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Dolphins pick Nalbone, Clemons in the 5th round

The Dolphins have added two players in the fifth round of today's draft -- tight end Brian Nalbone of Monmouth and safety Chris Clemons -- who have high ambition for themselves based on what players they admire and try to pattern their games after.

Nalbone is a 6-3 and 260 pounder who is something of a pass-catching threat.

"I have the ability to both block and receive but people think of me as more a receiving tight end because of my stature. But I'm a hard-working guy," Nalbone said.

Nalbone, the 161st overall selection, said he admires future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez and he sees some of Gonzalez in himself.

"In a way, yes, watching him play, I saw him do things I could see myself doing, watching myself play on tape," Nalbone said. "I can envision myself behind that type of player."

Nalbone worked out for Philadelphia, New England, Miami, Jacksonville and Jets but he admitted he expected to go "later" in the draft.

Clemons, who ran a 4.33 at the Indy Combine, also sees a little of himself in some pretty good players. "I like to compare my game to Brian Dawkins or Ed Reed," Clemons said. "They're always around the ball. They're always making plays."

Clemons, the 165th overall selection, wasn't very highly regarded before the combine. One publication said he "doesn't play fast or physical." But the track speed opened some eyes.

"There was a noticeable change after the combine," the six-foot, 210-pound Clemons said.


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Nice Depth guys

expect some trades on WR/TE corps to clear roster spots.

See you later Wilford/Beck/Martin

soooo your thoughts Armando???

hahaaaaa@Ed Reed...

no nt yet whyyyy


Prolific Clemson University free safety Chris Clemons might be one of the fastest-rising prospects leading up to the 2009 draft. One league source indicated that the 6′, 208 pound native of Arcadia, Florida has really open eyes with his 40 times. Multiple scouts have clocked him between 4.37 and 4.38 in private workouts and, according to our numbers, he ran a 4.39 and 4.40 at the most recent N.F.L. combine. Clemons has had multiple private workouts with the Atlanta Falcons (DB coach) and most recently displayed his skills for the New England Patriots (DB coach and def coor). In addition, Philadelphia and New Orleans, who have a strong need for depth at safety, have set up private workouts with Chris. An anonymous scout reportedly told one of our sources: “His film work doesn’t lie, he has positioned himself as a day one safety”. The scout went on to mention that Clemons might be drafted much higher than most are currently expecting.

Draft Projection: 2nd-3rd Round

Overshadowed throughout his career by teammate Michael Hamlin, Clemons’ consistency in coverage might actually make him the safer NFL prospect. A three-year starter for the Tigers who leaves with 323 career tackles, 20 passes broken up and five interceptions, Clemons’ production warrants a closer look. If he can prove his speed in workouts, Clemons’ could surprise as a second-day defender capable of contributing immediately.

The Patriots have traded Ellis Hobbs which means nothing to us except that I understand they create $2.25 million of cap space with the move.

Jason Taylor space? Discuss....

Chris Clemons

Overview: In his third year as Clemson's starting free safety...has made at least one tackle in all 38 games...Clemson has finished in the top 25 in all four major categories in each of the last two years, as he has had a lot to do with that...big reason Clemson has not given up many big plays...has 229 career tackles, more than any other active Tiger and second among active ACC players...has a chance to join just a handful of defensive backs with 300 career tackles...#9 free safety in the nation by Phil Steele...has a 38" vertical jump, fifth-best on the team...has 197 tackles in the last two seasons...has started every game (26) the last two years and has played 38 in a row over three years...has three interceptions and 13 pass breakups in his career...has played over 700 snaps each of the last two seasons...has nine career games with double-figures in tackle.

Armando you were SUPPOSED to make a "call"!

If JT goes to NE, I'll cry for a week...

I don't know about Jason Taylor, but I'm surprised we didn't address pass rush yet. Perhaps they are more sold on Cameron Wake than I would have thought.

