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Dolphins go with USC's Patrick Turner in 3rd

The Dolphins have addressed their wide receiver needs by selecting USC receiver Patrick Turner.

Turner played at the Senior Bowl and just said the Dolphins were the first team he talked to. Turner did play in a pro style, west coast offense at USC.

"I felt that really prepared me to take the next step," Turner said. "I feel like I'm a pretty good red zone threat. To be on the other side of Ted Ginn and Ernest Wilford we can be a good threat."

Turner compares himself to a Marques Colston and Keyshawn Johnson. He is a big, big dude at 6-5 and 223 pounds.

Although Turner talks of coming to the Dolphins in addition to Wilford, the fact is he's probably going to replace Wilford on the roster. Wilford will be trade bait going into training camp.

Although he was one of the top-rated receivers coming out of high school, Turner under-achieved at USC. Oh brother.

"He's not a good player," ESPN's Mel Kiper said. "He didn't do it at USC."


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Mando, this is actually an interesting draft. Many players that were considered late round picks are being taken here in the 3rd. Igkesias for example.

Seems the Teams are either reaching or evaluating differently from the media experts.

So do we go NT next? Terrance Taylor?

to the guys saying those are bad picks, how do you know? they havent played one play in the nfl yet. we never know how these players will turn out. mel kiper is an idiot.

I don't know anything about M. Turner but his size is great. I have total faith in B. Parcels and company.

NJ PHIN FAN..thanks i didn't even realize....are you sure...Rashad Johnson was..i must have missed where he went, do you remember?

Hey guys, rule of thumb, when the Yapping Heads criticize your pick, you open a beer and smile!! Yeah, Barden is taller, but real raw. Turner was USC's ONLY WR. Every defense keyed onto him, and he still had 700 yds. and 10 tds. Coming from a pro system, he's far more developed. I don't like USC players in general (they seem to be very diva, don't play up to NFL level), but Turner is hungry, just want the trifecta wants. He wasn't talked of in the same circle as the LB's and Sanchez. GREAT PICK!!


i found it....sorry

Aqua 1, crack is one explanation but I think Parcells is on the take. Must have made some bad investments and is being paid (Belicheat?) to make these decisions.

Well if Mel Kiper doesn't like the Turner pick that probably means he is headed to the Pro Bowl five teams in his career and will warrant Hall of Fame consideration. What does Kiper know? He has ZERO credibility!! He is wrong as often as he is right. What time did he ever run? If he were that smart he'd be running a front office somewhere.

And Aqua1.....you need to find a new team. No Dolphins fan would cut up the regime's picks as often as you do. Go join Belicheat and the Pats, 'cause I don't want you around when the Dolphins take the next step!!

Anaylsts had guys like Malaugua in the middle first round picks and he dropped to the middle of the 2nd. Almost everyteam had a chance to pick him....is that because all NFL teams are idiots or because the analysts are just that, analysts. Teams spend a tremendous amount of money and resources on scouting players all year long. What would you trust more, one guy who sits at home and watches video of hundreds of players and gets misinformation from teams or would your trust dozens of seasoned scouts who's job is on the line to make decisions. Remeber, Kiper said that Mike Williams and Charles Rogers were the best WR coming out in their years and they both were busts.


Please trade ted( where's the side line Ginn and his clip board holding daddy...

A long-time Dolphin fan living in California...here's what the USC Pro Day recap says about Turner.
"WR Patrick Turner, considered one of the draft’s top possession receivers, did a nice job during position drills. He caught the ball well and looked smooth in and out of his breaks. Turner also ran under the 4.60-second mark (4.58) in the 40, an impressive time for a guy who’s 6-5, 223 pounds."

Could have been a desperation pick for a big body after the G-Men stole Barden but then again, the Big Tuna might have never tought highly of Barden in the first place. If it's between Barden vs. Turner, it's a crabshoot. Nobody knows who will come out as a better pro. Both have question marks (competition level vs. low projection). If you're looking for a big body, I'd say Miami didn't do too badly with Turner. 4.58 in the 40 for a 6-5 WR is not very common.

On Patrick White - have you seen his highlights on YouTube? Has it been 3-4 years since the entire world wet their pants about Michael Vick's athletic abilities?? I'd say White's faster with better moves and a stronger arm than Vick. I thought they had manipulated the video by playing it faster - he's a speed demon.

Thing about this year's picks is that the more you think about it, the better you feel about them. Initial reaction on every pick has been WTF?? They make sense though...they do...

Could not be loving our picks more. Have some optimism! Damn Im gonna love the team we put out next year

HEY SAL D'amico. Why can't you just post about the draft without making a wise-azzzzzzzzz comment.

