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Dolphins pick Pat White in the second round

It sounded like a strange pick with the 44th overall selection, but the Dolphins have drafted West Virginia's Pat White with their first pick of the second round.

White comes to the Dolphins with great position flexibility.

He obviously played QB in college. But his ability to escape and speed make him a threat if Miami continues using the wildcat package. He will compete with Ronnie Brown for that work.

And White is likely to get snaps as a wide receiver.

"I just want the opportunity to play," White said moments ago. "I had no expectations, I was just hoping someone would give me a chance. Someone has and now it's time to get to work."

White said he met with Dolphins quarterback coach David Lee during the Senior Bowl so obviously he will be asked to learn that position. People, this kid will be Miami's third-string quarterback next year and possibly the second-stringer if Chad Pennington doesn't sign an extension.

Oh yeah, this pick is not good news for backup quarterback John Beck, who has been on the trade block.


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You got your wish Mando! Everybody that laughed at Mando please eat crow hehe!!!

I'd like to also say welcome back JT and now lets get Ramses Barden

1st i think this makes our wildcat package on steroids

I love the pick because at least now if White is in the wildcat it is not going to be a run everytime... I am still kind of confused though with Barwin and Johnson there...

Holy crap. I think we could have waited until the 3rd, but Pat White behind center means Wildcat passing TDs!

Hey Im first kewl!


I like this pick,,, with this kind of guy you can get creative with the offensive playbook...

Hey, the Fins are serious about the spread offense. This is utterly amazing. I thought the wildcat was a cover for a weak o-line.

I can't believe I get to see college football on Saturdays and Sundays now! Wow!

Mando, Maycock says in two years White beats all the Chads. Film shows a hell of an arm. your thoughts?

barwin and sintim down now too

ok, this is all well and good, but can we PLEASE sign Jason Taylor now?

WOW, that completely took me by shock! But what can I say the TUNA is at work and I will follow what he says. There is method to the madness here and I cant wait to see how it turns out this season!

So far the way this draft has gone it looks like JT will be back

mando i want u to get on the blog and publicly accept my apology on asking if u were smoking crack i am truly sorry. Ever since jesse left me and made showgirls i get a little haywire but im sorry.

He looks like a great player but could we have picked him up in the third?

I like his attitude and the way he lives up to a challenge. Someone like that in the wildcat will be great. hopefully, he can make out base offense great too.

Think he will take a lot of snaps at WR?


Wow, perhaps my expectations for the Trifecta were too high. So far, this draft seems far less than brilliant. This draft and our schedule - the cards will definitely be stacked against us.

Pat White: do u know the f'n options, we're going to have out of the wildcat and spread now.

HELLO JASON TAYLOR! can we just make it official now, unless we pick up cody brown or sidbury

This is a gadget pick in the same mold as Tedd Ginn. Unless you are knee deep in talent and depth you cannot use your high draft picks like this. The Phins are not deep and have ton of needs. NT, Pass Rush LB, WR and we take a gadget QB, special teams contributor, and a guy who has never played WR to possibly play WR? Huh?

Has this ever been successful?

Way to high.

Mando, asks Parcells if he has been sampling some of Ricky's old stash. Early 2nd on a situational player than could have been had much later. I don't understand that at all. Not with who was left on the board we could have used. Oh well

It appears that all the noise about the Trifecta hankering after OLB was a complete smoke screen. Miami signed Wake to fill this role.

: (

Big O hates this pick....sheeeesh, he's become quite the hater; QAM played an audio clip from NFL Network---Jon Gruden absolutely LOVES the pick; ESPN panel mixed; Keyshawn likee, Kiper says no "value" at this slot for a handful of plays; Stevie Young says Fins must let him compete for "real" (not just w/cat) qb or else PWhite'll be unhappy.
I summarize so you can comment at will....

They won't sign JT until after the draft. Who knows if they are still looking at a DE/LB or not (maybe they planned to sign him all along) but by not signing him first it helps hide the teams intentions.

Considering he didn't work the WR tree at any time, I hope Parcells knows what he is doing?!

Kind of gives me flashes of the role Kordell Stewart had with Pittsburgh but was this REALLY the best player on our board? I hope so because he doesn't fill a need at QB.

McShays not a fan of the pick. He basically showed that the phins picked another guy that won't prove to be a dependable WR. In that sense, he is right. But White does allow for options.

what an abortion!

ok guys now its that 6'6 WR TURN.

Jest , Patsie , Bills coach's saying uh oh !!!

How come all the "draft guru's" and people who have never played football kiper, mcshay think it's a terrible pick


all the NFL coaches herm edwards and john gruden think it's a great pick hhmm...

who do i trust?.....


What do you think a left hander like White brings to the Wildcat? I wonder if there's an advantage to having a left hander out there? Could you ask the team that, next time you get a chance?!?

