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Dolphins pick Pat White in the second round

It sounded like a strange pick with the 44th overall selection, but the Dolphins have drafted West Virginia's Pat White with their first pick of the second round.

White comes to the Dolphins with great position flexibility.

He obviously played QB in college. But his ability to escape and speed make him a threat if Miami continues using the wildcat package. He will compete with Ronnie Brown for that work.

And White is likely to get snaps as a wide receiver.

"I just want the opportunity to play," White said moments ago. "I had no expectations, I was just hoping someone would give me a chance. Someone has and now it's time to get to work."

White said he met with Dolphins quarterback coach David Lee during the Senior Bowl so obviously he will be asked to learn that position. People, this kid will be Miami's third-string quarterback next year and possibly the second-stringer if Chad Pennington doesn't sign an extension.

Oh yeah, this pick is not good news for backup quarterback John Beck, who has been on the trade block.


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the Pat white pick was basically a trade for jason taylor (given at the end of his career). how many of you would have done that trade?

The Fins need a dynamic, fast TE with this next pick... i say Cook should be the perfect fit.

We need depth at Tackle so I say the pick should be OT Beatty out of UConn.

Calm down Francis. Today's NFL is about mismatchs. Ronnie behind center in the wilcat could run well...that's it. the one pass he completed to Fasano was a fluke. Pat White can run, pass, and catch...and can do them all very well. Major mismatch for Def coordinators to game plan against.

another nfl network commercial for the dolphins pick, were batting 1.000

On the clock & NFL network on commercial again!! Geeze-a-mighty!!

i don't think anyone is saying pat white isn't going to be a weapon for us. but did we really have to take him that high?

Let's see Jared Cook next.... PLEASE!!!

I was initially skeptical of the Pat White pick... for about 2 minutes. This regime is really big about versatility in order to make the roster. This kid will be cheaper than John Beck has so much more versatility. Will Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams be a Dolphin in two or three years? Picture this kid in the wildcat or on end around plays from the slot and he can be your emergency QB. He could be a special teams filler or come in as an extra corner in the dime package. Might have been a stretch and likely would have been available with the 61st pick, buy heh... you want what you want, when you want it.

RobbyMarino: I dont think anyone can mind F*** the Tuna. The trifecta had it in their minds to take Davis. Otherwise we would of taken Darius Butler. Like everyone was saying. We will be strong in the second round. Thats when the Tuna works his magic. He did it last year with some of our young linemen and he will do it again. Most of you idiots wont even watch tommorow, but you are still fans right? NOT.

NY Giant picks look like what i thought miami be. Sintim, Beatty, Hicks.

commercial again????

Why is ESPN jamming the Dolphins with a commercial each time?

Does ESPN have some sort of vendetta against the Dolphins?

commercial - unfreaking believeable!

we traded again???

All this game film that they were supposed to be watching was in fact daffy duck cartoons.


nice! we get a fast CB and a FS/CB... I guess WR/LB and NT will be picked tomorrow.

Sean Smith -- There you go!!

The number of 2nd round commercials has been ridiculous.

ESPN fail.

amen, neighbor. 11 v 11 makes for a huge difference with the wildcat... Another db, too. Great job today!

Finsfan: too much agression!! U need 2 hang out with Harvin & smoke some weed!!

I will watch tomorrow & I will b a fan!! As a matter of fact I'll wish u a good morning so u don't wake up so cranky!!

We wanted this guy all offseason. Thank god we landed him.

Sean Smith CB - the rumors were correct!

finally...good pick...big bugger

Yeeeeeeesss. another BIG CB ! He might play a little S.


All WAC baby!

Oh wait.

Mixing in the WildCat with a guy who can throw, with a smash mouth running game will present problems for opposing D's.

Apparently the guy can also catch the ball, and RAC.

I recall Parcell's being asked a few months back what the team most needs, his answer? Offensive explosiveness.

I'm out both ESPN and the NFL networks coverage has sucked!!! way too many commercials!