I have been drinking as much of the Big Tuna Kool Aid as I can! In the trifecta I trust, period!

Bill Parcel is *THE* man! Second guess him only when he gives you reason to second guess him!

Turner wasn't a good pick. He has upside, but Mel Kiper was right when he said the guy wasn't a good player at USC. And what's the track record for USC wide receivers in the NFL lately anyway? Williams, Colbert, Jarrett, and Smith haven't set the world on fire yet. A lot of skill position players come out of USC and fail to live up to all the hype. The fact is, USC faces a lot of soft Pac 10 defenses and their players aren't ready for the talent and physicality of the NFL, where everyone is as good as they are. Guys that actually achieved at USC aren't lighting up the NFL. What should we expect from a player that underachieved at USC? Maybe Turner will develop, but he probably could have been selected a round or two later.

I'll guess DT Dorrell Scott then with the next pick..maybe he can learn behind Fergy.

This team has needs all over the place and you burn a precious 2nd rounder on a specialty guy? Come on. Pat White would have been there for sure in the next round. Who is taking him in the 2nd round? He is too short to play QB, and he has never played receiver in his life. What a waste of a good 2nd round pick.


worst draft in history of mankind?!

not even close to worse draft this year!

Broncos traded a (possible) top ten pick next year to move up in the second round! they trade BOTH of their third round picks to get a guy at the end of the second who would have been available today. Broncos suck, McDaniels reminds me of Cam Cam-moron. i give him a year, two max.

ZEPHON. CINN. with the 70th pick.

Fake GM how can you be sure? Draft is all over the place. The Patsies had real interest in White. Would have loved to have him.

His production went up every year and he scored alot of TD's. I like the pick. Would have been a little bit better if they could have traded down and picked another pick but alot of WR's were coming off the board so they didn't want to lose out... Also, I would take his 750 yards at USC before Ramses Barden's 1100 at Cal Poly.

Dolphins are coming back up in a few picks:

1. Cornelius Ingram TE
2. Andre Brown RB
3. Rashad Jennings RB
4. Jasper Brinkley LB
5. Duke Robinsion G
6. Lawrence Sidbury LB

Surprise pick : Ricky Jean-Francois DE/NT


Sorry grabbed a beer and took a pit stop.... we're picking the 8th pick in the 4th round number 108.

they said drew br was too short also. i wath alot of college football, and pat white is a beast.

The youtube reel on Turner showed him going down every time someone put a hand on him. At his huge size there were virtually no broken tackes. ook again and you see him falling down as soon as these little 5'10 cbs 'touch'! his shoulder pads. I understand Ginn running out of bounds to stay alive, but with all this size, this guy is another story. Wierd.

I think that Cuban menace and fake gm should be banned; they're a bunch of aholes! Mando, please ban them. We're true Dolphans, we don't need haters in here.

FB: All I am saying is Turner wasn't USC's leading receiver. That was TE named Williams. He didn't lead the team in yards per catch. Ronald Johnson did that.

Turner was very good in the red zone. That was it. That was all.

So how does that make him better than, say, Brandon London even though one guy signed as a free agent and the other guy came as a third-round pick?

Please answer that question.

Chuck, point taken but I still don't buy it. I loved Lamar Thomas and Ginn is his clone just without the courage. So sure, he can run out of bounds and not take the hit, but someone will take him apart at some point just like they did Lamar - and that is what is at the back of his mind. He had a number of passes he dropped because he was about to get creamed. Top receivers do not do that. Remember, also, that Ireland couldn't say whether Ginn was the #1 receiver or Camarillo. Not exactly a vote of confidence.

I do not doubt his speed, hands and jumping ability. I do not doubt that teams have been able to concentrate on him but I do believe all that I have said about his weaknesses. We shall see. I really hope you are right. I would love to be completely wrong about him and I will own that here (not that anyone cares) if he proves it this season. With these other threats, he should not draw all the #1 corners this year so he won't have that excuse.

i can't help it...i laugh at the big-head thing every time. Those guys are stuck there for so long (along with nerds like me) I'm glad they came up with something.

Cowboys and Patriots wanted Pat White, and Im sure a ton of other teams. Ireland and Parcells are not idiots. Guy can just play football, no matter where you put him at. I love it. Last year we put bulk and mass on the team, this year some athleticism and speed.

Kiper's an idiot; he wasn't productive at USC? 750 yards and 10 TDs is pretty good production from a school with a ton of weapons that runs a pro style offense

Totally agree Choi. Once it sinks in, the picks make a lot of sense.

