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Ross to unveil new era for attracting Dolfans

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has called a 4 p.m. "informal meeting" with the media at which he is expected to announce subtle but important changes to the way the Dolphins do business with their fans and media, according to a source close to Ross.

Ross, who has been searching for investors to become minority owners in the team, may unveil some of the names of the people involved on that front.

The source said Thursday afternoon that Ross has been speaking to several people in the entertainment industry. Singer Jimmy Buffett, a Key West resident, and Miami Sound Machine founder Emilio Estefan are among the entertainment people Ross has discussed including in his ownership group.

It is not known if Ross has signed letters of intent or has closed the sale of minority portions of the team with Buffett or Estefan.

Ross is expected to confirm he is getting advice from former U.S. Open chief and former United States Tennis Association CEO Arlen Kantarian. Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue also has advised Ross but not in any official capacity.

Kantarian, who serves on the board of directors at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, is said to be advising Ross on how to reach out to a broader range of fans on game days. Kantarian has been advising Ross to reach out to the "new media" and to turn the game day experience into one that entices more than hardcore Dolphins fans.

Kantarian, who was responsible for similar initiatives while running the U.S. Open, has advised Ross to expand the Dolphins fan reach to non-football fans and people visiting South Florida as well as living in the community. During Kantarian's tenure, the U.S. Open became the largest annually attended sporting event in the United States.

CBS News and Sports president Sean McManus told the New York Times that Kantarian has a "real promotional flair and flamboyance in presenting an event. The U.S. Open was always a big sporting event in New York, but now it's an 'in' entertainment and sports event."

Ross is said to want to take a similar step with Dolphins football games. He is expected to speak about that at the media gathering.

Ross will not touch the football operations side of the Dolphins. He understands football czar Bill Parcells does not need nor want the way the football side does business to be changed in any way.

But the new owner, who made his fortune as a commercial real estate developer, is expected to make the Dolphins game day experience and business side seem "glitzier," according to a source at HK Management, which represents Buffett.

The Dolphins are expected to become more celebrity friendly and more celebrities are expected to be invited to every home game. In that regard, Ross has enlisted the help of Bernie Yuman, who founded Say Entertainment Inc. (aka Bernie Yuman Management) in Henderson, Nev.

Yuman is best known for serving as the agent for the animal act Siegfried and Roy. He is also the manager for former boxer Muhammad Ali. Yuman (seen with Ross at a Dolphins home game last season) directed calls to his office back to the Dolphins public relations department, a clear indication he is connected to the team.


The Dolphins will soon unveil their marketing strategy for 2009, meant to push ticket sales and create buzz about the team. That could also happen as early as today.

Ross said in his last media availability that he is not raising ticket prices this coming season.


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Luggi from spaghetti , thank you for standing up for me today w/ your post at 3.29,i don't know who you are but i do really thank you very much.

I hope the TUNA after listening to all the CRAP they are talking ,remaihs with us for next year !!!!!

For Some reason mando sounds like he likes the idea of the"hollywood" Dolphins.

Yeeeeeessss it's "A" in da house.

real luggi. my friend luggi 2 says anytime because he can't that azzzzzzzzhole either.

Real luggi. my friend luggi 2 says anytime because he can't stand that crybaby azzzzzzz.

Just get JT back on the Dolfins and quit talking about all this crap. We need to KICK ass not Kiss it!!!!

yeeehaw! right on joezstuff. We neeeeeeeed jason taylor. we haaaaaave to get him. miami just can't win anything without him.

if jason comes back he will destory what this team build so far,and he will suck in games and he will suck all the air out of the locker room then what we are going to have is celebirty+JT+B celebiert of hollyeood=1-15

p.s,thank you Mr Bunglito

celebirty of hollywood

5 ways for dolphins to sell out tickets at home

1- buy one beer get 3 free
2- no celebirty on the side lines
3- tuna would talk for 10 minutes in half time
4- tough men fighting LIVE before the game start.
5-every fan get free dolphin scarf to keep and waive during games

tom brad's wife is on the cover of vanity fair,i recommend it for every one to buy it, ,it's really a treat even if you skip dinner for a day it's good for you.