Mando!!! Yoo-hoo!!! Talk 2 me goose... I like this pick since Will will b a free agent next year.. Agree? How goods this guy?

Sean Smith. Strong pick. Gives the Dolphins flexibility should ... A. Will Allen leave in free agency after this season. B. Vontae Davis not pan out. C. The Pats put Welker and Moss and Joey Galloway and Greg Lewis on the field at the same time.

Great Freaking Day! Awesome Freaking Da!. What a day with Davis, Smith and White. If you told me yesterday that we would end up with all these guys i would have called you a liar. What a Draft!


Love the Smith pick. I love that height.

Preparing for Will Allen's departure. If Vontae can overcome the character issues (no I don't know him personally) it is a good draft. White was maybe a reach here but we did keep him from the Pats and he will be very useful. I guess Miami believes the Wildcat is not a trick set of plays and is a permanent part of our offense. Why not? With a guy like White to run it...

Not super high on the Davis pick, the Smith pick was good value, but the White pick lowers the grade to a C- for the first day. More needs to be filled than a niche player who probably won't ever even make it as a backup QB

Yeah Sean Smith !!! We got secondary for years to come. Tomorrow will be a great draft day too looking for Johnson / Barden etc.

Sorry RobbyMarino but most of these guys dont even know what they are talking about. Complaining about picks and talking a bunch of shit on my dolphins. I love the dolphins and only want the best for them.

Sean Smith... cool!

This first day was good. We picked up 2 CB's to compete for a starting role and a pretty good utility player that could do alot for our team in the future.

I am not as disappointed with this draft as I expected I would be.

To make sure this day is a COMPLETE success, we have to sign Taylor and trade Beck.

The picks starting to take shape & make sense. In a division of big recievers, you bring in big fast defenders. The White pick seems to be one of versatility and atheletism. Trifecta has something in mind here because it appeared he was taken too early. It indicates to me that they like something about White and wanted to make sure they had him even if it meant pulling the trigger early.

Dont be suprised to see Miami make a play for Jason Taylor after the draft. 2 CB's and a QB/WR taken already without sniffing a pass rusher. Very suprising.

Solid 3 pks for the fish we r better 2nite!! You betta believe it.


I like Mayock tons more than Kiper, but the guy sucked today!! He didn't guess 1 pick & completely froze when asked what Indy would do.. He just stared at his sheet!! He sucked, luckily, they were on commercial 80% of day..

let's hope merling and langford continue to develop so that we can get some pass rush out of them. also, if roth starts getting sacks, that would improve our pass D along with these corners.

" but the White pick lowers the grade to a C-"...Go Back to your cubicle. How the hell do you know??...You don't. Post that in three years GURU.



Mando, good job on the radio today. We need a big physical WR, even if he is a little slow. Anyone left who can help?

I will in three years when he is out of the NFL

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Kinda bummed about our draft so far. Not overly excited about Davis, considering his brother was much more highly rated and hasn't shown much so far. Pat White would cetainly have been around for our other 2nd rounder, if not the 3rd or 4th round. We should have gotten Connor Barwin with the 44th pick!!

I think Sean Smith saved this draft so far for the Fins. Vontae Davis would had probably been there at the 2nd rd (44) as Rey Maualuga should have been the pick @ 25. Pat White had no business being picked in the 2nd rd. Sean Smith wss the best pick of the day. If anything, we might have a new CB duo that will shut down the best WR's of the division. I guess "in Bill we trust"

Don't like the pick. Fins have been far too passive in the draft. Could have easly moved up and gotton Brace...learn from NE.

all the busters...pat white is a gamer...he wins games...and has proven it. the role as a wildcat specialist is not when you have a wide out named pennington...after the adjustments defenses made as the year progressed..held no threat. now you have a bonafide lefty lefty brown white nut fest...it holds potential that could redefine our wildcat and wildcats run in ncaa...i think its genious and definatly spells that our wildcat is here to stay...prepare and let the new offense begin..
and remember we could still have a few surprises to go...

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