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Dolphins pick Sean Smith with third overall pick

The Dolphins traded their second pick of the second round (57th overall) for a lower second-round pick (61 overall) and a fifth-rounder (165 overall). With that lower second-rounder the Dolphins selected their second cornerback of the day, Sean Smith out of Utah.

Smith is one of the biggest cornerback corners in the draft at 6-3 and 214 pounds.

"I am a bigger so i can definitely get better at staying with smaller wide receivers," Smith said moments ago.

But the advantage of being bigger is one can be more aggressive and tough. So Smith a tough guy?

"Definitely," he said. "I'm going to come in and prove that to everybody."


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This is a good pick. We'll need that height and size in the AFC East, against Moss and Owens.

Two big corners on day 1. I'm pumped to see Sean Smith playing jump ball with Randy Moss.

I am pretty pleased with the draft, though we passed on some edge rushing talent that was puzzling ... unless JT is returning? Any word on that Armando?

helloooooo JT!!!! and how bout a little second generation madison/surtain!!!!!

Good picks on the first day. Our biggest need other than wr and lb was definitely cb. All the haters calling Parcells and Ireland idiots for drafting Pat White will be eating their words when White makes a huge play and wins the game. By the way, who the Hell does Mel Kiper think he is? This supposed expert bashed the Colts when they drafted Marshall Faulk instead of Heath Shuler. I trust the trio more than the other previous regimes.

Baby Come Back.

i called it in the comments section of the last Mando post....now I'll be looking for Jarret Dillard in the second day. I honestly liked what we did overall.

and pat white will be our number two behind henne - we are SET!!! not to mention the wildcat and some slot work. this is a GREAT draft!!

I like this draft. All Pat White did in college was play winning football. He is sneaky fast but has a good arm. West Virginia's offense was not a pass first offense but when he had to throw it he did well. The Dolphins really haven't had a solid cornerback tandem since Madison and Surtain. In the pass happy AFC East, they definitely needed a second cornerback and a third guy who can cover Welker in the slot. I think they can get the bigs in the latter part of the draft.

If you are watching the draft that was the one knock on the guy. They say he's scared to hit on NFL Network.

Miami should grab pass rush and o-line and wide-receivers day 2. i could see Ramses barden round 3. Bill Parcells must have seen something that would be there in later round at olb to pass up on so many players and white is a luxury pick which i think we can afford to make luxury picks are made by teams that are looking to take the next step in the play-offs which we are.

Guys, we got 2 potential STARTERS at CB! Young, fast, and TOUGH! Bill Parcell's type of guys. Getting Sean Smith in the later part of Round 2 = A+! Pat White? This kid is a WINNER! Did you see his bowl performance this past year. White will make you non-believers happy he's on OUR team, and NOT someone else's!

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Look like we will be welcoming back JT. We are now stacked at CB. Pat White in the wildcat exciting.

Guess this means that Jason Allen is gone as well. The Pat White pick probably means that John Beck is dispensable as well. With 2 high draft picks spent on CB's, this likely means that Will Allen will not be re-signed next year will be resigned either. Parcells is clearly planning for the future will this draft. Being that we have no depth here, and with 3 corners going to free agency next year, it is clear that this is a position that needed to be shored up.

I like the pick. Not only can he play both S and CB, but he gives you a strong physical presence in the secondary.

Some are down on the Trifecta's picks, but frankly I think they've done a great job. What's surprising is that Parcells is really thinking outside the box here. Everyone expected a draft filled with linemen, but they've spent picks on perimeter players.

As for Pat White, I see him playing a Crash Jensen type of role on this team. He can play halfback, quarterback, wide receiver and can possibly even make returns on special teams. That kind of versatility is highly valuable. He gives the Wildcat an added threat. Teams won't be able to stack 8 or 9 men in the box as easily since White can make plays through the air or on the ground. What does this say? The Wildcat just got a few extra wrinkles for next season.

I'm disappointed that we didn't do more to improve our WR corps or our pass rush. I expect WR to be addressed in the 2nd day, and these moves probably confirm that Jason Taylor will be returning to the team--the extra pass rush presence will be extremely beneficial opposite Porter.

Any thoughts that Smith might go back to playing receiver since he's played it before?

THANK YOU SPARANO/IRELAND/PARCELLS for 3 very exciting players i love all 3 i don't care where they were drafted they are dolphins now, thank you! 3 pro bowlers in one day.

Mando, what are the chances that we get Ramses Barden tommorrow?

Definately a good draft. All 3 guys are playmakers. We need more touchdowns this year.
I think these picks just added a whole bunch. I'm psyched! Now I can't wait for the season to start.

I apologize that I had to step away to write my column for tomorrow's paper. I'm back now. Do not leave because jeff Ireland will speak in a few and I will post what he says.

I'll have more and better answers to your questions.

I think Sean Smith saved this draft so far for the Fins. Vontae Davis would had probably been there at the 2nd rd (44) as Rey Maualuga should have been the pick @ 25. Pat White had no business being picked in the 2nd rd. Sean Smith wss the best pick of the day. If anything, we might have a new CB duo that will shut down the best WR's of the division. I guess "in Bill we trust"

Ask Jeff Ireland why they drafted a head case with their 1st pick please.

