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Ross to unveil new era for attracting Dolfans

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has called a 4 p.m. "informal meeting" with the media at which he is expected to announce subtle but important changes to the way the Dolphins do business with their fans and media, according to a source close to Ross.

Ross, who has been searching for investors to become minority owners in the team, may unveil some of the names of the people involved on that front.

The source said Thursday afternoon that Ross has been speaking to several people in the entertainment industry. Singer Jimmy Buffett, a Key West resident, and Miami Sound Machine founder Emilio Estefan are among the entertainment people Ross has discussed including in his ownership group.

It is not known if Ross has signed letters of intent or has closed the sale of minority portions of the team with Buffett or Estefan.

Ross is expected to confirm he is getting advice from former U.S. Open chief and former United States Tennis Association CEO Arlen Kantarian. Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue also has advised Ross but not in any official capacity.

Kantarian, who serves on the board of directors at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, is said to be advising Ross on how to reach out to a broader range of fans on game days. Kantarian has been advising Ross to reach out to the "new media" and to turn the game day experience into one that entices more than hardcore Dolphins fans.

Kantarian, who was responsible for similar initiatives while running the U.S. Open, has advised Ross to expand the Dolphins fan reach to non-football fans and people visiting South Florida as well as living in the community. During Kantarian's tenure, the U.S. Open became the largest annually attended sporting event in the United States.

CBS News and Sports president Sean McManus told the New York Times that Kantarian has a "real promotional flair and flamboyance in presenting an event. The U.S. Open was always a big sporting event in New York, but now it's an 'in' entertainment and sports event."

Ross is said to want to take a similar step with Dolphins football games. He is expected to speak about that at the media gathering.

Ross will not touch the football operations side of the Dolphins. He understands football czar Bill Parcells does not need nor want the way the football side does business to be changed in any way.

But the new owner, who made his fortune as a commercial real estate developer, is expected to make the Dolphins game day experience and business side seem "glitzier," according to a source at HK Management, which represents Buffett.

The Dolphins are expected to become more celebrity friendly and more celebrities are expected to be invited to every home game. In that regard, Ross has enlisted the help of Bernie Yuman, who founded Say Entertainment Inc. (aka Bernie Yuman Management) in Henderson, Nev.

Yuman is best known for serving as the agent for the animal act Siegfried and Roy. He is also the manager for former boxer Muhammad Ali. Yuman (seen with Ross at a Dolphins home game last season) directed calls to his office back to the Dolphins public relations department, a clear indication he is connected to the team.


The Dolphins will soon unveil their marketing strategy for 2009, meant to push ticket sales and create buzz about the team. That could also happen as early as today.

Ross said in his last media availability that he is not raising ticket prices this coming season.


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in the year two thouuuussssaaannnnd

how cares lets talk football

That sounds just great . Idiot clueless Celebrities out our beloved dolphin games LOL . Are you kidding Me ? How about getting more of the real hardcore fans by just continueing the winning atmosphere they're building. Win and the fan will come.

i hate that (how) cares about everything.

Ticket price's have just gone up 38%...more glitzier??more celebrity friendlier??? sound's kinda gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) to me, what about the rest of you guy's??? cant stand going to the heat games cause it's gay(not there's anything wrong with that) MEN THIS IS FOOTBALL,NOT A PARTY..Vince Lombardi would be rolling over in his grave... The last bastion of maleness is now being invaded.. when friends, when will it end???? next thing you know Leslie visser will be doing play by play, they'll have check reporters doing interveiws in the locker room..Oh really??? never mind

N.J , So we're in agreement....

Menace. Exactly !

Is Stallone will be there? hope will see him on the side line where ted ginn always crashes.

I already hate this idiot Ross.. might be a bigger loser the Wayne.. can you see bill(the tuna)parcells hobnobbing with celebrity's at the buffet table before a big game???

What's next ? Blue man group and cirque du soliel performing at halftime of all home games.

Is Vanilla Ice will be there cuban ?i
don't care about the players any more ,i want my B Celebrity and have a good time,i am praying that they will add a horse track for us and tuna.

Don't forget Don Rickles .

I hear jason taylor will be performing at half time on the m.n.f game vs. indy, Mando can you research this????

i use to see Jhonny carson late night and Don Riles was really good with Jhonny

I think you guys need to lay off Ross. He's trying to make sure the stadium is full and Publix doesn't have to buy up the remaining tickets to avoid a TV blackout. If more people go to the games, we won't have that worry. I can remember the fear of having to drive either to Orlando or the stadium to see the game if there was the threat of a blackout. Do you think anyone in Green Bay ever had the fear of the Packers possibly being blacked out? Let Ross worry about keeping the stadium full and Parcells worry about the team winning and please keep your 2 cents to yourselves.

So could this mean that the uniform rumors could actually be true??

are we going to have some girls running around with HUGE dolphin flag like they do it with cowboys.

All of that is none worthy as long as the ticket price doesn't goes up and Bill Parcells keeps doing his excellent job for us.

what about the free stuff,can we get it now?BTY WHO/S MARTHA ,is she a good looking model?

NC Mike. How about the concept of consistent winning teams ? If you win the fans will show. we don't need glitz and celebs to do that. also if so you're worried about blackouts , why don't you keep saving your 2 cents and invest in the nfl sunday ticket on direct tv.

