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Dolphins pick Pat White in the second round

It sounded like a strange pick with the 44th overall selection, but the Dolphins have drafted West Virginia's Pat White with their first pick of the second round.

White comes to the Dolphins with great position flexibility.

He obviously played QB in college. But his ability to escape and speed make him a threat if Miami continues using the wildcat package. He will compete with Ronnie Brown for that work.

And White is likely to get snaps as a wide receiver.

"I just want the opportunity to play," White said moments ago. "I had no expectations, I was just hoping someone would give me a chance. Someone has and now it's time to get to work."

White said he met with Dolphins quarterback coach David Lee during the Senior Bowl so obviously he will be asked to learn that position. People, this kid will be Miami's third-string quarterback next year and possibly the second-stringer if Chad Pennington doesn't sign an extension.

Oh yeah, this pick is not good news for backup quarterback John Beck, who has been on the trade block.


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Hey, Tommya, just in case you hadn't noticed, Ronnie Brown is a lefty. And, what difference does it make how many plays he's in, if those plays are succesful. Haven't all of you figured out by now that Miami does not rely on ANY ONE player on offense. I love the pick. The new wrinkles that will be added to the offense will make us a multi-dimension team...call him a "gadget" player...so what. You see gadget plays all the time these days by teams other than Miami. And why do people continue to say "hope Parcells knows what he's doing"...he does...time and time again, he's proven that. Way to go, Dolphins!

it is sort of puzzling after all of the patience they showed to get henne, that they would reach with 2nd round pick for this qb. i don't really get it. not so sure about two cb's either. does not seem like a prototypical bill parcells draft.

people calm down this was a great pick pat white is a gamechanger with something to prove look at leon washington darren sproles and reggie bush all of those players are versatile and they can change games leon is the jets most dangerous weapon sproles carried the chargers through the playoffs white can throw the ball very well and led the mountaineers to 4 bowl games victories plus he fits into the dolphins system unlike heyward-bey who was picked because of his size and speed

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OMG! I hated the Pat White pick at first. But now after looking at it......2 CBs and most likely Jason Taylor at OLB, Pat White was a great pickup! He could be backup QB, a WR, and run the wildcat. Nice versatility. I think day one was OUTSTANDING. I was hoping for English, but overall, this was fintastic!!! Hopefully we can still get Ramses "the Pharoah" Barten in the 3rd. Picked up another 5th rounder from Indy and still got Sean Smith! I was afraid that Belicheat kicked our @ss with his first 3 picks, but I'm not so sure now.

I'm from WV...Pat White is a playmaker both on the ground and through the air. He is an excellent passer while on the move. When he's lining up in the Wildcat the...watch out! That is gonna be tough as hell to stop (unlike when Ronnie runs it where there is little threat of a pass).

Man....I take it we are set at the defensive back positions. Go Phins!!!!!!!

I think most everyones looking at the pick of White rather one dimensionally. BP may have been looking at this kid as the greatest value of the entire draft.

Remember it was rumored BP would like to have 12 picks instead of 9 with this draft. Think about it and its a stroke of genious.

In Pat White, he drafted one player who that can address 4 different roster positions and excell at doing it.

White's flexibility allows him to either compete to be Henne's backup, become a complete defensive wildcat terror running or passing, a brilliant return man, and he can play a little tailback for as a change of pace back.

When we consider the fact that he has the smarts and athleticism to excell a numerous positions on the football field. I can see where picking him this high may not be so mind boggling at all!

here we go dolphins
here we go

awesome day 1...hopefully we get mike johnson and braqndon tate tomorrow...keep your fingers crossed. mcw yo9u are a tool u moron...look at how pat whote played in the 4 bowl games he played....esp the last one against NC....you put this hat on and go sit down in the corner...go phins!

Was surprised the Pat White was used in that 1st 2nd round pick. Could have had him at least 3rd round. Like the CB picks for the simple fact that our pass defense was 25th last season & we need some defenders going up against Moss, Welker, Owens, Evans etc.in the division alone. Also adds depth to the position.

I have a confession to make, I didn't like this pic at all at first. Didn't know the guy...BUT I've been researching my butt off in the internet, and I've actually kinda like this guy know...

We couldn't have waited until the 3rd round b/c Dallas was waiting for Pat White to be available in the 2nd. If we didn't pull the trigger he would have been gone by the half way point of the 2nd. The reason the Cowboys traded out b/c that was the one player in this "weak draft class" they wanted in the 2nd was gone.

God theres no pleasing some people and some of you "Experts" make me laugh.

I love seeing things like "This guy would have been there 2 rounds later".. Umm.. how the hell do you know? How do you know another team wouldnt have scooped up a player (Ill use White as an example but Davis is probably a better one).

Davis was predicted to go in the top 15 as the second best corner in the draft.

White was projected as a possible 3rd rounder but he was in the top 40 of Maylocks players... if Miami didn't take him then, most likely he'd be in another uniform right now.

You guys crack me up... and obviously know nothing.

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