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Dolphins pick ILB J.D. Folsom in 7th round

J.D. Folsom was sitting around with his family today, pondering his future as a veterinarian, when the Dolphins called to tell him he'd been drafted in the seventh round.

"I really didn't think I was going to get drafted," Folsom, an inside linebacker said. "I've already been accepted to veterinary school at Oklahoma State and Washington State. I really did not expect to get drafted. I just thought I'd be picked up as a free agent."

The Dolphins had other plans. They want the Weber State linebacker to play in Miami. They want him to compete as an inside linebacker. They want him to play special teams.

"I do a little bit of everything. I played outside. I've played mostly inside. Mostly run stuff, I guess. They're looking for me to play in the middle," Folsom said. "I'm willing to do whatever the coaches are willing to do. Whatever they have planned for me is fine with me."

Folsom said he knew caught the Dolphins attention after his Pro Day. So what's special about him?

"I hustle a lot on the field," he said. "I try to make things happen. I have a lot of heart."

Folsom said J.D. stands for John David but only his mom calls him that when she's mad at him.


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I stumped the truck on NFL Network!!!!!! I asked them for Reggie Hubbard WR Carson Newman... And they didn't have the tape!!!! YES!!!

we have a quiz, evrey one should tell us what he smelles like and what the hell he looks like AND THE worst will win a sanchez poster titled "PAPPI"

Fins just traded their last 7th rounder?!?!?!?! WHAT!?!?!?

For what Mando?

Armando, what did they trade for? I don't see them on the draft tracker anymore.

the pick was trade for considerations next year. The draft seems to be over for Miami.

No more picks for us today, looks like.

what did kc just give us for our final pick?


what does that mean? shoulda traded with Denver, the way they were going this year we'd have got a 2nd rounder next year :P

considerations? Ok...

"the pick was trade for considerations next year. The draft seems to be over for Miami."

Funny stuff. What kind of "considerations" will Miami get next year for a 7th rounder this year? Geez!

nfl.net dropped the ball. who is our lsast pick?

Bill traded the pick to his son in law Scott Pioli in exchange for a promise to treat Bill's daughter well.

What "considerations?"

NFLN are too busy effing around with finding game film of nobodies than to pay attention to the actual draft

Diamonds in the ruff
Picks round 5 onward. Great overall draft and Parcells and company know what they are doing, these last picks are gonna show everyone why Parcells is what he is, follows his draft scheme and stays the course at all cost, a brilliant football mind.

I look like Gary Busey after an all night bender with Mickey Rourke and Amy Winehouse.

What about signing Jason 1-15 tylor and bring the old history back

P.S ,KC gave fins in return 15 BUcs

so who was it?

Fake GM, nice one

draft isn't over... maybe beck gets traded for a pick



and i got deleted for asking?


sanch 08-09 rookie of the year

J.D. Folsom

then a trade to KC

Dolphins get considerations (?) for the 28th pick in the 7th round

Amy Winehouse is a nasty woman.... Bill Parcell's titties are bigger than hers. I love watching them flop around when he is walking around during training camp.

thank u guys your shattered dreams await.


Thanks, Mando, for the blog! Cool stuff!

sanch 08-09 rookie of the year

doubt it as 08-09 was last season


See if you can give us your inisght and some encouragement regarding Turner and Hartline because I still can't beleive these picks.
From what I know...both possesion receivers with no breakaway speed. Wasn't that what we wanted. All the receivers in this class and this is what we had long waited for!!! Turner was not even on the charts!!!

Thanks Mando, great blog today.

thank u guys your shattered dreams await.


Posted by: jet in lube with sanchito


the bottom line after the worst draft ever:
fins......8-8 .....henne will suck,watch
jets......9-7....sanchez is the man
pats......13-3 tom
bills.....8-8 t.o

that means nothing left

jet in love u should chang ur name to jet in denial

love how you think Sanchez is the man but STILL only give ur team a 9-7 mark...haha

dream high man, dream high

And my award for funniest posts today has to go to....(drumroll........)JRIZZLE...the posts literally made me "laugh out loud"....