You're so. typo

Notice that jimmy buffett has his name in the mix,notice how closely it resembles the word buffet??? maybe the tuna will be tricked into thinking he's going to a all you can eat buffet, but in reality he'll be going to a buffett concert...Ross didnt make his cash the old fashion way(by earning it) he made cash the new way... DECEPTION

This is great we are all hurting over money. Know only the deep pockets celebrity can go to the game. No more fans painting there faces. You will see fans dressed like their favorite actors.This is why we can get over the hump.Let's get back to football.


Is lily kim will be there ? if not i am not going

And n.j,Love the slogan "CHANGE" it's the last thing in your pockets... lamfao...

is cuban menace considered as celebrity? he's in my book

Menace. Yes , I thought that sign was Clever and Right on the money. No pun Intended. GORT . I consider the menace a Celebrity in my book.

I've seen that Bernie guy on Larry King live. He's a Kook.

There isnt any reason to get upset yet.. The guy just wants to sell more tickets and luxury boxes in particular. The team needs a makeover anyways.. We have lame unis and the gayest fight song in the league. It was ripped of the Houston Oilers who arent even around anymore for gosh sakes..

NC Mike is right he is trying to run a bussiness .IF HE SAT ON HIS BUT AND DID NOTHING YOU WOULD COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT TO. We all want the Dolphins to be the beston the field and off.He is trying to build a complete team.

A or B celebrity? now remember.....

A, like Will smith
B, like Stallone

I hear they'll have strawberries and champagne in the morning for the 1:00 pm kick offs... mando is this true????

The Menace sure spends a lot of time on this blog. Things must be slow at the 7-11 he works at. He's as much a celebrity as the guy who works next door to him washing cars.

Why would it matter if a celeb was at a game? They would probably be sitting in a club level luxury box where nobody would even know they are there... I am a season ticket holder and if I have to sit through some gay sales pitch every game to attract non-football fans, I'm going to be pissed...

Just got home from day care. My daddy's ditzy wife wants me to read her a story since she is too dumb to read herself.

check in later.

OH SNAP, ZOMBIE BOY, WHY'D YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT.. now we must hear 40 posts that swear that was a original dolphin fight song....

Bring back the live dolphins in the end zone that do tricks every time Miami scores!!!

Now thats entertainment! That would be much better than Eric Estrada or Ralph Macchio coming to the game....

I like the fact Ross is trying to make the game day more interesting. It beats sitting by your car chugging beers and getting drunk.

I hope they become more TV friendly OUTSIDE the stadium. That would rock.

Im beginnnig to hate this guy. Why should we want celebrities at the games? So the camera can pan to them sitting there in their seats trying to to have any interaction with a real fan??? I say we bring in a bunch of drunken rednecks from Polk county to be wild and noisy. I dont think the old dog pound required celebs to be intimidating. Maybe he should have bought the Jets instead.

soulj...but these are not your normal celebrity people,these are B celebrity florida style ,they love to be seen any where and wave to any one willing or not to wave, in fact they are going to sing for free in half time.

Rene, Hummmmmm, never mind your name says it all....

RENE. No it Doesn't .

About time the Dolphins enterred the 21st century.

Yeah Mando trounces us again.

Soulja, I think he died in 78, though if the JETS,JETS,JETS can dig up brett(mr. interception)favre from the grave anythings possible i guess..

Got beer, no i dont but i need some i think...

The work police = marc , alienhead and rexryansucks

The NFL as a whole has been taking that approach, so I have no issues with it, at all.
Mr.Ross is trying to turn the franchise into the L.A Lakers of the NFL. Hey the BIG Guy can do what ever he want, just leave Lord Parcells alone and I'm a Happy DIE HARD FAN. =)

What the hell was Hiezenga thinkin when he sold 95% of the team, o i kno, a billion dollars! All i care is winning and hopefully i live 2 c new uniforms and rid of that horrible miami dolphin are the best song and play some Rick Ross the Boss!/Stephon Ross

who ever wrote last post w/ luggi,,,,,,why are you using my name luggi, just to unleash alien man on us.MERCY

Maybe Sophia Loren will come to the game. Nathaniel, are you there? Should I get the hand soap?

Maybe Sarah Palin can sit in the nose bleeds and say "I can see 7-11 getting robbed from here."

Beer at dolphin stadium cost 10 dollars, tickets are 65 dollars(end zone) hot dogs 6.50 per dog, so afamily of four go, the adults have 2 beers each, 6 hot dogs are consumed,and soda is 4.50 per ,2 soda's per kid parking 10 dollars = 363.00 dollars.... damn, if you want to fill up the stadium drop you outrages prices, but if your a money hungry parasite( which i think mr.ross is.) drop your prices.... so multiply that by 15,000 and that comes out to 5.4 million per game, and thats not including the sky-boxes where the FAT CATS sit with there golden parachutes...

get the chearleaders to strip at half time. That'll fill the seats.

ALIEN MAN IS SIGNING WITH THE NAME LUGGI ,so every body know that and i am not willing to fight w/you alien man,have the name and i wish you the best, why you don't you come talk football like you always did and have some fun and teasing.


the cheap endzone seats at dolphin stadium are $33

no ,they coast arond 8$

After deep research and analysis I have come to conclusion that best possible record for the pats this year is 8-8.

Soulja, Really?? i got ripped off last time i went to the game, then again they only had lower bowl level seats, they said thats all that was left...though come to think about it it looked like no one was sitting in the upper deck section, then again it was vs. the steelers and a tropcal storm had just passed, it sucked...

Rain got in my beer...

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