kipers.

In fact, that's what the knock on Turner is... Speed and seperation... Size isn't everything... Look at Wilford... If size would matter, he'd be a Pro Bowler... Last time I checked, Steve Smith, Wes Welker and Hines Ward weren't the biggest guys around...

I love the picks not only do they have to look at White now we have a Big receiver who can use his size against the corners in the AFC.

700 yds and 10 TD's his senior year! What more do you want?
Check this out

Mel Kiper had Trent Dilfer rated higher than Peyton Manning!Nuff said!

Sal d amico: the most important thing said at NFL Network I'd that HIS BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD OF HIM!!!

My condolences for having no choice but ESPN & Kiper.. Although I'm up 20,000 commercials on u

Alright!!! Enough with defending these guys!!!

Turner was a major reach!! He runs a 6-6, 6-7!! You can time this guy witha sun dial!!!! He was virtually invisible in a top program. That crack pipe in the war room must be really heating up again.
What the "F" are they thinking.

They could of moved up for Tate and beat NE to the punch.
Yes.. injury and a pot test not withstanding because he's a # 1 talent. They also could of gone with Johnny Knox a superior athelete to Turner and speed burner! No more excuses...this was a jerkoff pick!!!!!

My wishlist was either Vantae Davis or Sean Smith, amazing that they got both. If anyone has any doubts about Sean Smith's talent, think Cromartie, and go Youtube Sean Smith Utah. Best interception I've ever seen. I could not have been happier with day 1. They could do whatever and not kill my buzz from here on out...this is all a bonus

well, I didn't get my Dillard pick right unfortunately but I'm not pooping on Turner. I just think it was 1 round too high, not a biggy to me. I will be looking for Michael Johnson if he falls to our pick in the 4th...I got 2 of our 1st 3 picks correct maybe I just had to miss the one in the 3rd. :)

I think Barden was the pick before the Giants stepped in.....Looks like a need pick but it also looks like desperation. I would have rather gotten some better value..Wasn't Duke Robinson available? Jared Cook?

What do I think? I want to give the Dolphins the benefit of the doubt. But I'm big on production. I'm big on staying away from underachievers. And Turner has never produced despite playing in a pass-friendly offense in the PAC 10, where cornerbacks are not exactly studs.


I put the DVR on rewind and this is the downlow on Turner from NFL Newtork:

6'5 and 1/8" 223 lbs. age: 21
40: 4.63 Short Shuttle: 4.23 3 cone: 6.97 Vert: 34 1/2

Charles: Pro day was really impressive.

Mayock: 40 time 4.65 4.67 That's fine for a guy his size. He's a redzone presence he caught everything naturally, you start linein him up against the vertical threat of Ted Ginn, catching everything underneath..... he's a guy with upside, he's a guy who I think's best days are ahead of him.

Then they started talking about Pat White and the wildcat.....

Weak draft, we should be doing what new england is doing. They will be stacked with picks next year. We take a conrner with and attitude, a cordell stewart clone, a sluggish lumbering corner, and a ernest wilford clone. Thus far it is a failure.

tommya: when do we pick again? Your quicker to respond than Mando..

appreciate the info guys----this blog & its commenters are a lot nicer when something is actually happenning, as opposed to most week days, where the juvenile attacks prevail.

I liked what Herm said...Turner fits what the Dolphins want to do...we have smaller WR's, 3 in fact that do what they do well...Loved Bess last year, so we have London, who is a special teams beast, and Turner looks to be like him, but tougher, wider frame. Maybe Barden was their pick, maybe they liked Turner all along. Tuna always is coy about who he likes, look at White, you never knew Tuna liked White at all. And dont forget, White will play QB, TB, and WR, giving us even more options, so Turner doesnt have to be "THE" guy, he has to be "A" guy on this team...and love his size! Check out this combine report...
Senior Bowl Practice Stars: WR Patrick Turner, Southern California: After coming to life as a senior with 10 receiving touchdowns, his stock continues to rise. He looked good starting from the weigh-in (6-5, 220, 33-inch arms) and didn't stop shining when he hit the practice field. He looked very quick for his size and his hands were solid. - Chad Reuter, The Sports Xchange, NFLDraftScout.com

This may be the worst draft in the history of mankind. After selecting Davis over Maualuga, the Dolphins panicked with the White pick. All the best recievers were gone, as were Maualuga, Laurunitis, and Brace.

#108 overall..8th in th 4th

Regarding receivers, Parcel's obsession with size could be due to a personal deficiency in a certain area!!! In Turner he picked a younger brother to hang out with Ernest Wilford because they are freakin clones!!! What an F'in waste of a very valuable 3rd rounder!!!! Nice job boys!!

Zephon. Micheal johnson got drafted already.

jimmy jizz-face,

Ginn is being guraded by the other teams #1 corner every week and the safety over the top. he has had a diff. coach and QB each year, lets give the guy 2 years with the same QB b4 we put him up on the cross.

for instance raiders game" ginn is being guarded by namdi asamough and bess and cam. are going up against the 2nd and 3rd best corners.
ginn is going up against....
seahawks game: marcus trufant
broncos game: champ bailey
raiders game: Namdi Asamough
ravens playoff game: ed reed sitting over the top waiting for the deep ball, while bess and cam are getting the #2's and 3's. give ginn a little cred.

the fact they had ginn, opened up more opputunities for bess and cam and the tight ends downfield, ginn is a solid football player and contrib. to our team, and stop with this courage bullsh*t, torry holt and isaac bruce never took a hit and would constantly go out of bounds-did they lack courage and heart?

Reach after reach...Wreaks of desperation

Mando, I don't know where you're coming from with this one; the guy had 10 td's last season. He did catch for 700 yds also.
Also, I don't think the Dolphins are done drafting WR's just yet. I think we're in for a pleasant surprise! Maybe another speedster like Johnny Knox. Stay tuned.

thanks Sal

if your sick of espn coverage, heres a link


not great stream, gets jumpy but no Kiper so...


U had Iglesias in 5th or 6th & he's gone in 3rd.. This draft is all over the place & the only winners are the Freakin Patsies who are loading up on next years, stronger draft..

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