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Dolphins pick Vontae Davis in the first round

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland called Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis moments ago and told him he'd be the Dolphins first round draft pick this year. And sure enough, the Dolphins selected him moments later.

The Davis addition immediately fills a major need for the Dolphins. The team had signed Eric Green as a free agent earlier this offseason, but Davis is expected to compete with Green and Jason Allen for that job.

"I had a workout with them and I knew they were one of the team interested in me," Davis said. "I'm a physical corner. I fit the style of their defense with my physical play and I can be aggressive."

There is no question Davis is a physical speciman. He is 5-11 and 203 pounds. But his ability to accept coaching has been questioned. And there are also rumors about whether he is something of a prima donna.

Davis doesn't think that is so. 

"I'm a great person," he just said. "They know what kind of person I really am. Everybody that knows Vontae knows what type of person I am."

Davis said his goal his rookie year is to be the "Player of the year in the Natonal Football League."


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lips - NE traded out of the first round. thus 4 picks in the second.

lol: I didn't delete your comments. Funny you're telling me I don't know anything when you are making a mistake. I'm laughing at you.

Please guys im sure your executives back in 2000 knew what they were doing when they selected jamar fletcher and passed on drew brees or drafted eddie moore and passed on anquan boldin give Mando a break

Paul Kruger, Clint Sintim or Connor Barwin in the 2nd?

A bunch of the commentors on this board are ridiculous and pathetic. Armando does a stellar job of REPORTING and keeping fish fans informed on the team. Why some people make personal attacks and other comments is beyond me. Give the guy is due. He has the best Dolphins blog and is an extremely bright guy.

Rey is still there Mando

Butler at 44 would be flippin sweet! That would totally take care of our CB problems. Remember fans...this is a three year project and this is draft #2.

Mando, what wr's are left that we can take?

Boldin is not going to be available because of all the WRs that went in the first round. If Arizona could have gotten Hakeem Nicks, they might have parted with Boldin. But I don't think they'll let him go now.

WTF is Denver doing?!? They're worst than senile Al Davis!

Finsfan CT: Correct. I can't help myself.

I'm thinkin Ramses barden - cal poly - WR 6'6" physical specimen - raw but huge upside.

Mando what do you make of that Eric Wood pick by the Bills? I think Jets and Pats have served tehmselves well today, not so sure about us or the Bills.

Mando, what do you see with the 44 that would most help the phins?

Is it still Rey or is it the question of only being a two down back as reported earlier?

Is it time for a WR?

WR that are available:

PAT WHITE, Massaquoi, Louis Murphy, Derrick Williams of Penn State, Juaquin Iglesias, among others.

Yes, I know White played QB. So?

broncos trade a 1st for a CB when they just signed Goodman.. WTF?? Patriots better
Not end up with Malauga!!

lets get pass rush. there goes rey to cincy.

Forgot Ramses Barden tomorrow.

bye bye rey - wasn't meant to be.

Son-of-a biscuit!!!!!!! Rey's gone!!!! At least Belicheat didn't get him!!

Four of the players the media talked up still available, but seven picks before us including Pats & Bills

Butler, Smith, Barwin or Sintim -- all good!!

pancan i couldnt remember his name but that guy will be the 2nd pick of the 2nd round the first will be Brace there ray is off the board now we dont have to hear about this guy.

Rey Maualuga of the Cincinnati Bengals will be at the Pro Bowl within four years.

guess its not gonna be reY!

I am a little worried about the maturity issue. I have watched many U of Ill. games and believe me he is the total package. He is very physical and can cover anyone. Marc Sanchez challenged him and was not very succesful.

Phins need to keep their word to Butler's dad and draft the kid at #44. Remember #44 pick in 1998? Pat Surtain.

Big O & Mando hate V Davis..........hmmmmmm???

our next pick will be clint sintim

Any word on any upcoming Fins trades Mando? No rumours yet this year?!

Armanodo, what about brandon tate in day 2??? still a possibility???

maybe after brace. c money

There is excellent Talent Available in Everrette Brown, Connor Barwin, Darius Butler, Ron Brace, Paul Krueger and Clint Sitim.

Sorry about Rey, Mando.

I hope this guy learns a little humility and grows up quick.

Sparano won't tolerate much divaness.

I smell bust big time.

Will the Raiders pick a punter here?

Fins will draft Paul Kruger at #44

We should package one of these 2nd rounders for boldin or something. All Wr's are gone and we need a good one.

lets see how the raider jack this up!

I do not hate Vontae Davis. But I'm concerned about the selection. That doesn't mean I hate him.

I LOVE Pat White.

bye rey rey,,, Mando are the dolphins working the phones to make any trades???

well, damn near every player I would have like to seen on the Phins is phucking gone!!! What a phucked up day...................

Everett Brown still available.. Hope Pats don't get him!!

i was getting excited about rey too but i really do trust bill's judgement. the jets made a splash but the remember the dolphins still have henne to unveil.

oh and there are no WR worth taking here in the second.

wow these picks just come and goo they come and goooo ouuuooooo

I'm still freaked out that BP could not trade out of 1st..

i really hope pats dont take pat white.......

Clint Sintim or Conner Barwin and i'm a happy camper

HOW THE FUDGE do the cheaters now have 5 picks in round 2?!!!!!!!!!

i am really worried about NE here guys. armando what do you think of NE here in this round?

does anyone see pat white here?

well that didn't take long - trade with the pats so they can pick two in a row. Raiders blow!

mandito im likeing pat white as well but in 2nd good buddy u dont think he will be available in the 3rd

Any word on mega - tron????

miami will select clint sintim next if he's there.

Mando, did the Dolphins make multiple visits with White?

why are we not making moves? Frustrating watching pats steal right from under us..grrrrrrrrr

alert, i am going to help the fin fans to feel better,the rumores around Maualuaga here in new england after scouts followed him last year that he got himself out of few games more than 6 and could come back and play and he didn't and that's why tuna took one of the best D player in the entire draft in davis.

p.s, TUNA never played the hype game with the draft

yes cubes i belive him and faga are at a draft party something about a jets celebration or something like that.

al London: belicheat is in with the league, the agents and the clip board holding family members!! He cheats through his teeth; I hate him!!!!! As a matter of fact, I'll hate these 2 players they pick immediately!!

i really liked ron brace him for miami.... crap was hopin hed make it to our 2nd pick in the 2nd round

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