What are your thoughts so far, Mando?

I agree. How do you draft a guy with no position in the 2nd round? They might as well have flushed that pick down the toilet. Pat White would for sure have been available in the 3rd. What are they thinking?

The team addressed what the trifecta believed to be their biggest needs with the 2 CB selections. White obviously was their highest rated player at that point in the draft, and passed on what most of us believed to be bigger needs. The trifecta must have faith in what they already on the roster and know a whole sh*tload more about their needs than we do....

Mike. there's 5 more rounds on sunday.

I hope the Dolphins win every game next year, but their first 2 picks were real head scratchers.

Who did you have starting opposite Will Allen, Fake gm? And, don't you think the wildcat will be much better with White? Have you watched this kid play before?

Funny Story:

After Vontae Davis pick, Dolphins flagship station WQAM is at the Dolphins draft party site and one of the hosts starts to rip the pick.

Although I did not hear it, I'm told Dolphins-employed play-by-play man Jimmy Cefalo turns to the other host, Orlando Azugaray, and says, "I want to punch in the face."

IT was on the radio. Cracks me up.

From before the draft....

"This is a whole lot easier to predict than who we actually pick.

Top 10 Dolphin Nielsen Ratings on NFL Network

Jason Allen
Charlie Anderson
Akin Ayodele
John Beck
Ronnie Brown
Eric Green
Brandon London
Matt Roth
Paul Soliai
Cameron Wake

Top Former Dolphin

Jason Taylor

Posted by: jon | April 25, 2009 at 09:55 AM"

Who didn't like the picks:

Jason Allen
John Beck
Eric Green

Who will still be watching closely tomorrow:

Paul Soliai
Charlie Anderson

Thinks he will again be wearing Aqua & Orange:

Jason Taylor

Thank God for Al Davis or the Phins would be the laughing stock of this draft.

Good draft two big cb's V Davis the best CB in the draft! Jeff D said the Tuna plans past 2010. Chad P will be gone and P White will be in the QB mix Beck will also be gone. David lee will be the O C and hopefully Chad P will be QB coach.

quick question... pat white is a qb... in the wildcat, you put a non-quarterback as quarterback to create mismatches... if we put pat white whos already a quarter back in the wildcat ... is it just me, or does this just look like a shot gun offense with a rookie at the helm ??? wtf

Vontae Davis is the best corner in the draft talent-wise. I am not trying to be a hater. I am just really surprised they took someone with such severe character issues. He is a headcase. If he turns it around and isnt a jerk, he'll be a great pick.

My last comments before i get a goodnites rest on what was a very good day 1 of the draft of my favorite team. The dolphis will raise a couple eyebrows tommorow about there picks. drafting 2 a speedy big we will at least be able to hopefully compete better this with the bigger wr's. And u throw in pat white a proven winner on the field and off they will definetly be some teams scrathcn there heads tryn 2 figure out how to slow us down if we are able to use him right. GO PHINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 2009

They may have reached a little on Pat White, but I still like the player. Versatility! He covers 2 (WR & QB) positions with 1 roster spot. (p.s. - Andy - AWESOME Crash Jensen reference!) Trade Beck and Wilford for anything at this point.

And nothing needs to be said for the 2 CB's. Great picks!

Good first day overall. I was expecting OLB, but I don't think we NEED OLB right now, so I'm OK with us passing right now. We can pick up a late round prospect and if him, Wake, or Charlie Anderson don't pan out, we just draft 2 pass rushers next year (we're drafting one to replace Peezy next year, regardless).

Any news on some pass rushers Miami could be interested in and how about some lineman and receivers

Thank God for Al Davis or the Phins would be the laughing stock of this draft.

Posted by: Belchos | April 25, 2009 at 10:26 PM

LMFAO@U! How dare you compare the Faders to our BELOVED Miami Dolphins!

Day 1 of the draft = A+!

Thank God for Al Davis or the Phins would be the laughing stock of this draft.

Posted by: Belchos | April 25, 2009 at 10:26 PM


well maybe if 790 the Ticket could put something worthwhile on the air for draft or pregame coverage we wouldn't have to listen to that. Your pregame show on 790 got a 0.0 rating....that's pathetic Armando.

Ryan,"in the wildcat, you put a non-quarterback as quarterback to create mismatches..."

I see your point. Remember we used Ronnie in as the QB which meany=t he would run more often than throw. A guy like Pat White is more than capable of running and can make various passes. Now defenses will have to account for both.

Waiting to hear the Ireland interview........

Mando - Jimmy Cefalo is such a Fins sycophant he just cannot stand any criticism of the team. Big O is a little pig-headed but Cefalo is a gutless toad. Not sure what happened to the nuts he had when he played. Must've gotten married.

If I were O I'd be more worried about Joe Rose and Jim Mandich those are two big tough guys. Throw Kim Bokamper in there and Big O would be running, screaming, out of the room.