MADE a mistake u got me chris..

either way J-E-T-S jets jets jets

"Folsom was suspended for half a game at the start of 2008 because he kicked a Eastern Washington player in the 2007 season finale."

WOW, not THAT'S what I call punishment. Sounds like something out of the Bill Bellicheat school of ethics.
BTW, as a Nashville resident privy to a bit of local info (a little bit LOL) I can tell you that Haynesworth will find himself in trouble in DC this year. He is a menace behind the wheel, and has been in several temper induced mishaps. The Titans weighed this carefully when deciding to pass. I think the 'skins 1st draft choice was insurance against a Haynesworth blowup.

deleted again?

Don't you guys just love the JETS fans always on here talking yet what does their sorry team do them every year C H O K E CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE if you think they did such an awesome job clowns celebrate on your own boards wow mark sanchez can't do much for you when we knock him on his back constantly when will your team learn how to build a REAL TEAM?

Thank for playing JETS fans you guys just continue to prove why we just love watching you clowns embarass yourselves every year LOL.

Have a good day.

I meant "NOW", that's etc

jet in lube with sanchito

thats very good. ur kindergarten teacher must be very pleased with ur spelling progress. Pity your the oldest kid in the class at 48 :P just kidding

We got the D to shut down ur white cat and Co and a softer schedule that will play in our favor.. As well as the next Matt ryan joe flaco rookie to emerge as a rookie recognize we have owned you for the past couple years u won 1 game show some class.

chris, i gave the first year for sanchez to win 9 games,cause i keep it real not like you guys keep dreaming plus these 9 wins more than nick satan and cam can't win cameron as the the menace would say all togather in 8 years of misery

Harricane, what are you talking about dude. You comments are on here.

I cant wait till we spank Dirty Sanchez and the rest of those YETS!!!!

Wrex "I kill the triple stacks" Ryan could've done better than that!!

J - E - T - S


phinsbacker,Who do you think was a better clowns manger when they manged the dead fish, nick satan or cam cameron ?

jet in love how about this, who was the better G.M.
ted ginn and his family (mueller)

If you want to stir the pot Mando, then why don't you ask the Trifecta why they traded our second 7th for only a Chiefs 7th in 2010 when the Eagles got a sixth out of the Colts only a few picks earlier. Parcells doing his son-in-law a little favour at the Fins expense.

By definition the Colts pick will be higher in the draft than the Eagles pick, as it is a sixth rounder, but there's no guarantee that the same is true with the Chiefs pick.

(Before the argument that the Chiefs will be picking earlier in the draft than us next year gets used)

Armando, any talk of Miami bringing Anthony Dixon DT from the 'U'? Looks like a NT to me.

jet in lube with sanchito, i hope all the boys on this blog order the sanchez poster and hange it on the wall where ever they sleep ,bed room or basment or cellar.it will provide comfort and pappi

He kicked a player, I'd hate to bring my sick pet to him!

Excuse me... it's Antonio Dixon

The "considerations" on the KC trade were a seventh round pick this year for a seventh rounder next year.

What does that tell you about the quality of the draft this year?

Excuse me...it's jason tylor

well if you asking that question i will play along LOL i would say nick satan at least had some football knowledge but yes both sucked and set us back that is thanks to the CLOWNS we had in the FO at that time this is now a FO that has football pedigree and has won every there went if they can't win here then yes we are in trouble like your jets so anything else you want to ask.

Hey i have no issue with the jets they just make some questionable moves all the time that just keeps holding them back you have to admit that and yes were rivals so take this all in good fun and YES I ADMIT FOR THE LAST DECADE YOU HAVE OWNED US BUT PAYBACKS ARE A B* AS THEY SAY so it should be fun the next couple years between our teams i am looking forward to it when we meet you can at least expect to see a hard played hard hitting football game that's my kind of football.

Thanks for everything Armando... You're a gentlemen... Great job all weekend...

sanch rap

a laser pass
a blazing run
pray that sancho dont throw on the run
did sancho score
or did miami die
look at all these fans as the kneel and cry.

armando, if you still here, what the food you ate in the last two days ?

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