Think tuna is looking for another Keyshawn Johnson in Turner? Boy! The kid does look big against those small PAC 10 corners

This guy has a huge frame and he has great hands. He will be a first down machine on third down and six type scenarios. He will be great in the red zone as well. Also, as a blocker he can be excellent. He should be able to bury corners and safeties. I think Miami’s base offense is a ball control type offense and I think a player like Turner fits that perfectly. Kiper and Mcshay are good at rating players as college players but I don’t think they are good at understanding how they fit on a particular NFL team. I think I have more faith in our VP of football ops who is arguably the best scout of all time over guys on TV or writers.

FB, not hating..

It's funny how everyone here trusts Kiper and McShay over Parcells. Especially when they declared "in tuna we trust" in the weeks leading up to the draft. I love turncoat fans

This blog is proof why none of you are working in sports TV or the NFL, or even college. Some love the picks, some hate them, some think they're great, others not so sure. We will know when we know. The trifecta are sticking to a plan that has worked in the NFL for many, many years. How many successful drafts have any of you guys participated in? As for the Pats, they are trading picks b/c so few late rounders can make their team (duh!). Anyway, who says next years draft will be so great. Every year -- poor draft, blah, blah, blah -- yet great players come along every year. Opinions are like... well, you know -- and there seem to be alot of those around.

thanks again...I just missed that one..right above us ...I was actually kinda busy, BUT THAT IS NO EXCUSE...so I'm stumped..i like big Duke or Vasquez maybe one of the centers that are left maybe. I just don't like Sidbury, which means it'll likely be him.

The Dolphins picked Turner to become their big target in the middle of the field. With exceptional size and hands, Turner could become a prolific scorer in the Dolphins' red-zone offense.
Turner and Ginn with Bess in the slot. White at QB flanked by Brown and run Ricky run...sounds pretty scarry if your a defensive coach.

Well if we want a TE they should be there since Cin, Jac and Chic don't need one

Dolphin picks coming soon 108, then 161, 165

I think the 4th is maybe where we also trade Beck


I don't know crap about Turner, but I do know he played for USC in a pro style offense. And he played a lot for them. If he sucked he wouldn't have been on the field. Maybe, just maybe, he's a late bloomer? I don't know, but Mayock says his best days are ahead of him and the Fins used a third rounder on him, so there has to be something there.

scratch those...pick..TJ Lang. I got to watch him play a couple times...mean. and we need a swing tackle.

mntnmanfinfan, thats the reason for a blog...to share opinions and have discussions. So what do you think of our draft picks Do you have an opinion? who do you see succeding or failing? try it you may find new friends or at least a good conversation.

look guys pennington is our starter we know about the arm issues we need a decent speed reciever with good hands ..keyshawn johnson type to help out in the redzone offense.. Good pick for this year.

Mando - "Turner was very good in the red zone. That was it. That was all." Buddy Ryan - "All Cris Carter does is catch TD's"

I personally dont care if USC WR's have been busts lately. Turner was the #1 WR out of HS when USC recruited him. So he is NOT Jarrett or Williams, he is Turner. And they have a ton of weapons on USC year after year, so to score 10 TDs last year, be 6'5", fits a need for a big, tall WR for us...what role he played for USC, that will be the same role we have for him here...hopefully at worst he is a poor man's Moss, but at best, a regular go-to guy in the Red zone...one last point...with London, and Haynos, who is 6'7", and now Turner, you get a feel that Tuna is looking for BIG Red Zone Targets....


Whats the deal on Duke Robinson. Why ia he still around so late?

C'mon matt worst draft ever? Have some faith. While I admit the phins #1's don't always work out they have a knack of finding excellent talent in the later rounds. Keep the faith man!

who's going to trade with the jags?

3 of the last 4 picks were guys we were targeting. Scott, Melton and Luigs

we must be on the clock soon.... commercial time

any thoughts on our next pick ?

chris---thnx; wish I had that nfl link before---this blows the turds at espn away. I really am so sick of berman on numerous fronts, not just the draft; and kiper needs serious counseling!

DT time? or TE? great value in Cornelius Ingram

ARMANDO - whos the prediction??

I'm not saying he's better than Brandon London; that remains to be seen. As far as London, I know he's a good ST player, but I have yet to see him make an impact at WR in a game. I have seen him drop a couple of passes however. Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting him down or anything. I'm sure the Trifecta is high on him, otherwise he wouldn't be around.
The fact that Parcells reached for Turner tells me that they NEEDED a big target, and they didn't want to risk someone beating them to the punch, a la Giants & Barden.

USC uses a West Coast offense. Different than what Miami uses.

I do think, as fagatron said, Turner is a perfect kind of receiver for Chad Pennington. He's not likely to be a big deep threat, but he'll be a big target on short routes across the middle.

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