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Dolphins pick Vontae Davis in the first round

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland called Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis moments ago and told him he'd be the Dolphins first round draft pick this year. And sure enough, the Dolphins selected him moments later.

The Davis addition immediately fills a major need for the Dolphins. The team had signed Eric Green as a free agent earlier this offseason, but Davis is expected to compete with Green and Jason Allen for that job.

"I had a workout with them and I knew they were one of the team interested in me," Davis said. "I'm a physical corner. I fit the style of their defense with my physical play and I can be aggressive."

There is no question Davis is a physical speciman. He is 5-11 and 203 pounds. But his ability to accept coaching has been questioned. And there are also rumors about whether he is something of a prima donna.

Davis doesn't think that is so. 

"I'm a great person," he just said. "They know what kind of person I really am. Everybody that knows Vontae knows what type of person I am."

Davis said his goal his rookie year is to be the "Player of the year in the Natonal Football League."


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sweeeeet.........have faith

when does miami pick again?

Mando. I was telling everybody that butler was to small and not strong enough for this regime for over a month. This pick is a steal ! V.davis will be a pro bowler.

eric wood if he could be he cant so he wont.

Mando, so whats your pick when we go 12th in the second round?

If he starts referring to himself in the third person i will just vomit...

When are the picks in the second round?

New England's 4 picks in the 2nd and 4 in the 3rd worry me!

I also mentioned that maualuga is nothing more than a 2 down Lb at the moment.

The cornerback class in this draft is not even great,, man this brings up bad memories of Brady Quinn falling on our laps and selecting Ted Ginn and the Ginn family

what if new england packages all these picks for either peppers or boldin?

nj fan more like a 2nd rnd lb

I'm sorry guys, I'm just kind of still stunned. Davis is a physical speciman but everything I've heard about the guy doesn't fit Miami's "makeup."

Obviously they know best. I hope.

Second round Hakeem Nicks still on the board, no?

100 people for a draft party.... Hmmmm!!!

Crap. Nicks is gone.

So much for Hakeem Nicks. he goes to the Giants. Good player.

Farewell Mr Nicks.... U were my 2nd choice.

Brian Robiskie or Muhammed Masaquoi possible WR in second.

Kenny Britt it is!

Lips I thought you were kidding, but NE has 4 fricken pic in rd 2. I'm convinced Billy B has pictures of every NFL exec smoking a bong with Phelps.

more like no

Since we apparently don't care about "Me! Me!" attitudes maybe we'll go after Plaxico.

More possibilities: Kenny Britt, Connor Barwin.

If Rey is gone and Butler is still available when Miami picks next, do you think they take him?

Maybe this is when Tuna offers the Cards a 2nd for 'Quan?

what about Ramses Barden?

Hi, I'm Vontae, they're going to develop a new award for corners, "Player of the Year" - Vontae's the man!

No way Britt will b there at 12 in round 2

This is what Scout Inc is saying about Vontae Davis and the Miami pick:

What he brings: Davis is the best pure cover corner in his class. He's fluid changing directions, shows great burst coming out of his cuts and is fast enough to run with wideouts downfield. Davis is more than a one-dimensional player, too. He's a playmaker and can defend the run when he puts his mind to it. So why didn't he come off the board earlier? There are questions about his work ethic and teams were likely wondering if he would to play to his ability.

How he fits: Corner was Miami's biggest need after the loss of Andre Goodman and Davis has top-15 ability. The biggest question mark with Davis entering the draft was his football character and his need to mature. He is going to an organization that has instilled a sense of toughness and Davis will be forced to adapt to the Bill Parcells/Tony Sparano style of football. Davis has a world of potential and was too talented for Parcells and general manager Jeff Ireland to pass on him with the 25th pick.

Big O onQAM is being a total douche....trashing V Davis while refusing to be specific; Mandich & Rose are ripping O! Great radio-theatre.

what do u guys think about boldin now

ricky - that would be a good move to get boldin for one of our 2nds. preferably give up the lower one and then get maualuga or brown or britt with the 12th pick of the 2nd round.

I think he'll be there, Robby.