Here is a non-kool Aid break down:

V Davis: Starting CB opposite Allen
Pat White: Starting Qb for wildcat formation
S Smith: match up CB for T Owens, R Moss, will rotate with E green and J Allen in Nickle and Dime packages
P Turner: Starting WR Opposite Ginn Jr.
B Hartline: Upgrade over Bess (Bess and Camarillo move to depth where they belong)
J Nalbone: Longsnapper, eventual starting TE next season
C Clemons: Steal of our draft so far, will push for starting spot next year. Dude can flat out fly, hit and ball hawk.

last year the dolphins built up the trench players and this year its the skill players....I think it will pay off. One thing they have not deviated from is they are getting BIGGER and STRONGER. Getting pushed around by the Ravens is still lingering in the back of their minds. I think we should put parcells on the line and let him rush the qb with his man titties flopping around.

Mr Bungle. When are you going to stop impersonating The real Mr bungle and start using your own screen-name ?

"C Clemons: Steal of our draft so far, will push for starting spot next year. Dude can flat out fly, hit and ball hawk."

Hope so! :-)

jrizzle, now that was funny!

What are you talking about curious george? How am I impersonating anyone?

Chris Clemons was good value. Something to cheer about finally

Seems to me with pats picking up a couple of solid defensive players and fins not addressing pass rush, that maybe JT has a chance to come back?

I guess when Sparano said before the draft that the dolphins needed more pass rushers he was sending out false information to hide the dolphins true draft intentions.

You know damn well.

jrizzle said "Tuna's Man Titties"!!! ROFLMAO!!!

yo mr.mando do you think the phins will draft zack follet they havent added any pass rush yet?

Wow, we are going to have one of the best secondaries in football in a year or two... Will Allen will be gone after next year (his contract expires) and it looks like our secondary will include Vontae Davis and Sean Smith at Corner with Yeramiah Bell and Gibril Wilson at Safety with Chris Clemons as a back up or replacement for Bell... wow!

Here's the only video I could find on Clemons:


FYI & FWIW---brief post-drafting article about Nalbone in today's Newark Star Ledger


Who do you think has a bigger bust size; Parcells or Belicheater? I think Parcells is a C cup and Belicheater is a D cup.

Who do we pick with our 6th rounder? It's coming up soon - pick 8 in round 6 - # 181.

Maybe that DE from LSU?

We need some more DEFENSE!

Anyone have an idea?

Hey Mando good blogs so far.
As for JT he will be a Dolphin once more Mando know's this he is just playing with our minds. He is trying to get his number to go through the roof. He made the ''CALL''.
Let NE stock up on picks it won't matter they will finish 2nd to the Fins next year. Hey guyz did you see the jets fans crying when they heard sanchez name called. Sorry Sanchez as a MEXICAN my self I wish you well, but you went to the Dork side. Hope you like seening the sky alot because you will be on your back all day long.

Where do people got to retire? S Fla. This is Parcells stop between full time work and retirement. He gets paid no matter what, if fins succeed he takes credit, if they do not it is on GM and coach. He obviously did not prepare too heavily for this. They are getting schooled. If only LT could come back and the salary cap was erased!

Happy trails to Joey Thomas, Michael Lehan, and Joey Thomas. I dont know who our # 2-3-4 CBs are going to be, but the competition will be fierce, and that will make all of them better. I'd like to see Clemons push for playing time as well, because Yeremiah and Gibril are both better at run support than pass coverage.

Lehan plays for the Saints... if he's still there...

John Nalbone TE 6'4" 255 Monmouth (NJ)
Pick Analysis:The Dolphins nab a tight end with enticing skills as a complete tight end. Nalbone is one of the few tight ends who is adequate as both a blocker and receiver.

Chris Clemons FS 6'0" 208 Clemson
Pick Analysis:The former Tiger is an underrated prospect with good athleticism and cover skills. Clemons displays good range as a deep-middle player, and he could compete for a roster spot as a backup safety/special teams prospect.

"He obviously did not prepare too heavily for this. They are getting schooled."

Sure, buddy, sure! LMFAO@U! We ALl know you are a JETS fan!

