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Dolphins pick ILB J.D. Folsom in 7th round

J.D. Folsom was sitting around with his family today, pondering his future as a veterinarian, when the Dolphins called to tell him he'd been drafted in the seventh round.

"I really didn't think I was going to get drafted," Folsom, an inside linebacker said. "I've already been accepted to veterinary school at Oklahoma State and Washington State. I really did not expect to get drafted. I just thought I'd be picked up as a free agent."

The Dolphins had other plans. They want the Weber State linebacker to play in Miami. They want him to compete as an inside linebacker. They want him to play special teams.

"I do a little bit of everything. I played outside. I've played mostly inside. Mostly run stuff, I guess. They're looking for me to play in the middle," Folsom said. "I'm willing to do whatever the coaches are willing to do. Whatever they have planned for me is fine with me."

Folsom said he knew caught the Dolphins attention after his Pro Day. So what's special about him?

"I hustle a lot on the field," he said. "I try to make things happen. I have a lot of heart."

Folsom said J.D. stands for John David but only his mom calls him that when she's mad at him.


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This year will be good. I can't wait to see where Pat White will be used.

phins baker i respect ur comment and i apreciate u keeping it real.

J-E-T-S jets jets jets

You guys are cool with him kicking an opponent?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 26, 2009 at 06:26 PM

Well, given that he was short of flame-throwers, heavy artillery, and the US Marine Corps.. in a word, yes. Hopefully with time Parcells and Sparano will get him more weapons.

i must leave and remove my divine prescense from this room i need to go and apply some right guard anything less would be uncivilized
see u soon freinds....

Hey Sanchito did Favre give back the key to the city so Sanchez can have it or did you guys changed the locks....

hey does any one know if that moster that was pulling suv's around got drafted. If no MANDO whats the chance we bring him in.
Can't wait and see what we bring in as F/A from the draft.


jet in lube with sanchito:

Hey no problem good old friendly rivalry ribbing all it is. Good luck this season with your team just not against US LOL.

Have a good one


guess we got paid for our 7th?

welcome back JT no DE or OLB?

JD Folsom has character issues that only I know about.

What it should tell you is Parcells is more into helping his son-in-law than the Miami Dolphins. After all, the other 7th round trades were for sixth round picks in 2010.

The "considerations" on the KC trade were a seventh round pick this year for a seventh rounder next year.

What does that tell you about the quality of the draft this year?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 26, 2009 at 07:16 PM

Hey jets fans next time your dreaming your team is doing good. Stay in that dream because Miami will distroy you this year.LOL The east will be a beast this year the team that wins it may come out lipping.

thank you phinsbaker for such classy answer;bty do you like JT back ?

jet in love:

hey no need for all the praise LOL any real fan of a team i would hope wouldn't wish ill will on any team unless its a friendly ribbing between division foes is all good it makes the games that much more exciting its the closest us fans have to talking like the players on the field LOL just can't take it that seriously or you'll health will go fast LOL. All i ask for is hard fought and well played games and let the best team win.

REAL FANS have respect for all the teams in the NFL but always want their team to succeed so i can't hate you jets fans your passionate about your team like we dolphin fans are its just friendly teasing of course some of our fans take it over the line but what can you do.

ok guys be smarter than this. IND got a 6TH because PHI will end up with a later round pick. KC should end up with earlier pick. maybe top 10. PHI bottom 20. The Tuna Know more than us have faith. We went from 1-15 to 11-5 have you forgot.

yes i actually would love to have JT back at the right price of course and on a 1 or 2 year deal probably about all he has left in the tank as far as a high level caliber player is concerned. And would like for him to retire a dolphin if at all possible.

Philadelphia got the Colts sixth, you fool.

LOL, all player after round 4, they all end up working in wendy's any way,give it a rest and tell us a funny story you know

sorry i had to come back for a cameo lol quick question what fins player was called back to training camp and was working at arbys True story.

Jet in love/lube. I see you're making plenty of friends on this blog again . You found some fresh , new meat. LMAO !

LOL, all player after round 4, they all end up working in wendy's any way,give it a rest and tell us a funny story you know

Posted by: jet in love | April 26, 2009 at 07:50 PM

lol don't make excuses for ur dumb team trading all their picks away... many great players come after the 4th...
Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Zach Thomas, Mark Duper just to name a few

lol thats right hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. you know what I mean. NJ PHIN were is CUBAN we need him. Did Tuna trade him for a sandwich.

over-all im pleased with the draft but im a little disappointed that we (nor anyone else) pick up gort... : (
i would give us a C+ draft grade maybe even a B-

Here are my draft grades:
1st Round: V Davis A+: Best corner in the draft, our biggest need, HR pick. Will Start this year.

2nd Round: P White A: This shows you that we have a plan. Read past the fact that he is our Wildcat QB. This frees up Ronnie Brown and Ted Ginn in so many ways out of this formation that was not possible before. It makes this formation more than a gimmick this year.

2nd Round: S Smith A+: Again, our biggest need and an incredible talent at CB. This is what makes Ireland head and shoulders above anyone we have had in a long long time. Smith will be starting opposite Davis should Allen get hurt this season and will be starting next year for us. Its called planning ahead.

3rd Round: Patrick Turner A: Again huge need filled by a blue chip player. Nobody was a star in that offense but Turner was the class of the WR corps there. Big guy who can go across the middle and hang onto the ball. I think he starts opposite Ginn week 1.

4th round: B Hartline. B: Pushes Bess and Camarillo further down the depth chart. Instantly our #3 slot type WR. Much better player all around than Bess, even though Bess is a fan favorite, talent will win out.

Round 5: Jon Nalbone B: Should be starting for us in 2010. Strong ,fast great hands. Could probably push for time this year. Get ready to learn the name by next season though.

Round 5: C Clemons A+: I bet Tuna couldnt believe he was still there. The guy can play CB or FS. Fast ballhawk who just makes plays.

Round 6: A Gardner A: Quality quality quality. Can play T or G for us. Injury the only reason he went this late. Great pick.

Round 7: J Folsom C: Not too sure about this one but I trust Tuna knows more than any of us.

Alex. I don't know where Menace is . I want to discuss the great weather we had here in the tri-state area. Do you know where he is ?

NJ PHIN FAN no was hoping you knew. as for weather I'm from So Cal we always have great weather lol. the draft was good don't you thing. Have a lot of respect for your comments. You and Menace are a class act.

NJ phin fan, he loves fresh meat .

nj phin fan, i fogot to ask you a question ,i hope you answer it for all of us, in any draft how many players in average in any ginven team turns to be a sucsses in the following yearts after all this noise?

Hey all about this J.d Folsom kicking the Eastern player is alright but I know him and what happened is one of the lineman held onto his legs while getting up and he just tried to swipe his arms off with his foot and it looked like a kick and of course a ref saw it! Just thought I would let you guys know! :)

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