Tom Brady sleeps with the gods.

tom brady sleeps with matt light..

and some cambells chunky clam chowda.

VICK sleeps with dogs.
cuban ,A quiz for you ,who has the most neck fat in the nfl QB only?

got to be scott mitchell.

manning of the colts

Who's the worst QB ever in big games? based on googlr research it turned out to be one guy near and dear to fin fans.any one knows ?

based on google research

Who else, must be dan marino,right?

got to be chad in last year playoff game and dan photo finish with him

got to be chad in last year playoff game and dan comes first to in photo finish

Biggest Neck in the nfl ( And maybe the planet) Chad (neck Fat) Henne, Size 96 inch neck.

Soft Serve ice cream on the Club Level. Joe Bailey's Legacy!!

I started reading this and then I stopped, because I don't have a VAGINA..

After football "the neck" will embark on the circus curicut where he'll be performing with circus freaks bobo the dog face boy and amanda the bearded lady.

cuban ,how many cats do yu have? any little live fish in a tank?

Yeeeeeeesssssss. i'm back !

No cats,no fish,2 dogs honey and mr. b.

so every time you go out to a park you call them,
Hony, come here hony, i said come here hony
mr. b come here mr.b
sound like strange but who's famle and wh's male? let me say honey is the male and mr.b is gay

Yeeeeesssss it's the menace.

Gopats is a azzzzzzzzz.

Mr Bunglito, do you have any cats or dogs ? the reason i ask i just got a puppy and i need a name for him,so you welcome to say any name you like but i got two name so far;



You can call him assassin, but it depends on the breed of dog I guess. Can I name my pet Gopats? It is a spider monkey.

Having celebrities is a good thing for owners, but a bad thing for die-hard fans......just ask any big Lakers fans what they think. It's embarrassing that you have people who haven't seen a game all year getting the good playoff tickets. I guess money's money though.....that's all owners care about.

i like assassin if it's a male . Flower if it's a Female . How about ZEUS if it's a male ?

cuban assassin, my puppy is a very sweet puppy and i said i am trying to find him a name but assassin not good for him, i think assasin is more for different breed as you said,do you have any name for my puppy?

ZEUS is very nice mr bunglito, do you have more names, also do you know what ZEUS means?

mr. ross, just never forget that the real fun is watching a team being built and rebuilt each year and then watching a good product with heart and soul on the field. these guys are doing a good job of that.

Zeus is the GOD of gods in greek Mythology.


You can call your puppy...Mono Maldito

ASSASSIN ,thanks but no thanks ,your name mono maldito is very bad name and it means "who ever wear it will die" nice of you to think i don't know the meanning of that word and that's my friends what i call carma.

mr bunglito , thank you and ithink some people use this word zeus as thunder bolt ,is that write?

How about calling the puppy GINN.

boy it has to be the off season where here talking about this S%$#. any way hope he does whatever he can to get us to win and let parcells and co do their thing

Yes gopats. ZEUS is the god of the sky and weather ( god of thunder ) . His weapon is the Lightning bolt.

any alcoholic person would look for ginn all the time but thanks.
two other names i came across,

mr buglito, thank you very much for that name,it's number 1 right now

Wrong gopats, I believe the name mono is for monkey.

tom brady's knee is like shredded beef this year

Gopats. You can thank my greek friend nj phin fan. He mentioned that name to me and i posted it.

who ever is trying to get me talking to them i will not like this after noon look for fake luggi,or a fake Gopats to play with you.


yeeeeeeesssss. Did somebody mention fake luggi ?

you should name your puppy shredded beef

who is fake luggi?

Gopats, That is a wonderful name for your Bichon Frise.

I might name my puppy Jetsrock


Why would you want to use your last name (jetsrock) for your puppy?

My Pleasure. . I think it's a good powerful, spiritual and mythical name. I'm looking into getting a boxer and that was 1 of the names i'm considering.

Nj Phin Fan,

You should name your boxer Dan Marino, because it will probably be a pretty good dog, but it will never win anything. You will love it anyway, so your dog will be over-rated. Therefore, you should name it Dan Marino.

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