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Dolphins pick Vontae Davis in the first round

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland called Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis moments ago and told him he'd be the Dolphins first round draft pick this year. And sure enough, the Dolphins selected him moments later.

The Davis addition immediately fills a major need for the Dolphins. The team had signed Eric Green as a free agent earlier this offseason, but Davis is expected to compete with Green and Jason Allen for that job.

"I had a workout with them and I knew they were one of the team interested in me," Davis said. "I'm a physical corner. I fit the style of their defense with my physical play and I can be aggressive."

There is no question Davis is a physical speciman. He is 5-11 and 203 pounds. But his ability to accept coaching has been questioned. And there are also rumors about whether he is something of a prima donna.

Davis doesn't think that is so. 

"I'm a great person," he just said. "They know what kind of person I really am. Everybody that knows Vontae knows what type of person I am."

Davis said his goal his rookie year is to be the "Player of the year in the Natonal Football League."


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Britt is gone,, Rey is still in there,,, I hope we make a trade either for Boldin or move up and grab Rey... The Tuna is kind of unpredictable

ther is a vetting process tomboy

Guys, I put a Vontae Davis video up on the site. Check it out.

If davis is a playmaker, he will be a great pick. until late in the year, goodman wasn't making many plays. and remember the saban days when we had cornerbacks that couldn't get an INT or knock anything down.

I think Tuna and sparano are relying on the leaders in the defense (y. bell, porter, j. taylor(?) to keep davis straight.

Tuna knows what hes doing. I dont love the pick but i think it will work out. Lets hope soemone falls to us in the second.

mando what should be available at 44 love

my son is begging for rey....he spends summers with his mom in eureka, his home town

Another corner in the sencond???? Darius Butler???? Alphonso Smith???? Everette brown in still on the board..

butler or rey each would be awesome

Ed Reed went 24th in his draft year to the ravens.

Armando, PLEASE tell me that Miami will be smart enough to spread his "guaranteed money" over 2-3 years to keep him motivated and coachable.

If not, I am afraid we will end up with TO "The defensive version"!

mandito predict something.

he "hung up the phone"...noooo! that sure trumps a professional evaluation by the trifecta during a private workout...

i think they go lb (barwin, CT linebacker, laurinaitis) or de (brown) with the next pick. if butler is still there, they go with him but i think NE will take him.

the 2nd pick of the 2nd round will be a WR like barden or robiskie. if not, they go best available.



Cards take Wells. Ronnie is staying here. No Anquan. I am actually seriously wondering about Plax. Obviously Parcells and Sparano think they can change anybody's 'tude (Vontae proves that) so why not Plax? He is exactly the receiver threat the Fins need, is 6-5 and 232 lbs. Most of all he is proven and available.

I am a little astounded that Bill thinks he can tame VD when he couldn't do that with T.O.

its too early to predict i see more trades

plax does not meet age requirement

its brace time ladies and gentlemen.

personally, I'd like to see Butler(likely not there) or Sean Smith picked in the second. 2 Future starters, Smith covers anything that Davis might screw up (if that is going to be an issue) and if not, then next offseason we let Will Allen go without a thought. I'm fine with taking a guy like Jarrett Dillard in the 3rd round.

just my thoughts

pat white in the 2nd round at 44? r u serious???

JimmyJam I think the difference is TO had proven with 2 previous pro teams that he could not adjust to being a professional NFL team player....VD is still a kid, never played a pro down, and so is much more easily molded......just my opinion

utah guy? oh hell yea smith

crap - i think NE is going to take maualuga

You know who is a great physical specimen? Vernon Davis, the leagues most talented Tiht End....except he is a lzy POS and kills the niners every week. Nice to get those blood lines into the aqua and orange. Even nicer that the Pats were Twittering that they were deluged with offer for #26...we couldn't use additional picks over a physically talented prayer?

pat white in the 2nd??? are u smokin crack?

Patrick Chung??? I like our corner better.

Hey guys Rey is still available!!!

Armando, I know you didn't prepare that video piece but am I the only one that noticed that it looked more like a LB reel than a DB reel?

A couple of plays showing he can tackle is great but how about showing us he can actually cover somebody?

Good points harricane and andyk - thanks

if Chi Che Chung ends up being better than Davis, I will KILL myself!!

past #44? any ideas?

i had forgotten about rey i think so did everybody else.

is patrick chewing still available?

Jimmy Jam,

HE did tame T.O.

The guy covered up a suicide attempt because of the pressure and his his strictness. Have we forgotten?

Also, he only talked AFTER Parcells left.

Don't worry about attitude on this team ;)

I hope we get rey. Our linebackers would be so sick.

Mando- Hicks some questionable character too...

MANDO .pat white in the 2nd round. LMAO

the animals son just got picked.

What is Hicks questionable character? that he gained 14 pounds? Come on, be serious, Hayden.

screw wide receivers I want Rey

some of you guys are saying Sean Smith. I love him, but do you think the Dolphins pick TWO CBs in the first two rounds? I wouldn't mind, but they do have other needs.

Is there something wrong with Maualuaga that we are not aware of?

Also I would love to see the Everette Brown pick if he is still available.

So much with character, our type of player, yadda, yadda, yadda. Parcells, act like you got a pair and get Boldin.

Robiskie is off the board. he goes to Cleveland.

robinski gone

robiskie to cleveland. the wr options are dwindling.

And Rey keeps dropping.....you guys just might get what you want.

Mando you wanted Rey, who has turned out to be the most overrated player of the draft, judging by how he's been passed over by every team. WTF do you know.

mando remember me when u BRACE yourself...

too many teams in front of us to be able to get rey. broncos just traded for the pick which means they want rey.

lol: Tom Brady got passed over for six rounds in 2000. So WTF does anybody know?

Dude Rey was a projected a first rounder in the 20s in most mock drafts...

Michael Johnson is there, he is gonna be a steal. For WR wait for that big guy Barden

Remove this comment too Mando. You were pimping Rey, the player with the media first round grade that all the teams in the first round proceeded to pass on. You don't know a thing.

I agree....Every coach and football executive passes up rey....why?? becuase they know what their doing! Get a clue

Mando you are acting like a prima donna on the VD pick.

I wanted Robiskie or Laurinitis (just coincidentally both from Ohio State--I'm not an OSU fan). I can't imagine Maualuga being there with our next pick. But I wouldn't mind him.

Make some more predictions...who do you see now for us being around for our next 2 picks.

im still waiting for screech and zack and belding to come on the blog there gathering info from diff sites and will be on soon.

Brace yourself guys were getting closer.

Instead of answering questions from bright fans, you are sniping at jerks who are attacking you?

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