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Dolphins pick Pat White in the second round

It sounded like a strange pick with the 44th overall selection, but the Dolphins have drafted West Virginia's Pat White with their first pick of the second round.

White comes to the Dolphins with great position flexibility.

He obviously played QB in college. But his ability to escape and speed make him a threat if Miami continues using the wildcat package. He will compete with Ronnie Brown for that work.

And White is likely to get snaps as a wide receiver.

"I just want the opportunity to play," White said moments ago. "I had no expectations, I was just hoping someone would give me a chance. Someone has and now it's time to get to work."

White said he met with Dolphins quarterback coach David Lee during the Senior Bowl so obviously he will be asked to learn that position. People, this kid will be Miami's third-string quarterback next year and possibly the second-stringer if Chad Pennington doesn't sign an extension.

Oh yeah, this pick is not good news for backup quarterback John Beck, who has been on the trade block.


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White reminds me of Vick; he better be niece 2 dogs!!

Guys, If the Pats had picked White we would all be freaking out. Let's trust Parcells and crew and let this work itself out. Nice job today Armando.

Think about what we did with the nacent Wildcat last year...a plan drawn up on a napkin at 30,000 ft, Ronnie Brown, and one week to implement.

2009...a full training camp and a talent like Pat White. WIDE OPEN OFFENSE!!!

PAT WHITE is the better Percey Harvin... he'll give you the same game changing plays but with a hunger to succeed and cheaper than Harvin.

Pat White even said that he "wants to play QB" not receiver in the NFL. This makes no sense. Maybe we should draft 3 more QBs just to confuse the Patriots and Jets even more.

Why does this organization's brains turn to jelly every draft day, regardless of who is in charge??

Pat white is a sick pick, have any of you ever watched him play. He is nasty. he can throw and run. I dont know exactly where he will play but im not the Tuna. Pat White is a freak player and will benefit the Dolphins. When he runs for a 40 yard TD out of no where all of you gusy will shut up and thank the Tuna for taking him.

Mando how does this fill the need for a legit number 1 receiver ? or create more pass rush ?

think bill and ireland are like super high over #44 pick...we'll never make it to the big show

Is Parcells getting kickbacks from Belicheat?

the dolphins are the new raiders

Morons? Hmm, let me see, we get our back up QB, our starting QB for Wildcat, our slot WR, Ronnie Brown now moves into the Patrick Cobbs role in Wildcat, Beck can now be dealt for a pick....seems like a pretty damn productive pick to me.

Man, I was off on both selections. I guess that resume I sent to parcells went in the old trash can. I am not crazy about the first pick even if he can shed blockers. The second pick looks good. A little surprised. I thought we were going for size but it seems speed is the next demon we are chasing.

I think our next pick will be for a NT.

I can't wait to see the C- tomorrow...stupid...let the fans email in the next pick for the Fish...PAT WHITE with their second pick...the next JOhn Avery

I don't understand this pick, this high!! Seems that he would have been available in the 3rd round. Why did we drafted QB last year????
I'm sorry but I think Parcell's and company really screwed this one up!

ANyone who likes this pick is a moron!!!!! Parcells is an idiot and i'm tired of watching the dolphins ruin every single draft. I have been a fan since 85 when i was 7 yrs old and i'm done i can't take this crap anymore. We went 11-5 last yr by luck i guarantee we dont win 7 games next year. iwas gonna buy season tickets not now f@#k this s%$t i'm done i'll be rooting for the steelers next year.

Good point Havasu, White will be a star. Henne better be on his toes in practice! i can't wait to see him on the field, it's going to be exciting. he is very dangerous.

I agree with Armando. White fills many needs. Heck, he could play several different positions in the Wildcat alone to add even more confusion for opposing defenses. I do wonder what this pick says about Ronnie Brown and John Beck though. Maybe neither will survive the weekend.

wow i can see it now a whole seris 2 minute drill with white as qb running passing end arounds its all there baby its all there..

Interesting pick but think about this, instead of having Pennington be the 11th guy just standing there, put in pat white at QB, Ronnie Brown at RB and a slew of WR's and this team is tough to stop. You can't stack 8-9 in the box because White can throw. Have a burner like Bess or Ginn on the outside and white hits them deep. Things could be interesting next year!

I love this pick and the excitement this kid will bring to the team....

NONE of ya'll see what's going on, AND what's going to happen.

:::shaking my head:::

Watch what happens within these 2 weeks folks ;)

Also, what's with the negativity?
People are ALWAYS taking the "easy" route by spewing hate =(

We aren't making MILLIONS making football decisions!
Remember that ;)

I'll trust the big guys that put that miraculous season in motion when it comes to the draft. Let the games be played and then down the road judge the pick. I for one am happy to see him land with the Fins.

Great pick. However, using a 2nd round pick on a guy who will only be used in the wildcat (30%) of the time? I would've rather gambled and hope he would be there in the 4th and shored up defense. We obviously will not get a #1WR this draft...unless a hidden gem can be found.

mando you think the fins will go after a receiver with the next pick??

Flashback: And the Miami Dolphins select Ted Ginn.

Doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

I think he fits well in the wildcat system but the top of the 2nd round..no way..I dont think anybody else wanted him that bad..they should have at least waited until the 3rd round

slot WR??? R U serious? All our WR's are slot WR's Ginn, Camerillio, Bess now White (and he has never played WR)...how about drafting a real WR? Can we throw to someone other than our TE's???

Its a good thing some of you arent the GM of the Phins or we'd be in worse shape than with Pornstache and Spiltmilk

i agree totally with patrick...guy can only stomach so much then just say f*%$ it

This is the kiss of death to Pennington ... Henne starter White backup Beck third string trade bait Pennington gone next year...

Whether you like this pick or not, PLEEEEEASE stop saying Pat White would be available in the 3rd round because it just wasn't going to happen! Many people thought the Pats might take White with one of their 2nd round picks.

Personally, I don't like the pick but if Parcells did want him, then this was an appropriate place to take him.

can i get a ESPN draft coverage sucks from the crowd????

Stop crying about White! We were playing 10 v 11 last year in the wildcat. It'll make a huge difference this year.

These picks are laughable. How depressing. Reminds me of the Cam Cameron drafts. Is Bill Parcells really making these picks?

I LOVE this pick!!!!!!


marcus. face it. You got abused with me and the butler pick to miami and you know it . LMAO . So now your bringing him up going to ne in the 2nd round ?. LMAO. And why are you bring up white ? we never talked about him. that's between me and mando you sore loser. what a F'n baby.

boy this draft has had everything. Dallas passes?

Dolphans or im sorry Gm"s We went 11-5 without your help last year on the draft so shut up and let the umm!!! real Gm's do there job oh i forgot u guys r.

how come eveyrone BUT us is picking up extra picks here there and everywhere?

This is way too early for Pat White. Come on. What a wasted pick.

patrick: u stick around for Spielman, Wanstent, Mueller, Cameron, etc and now you wanna leave!?!?!?!? What a lil bi**h u r!!! The fans just became tougher by losing u as a fan!!!


I think some of you guys need to take a chill pill. All this talk about the Pats having four picks and what is they do this etc... If we hadn't of taken Pat White the Pats would have taken him before we picked again. They would have loved to have added the Wildcat to their team and would have loved to have stopped us from adding White. Let's wait and see what White can do before we start making all these nonsense comments like 'disaster drafts'. White will help the offence and we still have more picks to make and possibilities with guys like Boldin, Taylor and Burgess. Let's relax guys and see how things play out.


how about just an all-around ESPN sux in general and in all.

Mando, why do like this pick this early? Please explain. I just don't see a need for him early in the 2nd. He most likely will not ever be more than a backup qb and his receiving skills are unproven. My guess is he will be a backup or out of the league in 3-5 years. In the wildcat fine, but what is that, 5% of our offensive plays, is that worth an early 2nd?

WTF??? Cowboys pass....lol..losers

pat white was a super pick. he is already the best athlete on the dolphins team, he has a stronger arm than chad henne, had a much more productive college career is faster abd who in their right mind think pennington is going to duplicate last year, let alons stay injury free. bill parcells continues to add football talent to this team. the man is the best at evaluating talent. i love this pick. unstoppable offensive force

Almost as bad as Vikings taking Hervin

Looks at the Pat's draft - Chung, Brace, Butler...and no 1st round picks...then you wonder why they are always on top. Did Parcells take the out clause in his contract before the pick??

The Patriots know how to work the draft. Parcells has just proved he needs to retire and go play golf in Boca. What a freakin joke of a draft.Maybe we can pick eddie moore and jamar fletcher next.

who even watches espn draft coverage anymore?

keyshawn knows nothing

kiper is a boob

berman just talks about the bills and 49ers

steve young takes 25 minutes to get a point accross

chris mortenson has no real sources, he blows

Could the fins look to make White a RB verses WR?

those idiots on ESPN need to get a clue! dallas traded their pick!!!


Folks, calm down for a moment and read what the New York Times Fifth Down Blog has to say:

"You know how this will work. White will play a little receiver. He’ll play a little quarterback. Ronnie Brown will line up in the Wildcat as a shotgun quarterback, White will be in the slot, and opponents will brace for triple-reverse option passes. The Dolphins needed a more traditional receiver, but they couldn’t get an athlete in White’s class with this pick, and Vontae Davis was a smarter selection early in the draft. So let the good times role with White, Brown, and every gadget play Tony Sporano’s staff can dream up."

better be wr next pick

Chris Berman loved Pat White...now you know we are in trouble...Pats taking Pat White was a smoke screen...they have Brady...they don't need the Wildcat.

Damn we needed a WR or OLB

Pat White would have been available in the 3rd round. He doesnt have a position. Is Parcells on drugs?

For the last time, I said I liked Darius Butler. I thought the Dolphins should look at him at 25. Obviously they did. You said he wouldn't be the selection but for all the wrong reasons. You acted as if he wouldn't even be on their board. He was. The Pats got him because he is a good player. Just like I said. I said he was a good player. PERIOD. I brought up Pat White cause I saw you laughing when Mando brought him up. Just being koy... You were right, the Dolphins did not choose Butler. But I will be right because he will be good on the Pats.

jared cook.

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