I hadn't heard that Smith was afraid to hit until NFL Network criticized him. Can't imagine Tuna would take a guy who was skeered.

So, do they trade Beck tomorrow?

My only beef with the draft that would have made it an absolutely fantastic draft is if we would have traded one of our 7th rounders to move up one spot in the second to get FSU's evrette brown DE, and then that along with davis and sean smith would have been a hell of a first day, at least sign jason taylor guys to make it great again!!! pat white????!?!!! are u serious???!?!!!

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For those of you that are trash talking the draft picks so far, you obviously do not have the vision to see far enough on whats to come. All three picks were great and all three have a purpose. Before I begin, I want to let everyone know that I dont believe that drafting Pat White with the first pick in the second round was their initial intention. I think they were trying to get Ron Brace but were unfortunately beaten to the punch by the Pats.
Now as far as the picks are concerned, the Davis pick addresses an obvious need at conerback that has been staring the team in the face all off season. The Pat White pick is our own version of Mike Vick to give a new dynamic to the spread offense. Last but not least, the Sean Smith pic is the eventual replacement of Vontae Davis as the #2 CB once Davis takes over W. Allen's spot after next year.
For those of you that dont already know, W. Allen will be entering a contract year and in most people's eyes, Allen is better than Goodman so if Goodman for 5 mil a yr, what do you think Allen is going to be asking for?
Sorry for the long post, just wanted to draw out my takes on this draft so far.
Draft grade: B+ (would have had an A if we could have got Ron Brace instead of White)

Eric, my pregame show rocked. You obviously have no clue. I owned that time today. Wasn't even close.

I hope Pat White resembles Crash Jensen more than he resembles Marcus Vick. I still can't believe they took White so high. At the very least, they could have waited until their second 2nd rounder.

It looks like the Raiders and Broncos are running neck and neck for the "Randy Mueller Dumbass Draft Moves Award". Did Denver really trade what will be a top 10 draft pick in next year's draft for a 5'9" cornerback with sub-par speed? Firing Shanahan was the worst move that organization every made.


A true #1 receiver, a BIG pash rushing LB, an NT. You can't fill all the holes in one draft.

They filled some holes today, let's see what happens tomorrow.

And let's see this year if Cameron Wake is the equivalant of a 1st round pass rushing LB.

And if Brandon London plays better than Crabtree or not. If so, he is our equivalant of a 1st round WR.

The numbers don't lie, 40% of all first round picks are busts, so i give Wake and London as good a chance as any of the 1st round picks at their respective positions.

I think most everyones looking at the pick of White rather one dimensionally. BP may have been looking at this kid as the greatest value of the entire draft.

Remember it was rumored BP would like to have 12 picks instead of 9 with this draft. Think about it and its a stroke of genious.

In Pat White, he drafted one player who that can address 4 different roster positions and excell at doing it.

White's flexibility allows him to either compete to be Henne's backup, become a complete defensive wildcat terror running or passing, a brilliant return man, and he can play a little tailback for as a change of pace back.

When we consider the fact that he has the smarts and athleticism to excell a numerous positions on the football field. I can see where picking him this high may not be so mind boggling at all!


I predict A. Davis will start and will play excitingly well and by year end, will be acknowledged as the best CB of this draft. Saw some interviews with him and he seemed like a likeable guy - not cocky or rude - I liked his confidence and attitude. I think this is a great pick!

Very interesting first day. I initially scratched my head at the Pat White pick... Now that I think about it, if the Patriots picked him up later in the second round, everyone would've said they made a great pickup with Cassell leaving, and the flexibility.

Pat White doesn't have to line up as a QB in the Wildcat, he can line up as a Wide Receiver. This pick tells me a few things. Beck is definitely gone. The Wildcat will be back this season. Parcells and Co. follows nobody elses draft board but their own.

Davis is iffy to me. He was the best talent available at the slot we took him, but the questions about his character made me wonder if he's a Parcells type of guy. They met with him, so I guess he is.

I love the pickup of Smith, especially seeing we got him and added another 5th rounder in the process. The best move of draft day. If both these CB's turn out for us, we have secured our secondary for a long time to come.

Can's wait for day 2.

What's the joke that Vernon and Vontae's parents gave their sons the initials VD? Are they phycho parents?

Anyone bashing this draft that's a Finsfan is unbelievable! I haven't heard anyone mention the extra 5th we picked up, that pick will be a depth pick. I'm a big fan of 5th rd picks, 6th or 7th rd picks are a crap shoot at best. 5th rounders almost alway make the team, and contibute (under normal circumstances Wanny and Cam's picks don't count).

lets get shonn green tommoro! hes a beast.

Draft grade is a D- We got a attitude with the first pick, a circus player with the second and a slug slow guy with the third.

The Davis/Smith picks are awsome we needed young conners in this d-fense.The White pick is very good cuz everyone knew that if brown was in the back field it was either a handoff or a run play he wasnt the best passer but with this pick they added an extra angle to the wildcat and so wat if it's a high pick we dont know yet if its good or bad give them a chance to prove that it was the right pick at the time

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