Davis is the best Corner in this draft. Remember Jenkins is a Safety. Sean Smith has questions and Darius Butler left alot of plays on the field. I think its a good pick and Maualaga has as many question marks as Davis. With our next pick I think Barwin, Robiskie, or Cody Brown could be selected. Maybe a DT .

aghh Rey is probably going to the steelers,,, Mando is it just me or this is a wasted pick like the Jammar Fletcher pick

I say they pick up a grizzled vet for a CB. Between Will Allen, Davis, Green, Allen, Nate Jones and a vet, I think they will be fine at CB.

The question is do they have enough pass rush.

OK so we did not get who we thought was the best player, but hopefully he will work out. We did need a CB. Question now is who is next...who do you think will be around for us next. WR BRITT ???

Armando, do you think that the dolphins should've picked Davis or Nicks...I'm a Nicks fan all the way. I think since there's a better WR group this year, they should've gone w/ a WR, and then NEXT YEAR go with a CB when there are more quality CB's. What do you think?

hey robby nobody here thought ray ray would be in the 2nd or harvin or bey bey now what i mean bob o

Hey, Maualuga still on the board?

Zack: Nicks.

Zack: Not because Nicks is a better athlete. I think Davis is the better athlete. But I'm wondering about his character.

I don't see New England or Miami taking Anquan Boldin unless he backs down from his reported asking price of $10 million/year.

son of bituhiih

U were saying Ricky??


I am a U of I alum and have seen everyone of Vontae Davis's games. He is really good and I am happy we took him. He is tough, a good tackler, and confident. One thing people should know is that opposing QB's did not throw at him. When they did they were not successful. Its hard for me to remember him every getting beat deep.

Hey Mando...I know you don't like the pick but making snide comments about his cell phone issue is juvenile. You are not there and you have no idea what happened.

Stick to legit criticism please. Bottom line is you don't know how good either Butler or Rey will be.

Also, so what if his brother has been a bust? Vernon was basically a workout warrior and proved very little to justify his draft position. However Vontae has been a starter since his freshman year and has proved that was a top tier CB for 3 years. Basically Vontae is not Vernon and Vernon is not Vontae.

Another big slow WR for the titans...whooo..Im so glad we didnt take him

Not sure I know enough about Davis to really comment but surely he is an upgrade on Jason Allen?

Mando - do you see him starting this year?

JOsh: I am telling you guys what is happening as it happens. The point is Davis was mobbed and then turned off his phone. That is not a snide comment.

Meanwhile, say something specific about the guy that makes you believe he's great. Not being defensive, but you tell me what you've seen.

hey marino maybe u should buy a lottery ticket.

Just posted by ProFootballWeekly:

The Dolphins lost nickel cornerback Andre Goodman to the Broncos in free agency and needed to upgrade the position. They rolled the dice with Davis, who is extremely gifted physically, but too often found his way into the doghouse at Illinois and could be difficult to coach. The risk could be worth the reward if Tony Sparano can keep Davis in line, but it is a big if.

Yes, mualuga still in board. we should move up for him...

He can cover and tackle Mando. I've seen that.

i like this pick:

Vontae Davis is the biggest playmaker of all the corners, not polished, but very athletic. needs work on his technique but has the rare combo of size,speed, and explosiveness. he reminds me alot of Ed Reed. i like him a lot

Jason Taylor, I think we are a step closer to getting you back!!!!!

Miami gave Vontae Davis a private workout a month ago and the met with the Trifecta and the coaching staff. I guess Miami satisfied itself that they can coach up Davis to enable him to match his decision making with this physical talent.

josh: my bro is a cool, intelligent, good looking cat and of course, so am I. Vernon became complacent with his paycheck and yells at coaches.. There's a bad gene there that I hope the Tuna will stomp!!


i am ok with this pick, #44 should be as ineresting....looks like we keep dime guys but the other allen is gone....

Vontae can say anything he wants, but when 24 other guys go ahead of you, in a draft that is weak at CB- then that tells everyone everything we need to know:

He's an outrageous talent with the mind of a child. And the Fins decided to take this childish individual, put millions of dollars in his pocket, and unleash him on the streets of South Beach.

I already know how this is gonna end....

Armando, not to be argumentative, but you did sarcastically imply that it was a great start to his career. Not sure what you meant, but it was not a stretch to think you meant he shut his phone off because of bad character.

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