Unpredictability will work in our favor. You have to appreciate the fact that a Tuna team is changing the offensive playbook of the entire league. Who'da thunk.

Wildcat, Wildcat - that's one of the few areas that didn't need an upgrade, that and quaterback!!!! This pick makes no sense unless Ronnie Brown is being traded to the Cards.

Taking White was like the raiders taking Heyward-Bey at 7 in the first. Too early and I don't see the fit. It can only mean the Wildcat is here to stay. I don't want to say my faith is shaken but I have doubts about these picks thus far.

anyone doubting this pick needs ot stop immediatley. this guy won all of this bowl games, senior bowl mvp. just watch his bowl game against unc earlier this year. he TORE it up! best throwing qb at the combine (better than stafford and sanchez as the experts). most rushing yards of a qb in ncaa history. 56 pass touchdowns 47 rush touchdowns 66% completions over his long career at WVU. imagine this guy in wildcat!!!!!!!!!!!! parcells = genius!!!!!! by far my favoritte player in the draft!!!

who the hell is mitchell? are the raiders actually retardede

we are doomed....dumbass draft picks...Tuna'll be gone in a year....back to square one.....we shoulda gotten Pioli.

I am not really sure what to think about this pick of PAT WHITE. But I do not think that this means Henne will be his back up... this just means Wilford is gone it's Ginn, Bess, Camarillo (or however you spell it) White, and London for our receiving corps. With Henne at the helm this will work out, we'll trade camarillo and White will work as our return man.

Don't like it. I think Everett Brown would have been the pick until the Panthers trumped us. I would have taken DJ Moore and we would have been set at CB for the next 8 years.

Marcus. with the 1st pick miami selects Darius butler. NOT, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

I need to get high now after that pick..........WTF?

What is wrong w/Brandon Tate?

i think i meant retarded ahem....

Parcells and ireland are morons. How many plays is he gonna play? you pass on Sintim for a part time player. This is a worse pick than eddie moore. You still have no passrush.

I absolutely love this pick and not because I was calling for it earlier. I just think it fills so many needs with one guy it makes huge sense.

OMG - What are the Raiders doing? Its embarrassing to watch them draft. God, No wonder Lane Kiffen got out of dodge.

Anybody else wondering if Pat was the pick the entire time even if Brace, Brown, and Butler were still there?

I love this pick! it will bring some more flexiblity & explosivenes to our offense!!! What is the deal with the raiders and their bizare picks????

@Sharon: Baltimore stopped the Wildcat pretty well. Most teams were stacking 8 in the box since Ronnie Brown could not be counted on to pass consistently. Now with Pat White under center and Ronnie playing Felix Jones' halfback role, they can run or pass, making sure the strong safety needs to stay honest.

Pat white...r u kidding me...what a waste of a pick...man they got drafted by the Patriots already. I wish I had their two 2nd round picks Brace and Butler instead of our 1 and 2...plus they had another 2. I don't get it...PAT WHITE!! They must not think to highly of Henne after all

who cares what pat white did as a qb at wvu?? we have pennington for now and henne for tomorrow. so what can this guy really do for us outside of the wildcat which wont be as successful this season anyway? we could have gotten this guy in the 5th round. holy hell!

ESPN has lost all credibility especially mel kiper the expert.. they all just knocked the fish pick and NEVER once mentioned the WILDCAT!

mel said this has to be for WR...lol..

ESPN draft coverage now SUCKS.... NFL network is so much more accurate.

PUTS defense on there heels dont know if its a pass or run so this pick puts points on the board guys.

Very Bad pick at 44. We have pressing needs not a trick play specialist. Bad move trifecta.

Armando, I know this may sound stupid considering his lack of size but any chance that White can play a Jim Jensen type role (QB/HB/WR)?

Think about how defense cordinators will now have 1 week to prepare for a team that pounds the ball with ricky and ronnie and that runs a better version of the wildcat


NJ, what are you talking about? Butler went in the second in a good spot to a good team. If he was good enough for the Pats, obviously he is a good player. I'm glad Bill Belicheck agrees with me. What you got to say about Pat White? Laugh about that one.

I think this is a great pick, when Ronnie Brown was running the wildcat the opposing team would be moving the safties up to cheat the run.....

Well guess what happens when you have an accurate passing Wildcat ?

Anyways, this will free up Ronnie from getting beat up during the game, keeping him fresh for the 4th quarter victory march !


how many needs does this fill? He's never played wide receiver and NEVER play QB over Henne. Stupid, moronic pick.

Let the dolphins acquire as much talent and gamechangers they can at one point West Virgina wuz ranked #1 has that ever happened before? uh! no and i think slaton had a pretty good rookie season and we all knew pat white wuz the better player.

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