In Tuna we trust!

zack follet? saw him play vs the canes hes a beast i hope the fins take him next!!

Fins might pick a kicker here...

The pick is Andrew Gardener, GT, OT. 6-6, 305 pounds.

Andrew Gardner, OT, GA Tech, 6-6 302

I can see why they drafted him...

The senior two-time first team All-ACC selection had season-ending surgery on his left shoulder on Nov. 6... played with a torn labrum most of the season -- an injury that worsened in the Oct. 25 Virginia game... played with significant pain but extended his nation-leading streak of consecutive starts to 48 (every game of his college career) vs. Florida State (Nov. 1)... one of the top offensive tackles in college football..

Good OL Depth. Next round I´ll pick Frantz Joseph

And with Jake Long and Vernon Carey already set at Tackle,the point of this pick is..???

I played w/ a torn labrum once.......

Mark we've got to all the good O-line depth we can.

Fins and Parcells always pick at least one RB so look for a runner in the 7th round. Personally, I'm rooting the pick is Jeremiah Johnson because I loved the movie!

Mark - Depth. Also I bet he can slide over and play guard. He is a tad small though.

Mark, have you ever heard in football about something called depth?? Just wondering...

Sal D'amico,
I don't think you have a labrum; are you sure you don't mean you played while you were in "labor"?. Just wondering based on your comments...

Yall cannot expect to get starters with every selection. Rememeber the injuries last year at the gaurd spot, depth is the name of the game.

Yea Jrizzle I think you are right. I think Sparano and company created the rumor of Joey Porter being our only player able to get pressure on the QB in an effort to hide our real plan of spending high draft picks on late round talents. If New England or the Jets knew our true intentions, you can bet your paycheck they would have moved up in the 2nd round to snag Turner and Hartline. And no chance of our Monmouth tight end being around in the 5th round. I'm thinking Buffalo would have packaged their two 1st round picks to move up in the first round to steal him!

you're an idiot..ever heard of depth...this is a sixth round pick moron

Depth?? Fluck depth,i want potential starters. A MLB instead of Ayodele is a must!!!

Looks like we will be going after J. Taylor. I wouldn't be surprised if we haven't already contacted his agent. As far as Belicheat and his draft philosophy...it seems the pupil has surpassed the teacher. I would've loved to see the tuna use that draft strategy this year. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with our selects. All we need to do after signing JT, is trade Wilford/Beck/London.


We run a 3-4 Mark, there is no MLB, and guess what, in the 6th round, you won't find a player to beat out Ayodele. And for the record, if we had depth last year, we wouldnt have had to resort to gimmick plays to create an offense when we lost our guards.

LOL @ Fluck. As you can see there not a lot talent at the LB spot in this years draft compared to years past. Don't forget about all the guys we're gonna be signing tonight after the draft is over. We'll find a young LB and a DT somewhere.

Parcells and Co. have given you plenty of picks to criticize, the 6th round tackle might not be the best one to attack

Fluck Depth Mark? Did you see what happened to our Run game when smiley went down and Andy Alleman came in? Fluck Depth do you know anything about building a team? Apparently not. Our lack of o-line depth last year was one of the reasonns we got harrased in the playoffs.

If Parcells and Ireland are looking for blue collar guys and guys with something to prove. I think they've hit a home run so far in this draft.

After the 3rd round there's hardly any expectations at all,except that of failure. Every one of these guys should have a chip on thier shoulders come training camp!

Are you telling me its a better choice to pick a Tackle for depth than to pick a potential starter at ILB like a Darry Beckwith or a Dannell Ellerbe?? I'm guessing not. Leave the depth till the 7th.....

kevin hates most of you,
it sounds like you hate me also....I am going to curl up in the fetal position in the corner of my room and cry while I suck on my finger and gently whisper "I want my mommy"

Can't believe Beckwith is still on the board. Is there an unknown reason to me why he's still there?

I'll tell you why he's still there Mulletts.....Cus Miami drafted a guy for depth rather than have him potentially start right away!!!!!

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