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Dolphins pick Nalbone, Clemons in the 5th round

The Dolphins have added two players in the fifth round of today's draft -- tight end Brian Nalbone of Monmouth and safety Chris Clemons -- who have high ambition for themselves based on what players they admire and try to pattern their games after.

Nalbone is a 6-3 and 260 pounder who is something of a pass-catching threat.

"I have the ability to both block and receive but people think of me as more a receiving tight end because of my stature. But I'm a hard-working guy," Nalbone said.

Nalbone, the 161st overall selection, said he admires future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez and he sees some of Gonzalez in himself.

"In a way, yes, watching him play, I saw him do things I could see myself doing, watching myself play on tape," Nalbone said. "I can envision myself behind that type of player."

Nalbone worked out for Philadelphia, New England, Miami, Jacksonville and Jets but he admitted he expected to go "later" in the draft.

Clemons, who ran a 4.33 at the Indy Combine, also sees a little of himself in some pretty good players. "I like to compare my game to Brian Dawkins or Ed Reed," Clemons said. "They're always around the ball. They're always making plays."

Clemons, the 165th overall selection, wasn't very highly regarded before the combine. One publication said he "doesn't play fast or physical." But the track speed opened some eyes.

"There was a noticeable change after the combine," the six-foot, 210-pound Clemons said.


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Jason, here is the what will happen,

V Davis: Starting CB opposite Allen-----backup

Pat White: Starting Qb for wildcat formation---6 to seven plays a game

S Smith: match up CB for T Owens, R Moss, will rotate with E green and J Allen in Nickle and Dime packages-----slow he is cut
P Turner: Starting WR Opposite Ginn Jr.---Practice squad
B Hartline: Upgrade over Bess (Bess and Camarillo move to depth where they belong)----Cut
J Nalbone: Longsnapper, eventual starting TE next season---special teams
C Clemons: Steal of our draft so far, will push for starting spot next year. Dude can flat out fly, hit and ball hawk. ---special teams

Get real dude

Who do you think has a bigger bust size; Parcells or Belicheater? I think Parcells is a C cup and Belicheater is a D cup.

Posted by: jrizzle | April 26, 2009 at 04:01 PM---------------------
U of Kansas HC Mangino has them both beat...big time.

Anyone notice this years draft class really TALKS a good game?....lots of "I's"
Hopefully our Power trio will clue them in on that old, but cogent cliche, "there is no I in team."

Definition of a dope....Someone who pretends to know anything about the draft. That's why guys become stars from the 12th round(back in the day) or from being undrafted and guys that go top 10 are busts. Get over it. Best line about the draft is the only thing I know for sure is I don't know anything. So stop playing Mel Kiper(who is a joke in his own right). Trust in the staff that turned us around. If it doesn't work out, you move on. It's much like life.

We got the next Brian Dawkins and Tony Gonzalez.....sweet.

This draft was a disappointment!

You have a chance to draft Ray Mauluga in the 2nd round and you let him walk by????

Something tells me Parcells was NOT in the room.

What the h@11 are you thinking IRELAND?

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